L.G.D.K! Chapter 03 – Get Out the Door?

Author’s Note: Sorry it’s been so long since I last updated. I’ve… had one hell of a time. I got a job, lost it, ended up borrowing Fallout: New Vegas from a friend after taking him to the midnight release of Fallout 4, etc. Not to mention that I had minor writer’s block. But I got over it and now I’m back to writing. As for the chapter title, it’s named after a song by Velvet Revolver. Anywho, please enjoy. And yes, harsh criticisms in the comments are welcome.

As we walked through the village, I could see the stares from the locals and visitors. The Elder was leading the way with Coy right behind. As for me and the loli… we both had taken his arms and were holding them close to our bodies. I really wasn’t as interested in Coy as she was, but I knew that she was already trouble.

“Why don’t you just stop already, washboard? I’m sure that Mr. Coy prefers my chest.” (Nyra)

“I know him better than you think, loli. Coy-kun isn’t a breast man.”

“But don’t all men like bouncy?” (Nyra)

“Coy-kun’s a thigh man.”

“What?” (Nyra)

“Yuki…” (Coy)

While Coy was looking annoyed, Nyra let go to feel her own thighs. It was my victory as she looked like she was about to cry. But she then wrapped herself around his arm again.

“I’m not giving up, washboard.” (Nyra)

Man this loli is annoying. She may be thirty-seven, but she acts as old as she looks. I don’t even know why I’m trying to keep Coy from her. Is it because she’s annoying? That just has to be it.

Not too long after my arguing with Nyra, we finally arrived at the shrine. The outside had columns on the front, it reminded me of a picture of an American courthouse I once seen in a picture. The roof was arched as well. The front had two huge doors, they were made out of some metal I couldn’t identify. But all around the building, there was graffiti everywhere. The locals must not had liked this place like Coy said.

The Elder then opened the doors. The interior looked to have more columns holding up the roof while it was lit by torches on stands. I could see an alter without any sign of religion on it.

“Shrine Maiden, please come out!?” (Elder)

That moment, I could hear the foot steps echo through the shrine. But I was surprised on who came when the Elder called. It was a night elf, but… it was a maid. A very familiar one at that, it was Kimiko. And… I had to refrain from my excitement and calling her name.

“Elder, I see you finally brought the Hero like I had requested.” (Kimiko)

“I did as you asked. But is the girl with him who you told me about?” (Elder)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

“Coy-kun, no need to be alarmed. I told the Elder that you were returning here in advance with Yuki-chan. And Yuki, it’s best to transform.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… you told the Elder!?”

I was in shock already.

“Yes, he knows everything.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… what’s going on father? Who is this Yuki girl anyways?” (Nyra)

I could see that the adult loli was more confused than both me and Coy. All I could do was smirk, touch my bracelet, and transform.


With that, I could feel the warmth from the glowing as the Magical Girl transformation started. I could also feel my right eye’s color change as well as my hair grow. Not to mention, my glasses disappear. When I finished, the only altercation to my outfit other than the removal of my glasses was the mantle that I was wearing when I transformed back into Yuki Sengoku. I learned the secret of my transformation, I wear what I was wearing before transforming. Me and Kimiko tried out that theory when I was still cooped up in the castle. I wore a frilly dress as Sea Green and I was back into my school uniform when I went back to normal. And then I wore a different outfit as Yuki and I was back to the frilly outfit as Sea Green. So I decided as Sea Green to wear my school uniform with the mantle and a circlet.

“Wait… washboard is really the Devil King!?” (Nyra)

“I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t call me that, loli.”

“But… how… what… will someone please just explain!?” (Nyra)

“I was thinking the same thing. Mind starting, shrine maid?” (Coy)

Did he really have to call Kimiko by the pun?

“Well that’s a new one. It’s actually fitting as I am both a maid and a shrine maiden I suppose? Anyway, I had this planned out from the beginning as I knew you came through my hometown on the way to the capitol. Not to mention it was a likely stop on your way back, Coy-kun. So I told the Elder when I arrived that you will be coming back through here with Yuki-chan. I figured you could use a place to rest while you’re here.” (Kimiko)

“Elder… why the hell didn’t you tell me about this?” (Coy)

“Because she asked me to. I just want her out of here as soon as possible, so it’s better to just go along with that shrine maiden’s plan.” (Elder)

“And I shall abide by my part of the request. I will leave with both the Hero and the Devil King when they depart from Damned.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… why are the Hero and the Devil King together?” (Nyra)

“That’s something I’d like explained as well.” (Elder)

“Where do I start… oh yeah.” (Kimiko)

Kimiko then proceeded in telling both the Elder and Nyra about the escape from the castle. And in turn, both Coy and I told them our own plan on trying to end the war.

“Personally, I’m surprised that none of the past Devil Kings tried to escape in the first place. Still, that plan on trying to end the war is a long shot. It’s going to take more than telling the pope the truth to convince her.” (Elder)

“I already told Yuki that much. But I’m with her, it’s worth a shot.” (Coy)

“You know Coy-kun, it might backfire and you might be considered a traitor to the church?” (Kimiko)

She had a point.

“I know. But… it might make her holiness actually think about it. There are humans in the Demon Realm as well. Though I don’t know why.” (Coy)

“It’s time that you learned the truth that’s so old that the church pretty much forgot about it. My race the night elves, the demon folk, we are actually the most persecuted due to how different we look to the humans. As you’re a half-man, you know how your people used to be treated like that. The first races to be accepted by humanity were the elves and the dwarfs due to the fact they looked more like humans. The night elves were feared because of our yellow eyes and silver hair, features that can never be seen in a human. The same goes for the demon folk with their horns, fully black eyes, and tattoo-like markings. The humans of old considered both races as demons and drove them to the wastelands.” (Kimiko)

“That’s just… racist!”

“It is, Yuki-chan. However, it’s been so long that humanity and the church have forgotten about it. And that there were once real demons.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

“It’s true. You know of the Harem King being a incubus, yes? The Succubi were one of the original demon tribes from many millenniums ago. It’s not just them, there were the vampire, werewolf, and gargoyle tribes. But… they were mostly active in the night. There were others like the saurian, ogre, and harpy tribes, but I don’t know all of them.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… just how many people have I killed thinking that they were demons?” (Coy)

Why am I not surprised that he’s asking this?

“I do not know. I do know that you haven’t killed any of my kind or demon folk except for those who tried to attack you. In the end, it was mere self-defense. But you shouldn’t let that burden you right now, there’s even more than meets the eye at hand.” (Kimiko)

Those words again…

“Wait… that pagan death goddess told me those words when she gave me Shinusame. Just what exactly is going on?” (Coy)

“Well… there are stories about there being more than one deity in the past. But over time, everyone just started worshiping one deity altogether. And that one is the same that we all worship to this day. Still, that’s not what she was referring to.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… then what was she referring to?”

This was something I was sure that everyone else was wondering.

“I’m not sure. It could be the corruption that started from the side of the church? It could be that the world has changed since the death goddess was important and there’s truths that were lost? All I know is that we need to try to stop this war as soon as possible.” (Kimiko)

Kimiko was right, we need to mainly focus on stopping the war. However, that would have to wait as there was a knock on the doors of the shrine. We all decided to let the elder answer it. It was what I’d more-or-less call a background local.

“What is it?” (Elder)

“Elder, there’s big trouble! It’s the Harem King, he arrived a day early!” (Local)

“WHAT!?!?!?” (Elder)

This wasn’t good. From what I heard so far, this was bad. Scratch that, very bad.

“Elder, please don’t panic? The truth is… well…” (Local)

Well… what!?” (Elder)

“The Harem King looks… injured.”

“What!?” (Elder)

“See for yourself.” (Local)

After the background local got out of the way, all of us exited the shrine and headed straight towards the gate that Coy and I entered earlier. Well… I transformed back into Yuki Sengoku first. Luckily the local didn’t notice me there before. Anyways, there was a figure that the rest of the town circled around, yet kept their distance. It was a man, that’s a given. He wore what looked to be male S&M attire, a one-piece that covered his upper-half with the exception of his arms and shoulders and the rest revealed his legs. It looked like he was wearing chaps that were made from the same black “leather-like” material with boots that looked like the legs of the chaps were tucked into. His arms were covered in long gloves that matched. But… it was his physical appearance itself that surprised me.

“Kimi-chan… doesn’t he look like…”

“He does resemble him, but it’s not him.” (Kimiko)

It was true. Other than the bat wings and the pale-blue hair, he looked like Ryoma. In a sense, it was fitting that some jerk called the “Harem King” in this world looked like him. However, he was injured. He was covered in burns, but… something wasn’t right about them. The burns were too precise to be caused by fire spells. But before I could talk about, Coy went up to him.

Alright, what the hell happened to you?” (Coy)

Foolish mortal… I need a woman…” (Harem King)

With that, Kimiko and the loli both grabbed my arms and pulled me back a little further away. All the women were backing up, so I didn’t through a fit about it.

Sorry, but you ain’t getting one. Now… what happened!?” (Coy)

Then… I’ll… make you one! Da maschio a femmina!” (Harem King)

With that… something similar to lightning came from the Harem King’s right index finger and hit Coy. And then… “poof”. Literally, Coy went “poof” when hit by it. After the smoke cleared… I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Where Coy stood earlier… there was a woman. She was about Kimiko’s height, but… she was wearing Coy’s clothing from earlier. And… does she have animal ears? A tail too? Oh my god…


The woman turned to look at me. Her eyes were still golden. Her hair… still definitely a dark ginger with the bangs in the front. But her bust… almost as big as Kimiko’s! Talk about not fair, it was like the Deity was laughing at me.

Yuki, what’s… wrong? What’s with my voice? And why do you look taller? And… why does my chest feel so heavy?” (Coy)

With that, he finally looked down. I could see that he was more shocked than I was about the situation.

(Coy POV)

Wait… what!?”

I could not believe what just happened to me. What spell did that jackass use on me? All I knew is now I can’t kill him. As he was the jackass who changed me, he was also the best chance I had at getting changed back.

All right, change me back right now!”

I wasn’t used to this voice yet. And hopefully, I wouldn’t have to get used to it. But that bastard… he started to laugh. He was injured beyond all recognition and about to fall over any minute, but he was laughing.

After… you give me energy!” (Harem King)

With that, he lunged at me. By the way his hands were moving, I could tell where he was wanting to place them. That lustful look in his eyes… I’ve seen it before. DJ always had that look when drunk and saw a busty woman. And it was always up to me and Zeke to stop him from committing sexual harassment. But I never had a mad groper going for me before, and I wasn’t going to let him succeed either. I moved out of the way and watched him eat the dirt.

What the hell!?”

I saw him look at me after getting back up and spitting out dirt.

I need… the sexual energy of a woman… to recover. And since the women were starting to flee… I needed to make one. Sorry… but you’re out of luck.” (Harem King)

I wasn’t in the mood for a fight, but I wanted to make him suffer for this. But if I cut him to shreds… then I won’t turn back. That left using Shinusame out. If I were to use one of my lightning spells… he could easily defect or reflect it back at me. I knew that extent of the Harem King’s power, so that was out. Only one option left. It wouldn’t kill him, but it was playing dirty.

I’ll give you one chance before I have to hurt you, change me back right now!”

No… I need… I need… I need your sexual energy, you erotic woman!” (Harem King)

With that, he did another lunge with the intent of grabbing my newfound breasts. Again, he had the beast of a lustful look. But again, I was not going to let him fondle me. After dodging this time, I did a quick draw with my revolver and shot his right knee the moment he got up. I almost smirked when he fell down, clutching his knee.

You… bitch!” (Harem King)

Well… as I’m now a ‘female’ canine half-man, it suites me. And if you don’t turn me back right now, I’ll show you how much of a bitch I can be.”

(Sea POV)

Those words were actually well said. I was wondering if this new female Coy could be a tsundere or a yandere? As a man, he seemed like a nice guy with a bit of an asshole side to him. To be honest, I couldn’t tell which one he was then.

What’s it gonna be, Harem King? Your other knee, one of your feet, your hand, or… each one of your fingers one at a time?” (Coy)

Forget the ‘dere’, she is totally a ‘tsun’ right now. I heard the saying ‘hell have no wrath like a woman scorned’ before, but Coy is taking it to a new level. Again, she’s messing with my expectations. But this time, it’s because I never thought I’d feel sorry for anyone who resembled Ryoma before.

You… you can’t do this to me!” (Harem King)

I still got five shots left in this revolver, enough to rid one of your hands of all it’s fingers. And even if I didn’t have it, I still have a sword to start hacking off body parts. Maybe I should hack off your manhood?” (Coy)

With that, I saw Coy walk slowly towards the incubus. I had never seen her like this before, even as a man. No, this is a side of Coy that I never wanted to see. I wanted to tell him to stop, but Kimiko shouted something.

Don’t get too close!” (Kimiko)

And with that, Coy stopped.

That’s right… I’m a woman now. If I get too close, he could have me under his control. Thanks, shrine maid.” (Coy)

Fool!” (Harem King)

With that, Coy looked at him. It was a big mistake, their eyes met.

That idiot…” (Kimiko)

Kimi-chan, what’s happening?”

She allowed their eyes to meet, it’s not a good thing around anyone of Succubi heritage. They gain control over the opposite sex that way.” (Kimiko)

All I could do was watch as Coy went closer as the Harem King ordered her to. I couldn’t believe it, Coy was the last person I thought I would ever see obey anyone’s orders. I really want to transform and save Coy, but it’s a bad idea. I just don’t know what to do. What can I do? Just like back in my world, I was hopeless. But… something happened that I didn’t expect considering the current circumstances.

When the Harem King reached out to grope Coy, she grabbed his wrist. After that, she twisted it until I could hear his arm break.


And with that, a bone shrieking scream followed.

How… how could you break my control!?” (Harem King)

To be honest, I don’t know. Like I could feel my body telling me what to do, but… I knew I couldn’t let you touch me either. Funny, huh?” (Coy)

You bitch! I shalt never let you get away with this! I am the Harem King! A descendant of the noble house of Succubi!” (Harem King)

And I don’t give a rat’s ass! Now tell me what the hell happened to you? Better yet, change me back, now!” (Coy)

I didn’t know where this was going to end up. But I do know this, I like Coy better as a man.

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9 thoughts on “L.G.D.K! Chapter 03 – Get Out the Door?

  1. we finally arrived at the shrine. The outside had columns on the front, it reminded me of a picture of an American courthouse I once seen in a picture. The roof was arched as well. The front had two huge doors, they were made out of some metal I couldn’t identify. But all around the building, there was graffiti everywhere. The locals must not had liked this place like Coy said.
    we finally arrived at the shrine. The it reminded me of a picture of an American courthouse I had seen in a picture. The outside had columns on the front, with the roof arched and the front had two huge doors that were made out of some metal I couldn’t identify. However there was graffiti scrawled everywhere. The locals must not had liked this place like Coy said.

    No mistakes but it could be worded better.


    1. The Elder then opened the doors. The interior looked to have more columns holding up the roof while it was lit by torches on stands. I could see an alter without any sign of religion on it.
      The Elder then opened the doors. The interior had more columns holding up the roof and lit by torches on stands. I could see an altar without any sign of religion on it.


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