Status Update

Hello peeps, I wanted to give an update because I felt like it. If you seen past chapters in your email or anything, it’s because I recently got around to editing them again. Mainly to do with Cecil’s way of speaking of saying “ya” instead of “you”. Not to mention there were a few typos and grammar errors that I had to fix. Also, I’m in the midst of wring chapter 07. It’s mainly difficult due to writing the battle scene between Coy’s party and the Bunkins. In the past, I used to be pretty good at writing those. Now… it’s more difficult to write a good fight scene. Still, I’m working on it.

Other than the updates, I hope everyone is having a decent 2016. Sorry that the recent post was filler, but we all have to have filler every now and then. It was actually difficult to write. And I wanted to show everyone that the relationship between Coy and Yuki is both simple and complicated at the same time.

I already have things prepared for the next arc, including Coy’s parentage and roots. But first I need to finish the thing between Coy and the Bunkins. Yeah, there is some inspiration from the Fallout series in the current arc. I’m not going to deny it. I’m going to admit it right now, the world that this story takes place in is actually post-apocalyptic in a sense. Before the Deity found it, the world was pretty much ravaged by it’s old population. The only remnants of the “Old World” are those who lived in fallout shelters, or bunkers in this case. Most of the people who lived in the bunkers are either from the old world and were in cryostasis or those who are descended from the people who first lived in the bunkers. A lot have left the bunkers over the millennial and integrated into society. And then there are the Bunkins like the ones who attacked the Harem King, xenophobes who do not like that the world has changed from what they learned it was supposed to be.

As for why they attacked the Harem King or other things, I’m gonna wait and let you read for yourselves. Hell, there is a lot that I wanna spill and can’t. The most I can tell you is that the demons took over a continent and established it as their own land after humanity originally fell. The other beings such as the elves and dwarfs and such came after the Deity took over. As for the Pagan Death Goddess… that’s a more complicated story I’m saving for later. And no, not all the humans were in bunkers when the Deity came. The ones who weren’t in the bunkers were poor souls the Deity took pity on. Over time, the old world was forgotten and we’re at the age where humanity is rediscovering what would had been the industrial revolution. Well… much sooner thanks to the alchemist known as Mr. Host anyways.

As for other future details, I’m gonna leave them to your imagination as I write. To everyone who has been reading thus far, thanks. I’m really grateful. Now… I need to get back to writing the seventh chapter.


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