L.G.D.K! Coy Memory 05 – Carry on Wayward Son?

Author’s Note: Hello everyone, and welcome to Coy’s fifth and final memory. This is the last dive in his past before his quest. But I must warn everyone in advanced, I won’t be posting the first actual chapter for a bit. I’m actually half-way through it, but I ended up wanting to catch up on some anime and manga. I’ll be back to writing chapters soon. Bur for now, please enjoy?

Well… things could had ended in a better way. I had just finished talking to my landlord and he wasn’t too happy when I asked for my deposit back. It was a good thing that Walton insisted on coming with me, or else it wasn’t going to happen. Even my landlord feared Walton. As for packing… I just put all my clothing and remaining consumables into my inventory window. It was a lot cheaper than buying crates after all. As for my furniture and other things, Zeke and DJ were helping me load it into a horse-drawn cart. Walton let me use one of the company carts, so it was alright.

“Damn Coy… why not just use the inventory window for this crap?” (DJ)

“Because it wouldn’t be as interesting as making you help.”

He glared at me because he was the weakest of the three of us. Zeke was the strongest before I got the so-called blessing from the Deity due to dwarfs naturally being strong. As I was now able to throw Lobo, I was now the strongest.

“Still, a lot of this stuff is crap.” (DJ)

I will admit, I couldn’t afford good furniture. A lot of it I got second hand from people getting ready to throw it out. However, it was still usable.

“Anyway… were are we taking it, boyo?” (Zeke)

“I’m going to see if I can sell it at one of the junk shops.”

“Wait… you’re selling all of it?” (DJ)

“I’m not going to need it anymore. I mean… no longer have an apartment and I don’t know when or if I’ll be back. Plus I’m being sent on a quest to defeat the Devil King, so I’m going to need as much money as possible.”

“I see that you were paying attention in class.” (Walton)

I almost jumped as I was too busy dealing with DJ to notice his father come by.

“Hey, education is a privilege around these parts. So of course I pay attention when you teach us stuff, sir.”

“I’m glad someone out of the three of you lugs appreciate it. Anyway, you’re sure that you want to sell all of this stuff?” (Walton)

“I don’t have anywhere to put it, so I don’t really have much of a choice.”

“If that’s the case, you can store it in one of the warehouses.” (Walton)

“Wait… what?”

“You heard me. We have plenty of storage space in the Walton Trading Company warehouses.” (Walton)

“Alright… how much will it be to store it?”

“I’ll tell you when we get there.” (Walton)

I wasn’t sure if I should have a bad feeling about this or not. No way was I going to say no to Walton, that’s like telling a nun not to pray. But it was better than not knowing what to do. Still, I was getting curious when he told DJ and Zeke to sit in the back with the cargo and sat on the bench with me. Just what is he up to?

The ride to the main building was pretty much quiet. The Walton Trading Company’s property was big enough to place a park. It was set up to have the main building, the warehouses, and it’s own private docks. It’s the biggest privately owned complex in Anthill Bay’s port district. But of course… there’s the occasional idiot who breaks in trying to steal some goods. As for their fate when they get caught… I’ll leave that one to the imagination.

“Just pull into Warehouse number four, no one really uses it.” (Walton)

Old warehouse four, the one mainly used for storing miscellaneous cargo. It’s usually stuff like writing materials, nails, and unused lamps. Don’t worry, the lamps were never filled to begin with. But when we got there, there was an item I didn’t know about. It was a light shade of blue and made of steel with the exception of all four doors being wooden and unpainted. Plus it had a chrome grill, four wheels, two spare wheels on the front fenders, and two head lamps. Alright, it’s a car. But… it was the newest model, a Barrow Model-Two.

“Boss… why is there a Model-Two here”

“Oh that, it’s my new car.” (Walton)

“Wait… what?”

“I decided to change cars. Things are going to be different around here with you gone, so I figured I’d probably try getting used to something else while I’m at it.” (Walton)

“But boss… what about your Capone Type-B?”

“I’m thinking about selling it.” (Walton)

I couldn’t believe it, he was selling his Capone Type-B? That car was like the symbol of the Walton Gang, it’s a treasure. It’s black paint job with navy blue trim, the four head lamps in the front with two search lamps mounted on the front doors, the white-walled tires and chrome hubcaps, people just knew instantly who’s car that is. No one even dares touch it without asking Walton first. This was too much.

“Sell the Type-B!?”

“Yeah, wanna buy it?” (Walton)

“Wait… what?”

“You seem to have a problem with me selling it, so would you like to buy it?” (Walton)

It’s not that I don’t want to buy it, I would do so in a heartbeat. One of the first things Walton taught me was how to drive that beauty. But… I had a major problem.

“I can’t afford something so nice, sir.”

“Hmm… that’s a shame. Tell you what, I’ll sell it to you on credit.” (Walton)


“Yeah, since you’re strapped for gold at the moment. But of course I may need some collateral… oh, how about those things in the back of the cart?” (Walton)

I didn’t know what he was thinking when he made that offer. Walton is a man of business after all, so it seemed strange. Wait… I need to think about this in a business-like manner. Walton isn’t the kind of person to give things away for free, especially if they are expensive. He is also a man who doesn’t like things getting too sentimental either. So in his own little way… it’s like his way of giving me a parting gift. As for using my things as collateral, it’s his way of storing it for me without charging. He never shows favoritism to any of his employees after all, it’s bad for business.

“Alright sir, I’ll take it. But remember this, I will be paying you in full when I return to Anthill Bay.”

“Alright, I’ll just keep this junk in here until you do.” (Walton)

With that, we shook hands with DJ and Zeke as witnesses. After Walton got his new Model-Two out of the way, we put the cart back in and unloaded it into an empty corner of the warehouse. When we finally got finished with that, Walton took me into the main office and signed the pink slip of the Type-B over to me. After we finished, I realized something.

“Wait… what am I going to do with a car?”

“You drive it.” (Walton)

“I know that much, sir. But I still have at least three days left until I leave for Stinwin on a boat. How am I going to bring the car with me?”

“Hmm… I see what you mean. Have you tried your inventory window?” (Walton)

Why didn’t I think of that? I do have all my personal belongings in there as well as the remainder of my food. And a few health potions, never know when you’re going to need those in my line of work.

“But… no one’s tried to store a car before.”

“In that case, you can be the very first.” (Walton)

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. No one has ever tried it before. I’ve seen people move things such as bales of hay by storing it in their Inventory Window before, but never something as big as a car. I could only hope that mine could handle the strain.

As we walked outside to where he had the Type-B parked, I could only get more nervous about this. Here I am, about to try what has never been done before. I know that I paid for expansions on my Inventory Window in the past, but this was still more weight and mass than I had ever tried before now. Not to mention things were getting more intense with Zeke and DJ watching. All I could do was take a deep breath, open my Inventory Window, and try it. And to my amazement, it actually worked.

“No way!?” (DJ)

“It actually worked… how much room do you have left in your inventory, boyo?” (Zeke)

I looked and I couldn’t believe it.

“The car alone… has taken sixty percent of my inventory.”

With that, both DJ and Zeke went “Damn” in unison. It was nice that I could take the car with me, but that meant that I’d only have about forty percent of my inventory to store other things. So I’d have to be careful about what all I took with me when I traveled. Not to mention that weapons and armor that I find and store weigh more than clothing. This means that there are times that I could just keep the car out of the Inventory Window to carry more things.

“Well, looks like we don’t have to worry anymore.” (Walton)

“Yeah… I just need to practice my inventory management.”

“Anyway… it looks like you don’t have anywhere to stay, do you?” (Walton)

“Well… I could always go to the inn for a few days?”

“Nonsense, boyo. You can always stay at my place.” (Zeke)

I was conflicted on that offer. It was nice that Zeke was helping me out… but he’s Zeke. The same dwarf who spends all his gold at Stony’s Tavern on payday. But… it was better than sleeping on the streets.


“Good. Now… what’s twenty divided by three?” (Zeke)

I should had known, he’s trying to weasel his way out of the twenty pieces of silver he still owes me.

“Nice try, Zeke. But if I’m going to be charged money, I think I’d prefer the inn.”

“It was worth a shot.” (Zeke)

“What about my place?” (DJ)

“Not happening.”

It would never happen, because all he talks about is a woman’s ‘bounciness’. After he mentioned the pope’s rack yesterday, I lost even more respect for the guy. Not to mention… I didn’t want to spend three days arguing ‘bounciness’ versus thighs.

“Well, you two lugs tried. But it looks like Coy has chosen the inn. Oh… I just remembered. We never talked about what you’re going to do about your missing sister.” (Walton)

That’s right, we were going to talk about it after our business with her holiness. I had completely forgot.

“Well… I’m going on an adventure anyway. I can search for clues while I’m at it, right?”

“You could… but I have a better idea.” (Walton)

“Really, sir?”

“Since you’re going to be on a ship with her holiness for a month, you can ask for her help. Wasn’t it the church who took your sister away in the first place?” (Walton)

I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even think of that.

“Boss… that’s brilliant!”

“You can thank me later. Now, we need to celebrate your upcoming journey. I know, how about a photograph?” (Walton)

“A photograph?”

“Hey, we won’t be seeing you for a long time. So it would be nice to have something to remember you by. Hell, let’s do a group photograph? This way we can all have a copy.” (Walton)

I couldn’t disagree with that idea. For his idea, I pulled the Type-B out of my inventory. It wasn’t easy, but it was doable and the car was not damaged. We had one of the other employees take a photograph of all four of us in front of the car as we all spent so much time in it together. After the phosphorus from the flash ignited, we all had a hard time readjusting our eyes. Walton told me that he would have my copy before I left for Stinwin. And with that, we had an office drinking party. It was my farewell party and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get alcohol once I reached Tholmen. So I drank until I passed out.

Thanks to passing out at the office during the party, I only had to spend two nights at the inn. Since the compensation from the pope came in, it didn’t hurt my pocket at all. And those two days, they flew by quickly. I had to give Lobo at least one more match for his sake, which he was happy about. Hell, a lot of the town had a changed opinion of me thanks to her holiness’s actions at the parade. People were calling me ‘Hero’ as I passed by. All I could do was greet them back with a wave. Even some of the girls in town who wanted nothing to do with me were now offering their handkerchiefs. I refused of course, it was only because of my new ‘hero’ status that they were doing it. They felt nothing for me and I for them.

As for other events that were on my mind, I sought those out. From what I found out, Balsac had to leave the Portnew Embassy in secret. He lost his diplomatic immunity for his schemes and Dalton was ready to have him tarred and feathered. The guard who was arrested, he was tarred and feathered in Balsac’s stead by a lynch mob of non-humans after he made too many racial slurs. The only reason Zeke and DJ didn’t participate was due to staying at my place to protect me and Abby while I was out cold. Dalton just looked away as it happened, not wanting to be involved. As the guard was released anyway, it wasn’t ‘his business’ as he says.

As for the guards I killed when they tried to steal Abby, their bodies were returned to Portnew in Balsac’s caravan with the muskets. It was proper for them to be laid to rest in their homeland. And about the counterfeit gold… it was going to be Balsac’s insurance to cover his tracks. He was going to tell on us for having it, counterfeiting was an offense that Dalton hates as much as rape and murder. Last but not least, Walton’s ‘fun time’ getting to the sheriff’s office. Some more of Balsac’s men were out in town to block the way. It wasn’t much of a fight due to the superiority of firearms, but the tires on the Type-B did get flattened by crossbow bolts. They all had to run the rest of the way.

As for right now, it’s the forth and final day. After I made it to the right dock, I put the Type-B back in my inventory. As it was a hot day, I walked around with the suit jacket over my shoulder and a cigarette in my mouth. I received my copy of the photograph before coming here, DJ and Zeke visited me on my way out of the inn to deliver it. They had left soon after to join Walton and a few other friends to see me off at the dock. But as my luck would have it, it was Cecilia who found me first.

“So you managed to survive? What a pity.” (Cecilia)

“Funny, the feeling’s mutual.”

She then snatched the cigarette from my mouth.

“I would advise you not to do that around her holiness.” (Cecilia)

“Does she not like smoke?”

“It’s because you already pollute the air around her with your presence.” (Cecilia)

“Oh Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart.”

With that, she stuck her nose up at me. When we made it to the dock, there was a section in the crowds meant to see me off. There was Walton, DJ, Zeke, Lobo, Clair, and finally Dalton. Not to mention… plenty of other members of the Walton Gang wearing the new navy blue pinstriped zoot suits. All I could do was wave as I walked about the ship. It was a barquentine, a well built ship. As we sailed away, I already missed Anthill Bay. The further away we sailed, the more it seemed like an anthill in the distance. I didn’t know if I’d ever see that place again. But if I do, I won’t be the same punk on left this town. No, I will really be a Hero.

After trivia: I know that having cars in a fantasy story such as this isn’t a norm, but it’s something I threw in to be more original with this story. I intend on doing a glossary in the near future for places and objects in the future. But for now, you have to deal with my trivia.

The Capone Type-B is based on a 1928 Cadillac 341A, the personal car of gangster Al Capone. That’s right, Capone is the equivalent of Cadillac in this fantasy world. As for the name, it’s actually from the Roosevelt in GTA Online, which was based on Al Capone’s personal car. In the in-game files, the car was originally called the B-Type. As for the modifications, they are based on the Roosevelt as well.

The Barrow Model-Two is based on the 1932 Model B, which was the car of outlaw Clyde Barrow (from Bonnie and Clyde). Since Capone is the equivalent of Cadillac, it only makes since for Barrow to be this world’s Ford. Though Bonnie and Clyde rode in a Model B coupe, the one Walton purchased was a station wagon (which can be told by the wooden doors). As for why I chose light blue, it was the color of Clyde Barrow’s dress shirt when he and Bonnie were killed by law enforcement.

That’s all the after trivia, I hope you guys enjoyed the story.

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  1. 1- -He- I am, about to try what has never been done before.
    (Here) I am, about to try what has never been done before.
    2- And -too- my amazement, it actually worked.
    And (to) my amazement, it actually worked.
    3- I didn’t want to spend three days arguing ‘bounciness’ -verses- thighs.
    I didn’t want to spend three days arguing ‘bounciness’ (versus) thighs.

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  2. Cars are a foreign concept in these stories, but it’s strangely fitting here. I know it’s probably covered later on, but is it filled with gasoline or run by magic?


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