L.G.D.K! Chapter 06 – Clint Eastwood?

Author’s Note: Alright peeps, here’s the sixth chapter. The song used for the title is by Gorillaz, a virtual band. I actually like this song and it’s gotten me through some tough times. Anyway, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas this year. The next chapter might be delayed because I got a PS4 and might be too busy playing it. Anywho, please enjoy? And remember, harsh criticism is always welcome.

All right… we’re back in the shrine. However, there’s two more people at the table. First, there’s Cecil the black market oil merchant who is looking for his fiancée. And then… there’s the Village Elder. This meeting is about what the next move is. And the Village Elder apparently has the floor.

“Look, this is more dangerous than dealing with demons. It’s better just to leave the Bunkins alone.” (Elder)

“Oh sure, ya can say that because none of your loved ones are involved.” (Cecil)

“Cecil, I understand that you’re angry right now. But Coy and his friends have a more important mission right now.” (Elder)

“And those women’s lives are not important!?” (Cecil)

“I didn’t say that they weren’t!” (Elder)

“Then what can be so important that we can’t go save them!?” (Cecil)

The Elder remained quiet. All I knew is that this was getting no where due to a secret. I didn’t want to, but there was no other way.


In front of everyone, I transformed. I even heard Kimiko and Coy trying to protest while I was still in my transformation.

“You idiot…” (Coy)

“Wait… what the hell is going on here!?” (Cecil)

“I’m sorry everyone, but there is no other way. Cecil, you’re about to learn a secret that must never leave this shrine. About me and about Coy-kun. The truth is that I’m the Devil King and Coy is the Hero. And we have to end the war.”

After a little more explanation, I turned back into Yuki. However… Cecil took it better than I thought he would. He was actually… laughing?

“Well… that actually explains why my dear little sister trusts him despite hating his guts. I knew he had to have a history due to being with the Walton Trading Company. But to believe… he’s the Hero? And shacking up with the Devil King as well? Coy, ya really are an interesting fellow.” (Cecil)

“Hey, we’re not shacking up.”

“That’s what it looks like to me. Still… I thought you would have a bigger chest, Miss Devil King.” (Cecil)

Oh no he didn’t!? He never even read that one manga! Why does everyone expect a female Devil King to have a large bust anyway?

“Cecil, shut up about that before I have to smack you.” (Coy)

“Hey, aren’t you a guy too? Other than the fact that you’re under a curse to temporary bandage a gender change spell?” (Cecil)

“I am a guy, but bounciness is not what matters.” (Coy)

“That what’s more important than bouncy?” (Cecil)

Oh no… Coy’s going to do it.

“It’s thighs! Thighs are what make the woman! Especially when they are nice and thick! When you get to rest your head on a woman’s lap, it makes it better! Now sinner, repent for your ignorance!” (Coy)

Now he’s acting like a perverted shonen protagonist.

“By the Deity… you’re right!” (Cecil)

Wait… was I about to mentally steal Coy’s catchphrase again?

“See what I mean?” (Coy)

“I cannot even believe that I never thought of that? We need to spread this gospel, the gospel of the thigh!” (Cecil)

“You idiot’s! You’re going overboard.”

I couldn’t keep myself quiet any longer. Right there, those two idiots noticed both Kimiko and Nyra giving them looks as well.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” (Coy)

“Me neither.” (Cecil)

As they were scratching the backs of their heads, this did seem too much like an anime.

“Now… back on the topic at hand. You know, before you two young idiots started ranting about your fetishes?” (Elder)

“Right… about the Bunkins.” (Coy)

Surprisingly his short term memory isn’t too bad.

“Look, I know that ending the war is important. But… does Coy not have an obligation as a Hero in this matter?” (Cecil)

Never expected Cecil to hit the ‘hero’ button.

“As much as I wanted to avoid dealing with the Bunkins, he does have a point. What kind of Hero refuses to act for his own selfish reasons anyway?” (Coy)

“But if I recall… Cecil is refusing to help you in your situation unless you do this. So isn’t doing it part of your own selfish reasons as well?” (Elder)

Elder… did you have to ruin one of the few times that Coy is trying to actually be heroic?

“Even if it is, it’s still what I’m going to do. I never wanted to be the Hero in the first place. But still… by using the more important goal as an excuse not to go is more cowardly than even I can take.” (Coy)

Heroic factor is rising… after a few deductions of course.

“Fine, I cannot stop you. But who all is going on this suicide mission anyway?” (Elder)

That’s right, we never even thought of that.

“Well… I already know that Cecil is coming along. So that’s two.” (Coy)

“What about me?”

I had to ask.

“Yuki… I’m not so sure about that.” (Coy)

“Look, you’re going to need someone who is familiar with technology. Besides, I’m sure that the Bunkins are not expecting the Devil King. So I can fight as well.”

“But have you been in actual combat?” (Coy)

He has me there.

“No… but I didn’t spend all of my time at the castle just sitting around. I’ve had training with my spells and all.”

“Yuki, these are Bunkins. Even I don’t know what to expect, other than what I’ve heard from stories and rumors. Even if you fight, I can’t guarantee your safety.” (Coy)

Wait… he’s worried about me?

“Is that some form of confession I’m hearing?” (Kimiko)

Wait… what!? Damn, I did mentally steal his catchphrase again?

“No… it’s not like that!” (Coy)

“Then what’s with the blushing?” (Kimiko)

Kimiko… you piece of shipper-trash. And Coy, stop blushing.

“I got sun burnt earlier, that’s all.” (Coy)

Could you not say such an obvious lie, Coy?

“Don’t worry too much about Yuki-chan, I’m coming along too.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

It’s a lot better to hear it from his mouth.

“Don’t forget, I’m a shrine maiden. I’m skilled in holy magic, this includes healing spells. I’m also good with barriers and exorcisms. Not to mention, I can hold my own in a fight as well. I didn’t become a feared Yankee for nothing back in Yuki-chan’s world.” (Kimiko)

That one even I could back up, there were many men older than her who feared the name Kimiko Kurogane.

“Wait… what’s a Yankee?” (Coy)

“It’s a form of delinquent in my homeland. They are known for dying their hair blonde as a form of rebellion. It comes from a foreign country across the ocean in my world that is more known for having people with blonde hair.”

Someone had to explain it. It’s not like Japanese terminology is used too much in this world anyway.

“Wait… not only are ya a maid and a shrine maiden, but you were also a delinquent? Now I need to come up with a new pun.” (Coy)

Really!? Are puns for Kimiko all he can think of?

“Please don’t, I already like ‘shrine maid’ as it is.” (Kimiko)

“All right then.” (Coy)

Wait… did they just agree on the pun?

“Well… a party of four isn’t too bad. Not to mention that Bunkins have no magic defenses, so having two magic users is a good thing.” (Cecil)

“Don’t you mean a party of five?” (Nyra)

We all then looked at the loli.

“What do ya mean by that? We have me, Cecil, Yuki, and Kimiko. That’s only four people.” (Coy)

“I’m coming too” (Nyra)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

He took the words right out of my mouth.

“Nyra, you cannot go!” (Elder)

Thank you Elder.

“Why not? Washboard is going.” (Nyra)

“Nyra, my dear, Yuki is the Devil King. There’s a great distance between her abilities and your own. Therefore I cannot allow you to join this suicide mission.” (Elder)

“Father, I know that I cannot compare to her when it comes to that. However… I do not want to lose to her either.” (Nyra)

Now she’s just acting spoiled.

“Sorry Nyra, but I have to agree with your father on this one.” (Coy)

“But Mr. Coy…” (Nyra)

“No buts. It’s bad enough that we’re already gonna have to cover for Yuki’s lack of actual combat experience. But we can’t cover for you too. I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to stay here.” (Coy)

With that, she ran away crying. I actually felt bad for her, despite the fact she wasn’t acting her age. But both Coy and the Elder were right. She would had been nothing more than a hindrance.

“I’ll go talk to her. It’s best if you four just go and get some clues from the Harem King, it might help you find the bunker.” (Elder)

With that, the Elder left. Coy actually asked me and Kimiko to stay behind while they questioned the Harem King about where the attack took place. I was actually worried as those two have the biggest grudges against the incubus. But Coy did promise me that they wouldn’t kill him either.

(Coy POV)

Alright, now it’s just me, Cecil, and the Harem King in the cell right now. As we’re both men, there was a better chance on getting the information needed. But first… I have something else to confirm.

“Alright jackass, we can’t do nothing without knowing where you were attacked.”

I then handed him a map. The bastard placed his index finger on the area, so I was sure to mark it.

“Even a child like you should show some respect, coyote.” (Harem King)

“How can I show respect to someone who turned me into a woman?”

“Fool, I am the Harem King. All should know me and fear thy being.” (Harem King)

“And they should doubt ya as well.”

“What do you mean, coyote?” (Harem King)

“That spell you used on me, I think it came from a grimoire. Am I correct?”

“Heh, looks like I was figured out?” (Harem King)

That attitude… it really pisses me off.

“Do you even know the spell to change me back?”

“I showed no interest in one that turns women into men. Therefore I had cast aside that grimoire.” (Harem King)

It was just as I feared.

“Basically saying, you had no intention on keeping your end of the deal?”

“That is correct. I planned on giving a fake in exchange of thy freedom. However, it does not matter anymore.” (Harem King)

That smug bastard…

“So why spill the beans?”

“Simple, we are still in Lethe, one of the six countries of the Demon Realm. Due to thy status, the laws cannot touch me.” (Harem King)

“And your reason for staying?”

“In order to retrieve what is mine. So until thy harem is returned, I shall stay in this cell were I am protected and shall receive three meals per day.” (Harem King)

I can’t help by to hate his guts even more.

“Don’t think that you will be protected for long.”

“Why not?” (Harem King)

“Cecil, don’t you have some words for our guest?”

“I do. Harem King, ya stole my precious Tara from me. Don’t think for a second that I can ever forgive ya.” (Cecil)

“And why should I need forgiveness from lower creatures?” (Harem King)


“What?” (Harem King)

“Don’t forget, ya have made a lot of enemies. In your current state, you’re defenseless without the cell protecting you. People who don’t even care about your precious status that protects ya from the law.”

“Fool, no one dares to go against the Harem King! (Harem King)

“Without your powers to protect ya, you’re defenseless against a lynch mob. I’ll be surprised to see you still breathing by the time we get back. In the mean time, I have too many damsels in distress to rescue thanks to your stupidity. Cecil, let’s go.”

And with that, we took our leave from an incubus who didn’t even know the meaning of fear until I made him realize it. For now, that would have to be the closest thing to revenge that I can have against him.

(Sea POV)

Back at the shrine, Kimiko and I were preparing for the journey. I didn’t know when the guys were coming back, so we needed some conversation. That was when Kimiko picked up something that I was surprised she had.

“Is that a Bokken?”

“It is. I just couldn’t find anything in this world that I was comfortable using for a melee weapon. So I carved one.” (Kimiko)

“Once a delinquent, always a delinquent.”

“I have no shame in that part of my life. It was actually liberating now that I look back on it.” (Kimiko)

With that, we shared a laugh. Of all the people from my world, I’m glad that Kimiko was the one who was here with me. Even though she’s now in her night elf form from this world, she’s still the same girl that I became friends with after almost three years of animosity. Still, if we were still back in my world… I probably would had graduated by now. I mean, it was our third year and all. I even studied hard for my exams to try to get into Tokyo University. I actually passed, though now it seems like a waste of effort due to the circumstances.

“Hey Kimi-chan… did you even take the collage exams back in my world?”

“To be honest, I didn’t.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… why not?”

“I was actually planning on going to an art school.” (Kimiko)

“Why an art school?”

Seriously, this was unexpected.

“Believe it or now, I have always loved to draw. However it was a futile wish to become a mangaka myself.” (Kimiko)

“Wait… you wanted to be a mangaka?”

“Yeah. But I could never tell anyone due to having to keep my image as a Yankee. And now that I look back, it was futile as I never truly belonged to your world.” (Kimiko)

She then showed an expression of sadness that I had never seen before. Usually I only ever seen her angry or happy, so this was a first. I just got to cheer her up, but how? Come on brain, think! Wait… this might be a long shot, but it could work.

“Kimi-chan, there’s no need to throw away that wish.”

“What do you mean, Yuki-chan?” (Kimiko)

“Why not become the first ever mangaka in this world?”

“Wait… the first mangaka in this world?” (Kimiko)

“Yeah, this world’s mother of manga.”

I could see her conflict on her face. Like she was happy but trying to find a reason not to be. It’s like she’s trying not to get herself excited.

“Yuki-chan… I can’t.” (Kimiko)

“And why not?”

“I’m your servant. That takes priorities over any of my own wishes.” (Kimiko)

Is she trying to pull the ‘servant’ card?

“Kimiko, what about my orders?”

“Absolute unless they conflict with your safety.” (Kimiko)

“In that case, I order you to fulfill your wish.”

“Huh?” (Kimiko)

“You heard me. Kimi-chan, you don’t have to devote all of your time to me. You may have to serve me due to your deal with the Deity, but you can still do what you want to on your own free time.”

For once, I feel like a protagonist. She started to cry though, but she wasn’t sad. No, those tears are ones that are not full of sadness. These are happy tears.

“Yuki-chan… thank you so much!” (Kimiko)

With that, she jumped and hugged me. I’m regretting it because… her breasts are smothering me! I tried to tell her this, but she’s in her own little world? Is this how I’m going to die? In another world where I’m supposed to be the Devil King by asphyxiation by breasts? Someone, anyone… save me!


That was the door…

“Okay… we’ll come back later.” (Coy)

Kimiko let me go and I was able to see both a silent Coy and Cecil standing there before slowly closing the door awkwardly. Seriously, is this an anime or a manga or something?

“Wait… it’s not… what you… think…”

I was having difficulties catching my breath. This was embarrassing. Even Kimiko was blushing due to her actions. Still, that would have to wait. I’m sure the guys got the information from the Harem King on the possible area. There are women who need rescuing, though… I cannot believe that I’m rescuing women. Since when do damsels rescue other damsels in distress anyway? Still… this will be my first actual fight depending on how this goes. Will I be alright?

And that peeps was chapter six. I have nothing special to say about it, just that it wasn’t exactly easy to write. I hope you all enjoyed it. Also, happy new years.

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  1. I do have to say. In the few chapters I have read so far, I can feel you have gotten better at writing.
    Might be because the flow feels less choppy and more fluent thoughtout? Or that your pacing is good. Either way, good job.

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