L.G.D.K! Chapter 04 – Girls, Girls, Girls?

Author’s  Note: WARNING: This chapter has both information overflow and adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

The warning aside, this chapter really does have both. This originally wasn’t intended, but ended up that way. Let’s just say that the ecchi balances out the information overflow. I’m trying not to make both a habit, though this story does have an ecchi tag. Anywho, the chapter was named after a song by Mötley Crüe. Please enjoy and remember that harsh criticisms are welcome.

It’s hard to believe what I had seen an hour ago. Coy, the Hero of this world, was turned into a girl by an incubus that called himself the Harem King. What was even harder to believe was Coy snapping the way he, or should I say ‘she’ did. I had never seen that side of Coy before, it was scary. Lucky for both my sanity and the Harem King, Kimiko used a sleep spell on both him and Coy. Right now, the Harem King is in a cell with an anti-magic collar on and Coy is back in the temple passed out. And now, both Kimiko and I are in the cell with the incapacitated Harem King.

“Now Harem King, tell us how to turn Coy back!” (Kimiko)

“Bitch, why should I? He looks a lot better as a woman. And trust me, I want to make her scream as I ravage her new body.” (Harem King)

Man… even though he looks like Ryoma, he’s actually less tolerable. Still, this was getting no where. I mean, we’ve already been at it for a half of an hour.

“Are you forgetting Harem King, you do owe me for saving your life. Isn’t it the code of the ancient demon races to pay your debts?” (Kimiko)

Wait… there’s such a thing?

“Heh, you have me there shrine maiden. However, it was the crazy half-man’s fault. He should stay a she for assaulting me.” (Harem King)

“But you turned him into a girl before he snapped!”

I had to do an outburst. I couldn’t hold back anymore, this was going on for too long in my opinion.

“What’s it to you, little girl? Don’t you and the shrine maiden know to respect your elders? I’ve been around for more than a thousand years, I even remember the mighty Ox King.” (Harem King)

The Ox King? Isn’t that from Chinese mythology?

“Do you even know who you called ‘little girl’?” (Kimiko)

“Should it matter? All women are meant to please me.” (Harem King)

“Yuki-chan, transform.” (Kimiko)

As we were the only ones in the building due to Kimiko’s suggestion, it was safe.”

“All right… cambiamento!”

That’s when I did my transformation. After the flash of light, I was Sea Green. But… I hated that the Ryoma look-a-like started laughing.

“You mean to tell me that this runt is the current Devil King? I have not had a good laugh like that in centuries.” (Harem King)

“So you dare disrespect the Devil King?” (Kimiko)

“Look, we both know that she’s nothing more than a figurehead these days. The reason I left the high council was due to the decision to be more democratic. I have no love for politics, and the choice to leave the decisions to a prime minister made me hate them even more. The fools from back then have no respect for those older than them, or the monarchy. Hell, I am surprised that a Devil King escaped house arrest.” (Harem King)

“True, but don’t you think by helping out the current Devil King would be a way to defy those fools?” (Kimiko)

Just what is she thinking? I don’t really want help from anyone resembling the blow fish. But… this could be our chance to return Coy to being a guy as well?

“You have me there again, shrine maiden. How about this, you scratch thy back… and I shall scratch yours?” (Harem King)

Just what is he planning? Oh wait, he’s an actual demon. Then… what is he scheming?

“It depends on how you want your back scratched.” (Kimiko)

Don’t tell me that you’re going to go through with this?

“For now, I shall give you a less powerful method to change that coyote back. But if you can rescue thy harem… I shall give you the full method.” (Harem King)

“A less powerful method?” (Kimiko)

“It’s a curse. It changes one’s gender but changes them back during a full moon. In the coyote’s case, it would change her back into a male except for when the full moon is out as I already changed her gender. Do not worry, it is easy to break that curse. Unlike the spell that I used to fully change her, anyways.” (Harem King)

“So you mean to tell me that if we rescue your harem, you will give us the spell to fully change Coy back?” (Kimiko)

“I say it is a fair deal. Not to mention it will keep you from killing me.” (Harem King)

That bastard… he planned this from the start. Actually, he probably planned out everything in case a similar incident would happen. With his age, it’s not unexpected.

“Tell us the dangers of the curse. Then, we may think about it.” (Kimiko)

Kimiko, please don’t trust this guy? I can’t shake this feeling to not trust him.

“Simple, breaking the curse is the main danger. It is true that she will be a male with the exception of the full moon in her case. But if she looses her virginity as a woman after it’s been enacted, she will stay that way.” (Harem King)

Is this a manga or something? Seriously, that sounds stupid.

“So basically if Coy was a male when it’s cast, he would had stayed female unless under the full moon. And if he lost his virginity under the full moon in that case, he would be freed from it?” (Kimiko)

Having to ask about the situation if it were reversed? I think she was more of an otaku than I was back in my world.

“That would be the case if I had not already change the coyote’s gender. However… in her current situation, loosing her virginity as a male would not change anything.” (Harem King)

“Fine, but there is one more thing we have to know before we consider it. What happened to you to give you the injuries when you came into Dammed? I know it has to be related to what happened with your harem.” (Kimiko)


“I was attacked by Bunkins.” (Harem King)

Bunkins? Is is saying ‘bumpkins’ wrong or something?

“Bunkins? I’m starting to think those girls were safer with you.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… what are bunkins?”

I had to ask.

“I’ll explain later, Yuki-chan. Right now… we need the details of how to enact the curse, Harem King.” (Kimiko)

“I shall write it all down for you. But before I do, I have a question or two of thy own.” (Harem King)

“Then ask away.” (Kimiko)

“That coyote, she was able to resist thy incubus charm. I am sure that you possibly know why, am I correct?” (Harem King)

“Normally I would think it was her rage, but even I know that it isn’t the case.” (Kimiko)

“By that look in your eyes, you have the same suspicions that I do. Now for the second question. I know that you have the Devil King with you. Is that coyote the Hero?” (Harem King)

Wow… I guess with his age he does have a very sharp whit.

“That is correct.” (Kimiko)

With that, the Harem King laughed again.

“Interesting, it is almost like it was a thousand years ago. All right, I shall give you the curse now.” (Harem King)

With that, Kimiko handed him paper, ink, and a quill. While the Harem King was writing, I changed back into Yuki. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I didn’t like it. After the Harem King was done writing, we left the cell. On our way back to the temple, I had to start asking questions.

“Kimi-chan, why are we doing this?”

“Because the spell that the Harem King cast on Coy… is one that’s been lost to history. Actually, that spell has been considered a taboo by both the church and the Demon Realm government. Even I don’t know it. However… the choice to go through with everything is up to Coy-chan.” (Kimiko)

Did she really have to add the ‘chan’ suffix?

“Speaking of which, isn’t it too late in the story for Coy to go through a gender-bender? I mean, that normally happens in the first chapter of a manga or the first episode of an anime.”

“If there were a forth wall to break, you would be breaking it right now. However, I do agree. Even the curse that the Harem King gave us as a band-aid normally happens in the first chapter. However, this isn’t the first chapter of a manga or episode of an anime. This is reality, and we have to accept it.” (Kimiko)

If it weren’t for all that I have experienced so far, I would had retorted. I mean… I finally got transported to a fantasy world. It’s true that the slight noir and western settings did ruin it, but it finally happened. I even learned to accept that there were guns and cars in this world before I got here. But to witness a gender-bend first hand, that caught me by surprise. Though I am thankful to be the one who didn’t experience it. And as we got to the entrance of the temple, I heard a female scream.

“Kimiko, isn’t that…”

“That was Coy-chan!” (Kimiko)

We entered to see something that only half surprised me. The surprise was a naked female Coy running. The lack of surprise on the other hand… that adult loli chasing her. Though… I didn’t expect Coy to run my way and hide behind me, almost in tears. I was thankful we closed the doors.

“What happened?”

“She… she… she violated me!” (Coy)


“All I did was shave her in her sleep. And then… it got hot. So I stripped as well and slept next to her. Man, those flesh pillows of her are the best.” (Nyra)


“Wait… why and where did you shave her?”

“Her woman hood. I was curious if it would still be shaved when she becomes a man again?” (Nyra)

That loli… I just had to ask.

“You didn’t have to suck on my breasts. Or try to fondle them.” (Coy)

“Wait… why were you attacking Coy?”

“Because I wanted to see how I felt with her as a woman? You claim to be Miss Coy’s wife, but I’m willing to even accept her as a woman.” (Nyra)

Miss Coy? Really? Also… is she bi-sexual or just trying to piss me off?


“Yuki-chan, it’s all right. Though… I will admit that when I knew other women would be after Coy, this was not what I expected.” (Kimiko)

She saw the harem route all along, didn’t she? This confirms it, she was definitely a huge closet Otaku back in my world.

“So… what now?”

“After we get Coy and Nyra dressed, let’s discuss the plan. All right?” (Kimiko)

The first thing that has been said that has made sense since we got back.

“Good idea. Not to mention… I’m hungry.”

“Same here. We haven’t eaten all day.” (Coy)

“And who’s fault is that?”

“Well… we were in a hurry.” (Coy)

We hadn’t eaten since those peaches last night. Not to mention we didn’t have any snacks when we had that cactus tea with the Elder. So it really was her fault.

“Tell you what, I’ll fix lunch with Nyra’s help and you help Coy get dressed. Is that all right?” (Kimiko)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

Even as a woman, she still says that.

“Simple, Coy-chan. You’re going to need help dressing as a woman. Don’t worry, I’m sure that my bras will fit you.” (Kimiko)

So that’s what she’s after? She just wants to see Coy in woman’s clothing while Coy is still a girl.

“A bra?” (Coy)

“Yeah, you need something to keep these held up.” (Nyra)

That loli had gotten behind us and was already fondling Coy’s breasts. Man… it’s already pissing me off that Coy has bigger jugs than I do. But still… wait a minute, this is time for revenge on Coy for having those.

“Nyra, stop playing with Coy’s breasts. I have to help her change.”

I could feel the slightly psychotic grin on my face. After Kimiko told me where the room was, I dragged Coy there. And after throwing her on the bed, I started searching the closet. The room itself was stone on the interior, with the exception of the wooden furniture. The closet, was just a wooden wardrobe. There was the bed that I threw Coy on, but it was pretty much filled with straw with a sheet over it. The only light source was an Arabian-style lamp on the dresser. But the sunlight coming in through the window by the bed was enough. First thing was first, I had to find a bra. I found a lacy black one.

“Wait… you don’t expect me to wear that, do you?” (Coy)

The face she was giving me was too moe. The animal ears weren’t helping, it was too kawaii. However… that was pissing me off due to her being more bouncy than me.

“Do you want me to let Nyra attack you again?”

The icing on the cake, her giving into defeat after I asked that. Man, I was enjoying having power over someone more bouncy than myself. I always hated being compact, and it was time to knock a bouncy girl down a peg.

“But… it’s digging into my shoulders.” (Coy)

“It’s your fault for being bouncy.”

After the bra, I found some matching panties. Never in my life had I imagined forcefully dressing someone. However, this was fun. After the panties, I dug further into the dresser and found some black stockings and a garter-belt. I had always wondered if it was required for maids to wear those under their outfits? Still, I was getting a little more pissed on how sexy she was looking as I dressed her in undergarments. But the look on her face made me feel justified. All that was needed now was the actual outfit. As I looked through the wardrobe, I found a simple blue Sunday dress. It was short-sleeved and ended at the knees. After putting it on her, I made her look at herself in a full-length mirror.

“Is that… me?” (Coy)


After that… she looked closer in the mirror. I would normally think that she was looking at how pretty she looked. But… this was different. Her face changed from embarrassment to serious.

“Yuki, I’m going to need you to take a picture of me.” (Coy)


“Don’t forget, my missing sister is my twin. She may be human, but she should look like this.” (Coy)

Wow… she had a point. This was definitely an up-side for the gender-bending. So I reached inside my schoolbag and pulled out my phone. After taking her picture, I turned it back off to save on battery life. I could tell that this town didn’t have electricity, so I needed to conserve as much battery life as possible. Still, it was nice to have a picture of female Coy, it would be nice to look at it for laughs in the future.

But… what does my future hold? Am I really stuck in this world with no return to my own? These are the questions that normally drag down adventures in a fantasy world. At least I gave my consent to come here? I mean, in most works of the genre the protagonist gets transported without as much as a word. It could had been worse, I could had been summoned into a romcom as some magician’s familiar and there being a language barrier until someone messes up a spell that causes me to understand the local language? But… do my parents miss me? For me, it’s been a few months since I entered this world as the Devil King. I don’t even know if time flows differently in this world. It could be like the tale of Urashima Tarō and Otohime, where after Urashima spent three days in the Dragon Palace under the sea and it turned out to be three-hundred years on the surface

Before I could wrap my head around it, Kimiko called us for lunch. After find Coy one of Kimiko’s spare pairs of ankle boots, we came. Turns out the shrine had a dining area with a nice spread. Well… it really wasn’t a fancy meal, we were all served hamburg steaks with a side of peas and mashed potatoes. I didn’t complain, I love hamburg steak. When we finished eating, Kimiko cleared the table and we finally had our meeting. After explaining our talk with the Harem King, Coy had a few things to say.

“You mean to tell me that we had that curse!? Why am I dressed like this then?” (Coy)

“Because I wanted to see you this way. Besides, we’re missing an ingredient that is near impossible to find.” (Kimiko)

“And what would that be?” (Coy)

“An eye of a Gore Grizzly.” (Kimiko)

“Oh, I have one.” (Coy)

Yeah, I expected to see the surprise of both Kimiko and Nyra’s faces. We then explained the Gore Grizzly situation.

“I am surprised that you survived that encounter. Lucky for you, the eye is still intact. Still, preparing it will take a full day. So you might as well enjoy being a woman while you can.” (Kimiko)

I enjoyed Coy’s little pout.

“Fine. Still… I don’t like the situation at hand. I mean other than you healing the Harem King, I don’t wanna deal with Bunkins.” (Coy)

“That reminds me, what are Bunkins anyway?”

Everyone then looked at me for a second.

“Yuki, Bunkins are given that name because they live in bunkers. They are human descendants from the ‘old world’ as they call it. Well… survivors really. I’ve met a few descendants of them in my travels. They told me about this process called ‘cryo-sleep’ where you are put in ice and sleep without aging. According to them, they are from a time before the Devil King. They use technology that I didn’t even know existed.” (Coy)

“I have met a few that descended from Bunkins myself. As you’re from a world similar to the one that was apparently before the Devil King, I’m sure you understand the technology. They attacked the Harem King with laser weapons by the wounds that I saw on him.” (Kimiko)

Are you kidding me?

“Wait… lasers? You can’t be serious on that one. I just refuse to believe it.”

“The so-called ‘old world’ was from many millenniums ago. Even the church doesn’t know the details, they deemed the Bunkins as false prophets and such. As for the Demon Realm government… they are considered annoyances and want nothing to do with them. And… there’s a rumor.” (Kimiko)

“What rumor?”

“Coy-chan… you know of Mr. Host, right?” (Kimiko)

“There is not a soul alive in the trading business who doesn’t know that name. He was the one who brought firearms from simple muskets to what they are today. Not to mention he was the one who brought us the steam boat, the locomotive and the automobile. In the fifty years since he appeared on the scene, the world has advanced. Not to mention Host Industries has the monopoly on all the technology that we have today. He was even the alchemist who invented liquid charcoal.” (Coy)

So this Host guy has done a lot.

“There’s a rumor that he is a Bunkin.” (Kimiko)


“Well… that wouldn’t surprise me. Though everything he has introduced to the world is way ahead of it’s time.” (Coy)

“So wait… you mean to tell me that this Mr. Host is probably re-introducing ancient technology?”

“If he really is a Bunkin, it’s possible.” (Kimiko)

Great… my fantasy adventure in another world is getting even more messed up.

“So… back to the topic of our visit to the Harem King, there is one thing I want to know.”

“Go ahead.” (Kimiko)

“Who is this Ox King that the Harem King talked about anyway?”

With that, Coy pounded her hand on the table.

“The Ox King was the first and previous half-man to be the Hero chosen by the Deity. Before he was chosen, he already made a name for himself by uniting all of the half-man tribes under one banner. Back then, each tribe stayed to themselves. The canine, the feline, the rodent, the bovine, even the equestrian, you name it. Under his banner, the country of Ritme was born. His ax had slain thousands of humans who dared to subjugate him.” (Coy)

“Wow… it sounds like you admire the guy?”

“All half-men do, his legacy has been an inspiration to all my kind. After five years of fighting off the humans, he made a deal to surrender himself under the condition that they would leave the half-men alone. It is said before they could execute him, the executioner’s sword shattered on contact and the Deity appeared. The Deity then shed a tear and condemned the humans for their actions as they were planning an all out attack on Ritme after the execution. And then, the Deity chose the Ox King as the Hero to face the Devil King. As he was the chosen Hero, the humans were forced to forgive him and honor the original promise to leave the half-men alone.” (Coy)

The Ox King was a bigger deal than I thought. Even if Coy were still a man, I’m sure that she would be talking about the Ox King in the same manner that she was right now.

“Is there more?”

“Well… no one knows what happened after he fought with the Devil King. All I do know is that the church was formed afterward. The believers back then felt shame for their actions and built Tholmen in the spot that the Deity shed it’s tear, which is now known as the Deity’s Tear. The Deity had been disgusted by the actions of humans. The anti-slavery and serfdom doctrines, it’s said that the church created them in hopes of forgiveness from the Deity and that it would return to this world someday.” (Coy)

“Wow… to believe that one man had that much of an impact on history?”

“He did. As for what is known of the Ox King’s fate, he apparently fell in love with a feline half-man after the fight with the Devil King. They left Ritme and traveled the world. It is said that he made it as far as what’s now Anthill Bay before dying.” (Coy)

“Wait… isn’t that where you’re from?”

“Sure is. There’s even a statue of the Ox King in the middle of the town. As for his ax… it’s now in Tholmen in the Museum of Heroes.” (Coy)

“Museum of Heroes?”

“It’s a wing in Tholman’s main church, the same one that the pope resides. It has weapons and armor of all the past Heroes chosen by the Deity, including heroes from before Tholman was built. Not to mention sculptures and paintings. When I was training to be the Hero, I was forced to take a tour of it. Learning of past Heroes was part of my training after all.” (Coy)

“So they taught you more than using weaponry?”

“Well… it’s required for a Hero to at least learn swordplay. I also learned Archery and a little bit about magic. Sadly… the element that I’m suited to is lighting, so I can’t really use too many spells.” (Coy)

“And did they teach you how to shoot as well?”

I don’t even know why I asked.

“That… was self-taught during my days in the Walton Trading Company. Believe it or not, they do not approve of guns when it comes to being the Hero. Something about traditions. But… we all know that traditions change, so I pretty much decided to be the first Hero with a gun.” (Coy)

Yeah, it’s her fault for messing with my expectations in the first place.

“Oh, what are we going to do for the rest of the day?”

“Let’s see… it’s going to be dark within the hour, so sorry about the late lunch. I know, how about a bath?” (Kimiko)

Wait… don’t tell me that we’re already going to have a major bath scene?

“Well… I will admit that it’s been a while since I had a decent bath.” (Coy)

You idiot, you’re setting yourself up for it.

“In that case, we have a big bath here in the shrine. I actually had just finished cleaning it before you got here.” (Kimiko)

“Wow… you’re one hell of a maid.” (Coy)

Don’t be praising her, you’re getting set up! Not to mention… don’t be doing a gender-bent version of that catch phrase!

“By the way, it’s a huge bath that was meant for more than one person. Let’s all take a bath together?” (Kimiko)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

“I’m for it!” (Nyra)

I saw that one coming from a mile away. Coy, you really need to be more aware of your surroundings. Especially around that loli.

“But… it’s not right. You know that I’m still a guy on the inside, right?” (Coy)

“But you’re a woman at the moment. So we can allow it this time.” (Kimiko)

“Yuki, please talk some sense into these two?” (Coy)

As much as I don’t want Coy to see me nude, this might give him a reason to be more considerate in the future. Actually… it might make her work towards a goal after becoming a man again? Yeah, not to mention it’s time for more torture.

“Coy-chan, I think I’ll agree with them this one time. Besides, you asked for it.”

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

Oh, I was enjoying the look on her face. She tried to run, but we already tackled her. It was easier after Kimiko had cast a few debuff spells to reduce her strength to that of a normal girl. Not to mention she was top-heavy now. After dragging her into the changing area, we stripped her naked with Nyra guarding the exit. That loli was more than enough to scare Coy from wanting to escape. Though… it was funny how she was trying to preserve her modesty by covering her ‘bounciness’ with her arms crossed and her tail over her womanhood. And after the rest of us were naked, it was time to throw her into the bath.

“That was mean, ya know.” (Coy)

“And having bigger breasts than me isn’t?”

“Wait… is that what this is about?” (Coy)

“You bet it is. It’s not fair that you have more ‘bounciness’ than I do. Especially since you were a man until a few hours ago.”

“But… the shrine maid is as big as I am? Would you do this to her?” (Coy)

“Don’t be dragging Kimi-chan into this!”

I could see that Kimiko was trying not to laugh. And during the bath, the loli kept attacking Coy. Eventually I did see when she shaved Coy. If it weren’t for my breast envy, I would had drawn a line. Well… I did draw one after she started changing targets. First Kimiko, then myself. Even though she used the old superstition of breasts getting bigger when massaged, I didn’t like it. Actually, even I attacked Coy a few times in the bath. Though my main target was her ears. After we were done horsing around, we got out and had dinner before going to sleep. Tomorrow was a big day after all. But I will admit, it was fun to vent my frustrations.

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  1. From sudden gender-bending, to sudden Fallout vaults, and finishing with an extraneous furo scene. I really don’t know what to say. Except the fourth wall is suddenly taking one hell of a beating. 😌

    The part about the Ox King was quite interesting, though. Maybe the Deity isn’t a jerk? I’ll reserve judgement. 🤔

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  2. 1- I mean, that normally happens in the first chapter of a manga -of- the first episode of an anime
    I mean, that normally happens in the first chapter of a manga (or) the first episode of an anime

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