L.G.D.K! Christmas 2015/New Years 2016 special!

Author’s Note: I originally  started this as a Christmas special to hold back having to post chapter six, but ran out of time. Anywho, more will be explained afterwards. For now, please enjoy? Also, harsh criticism is welcomed.

Ugh… I can’t believe I’m even saying this in my head. Back in my world, there are many holidays worldwide. But there is one that I didn’t think would be missed, Christmas. In the west, it’s about presents and family. But back in Japan… it’s more of a lover’s holiday. However… I didn’t know that there would be a similar holiday. Or that it’s tomorrow either.

“So Yuki-chan… are you excited for your first ever Gift Day?” (Kimiko)

“Seriously… it sounds so generic. I mean, why is it called that anyway?”

“Simple, it was the day chosen to celebrate the day that the Deity chose to give us the gift of it’s blessings. So in turn, we give gifts to celebrate those blessings given.” (Kimiko)

It sounds too simple. I think it sounds more like a corporate-made holiday.


“Yuki-chan… don’t tell me that you dislike the thought of Gift Day?” (Kimiko)

“It’s basically Christmas.”

With that… I saw a look of pure shock on Kimiko’s face.

“Yuki-chan… how could you?” (Kimiko)


“Gift Day and Christmas do have their similarities, including beginnings from a religious standpoint. However, there is a difference.” (Kimiko)

“Then do tell.”

“Unlike Christmas, Gift Day is still recognized for it’s beginnings. And it’s not been censored due to it either.” (Kimiko)

“But how many other religions are there?”

“You… have a point. With the exception of Melca’s religion, all that’s left are small cults. Still, Gift Day isn’t just about spending money either. Like Christmas, it’s about being with those you hold dear. And good will towards everyone. But the difference is… wait, there really isn’t a difference.” (Kimiko)


“All right Yuki-chan, you have me there. Still, give it a chance?” (Kimiko)


Personally, I don’t really care. It’s not like I can celebrate with my family anyway? Besides, New Years is the bigger holiday in Japan. Sadly there will be no New Years money for me this year. Well… I don’t even know the date in this world anyway. From what I do know, it does run on the same seven-day cycle that goes in my world. Sadly, I can’t even remember the names of the days in this world.

“Anyway… what are you getting Coy-kun for Gift Day?” (Kimiko)

“I honestly don’t know.”

It’s the truth, I don’t know what I’m going to get him. In truth, I did get things for Kimiko, Cecil, and the loli. But for Coy… I wasn’t sure. I know that I’m currently lying to people about being his wife when in reality I’m using him for a bodyguard. And as payment, I gave myself to him. Does that make me his slave? He hasn’t really been treating me like one. Even with the encounter with the Gore Grizzly, he had me stay in the car to protect me. Not to mention he asked me to gather firewood after he beat it instead of ordering me to, and that was out of consideration.

“Hmm… what do you think he would want?” (Kimiko)

Knowing him… all I know about him is that he’s an ex-gangster who loves to shoot things. I’m sure that if he lived in my world, that he would had been an American. Bullets maybe? No, I’m not getting him anything gun related. Something for his car? No, I don’t know much about cars. A neck-tie? No, that’s more like something you give to full-fledged adults… like dad. Coy’s about my age.

“To be honest, weapons are out of the question. I know he probably likes them, but I just can’t bring myself to do that.”

“Then let’s see… how about something homemade?” (Kimiko)

“Homemade… what!?”

“You heard me. Besides, homemade items are from the heart. So there’s no way that he won’t like it.” (Kimiko)

“But… isn’t that what girls in love do?”

“What, do you not like him?” (Kimiko)

“No! I’m… just using him like we planned. Besides… I don’t even know how he feels about me.”

It’s true, I don’t know how he feels about me. It’s true that he’s been considerate and hasn’t once treated me like a slave, but I don’t know.

“Yuki-chan, I’m not pleased with you. You’re making all my hard work go to waste.” (Kimiko)

“Oh shut up about it, shipper-trash.”

“Hey, I’m proud of it.” (Kimiko)

Really? How many things is she proud of?

“Look, I don’t want to be steered into loving someone. If I fall in love again, I want it to be on my own will.”

“Yuki-chan… you just don’t get it.” (Kimiko)

With that, she left. I really know what she meant, she’s just trying to set me up with Coy after all. Still… I don’t really have many options either. That’s it, I’ll bake cookies. But to avoid any suspicion… I better bake them for everyone as well. However… I already got them things too. I’ll just think about it as I bake.

Immediately, I headed for the shrine’s kitchen. Kimiko already taught me how to use the wood-burning oven, so I can only estimate temperatures and things. As I started mixing ingredients in a bowl, I slowly remembered those Valentine’s chocolates I made for Ryoma. Just why… why now? That blowfish will never let me escape, no matter how many worlds apart we are. I just want to forget him!!!

It was rough, but I forced my way through the baking. Sadly… I didn’t want to bake past the first batch of cookies. Amazingly for my first time with a wood-burning oven, I didn’t burn the cookies too badly. Well… just the bottoms. Oh well, I guess I can just give them to Coy like this? Yeah, that’s what I will do.

After packaging them up, I started cleaning the small mess I made in the kitchen. While I was at it, Kimiko came in. After looking around, she made a smile that made me almost mistake her for a Cheshire Cat.

“Yuki-chan…” (Kimiko)

“Don’t start, Kimi-chan. I just got tired of baking after the first batch. So I’m just giving them to him.”

“Sure you are. Now… would you like my help cleaning this kitchen?” (Kimiko)


With that, the kitchen was cleaned much faster. I still find it hard to believe that we were rivals back in my world. But as the old saying goes, time marches on. Still… our friendship was the one good thing to come out of the Ryoma ordeal. And my achieving my life-long dream of becoming a magical girl, of course.

After the kitchen was cleaned, Kimiko told me that she needed to prepare for tomorrow’s dinner early. So I was kind of thrown out of the kitchen. With nothing better to do, I hid the cookies in the room I was sleeping in with everyone else’s gifts. After leaving the room, I ran into Coy in the main worship area. Well… he was more or less sitting there. For some odd reason, I could feel my heart beating faster than normal when I approached him. This just has to be Kimiko’s doing!

“Coy-kun… what are you doing here?”

“Oh… hello, Miss Yuki. Nothing really, just wondering if my sister is celebrating Gift Day as well.” (Coy)

Sometimes I wonder if he has a sister-complex or something?

“I’m sure she is.”

“Thanks. It’s just… I haven’t really celebrated Gift Day in years.” (Coy)


“It’s true. Believe it or not, I haven’t given a gift in years.” (Coy)

Wait… is this like a Christmas special or something?

“May I ask why?”

“It’s a boring story, but why not?” (Coy)

With that, he brought out the pocket watch. This definitely has something to do with his sister.

“Believe it or not, this watch was a gift from the priest in charge of the chapel that the orphanage I grew up in belonged to. On Gift Day three years ago, he gave me this watch when he told me to leave.” (Coy)

“Wait… you were kicked out?”

This was a surprising twist for sure.

“Yeah, I was thrown out. It wasn’t because I caused trouble or anything. Well… if you include not being completely devote to the Deity as trouble.” (Coy)

“But… you were still so young.”

“I know. But he was afraid that I was going to be a bad influence to the other orphans. After the church took my sister, I prayed hard for years to be reunited with her. However… I eventually learned that prayers were not enough. I couldn’t take it anymore, and just one time… I cursed the Deity’s name.” (Coy)

“Wait… one time?”

“Yeah, one time. I got into an argument with the priest when he slapped me over it. However, it was always hard to tell what he was thinking. So on Gift Day, he handed me the watch and told me to leave. The watch was to be sold as a means to provide for myself. But… that bastard wanted to test me. He purposely left that old picture of me and my sister in the watch.” (Coy)

“Just… wow.”

This was too much, even for me.

“Yeah. He knew how much that picture meant to me. So it was either let go and live or starve to death and hold on to it.” (Coy)

“But… just how did you survive?”

“That… was when I first met my future employer.” (Coy)


“A week had past, and I was starved. I was sitting in an ally, nearly frozen and near death. All I had was that watch, and I was looking at it. Boss Walton was out collecting debts when some guy who owed him money saw me. I was beaten and bruised by that punk. However, no matter how starved I was, no matter how cold I was, no matter how fatigued I was, and no matter how bad I was hurt, I refused to let go of that watch. Walton caught up with him before I passed out. Later, I woke up at the local doctor’s house. Walton himself watched over me the whole time. He told me that the guy was ‘taken care of’ before asking me why I didn’t give up the watch. All I could tell him at the time was that it was all that I had. He told me that he respects those who do not give up what means the most to them, that it was what being a man was all about. He then told me that paying back one’s debts was also what being a man was about, so I ended up working for him originally to pay off the medical bill. After that, I ended up being one of his full-time employees.” (Coy)

This was more of his past than he ever shared before. Even though I wondered how he ended up on his path towards being a gangster, I never asked. It’s just… I never really knew the difference between our worlds before now. And I’m not even talking about the literal worlds either.

“Coy-kun… I’m sorry.”

“There’s no need for you to apologize, you had no part in what fate dealt me. Still… that old bastard of a priest had a heart attack when he heard I was the Hero chosen by the Deity. The best part is that burning all the documents that proved I had lived there backfired when he tried to take credit in it. Men like him only care about image and position, so that big promotion that he hoped for really flew out the window when he couldn’t prove that he raised me.” (Coy)

With that, he was laughing. In a sense, I agree that the priest did get what he deserved in the end. Still, it did bring a smile to my face that Coy was able to laugh after telling what was originally a bad time in his life. Fate really is a funny thing after all.

“Still… I guess that celebrating Gift Day won’t be too bad. When I look back on those memories now, I don’t really see a reason why it should haunt me. We all gotta face our demons at some point in our lives. We can’t really let the past hold us back from moving forward.” (Coy)

With that, he got up and left. Still… he did have a point. Thanks to Ryoma, I really don’t like the thought of baking anything for a guy. I had to force myself to even bake those cookies. But Coy… really had a rougher patch in his life thanks to the Priest, he couldn’t even celebrate one of this world’s biggest holidays for three years. But if Coy can overcome his past, I can overcome mine.

That night, I really had a peaceful sleep. I didn’t really dream or anything, but I felt well rested when I woke up. It was later on in the day, we exchanged gifts. Cecil was given my gift of a whetstone, a bottle of whiskey from Coy, and socks from Kimiko. I didn’t understand as he wore sandals. The loli… apparently we all had the same idea and got her hair bands. Kimiko got a scarf from Cecil, a pair of mittens from Coy, and a golden broach from myself. Apparently, Nyra only got something for Coy, which was a scarf that was hand-made. It just proves how much she loves him, despite the fact she’s twenty years older than him. Cecil got him a sextant, Kimiko got him a knife, and then he received my cookies. He gave me a strange look.

“Cookies?” (Coy)

“I didn’t know what to get you, all right?”

I wasn’t lying about that. But… again I could feel my heart beating faster when he grabbed one from the bag and took a bite. I just didn’t know what would happen. But to my surprise… he was crying.

“Thank you… so much…” (Coy)

“Wait… why are you crying?”

“Because… my sister made me cookies the last Gift Day we celebrated together. It was her first time… so… the bottoms were burnt like these are.” (Coy)

Despite the happy tears he was shedding, I just got angry. I don’t know why, but being compared to his sister right there made me mad.

“You… sis-con!!!”

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

It was almost like I was waiting for him to say those words.

“It will be explained later.”

I couldn’t hide the annoyance in my tone.

However, we moved on and I got my gifts. Of course I got nothing from the loli, she did only care about Coy after all. Kimiko gave me a scarf, which told me that those were common for gift day as both she and Coy received them. Cecil gave me a small telescope, which I could only assume went with his ex-naval theme. Coy on the other hand… gave me a music box?


That was all that could escape my lips. When I opened the wooden box, a melody from my world played. I could recognize it, a very old tune that originated as a Scottish poem that played every New Years.

“Auld Lang Syne.”

“That’s right Yuki-chan, it does sound a lot like Auld Lang Syne. It was a melody that was introduced by a past Hero. It’s become a Gift Day tradition.” (Kimiko)

Before I could ask further, I heard a noise from outside the temple. I closed the music box and headed outside with the others to see that it was fireworks.


“Yes Yuki-chan, fireworks. Believe it or not, Gift Day is actually this world’s New Years day. It celebrates not just the day the Deity first gave it’s blessings, but also the year that has just passed by and the year that has just began.” (Kimiko)

As I watched the fireworks, I felt something grab my hand. I looked to see that the other hand belonged to Coy. Even though he wasn’t looking back at me, my heart started to beat faster again. So to distract myself, I watched the beautiful fireworks as they exploded in the air. I could only assume that despite Damned doesn’t worship the Deity anymore, that they still celebrate Gift Day.

After the fireworks were over, Coy had let go and we all headed inside and ate a very well-made dinner. I didn’t know what kind of bird it was, but it tasted good. After we all had our fill, we all headed back to our rooms while Nyra and Cecil headed to their homes. That night, I had a strange dream.

In that dream, I was back in my world at my high school. Things were progressing as normal, but I was hold the chocolates from that Valentine’s day. But instead of heading for Ryoma, I was heading for a different figure in a gakuran-style uniform. He had long dark-ginger hair and was standing next to a sakura tree. He turned around and I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was Coy, but without the Coyote ears or tail. And before I could see what happened next I had awoke.

“Dammit… he just had to hold my hand?”

That reminded me of one thing, I never asked him why he held it in the first place.

After note: As I said earlier, this started as a Christmas special to delay having to post Chapter 6. However… I ran out of time and ended up posting chapter 6 anyway. When I decided to do a New Years special, I was running a blank on how to make it more than two or three pages. That’s when it hit me, why not make the world this story takes place in have it’s festive holiday and New Years the same day? It gave me a reason to finish the Christmas special and added length to the New Years script. I hate having unfinished work, a lot of my fan fictions are the same way. This is considered non-canon to “Let’s Go Devil King!”, while the info that Coy shared is considered canon. That really is how he met Walton and ended up one of Walton’s “employees”. Anyway, I hope everyone of you who have read it enjoyed it. Also if you haven’t yet, go it Isekai Translations and read Chapter 66 of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. It just posted a couple of hours ago. In the mean time, Happy New Years!!!

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