L.G.D.K! Sea Memory 01 – Stairway to Heaven?

Author’s Note: Hello readers and welcome the first “Memory”. I use the term “Memory” because these are chapters that take place before the actual story and after the Prologue. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to write from Sea’s POV. Anywho, please enjoy?

Hello, my name is Sengoku Yuki. My given name ‘Yuki’ means ‘snow’. I’m seventeen years old, your average high school girl. Though in truth… I’m a proud otaku. I like to read manga and watch anime. My favorite games are RPGs, I just love the stories. And before you ask, I am not into boys love. Why should men get to be naked together? I wish that they could just allow me to be between their bodies. In truth… I’d be satisfied with just one man, my crush ever since middle school.

I remember him well, tall, athletic, and even captain of both the Judo and Karate clubs. The way is medium hair flows when caught in the wind. This boy was perfection itself. Sadly, I didn’t make captain of his fan club. However, I was one of the many members who would had loved for him to even notice me. But how can he notice a girl like me? I’m short, not ‘bouncy’, and I wear glasses. Not to mention that I’m sure that he would get sick if he ever saw my bedroom. Full of posters of anime characters, bookshelves filled with manga, figurines, video games, not to mention my collection of video game consoles.

There is another secret that I keep, one that I hope even he had forgot. Back in middle school… I had chuunibyou. It’s also known as Second Year Middle-Schooler Syndrome, or just Delusions of Grandeur. I used to call myself ‘Magical Girl Sea Green’, man it was embarrassing. During breaks, I’d be drawing in my sketchbook. The pictures were of my ‘other self’, wearing different costumes, doing poses, and writing down my own magical spells.

The other girls would look over my shoulder and go ‘gross’ and say things just low enough for me and their friends to hear. I never minded them, I didn’t care at the time. I’d have my ‘revenge’ later in my room, in full-on cosplay, pretending that they were the villains and I was kicking their asses. Sea Green was a ‘Hero for Justice’, she knew no fear and could not let villains get to her. Unlike myself, she wouldn’t falter.

I remember it well, it was the summer of my third year of middle school. I was at Comiket to help out a friend online sell their Dōjinshi. Even though I tried to hide my chuunibyou at school, this was my playground. I got to be my ‘other self’, Magical Girl Sea Green. My friend had inspiration from my chuunibyou and drew a Magical Girl Sea Green Dōjinshi. I even helped them write it. As I was walking around to advertize it, that’s when I noticed my crush. He was there with his cousin who had come for Comiket. I was hoping that I wouldn’t be recognized on the spot as I was in full cosplay. Instead of my normal hair, I was wearing a sea green wig that was longer in a ponytail that had bangs on each side of the front. Not to mention that I had a custom contact-lense made for my right eye to turn it that color of green. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, I had a regular contact in my left eye that was fit for my prescription. It was so I could see clearly when I did my wink as Magical Girl Sea Green always winks with her right eye.

However, fate is a funny thing. He walked up to me, of all people.

“Hello, who are you supposed to be cosplaying as?” (crush)

“Umu… Magical Girl Sea Green!”

I even did one of my signature poses that I created just for my character. It was hard, but I had to hide my embarrassment.

“I think I heard that name somewhere before…” (crush)

“It’s a new Dōjinshi being sold at the table over there!”

I had to blurt that out. I couldn’t let him know that I was also the real Magical Girl Sea Green. If he remembered anything, I would die from the embarrassment.

“I see. I think I’ll go over there and buy a copy.” (crush)

As he walked away, I could feel my heart go ‘thump’ in my chest. I could only hope that he wouldn’t connect enough dots to realize that Magical Girl Sea Green was really Sengoku Yuki. If it got out that I was going around as my alter-ego in public, I doubt that I could ever show my face again.

I didn’t see him for the rest of the day, though I did watch him purchase a copy of the Magical Girl Sea Green Dōjinshi. It was after I returned home, I made a decision. I took the wig, the custom contact, and my trusty sketchbook, and put them in an old gym bag. After that, I shoved the bag under my bed. I had decided to try to be a normal otaku. It was hard to cast away Sea Green, but I had to do it.

Some people noticed the change after summer break was over. At school, I was more dedicated towards my studies. I never tried to make friends with the other girls, old wounds and all. And when the exam results came in for the high school I chose in spring, the name Sengoku Yuki listed as the top score. I became noticed, and not for my chuunibyou.

In High School, I became known as an ‘all-rounder’, someone who excelled in both physical and academic activities. Some girls became fans, others just hated my guts. But I would live true to my name and be cold as snow. It garnered attention from a lot of the boys, despite the size of my bust. A lot of the school clubs wanted me to join, but I refused them all to become the Student Council President. I worked hard for the school, did everything I could to keep it in order.

One day one the way to a Student Council meeting, I heard a familiar voice.

“Still thinking you’re all that, shorty?”

I turned around to notice Kurogane Kimiko, the former ‘Yankee’ who became the head of the Disciplinary Committee. I hated her with a passion.

“Well… if it isn’t ‘Tall and Busty’-sama?”

That name wasn’t originally my idea, it was something the other girls came up with. As girls were jealous of my academic and physical prowess, there were girls jealous of her height and bust size. I was one of them. Not to mention her long wavy hair that she still dyed bleach-blond. I would kill to let my hair get that long, it was down to her buttocks. And her figure, she was ‘plump’ in all the right places. My only advantage was my thighs, but she even matched those. Of all things, she was half-westerner. That was something that everyone found exotic about her.

“If I didn’t change my ways, I would kick your ass.” (Kimiko)

I remembered her ‘old ways’ well. She had her own gang of girls, and they would beat the hell out of anyone who got in their way. Even I steered clear of her posse. No man in the school could match her fighting prowess, she was too strong. Even the teachers feared her at one time. Those cold eyes, the only thing not covered by that surgical mask she wore back then.

“Why are you here? The joint meeting isn’t until next week.”

“Because I hate your guts. Also, I see those ‘goo-goo’ eyes you make at Ryoma-san.” (Kimiko)

That’s right, his name was Ryoma.

“What does it matter if I make those eyes at Ryoma-kun, Kimi-chan? It’s not like you’re dating him.”

“I told you to never call me that!” (Kimiko)

“Careful, that behavior is unbecoming of someone with your position.”

I had her right there. It would be bad for the head of the disciplinary committee to act like a common delinquent. And with her past and my current self, anyone would believe me if I said she did something to me.

“Don’t get cocky, shortie.” (Kimiko)

“Then don’t tell me what to do, ‘Tall and Busty’-sama.”

“I will get you, just wait and see…” (Kimiko)

With that, she walked off. At the time, I thought it was just an idle threat as always. I just entered the meeting as if nothing happened. However, I didn’t know at the time what she was going to do.

It was finally the third year, what would had been my last year of high school. It was finally Valentines Day, the day I had been waiting for. On New Years, I went to many shrines and prayed for this to be a success. I wasted all my New Years money on prayers. As I saw the snow fall, I knew that this was my last chance. I finally gathered my courage, and wrote him a love letter. But I wasn’t going to just put it in his shoe locker, all the other girls were planning to do it. No, I stayed up the night before and made him some homemade chocolate. With the chocolate and the letter, I was well armed. And with my current reputation, there was no way that he could refuse. I was the best at everything I did after all.

Here it was, lunch break. I was going to do the forbidden, I was going to hand it to him directly. I could feel my heart thumping as hard as it did back at Comiket those few years ago. But I had to do this, I had been putting it off ever since back then. Not as Magical Girl Sea Green, but I had to talk to him as Sengoku Yuki.

As I walked towards him, I could see people looking. I didn’t care, this was my trial. It was difficult, but I handed him both the chocolates and the letter before walking away. But before I could get too far, he lightly grabbed my arm.

“Please meet with me after school behind the gym? I will respond to your feelings then.” (Ryoma)

I couldn’t believe it, he spoke to me as… me. I hadn’t felt this excited in a long time, I was almost giddy. It was even better than when I found a rare item in an RPG. It was as if things were looking up, that this facade that I had put up for the past three years finally paid off. For the rest of the day, I was happy with myself for the first time.

After the school bell rang, I skipped my way to my shoe locker. I didn’t remember the last time that I was excited to change back into my black slip-ons. Even on days where I would hurry up and go home to change so I could buy a new game or Dōjinshi in Akihabara, I didn’t feel this good. But I did have a reputation to uphold, so I walked my way to the back of the gym at what became my ‘normal pace’.

When I got to the corner before the back of the gym, I had to brace myself. There was still the chance he could refuse me after all. But before I could get there, I heard two voices. Both of them were familiar. The first was Ryoma of course, but the other one… I didn’t expect.

“You got the item?” (Kimiko)

“Yeah, I got it at Comiket a few years ago. I don’t know why you want such an obscure Dōjinshi?” (Ryoma)

“Are you kidding? Magical Girl Sea Green is a cult classic. I forgot who it was, but they were going around by that name back in middle school. And this was before that Comiket. All I really remember is that the girl had chuunibyou.” (Kimiko)

“Really? I don’t know who it was either, but there was a girl dressed up as her. (Ryoma)

“I wish I could had seen that in person.” (Kimiko)

“I just can’t believe that you have an interest in Magical Girls?” (Ryoma)

“I don’t. I would rather be the villain to battle them.” (Kimiko)

“Knowing you, I can see that.” (Ryoma)

“By the way, I did see pictures from that Comiket. But the girl in question who was dressed as Sea Green looked familiar.” (Kimiko)

“Really now?” (Ryoma).

“Yeah… but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like I seen her everyday without even knowing it was her.” (Kimiko)

“Who ever it is… they can’t compare to you, babe.” (Ryoma)

I couldn’t believe what I saw happened next. Ryoma, my ideal ‘perfect boy’, kissed my arch rival. I could feel the tears start to flow down my cheeks. And it didn’t help that Kimiko noticed me.

“What are you doing here, shortie?” (Kimiko)

“Wait… crap. I was supposed to meet her today.” (Ryoma)

“Wait… did you make plans to cheat on me?” (Kimiko)

“Hey, a guy like me has to have options.” (Ryoma)

“You bastard…” (Kimiko)

I could see the blood lust in Kimiko’s eyes. Memories of when she would beat the living hell out of people for trying to tell her what to do were returning. I no longer cared about Ryoma, but I couldn’t let my arch-rival ruin her own life. Ryoma was backing up in my direction, so there was a chance I could get Kimiko’s attention. I decided for the first time in almost three years, to pull off my old signature pose. I did remove my glasses first of course.

“In the name of justice, in the name of the sea! I shall drown all evil with the tides from the oceans of good! Magical Girl Sea Green, Let’s Go!”

I couldn’t believe that I just did that. Kimiko stopped in her tracks and was flipping through the Dōjinshi. She found the page and then looked at me. Ryoma on the other hand, just stared at me dumbfounded.

“Wait… that was you at Comiket?” (Ryoma)

“Shortie is really Sea Green?” (Kimiko)

I couldn’t help myself, I ran away with the tears running down my face. My secret came out and my facade had finally broken. All of the past three years I spent to change the outlook on myself, wasted in one moment. If I knew Kimiko, she would gladly show the pictures from that Comiket and show my own next to it. As for Ryoma… I didn’t know. I wished that I had never even liked him. My life was over.

After I got home, I went straight to my room. The first thing I did after locking my door, I pulled out that old gym bag. The wig, the contacts, my sketchbook… they were all still there. I had already given away all my old cosplay costumes, so my school uniform had to do. I was already wearing black and sea green bra and panties, I just added my matching stockings. After letting the contacts soak in some fresh solution, I put them in.

“Damn… it’s been so long since I wore these.”

They still fit like a charm. Even though I only had half my proper vision, it still looked good in the mirror. I even put on some sea green lipstick to finish it off. I grabbed the last item from the gym bag, an old pen-sized wand with a heart on the end. I looked at the full-length mirror and did my pose. Memories that I used to be embarrassed by came flooding back. I no longer had my shame of those days, because I no longer had a reason to be. I then grabbed the sketchbook and started to look through it, I had to reminisce. This was what I needed, my ‘other self’ back in my life.

But not too long after I started to look through the old spells in the sketchbook, I heard a knock on my door. It was my mother.

“Yuki-chan, you have a visitor.” (Mother)

“Wait… I don’t have any friends.”

“It’s me, shortie!” (Kimiko)

“Why the hell are you here!?”

“Just let me in, I need to talk. And if you refuse… don’t think that I won’t break down this door!” (Kimiko)

I immediately gave in and opened the door. Even though she gave me a look of surprise, she said nothing until after I closed the door. She then sat on my bed.

“So… you really were Magical Girl Sea Green?” (Kimiko)

“Yeah… what of it?”

“Nothing, I’m just surprised.” (Kimiko)

“Aren’t you going to laugh? Make fun of me even?”

“No, I won’t.” (Kimiko)


“Because… I was envious.” (Kimiko)


That was all that could escape my mouth at the moment.

“It’s the honest truth. I remember back in middle school when you used to draw in your sketchbook. And when you would practice your Magical Girl poses and spells when you thought no one was looking. I was envious because you didn’t care what people thought. I even remember the girls who used to bully you. I really wanted to talk to you and become your friend. But… I was too afraid of being bullied as well.” (Kimiko)

“I… don’t know what to say.”

“The reason why I asked him for that Dōjinshi, was because I typed ‘Magical Girl Sea Green” in a search engine. I wondered what happened to the girl I wanted to be. The first thing that came up was information on a Dōjinshi that was only sold at Comiket a few years back. I remembered that Ryoma mentioned attending that one with his cousin. And I was glad when he told me that he actually bought a copy. I was hoping that by reading it… I would know what to do about the situation between us and him.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… why would you do that?”

“Because I saw you as the villain. Here I was, wanting to save the man I fell in love with from you. I didn’t want to resort to violence, but I needed courage to fight back. To believe… the one that I wanted courage from was the one I was fighting?” (Kimiko)

“Ironic, right?”

“Yeah, but not as ironic as the fact that the one I was fighting for was the real villain.” (Kimiko)

“Go figure?”

“Right. Still… I dumped him.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… you did what?”

“You heard me, I dumped his ass. He may be cute and very athletic, but he still attempted to two-time us. Luckily for you, you caught us when you did.” (Kimiko)

“Yeah… how lucky…”

“Don’t be down like that. If he wasn’t worth my time, he sure as hell wasn’t worth yours.” (Kimiko)

“But… I loved him since middle school. He was the reason why I originally gave up being Magical Girl Sea Green. The reason why I focused so much on climbing the ladder until I was on top.”

“Hey, there are more fish in the sea. Ryoma… was just a blow-fish.” (Kimiko)

“A blow-fish?”

“Yeah, a blow-fish. He may look cute, but in reality he just puffs up and becomes dangerous to touch. And if you try to eat him, you must be careful. Cut him up in the wrong way, you will get poisoned.” (Kimiko)

It couldn’t be helped, we both chuckled. Honestly, Kimiko was the last person I thought would cheer me up at the moment.

“So… what am I going to do now? I mean… my secret is out.”

“You don’t have to worry about me, I won’t tell anyone. Isn’t it a friend’s duty to keep the secret identity of a Magical Girl a secret?” (Kimiko)

“True. But… what about the blow-fish?”

“That… I’m actually worried about. Don’t forget, I almost clobbered him over his actions earlier. Even though you did it to save his ass, you still revealed yourself to him. We both may have reputations, but he’s still the most popular guy in school.” (Kimiko)

She was right, so we did have to worry about Ryoma. But we didn’t have much time to think, Kimiko had received a text not too long after she said that. What really got my attention was the look on her face.


“Yuki-chan, get on your computer!” (Kimiko)

With that expression and the fact she called me by name, I knew that we should listen. I turned my machine on, it was a custom build that I had three monitors hooked up to. When you play MMORPGS as much as I do, you need them. Not to mention a very good damn graphics card. That aside, Kimiko instructed me to get on to the school’s private social network. After quickly typing in my log-in information, she instructed me to go to a newly posted topic. What I saw, mortified me.

That bastard made a horrible post. He was bragging about his ‘harem’ and how both me and Kimiko were part of it. He also said that he would ‘introduce’ us to anyone for the right price. But he mentioned nothing about my secret. He did however give out our phone numbers.

“That son of a bitch!” (Kimiko)

“What did he mean when he said that?”

“He’s trying to force us under his control. Not to mention pimp us out.” (Kimiko)


“In that text, he told us to go to the park tonight and be ready. He’s a sick bastard.” (Kimiko)

“What are we going to do?”

“You are going to do nothing. I still have some boys from my delinquent days who owe me favors. And trust me, not even Ryoma can stand up to them. Most of that bastard’s friends may be from the Judo and Karate clubs, but even they can only do so much in a real fight.” (Kimiko)


“Yuki-chan, don’t worry about me. Just report that post to the system admins. Also, do not answer your phone to anyone you’re not familiar with.” (Kimiko)

With that, Kimiko left. I did as she said and contacted the admins. In less than a half of an hour, the post was removed. As the system admins have to report to the principal, not even the blow-fish could get away with this. All I could do now was wait. And I did, for hours. Luckily for me, I didn’t get any phone calls from unfamiliar numbers. After enough waiting, I finally got a call from Kimiko.


“Yuki-chan… it’s over…” (Kimiko)

“What happened!?”

“Well… my clothes are torn… my knuckles are bloody… and I broke a few ribs. But… I pulled through. Luckily for us… most of the idiots who looked at the post… were weaklings. Not to mention… I had a few traitors on my end. In the end… I ended up having to kick everyone’s ass. Also… despite my torn clothes… not a one of those assholes got their pecker inside of me.” (Kimiko)

“Kimi-chan, where are you?”

“Somewhere… far away. Remember the abandoned shrine?” (Kimiko)


“I’m resting there…” (Kimiko)

I tried yelling, but no reply. I took off the wig and removed the contacts before putting on my coat. It was snowing right now and I was worried. I placed on my glasses and ran out the door after slipping my shoes back on. Despite the clashes I had with her in the past, we had finally became friends in the end.

I hadn’t really paid attention to the distance that I traveled, but it didn’t matter as I was good at athletics. When I got to the shrine, I opened the door. I saw Kimiko there, bleeding. I immediately checked up on her. She was right, her clothing was torn to shreds. Even her panties were missing, but I did notice that there wasn’t any blood ‘down there’. Still, she was in terrible shape.


I had removed my coat and covered with it before I shook her and yelled her name. I was relieved when she got up.

“Yuki-chan… why are you here?” (Kimiko)

“You… idiot! I was worried about you! That’s what friends do!”

“True… but not so loud…” (Kimiko)

“Kimi-chan, can you stand?”

“Sorry… but no.” (Kimiko)

“What the hell happened?”

Her answer, she coughed up blood.

“Just… some internal bleeding…” (Kimiko)

“Kimi-chan, I’m calling an ambulance!”

“No need… we’re out of time…” (Kimiko)

“I can’t let you die!”

“Don’t worry about that… the truth will appear soon.” (Kimiko)

With that, I could sense something was different. When I walked inside of the shrine earlier, it was freezing. Now, it was getting warmer. I was having doubts about getting hypothermia already. And then, the inside was getting brighter until we were enveloped within a white light. I honestly didn’t know what was going on. But I did hear an unfamiliar voice.

“Sengoku Yuki…” (voice)

“Who… are you?”

“Most just refer to me as the Deity.” (Deity)

“Are you the god of this shrine?”

“I am not. Nor am I a god of this world.” (Deity)

“Wait… of this world?”

“That is correct. I’m only borrowing this shrine from an absent acquaintance.” (Deity)

“Please, god, whomever you are… help Kimi-chan!?”

“Do not worry about her. It is you whom I came to see.” (Deity)


“That is right. I need a girl like you to come to my world. There is an imbalance that needs corrected.” (Deity)

“So… you need a hero?”

“Not exactly, but my world does need something similar.” (Deity)


“You can say that. I can make you anything you want to be. Whether it be a warrior, ranger, or even a mage.” (Deity)

This was my moment. The kind of thing that I had been waiting for my entire life. And all I had to do was agree to help this god and come to another world. I didn’t know what she meant when she said ‘something similar’ when I asked about a hero, but I didn’t care. It was already possible that my life was over in this world anyway.

“Make me a Magical Girl.”

“Is that what you truly desire?” (Deity)

“Yes, that’s all I wanted to be my whole life. However, I do have a condition as well.”

“A condition?” (Deity)

“Yes. I want you to save Kimi-chan.”

I couldn’t believe it, but the voice was laughing. Was I being mocked?

“You needn’t worry about your friend. When you meet her again, it will be in her true form.” (Deity)

I didn’t even get a chance to ask what she meant as I could feel the warmth over my body. I could feel wind, but as if I were the one moving. Despite the white light, I could see a bracelet on my right wrist that wasn’t there before. By an instinct that I didn’t know I had, I touched it.


I could feel it, my first real Magical Girl transformation! It was felt like pure happiness, like I was put in a room full of adorable puppies and kittens. My hair, I could feel it grow longer. My glasses, I could feel them disappear. As for my clothes, I felt then disappear but yet they felt the same when they re-appeared. After my ‘transformation”, the white light finally ended.

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6 thoughts on “L.G.D.K! Sea Memory 01 – Stairway to Heaven?

  1. 1- My favorite games are RPGs, I just love the stories. And before you ask, I am not into -boy love-.
     My favorite games are RPGs, I just love the stories. And before you ask, I am not into (boys love). 

    2- This boy was perfection itself. Sadly, I didn’t -make captain- of his fan club.
    This boy was perfection itself. Sadly, I didn’t (make to captain) of his fan club.

    3- I turned around to notice Kurogane Kimiko, the former ‘Yankee’ who became the head of the Disciplinary Committee. I hated her -with a passion-.
    I turned around to notice Kurogane Kimiko, the former ‘Yankee’ who became the head of the Disciplinary Committee. I hated her (with passion).

    4- Please meet with -my- after school behind the gym?
     Please meet with (me) after school behind the gym? 

    5- It’s like -I seen- her everyday without even knowing it was her.” (Kimiko)
    It’s like (I have seen) her everyday without even knowing it was her.” (Kimiko)

    6- As the system admins have to report to the -principle-, not even the blow-fish could get away with this. 
    As the system admins have to report to the (principal), not even the blow-fish could get away with this. 

    Points 2, 3 and 5, I’m not sure if they were actually right in the way you writed them.

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  2. A nice I introduction to Yuki. I look forward to seeing how she develops throughout the story.

    I’m​ also looking forward to learning who Kimiko really is.

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  3. Them becoming friends like that felt rushed to me.
    But since I lack knowledge on how friendships work in the first place it ddin’t bother me too much.


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