L.G.D.K! Chapter 07 – Radioactive

Author’s Note: I meant to post this at least a half-hour earlier, but I had to take care of something else. Not to mention Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu just updated with it’s 69th chapter. No, I didn’t make a sexual joke there, it just literally updated less than two hours ago. Still, please enjoy this chapter, I know you all have been waiting on it. Also, harsh criticism is always welcomed.

We had been driving for a couple of hours. Some of these scenery was familiar due to the fact we’re basically going in the opposite direction from the other day. Still, it was starting to look different as it turned out Coy wasn’t taking the usual roads on our way to Damned. The desert is a strange place, no matter where you are. Even when we got to the possible area, any evidence was already covered with sand. I couldn’t even see the Harem King’s footprints, let alone any evidence of a battle.

“All right, we’re getting out.” (Coy)

With that, we pulled over. After everyone got out and started to stretch, Coy started to put his car back into his inventory. I will admit, I may never get used to that. However… something wasn’t right. The car wasn’t going inside.

“Coy-kun… is something wrong?”

“I’d say, this never happened before. I know that I have enough space…” (Coy)

“Oi, something’s alive in there.” (Cecil)

That was unexpected.

“But usually things like insects are automatically ejected… wait, don’t tell me something bigger snuck inside?” (Coy)

Something snuck inside of Coy’s car?

“But wouldn’t whatever had snuck it’s way inside automatically be ejected like you said?”

“Normally yeah. However, there is a weight limit on what gets ejected.” (Coy)

“A weight limit?”

“I’ll take over from here. Look Miss Yuki, inventories are funny things. Nothing living can go in them, which might have something to do with the fact that food never goes bad when stored. However… small creatures will normally get automatically ejected like we said earlier. But some living things are too heavy for that to work, so instead the inventory will reject the item in question until it’s removed. As for the weight limit part… inventories have a set limit on how much weight they can carry.” (Cecil)

“So basically we have to find the living creature and remove it before Coy’s inventory will accept the car?”

It was too obvious.

“Precisely. Now… where would a creature considered too big to be automatically ejected be hiding?” (Cecil)

“Either under the hood, which I doubt because of the engine. Or… in the trunk.” (Coy)

Again, too obvious. We all gathered around the trunk because we don’t know what is hiding in there. Instead of the car trunks I’m used to seeing, this was an old vehicle. So the trunk literally was a trunk that was attached to the car via a brace that could be easily removed. Both Cecil and Kimiko got their swords ready and Coy had his gun pointed to the trunk in case it was something dangerous. Coy carefully opened the trunk, slowly in case he had to shut it immediately. It ended up fully opened before he looked inside. Then he had an expression that told me that he was annoyed.

“Are you kidding me?” (Coy)

We all looked inside just to see the one thing I was hoping it wasn’t. It was the loli, passed out and carefully folded. Coy’s just lucky we weren’t in my world and pulled over by a police officer, we all would had been arrested without a chance to explain ourselves. Coy carefully pulled her out and laid her down before pulling a canteen out of his inventory. He then poured a little bit of water on her face to wake her up.

“Hey!” (Nyra)

“You asked for that one, loli.”

“Nyra, why the hell were you in my trunk?” (Coy)

“Well Mr. Coy… I snuck in before you left. I didn’t think I would overheat though.” (Nyra)

Seriously!? She’s a desert dweller for crying out loud, you would think that she of all people would be aware of things like heatstroke? Not to mention… she ignored me!

“Nyra… I didn’t ask when you snuck in, I asked why.” (Coy)

“I wasn’t going to stay put while you were risking your life, Mr. Coy.” (Nyra)

Is she really pulling that card?

“Nyra… this is dangerous. We wanted you to stay behind because we don’t want you getting hurt.” (Coy)

“He has a point, ya know.” (Cecil)

“Yeah, but what are you going to do now?” (Nyra)

She had us, it was too late to drive back to Damned just to drop her off.

“Fine, you can stay with us.” (Coy)

“Thank you, Mr. Coy.” (Nyra)

She looked like she was about to glow. However, I didn’t expect the next part.

“But you must stay with Yuki and the shrine maid as they are the magic casters.” (Coy)


“Sorry Yuki, but as you and the shrine maid are going to be our long-range attackers, it’s safer for her to be with you two.” (Coy)

“I don’t mind.” (Kimiko)

Great… I was already out voted. I know they had a point as the loli would be safer with us, but I was more scared of her purposely being a hindrance to me. However, we heard an explosion on the other side of the sand dune. Coy immediately put his car in his inventory and we rushed to the top of the dune. Luckily the sun was in a position where it wasn’t going to cast our shadow. When we got there… my mouth opened on it’s own.


What we were watching seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. It was a wagon caravan where the wagons were being pulled by tamed Wargs, mythical wolf-like beasts. However… it was being attacked by figures wearing some kind of mechanical armor. And they had guns that looked like they were shooting lasers. This seriously wasn’t what I expected when the Deity summoned me from my world. I couldn’t see as well as Coy who had binoculars or Cecil who had a small telescope, but I could tell.

“So these are Bunkins?” (Cecil)

“Looks like it.” (Coy)

Wait… why are they not panicking like I thought I would? They had a better look and are not supposed to be used to this kind of stuff.

“Well… maybe this is a suicide mission?” (Cecil)

“Yeah… but we can’t leave those demon-folk to hang out to dry either.” (Coy)

“Ya have a point… though my saber won’t be too useful.” (Cecil)

“Neither are my weapons. Well… I’m sure my gun can’t do much against that armor. As for Shinusame, it’s possible.” (Coy)

“Do ya have anything else?” (Cecil)

“I have a Gusenburg… but will the ammo do anything?” (Coy)

“Let me borrow it and we can find out, ya know.” (Cecil)

Wait… are they really not phased by this at all? And why are they talking like they have been doing this stuff together for years?

“All right, here’s the plan. Cecil, you’re with me for a closer look. Yuki, as these are demon-folk getting attacked… I don’t think ya should transform. Someone might recognize ya and then associate the rest of us with your disappearance. Unless ya have a mask to cover your face of course.” (Coy)

Great… I forgot about how there was a possibility I would recognized as the Devil King by victims of the Bunkins. I wish I had thought of a mask, it would had been good with my Sea Green appearance at times like these. All I ever thought about was that I could keep hidden as Yuki.

“In that case, we came prepared.” (Kimiko)

Kimiki then presented a dark brown hooded cloak and a domino mask. This was good, but there was another problem. I would have to transform before putting them on. And my transformation would definitely give away our position.

“Actually… new plan. Me and Cecil will still get closer. Yuki, transform when the attention is on us, the light will blind the enemy. Just throw on the mask and cloak as fast as you can after, all right?” (Coy)

“All right.”

Well… at least he found an advantage out of what I though was a disadvantage? The transformation will both distract and blind the enemy if they spot Coy and Cecil too early. And after the blinding rainbow light, those two can attack while I put on the mask and hooded cloak as well. Either way, I can hide being the Devil King and help save those demon-folk at the same time. As Coy has been journeying as the Hero, I’m sure he’s used to these kinds of situations.

Coy and Cecil went closer slowly, hiding behind sand dunes as they got closer. A few times, they were even down on their stomachs due to the size of the dunes. It didn’t take long for one of the armored Bunkins to spot them. One fired their laser rifle, and barely missed. It was my cue.


I shouted that as I touched my bracelet. Again, I could feel my body change as I transformed. My hair, growing longer and the color changing. My right eye, it’s color was changed as well. My attire… switched from my normal school spring uniform with my glasses to the version with the Demon King’s mantle and circlet.

The plan worked. The other Bunkins who’s attention were on the two on the ground were on me and momentarily blinded. With that, Kimiko got in front of me as I took off the mantle and circlet and hastily put on the hood and mask.

(Coy POV)

What do ya know, my plan actually worked? Still, this was as good of time as any. I ran up to the first Bunkin and attacked with a vertical slash. I only managed to get their strange light gun, but I cut clean through it. Even though I couldn’t see their face through their helmet, I can tell that they were panicking as they threw what remained of their gun away. It flew a distance and… exploded? Just what kind of guns are these?

It immediately grabbed the weapon that was on it’s back. It looked like a giant sledgehammer, but something was different. This thing looks like it was somewhat mechanical, the ends of the hammer head extended. All I knew was that this could hurt worse than when the Gore Grizzly hit me with it’s arm, so I was sure to dodge when it came down. However, I didn’t have to turn around to know that there was some kind of shock wave. Sand flew against me from the direction where the hammer went down. I was lucky that this was the desert, because the sand softened the blow. However, there was no time to be grateful for my luck. Since their armor makes mechanical noises, I could hear that it was coming for me. The half-man ability to hear even better than elves is one thing I should never take for granted as it allowed me to dodge again.

“Now… you’re just getting on my freaking nerves.”

“Funny… I was about to say the same to you, therianthrope.” (Armored Bunkin)

“Wait… what?”

I have been called many things in my life. From “son of a gun” to “pain in the ass”, but this was a new one. I have never heard that term before. But before I could ask more, I had to dodge that strange hammer again.

“Watch it!”

“Is this not a fight you instigated, therianthrope?” (Armored Bunkin)

“Why the hell are you calling me that!?”

I yelled those words as I went on the offensive. The armored Bunkin blocked Shinusame with the shaft of the strange hammer. Unlike with the strange rifle, the shaft of the hammer was more up for the task of taking my attack. While our weapons were still locked, I kicked my opponent’s torso. The Armored Bunkin flew a few feet and dropped the hammer.


All I could do was drop my sword and scream as I hopped on the other foot and held the one I used to kick. Whatever that armor is made of, it was hard.

I took a quick glance at the Bunkin I kicked. It looked like it was out cold. However, I heard more mechanical noise heading my way. It was another armored Bunkin, and it tried to punch me. All I could do was put my other foot back down and catch the fist. If I didn’t know any better, I would had thought that I just caught a runaway train with my bare hand. Even though I couldn’t see it’s face either, I had caught it off-guard.

“What are you?” (other Armored Bunkin)

“I’m a coyote half-man.”

Before anything else could happen, it was hit by a water magic spell. If I didn’t know any better, I would had sworn that armored Bunkin was hit by a rogue river. I looked from the direction it came from, it was Yuki as Sea Green.

(Sea POV)

That… was the last of them. From what I was able to see before, Coy had issues with just the one from before. Cecil on the other hand… had it worse. His first opponent looked like it was barely fazed by the bullets fired from the machine gun Coy handed him earlier. Kimiko got that one with one of her light spells. When another headed in Cecil’s direction, I tried using ‘Andiamo scottature frecce’ (Let’s Go Scolding Arrows), but all that did was distract it. Cecil fired again and somehow got in a lucky shot as it looked somewhat injured at it’s arm. Kimiko got that one with the spell she used earlier.

It was when I noticed the other one start to go for Coy that I worried. ‘Andiamo scottature frecce’ failed earlier, so I had to use ‘Andiamo cannone ad acqua’ (Let’s go water cannon) this time. Luckily for Coy, I was able to hit the Armored Bunkin from that range and not hit him. Even though I played support via long-range attacks, my first actual battle was scary. I was terrified, any one of us could had died. I didn’t want to lose Coy, Kimiko, Nyra, or even Cecil now that we got to know him a little better.

After Coy gave us the signal to come over, we came. The demon-folk were grateful that we saved them. A few of them even offered us some of their things as a reward for doing so. However, Coy refused them. Heroic factor is slightly rising.

“All right, how are we gonna interrogate them?” (Cecil)

Wait… interrogate?

“I don’t think we can even tie them up. They’re stronger than an ox.” (Coy)

“But we need to know what they did to those women, ya know?” (Cecil)

“And how are we gonna to get one to sit still? Let alone interrogate?” (Coy)

This was bad. I didn’t want to see Coy how he was when the Harem King turned him into a woman, he really scared me. I had to come up with something and fast.

“Maybe we could… bury them up to their necks?”

It was the least painful thing I could think of.

“That… is actually a good idea.” (Coy)

Wait… he’s agreeing with it?

“Oi, that’s brilliant. And if they refuse to talk… we can just threaten to leave them there, ya know.” (Cecil)

Actually… I liked this a lot better. We didn’t have to actually hurt them any more than we had. And with that, Coy asked the demon-folk to borrow a couple of shovels. He and Cecil were able to dig up four holes, one for each one of the armored foes. And true to their words, they made it so the necks were above the sand. Well… we covered where Cecil managed to get a lucky shot on his second opponent with a rag so no sand could get in the wound. A while after the demon-folk had left, the Armored Bunkins started to regain consciousness.

“Wait… what happened!?” (Armored Bunkin)

That was the first one that Coy fought. They tried to move, but they were unable to escape.

“Now… we have some questions. And if ya ever wanna get out your predicament, then you better answer them.” (Coy)

“Now wait a moment, why should we?” (Armored Bunkin)

Are you kidding me? Coy already explained it.

“Because as my friend here said, we won’t dig ya out if ya don’t talk.” (Cecil)

Wait… which one is the bad cop and which is the good cop? Don’t tell me that we’re doing bad cop and… other bad cop?

“Why are you doing this to us?” (Armored Bunkin)

“Oh… you know why. You were the ones harassing those innocent demon-folk. Not to mention, you abducted some women not too long ago.” (Coy)

“And one of them ladies is my fiancée, ya know.” (Cecil)

Does he always have to say ‘ya know’?

“We were only following orders. We were sent out to collect local specimens.” (Armored Bunkin)

“Wait… specimens?”

I couldn’t keep quiet on that one.

“That’s right. When we collected those female specimens the other day, there was one strange male that had powers and escaped. We were hoping to study him to.” (Armored Bunkin)

“Why would you want to study an incubus?” (Coy)

“That’s what it was called? So the theory is possibility correct.” (Armored Bunkin)

“What theory?”

“The so-called ‘Demon Theory’. That after the great war two-thousand years ago, that demons came and conquered what was left of this continent. However… what you called ‘demon-folk’ are actually mutants. Therefore it was possible that the so-called demons were just other mutants as well.” (Armored Bunkin)

Wait… mutants!? Just how much fantasy is really in this fantasy world anyway!?

“Wells, don’t tell them so much!” (other Armored Bunkin)

And that was the one I hit with ‘Andiamo cannone ad acqua’.

“So your name is Wells?” (Coy)

“Dammit Pulaski! You said my name.” (Wells)

“You didn’t have to shout mine!” (Pulaski)

“Will ya two shut up!?” (Cecil)

I haven’t seen Cecil this annoyed since he tried to convince the Elder of Damned to let us go out here in the first place.

“Now… what do you mean by the demon-folk being mutants?” (Coy)

It was like he never heard the word before.

“Before the great war, they were fully human. However… over time, the radiation from the bombs mutated them to what they are today.” (Wells)

“Wait… mutation? Radiation? What in the Deity’s name are you talking about?” (Coy)

Yup, he never heard of those terms before. But I knew what Wells was talking about all too well.

“Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that there was a nuclear war?”

“I see not everyone on the surface are savages?” (Pulaski)

With that, everyone else looked like they wanted to kill Polaski.

“Pulaski, could you please not offend our captors?” (Wells)

“What? It’s not my fault they are a bunch of dirty, stinking savage–” (Pulaski)


That was the sound of Cecil hitting the top of Pulaski’s helmet with a shovel.

“Ouch! Even with this armor, the vibrations from that still hurt!” (Pulaski)

“Who are ya calling savages? You’re the ones abducting people!” (Cecil)

“Cecil, shut it.” (Coy)

“But…” (Cecil)

“No ‘buts’. And you there… Pulaski is it? Please keep your mouth shut?” (Coy)

Wow… Coy is polite about being bossy.

“Fine.” (Cecil)

“And why should I?” (Pulaski)

“Because I’m the squad leader and I order you to.” (Wells)

Even if I couldn’t see Pulaski’s face, I could tell that he was defeated. And now we knew who was in charge.

“Yuki, you seem to understand what they’re talking about. So could ya explain later?” (Coy)

“All right.”

It seems that Coy really doesn’t want to learn about this stuff from them.

“And you there, Wells. Could you please answer Yuki’s question?” (Coy)

“Since you’re being polite for a captor, sure. Two-thousand years ago, the world was in a cold war. Countries all over the world were in fear. There were two main superpowers back then, our government and our enemies. No one knows who shot first, but it was over in mere hours. The whole world was irradiated from the nuclear fallout. About seventy-five percent of the world’s population either died or mutated from it. Everyone else were rushed to the bunkers before the bombs dropped.” (Wells)

That was more then I could handle. I couldn’t even move my mouth from my hand when I heard that.

“Yuki… are you okay?” (Coy)

When he said that, he put his hand on my shoulder to try to comfort me. But I could only run away and cry. For that to have been the fate of any world was too awful.

I don’t know how far I ran, but I knew I was a fair distance from where we were questioning the Bunkins. Just… how power hungry were the governments in the old world? How could anyone do something so heinous!? Let alone two superpowers?

“Yuki!” (Coy)

Wait… did he really follow me out here?


As soon as he was close enough, I hugged him and buried my face in his chest while I cried. I will admit, this is what I needed right now. Someone to lean on and a shoulder to cry on. Well… a chest anyway.

“Yuki… what happened? You just ran off and cried.” (Coy)

“Coy… it’s just… what happened two-thousand years ago… was awful. If you understood why…”

“Then please, help me understand?” (Coy)

That moment… I was speechless.

“But… are you sure? I mean, it might be too horrible.”

“Yuki… are you dense!?” (Coy)


That… was unexpected.

“Look… like it or not, we’re in this together. For better or for worse, ’til death do us part, this was what we both signed on for when I agreed to take you away from the Devil King’s castle.” (Coy)

“Wait… you’re making this sound like we’re married?”

This was getting somewhat awkward.

“Funny, you’re the one who keeps telling people that you’re my wife?” (Coy)

“I only told the loli that to get her off your case. I was trying to help you!”

“Yeah… right. Nyra has only gotten worse in that department since you told her that.” (Coy)

I don’t know why, but we both started laughing. Was I supposed to be in a fantasy adventure or a rom-com? Either way, he brightened up the mood.

“Thanks Coy, I needed that.”

“I can tell. But I’m a man of my word. I don’t care how horrible the thing that happened two-thousand years ago was, I will listen and follow through.” (Coy)

Is it the heroic factor rising… or the factor of him being a man?

“All right, I will tell you. This is about something that happened during a war in my homeland over seventy years ago. I’m going to tell you the story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

After note: And that was the long awaited Chapter 07, folks. Sorry for the wait and the filler I placed. Still, I did warn everyone about some of this stuff in the status update. And think about it, two-thousand years is long enough for the world to had changed that much. From a futuristic society to rediscovering rocketry and radio after the middle ages… again. Not to mention for everyone to had forgotten about a nuclear apocalypse. Still… this chapter was a pain in the behind to write. Other than the fight between Coy and Sea’s party against the Bunkins, I had to think of what info the Bunkins would share. Anywho, be sure to tell me if you hate this. I’m not going to retcon anything, I just wanna know how much of Fallout I’m going to be accused of ripping off.

On a side note, I chose the title because of how much I love the song by Imagine Dragons. And since we’re talking about a nuclear war that happened two-thousand years ago, I couldn’t find anything more fitting. If you have yet to listen to the song, please do. You won’t regret it.

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