Thanks from 2015

Before I post the new chapter (which will be sometime around midnight in EST), I just wanted to do a quick thank you to everyone who has read this story so far. I would appreciate some comments, but I’ll whine about that at another time.  Still, just because I don’t receive many comments doesn’t mean that no one reads this story. The fact that people all over the world read it is what makes me happy. Actually, these are the viewership results from 2015:

  1. The United States with 817 views.
  2. The United Kingdom with 236 views.
  3. Indonesia with 143 views.
  4. Malaysia with 73 views.
  5. The Philippines with 67 views.

These were the top five countries that visited this blog last year. Of course I only started the blog back in October, so it’s not really that big of a deal. Trust me, there were plenty of other countries who had viewed this blog. These are only the stats according to WordPress. But it doesn’t matter where you are from or if your country made the top 5, I’m grateful to you for even giving my story a chance. I also wanna thank my boss man Reigokai for mentioning “Let’s Go Devil King” in an after note on the 13th chapter of “Double Edge Hero”. Without that mention, I wouldn’t had made it this far.

So Reig, everyone, thank you for making my story the success it’s been so far. I can’t wait for what the rest of 2016 brings. And be sure to catch Chapter 07 later.

5 thoughts on “Thanks from 2015

  1. Well, it looks like my country got 2nd place. I wouldn’t be surprised if half of those views were my doing, but who knows?


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