L.G.D.K! Chapter 08 – Written in My Face?

Author’s Note: Alright peeps, we are finally at the eight chapter. Trust me, it’s not as good as I wanted. And as I try to limit each chapter to about ten pages in Libre Office Writer, I didn’t get to where I wanted to. Also, there’s information overflow again. So you have been warned. Still, please enjoy? Also as always, harsh criticism is welcome.


“By the Deity… that is awful.” (Coy)

I had just explaining to him how the Second World War ended in the Pacific theater. About how the United States used the Enola Gay to drop the atom bombs on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki to force Japan to surrender. But what really got him was the aftermath of the atom bombs, how the lives of the citizens of both of those cities were changed forever.

“Yeah, that was awful. Growing up, I had to learn all about it in school. But to imagine, it happening on a world-wide level? That’s what got me.”

I could see his fist balling up. I could tell the rage in his eyes, how angry he was about this.

“Those damned fools back in the old world… they were freaking monsters!” (Coy)

With that, he started stomping his way back towards where he had the Bunkins buried to their necks.

“Wait Coy… what are you doing?”

“Someone needs to tell those Bunkins that their ancestors were monsters! Not even in the history of the church were there any demons that cruel!” (Coy)

Oh no… he was back into ‘tsun’ mode. There was no telling what would happen if I let him return that way. I have to stop him.


I ran up behind him and wrapped my arms around him, a futile attempt to slow him down.

“Why are you trying to stop me!?” (Coy)

The rage within his voice scared me, but I had to try.

“You can’t blame what happened two-thousand years ago on the Bunkins. It was their ancestors who committed the atrocity, not them!”

With that, he stopped. But it was still too soon to let go.

“Why can’t I?” (Coy)

“Look, no one comes from a completely innocent bloodline. My own ancestors committed atrocities as well. They tried to conquer lands because we didn’t have many natural resources, mistreatment of the people who lived there, the Japanese have done a lot. Yet am I to blame for what they did?”

“But… you weren’t even born yet?” (Coy)

“It’s the same with those Bunkins. Think about it, do they have the right to be blamed for something that happened two-thousand years ago? To be blamed for the actions of their own ancestors?”

And with that, I could feel him calm down. His breathing was more calm and the intent to kill was gone.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Yuki. It’s just… my temper flares up sometimes. As you know, I’m a half-man. My people had been victimized by humanity for years. And not just us, a lot of the demi-human races have had to deal with prejudice because we’re not exactly human. The night elves and the demon-folk don’t have to deal with it as much as they can live away from the rest of humanity. But my race… there had been cases were we were massacred and such.” (Coy)

“Wait… I didn’t know that.”

“I doubt there’s too many records of what humanity has done to the half-men in the Demon Realm. No one really talks about it on Humanity’s side either, it’s something that most governments have tried to sweep under the rug. I learned about it while I was still training in Tholman. Ever since the Ox King was chosen by the Deity and it shed it’s tear a thousand years ago, the church had tried to change it’s image and ignored many of it’s misdeeds. But there are still records and I had to read them. Even though I have forgiven humanity itself, this was much worse.” (Coy)

I never could try to think of things from Coy’s perspective. Is it because I’m human? Or is it because I came from another world? Either way, it was easy to see why it angered Coy more than it did myself. He comes from a race that was once ostracized by humanity, so he couldn’t imagine why humanity would do such a thing to it’s own.

“Coy… are you calm now?”

“Yeah… I am. But… how long are you going to hold on to me?” (Coy)

In hearing what Coy said about his own people, I completely forgot that I was still hugging him. All I could do was blush and let go. I couldn’t even face him.

“I… couldn’t let you go until I was sure.”

“All right.” (Coy)

Just… how dense is he!? He can’t even read the mood! Seriously, these are the times where I cannot understand him at all.

Anyway, we went back to where the Bunkins were still buried up to their necks. Before I could ask about any progress, both Cecil and the loli ran up to me and hugged me. And they were crying?

“Wait… what are you two doing?”

“We heard from Kimiko.” (Nyra)

“Miss Yuki, I’m so sorry that ya came from a land that knew such horrors.” (Cecil)

Seriously? It’s hard to tell if this is reality or an anime anymore.

“Look… it’s okay. It happened over fifty years before I was born.”

“Still… such a thing is horrible!” (Cecil)

“Could you two please get off of me!?”

I don’t know how Kimiko explained it to those two, but they were overreacting. Not to mention… Coy was glaring at Cecil.

“Sorry about that, Miss Yuki.” (Cecil)

“This never happened, all right?” Nyra.

I could only assume that Nyra suddenly remembered her one-sided rivalry with me for Coy. And I’m pretty sure that Cecil didn’t notice Coy’s glaring either.

“Whatever. Did you get anymore information from those guys?”

“Well… we were sort of busy hearing Kimiko’s explanation about those two cities in your homeland and the aftermath that we sort had…” (Cecil)

“We got distracted.” (Nyra)

At least the loli’s straight to the point?

“Fine… I’ll ask them.” (Coy)

Is it me, or is Coy starting to act more annoyed?

“Alright, Wells. We now know more about what happened two-thousand years ago. But still, we need to get those women back.” (Coy)

“It’s not up to me.” (Wells)

“Then who is it up to?” (Coy)

“The Administrator.” (Wells)

“Who’s the Administrator?” (Coy)

“Eugene Ross. He’s the bunker’s Administrator. He was the one who ordered us to collect specimens. I don’t know much about why we’re collecting them, we were only following orders.” (Wells)

“All right… how do we talk to Mr. Ross?” (Coy)

“He only talks to us when he has orders. Normally he talks to the head scientist, my father.” (Wells)

“Ugh… science.” (Coy)

With that, he face-palmed.

“Coy-kun… do you really hate science or something?”

I had to ask, he was sounding too much like an anime character.

“I don’t hate it, it’s what brings technology. Also, it’s part of alchemy. However… I think it’s too complicated for my taste.” (Coy)

At least he’s honest about it?

“Anyway… I think I might be able to get you an audience with Administrator Ross. However, I will need to talk to my father.” (Wells)

“Wells, what are you doing? These are savages!” (Pulaski)

Coy had to stop Cecil from grabbing the shovel again.

“Don’t you see, Pulaski? These people are intelligent. If we were to just sit down and talk, then maybe we could understand one another?” (Wells)

“Don’t be talking about your father’s nonsense!” (Pulaski)

“You there, Pulaski. Shut up before I have to shut you up.” (Coy)

“See Wells? That’s savage behavior!” (Pulaski)

Just how prejudice is Pulaski?

“Coy… could ya please let me have the shovel?” (Cecil)

“No.” (Coy)

“But he’s insulting us, ya know?” (Cecil)

“Let him. I know his type, all they do is bark when they can no longer bite.” (Coy)

“What did you say to me, therianthrope?” (Pulaski)

“Seriously, why do you people keep calling me that?” (Coy)

“Because that’s the name of your species.” (Wells)

Wait… I thought Coy always called his kind half-men?

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

“So the savage doesn’t even know what he really is?” (Pulaski)


Cecil managed to grab the other shovel that the demon-folk gave us.

“Sorry, my hand slipped.” (Cecil)

“No it didn’t!” (Pulaski)

“Cecil, stop enabling the Bunkin. Pulaski, please shut up before I start hitting you with a shovel myself?” (Coy)

“How come you’re ordering me around and asking that thing?” (Cecil)

“I’m not a thing, I’m a man!” (Pulaski)

“Pulaski, butt out. Cecil, you’re only along for the ride.” (Coy)

That explains the difference.

“Fine… I’ll try to hold my temper.” (Cecil)

“Good. Now Wells, you were the first one to call me that. Could you please explain?” (Coy)

“I only know what I was able to read from the terminals back in the Bunker. Therianthropes, your ancestors were the results of gene therapy. Two-thousand years ago, the experiments began. The residents of Bunker 480 were injected with animal genes in hopes of a new breed of humanity to survive in hostile environments. Especially those caused by nuclear winter.” (Wells)

“Wait… you mean to tell me that half-men were once human?” (Coy)

“That is correct. It is written in your genes that when one species of therianthrope breeds with a separate species, that the offspring are only one of the two. It’s always the one with the dominant genes.” (Wells)

For the first time ever, I had seen Coy shaken.

“This cannot be…” (Coy)

“I’m sorry to be the first to tell you this, but it’s the truth. What you call ‘half-men’ were human at one point.” (Wells)

“But… then why did humans always treat my kind like monsters?” (Coy)

“Because no one outside of Bunk Co. knew.” (Wells)

“Wait… Bunk Co.?”

I had to take over.

“They were the company that made the bunkers. From the records, there were two kinds of bunkers. One set were executive bunkers that were truly meant to protect mankind from the nuclear fallout and preserve them. The others were experiments created by the science division. Like Bunker 480 which was responsible for the Therianthrope Project. And Bunker 530, which was responsible for the cryostatis experiments.” (Wells)

While Coy was still in a stupor over realizing that his race were once human, I continued to take over.

“If that’s the case, then why do you know so much?”

“Our bunker is Bunker 105, one of the executive bunkers. Or in it’s case, a master bunker. Ours was a bunker that received reports from the experimental bunkers. However… we stopped receiving reports from 480 about a hundred and thirty years after the war. At least now I know the fate of it’s residents.” (Wells)

“Just… how?” (Coy)

And here we go again.

“Just how can humanity be so cruel to it’s own!?” (Coy)

“What’s wrong with him?” (Pulaski)

With that, Coy snapped and broke the shovel he was holding over Pulaski’s head.

“OUCH! That hurt, savage!” (Pulaski)

“Oh you shut up! If it weren’t for your ancestors, mine would not have had to have gone through hell!” (Coy)

“Coy… please calm down?”

“How can I be!? For hundreds upon hundreds of years, my kind had suffered because we were different. We were either made slaves or hunted for sport, so tell me! Just please, tell me why I shouldn’t hate them!?” (Coy)

I could see it written in his face. His anger, it was justified. However, it was being misdirected as well. All I could do was take his hand. What he wanted was a reason to not be that way.

“Remember what we talked about earlier? How you shouldn’t hate someone because of the actions of their ancestors? Do you think I hate the current people of the land that bombed Japan? It wasn’t their fault that their ancestors done that. Besides, it’s more than possible that Pulaski’s ancestors weren’t involved with the creation of your people?”

“But…” (Coy)

“No ‘buts’. Coy, I understand your anger. However, the ones that it should be directed are long gone. So please, let it go?”

I could see that he understood my words. Yet, I could also see that he didn’t know what to do as well.

“Um… can we please get back to the topic at hand?” (Wells)

“Right! You said that your father could possibly help us?” (Coy)

That’s what was needed, to get back on topic.

“As he’s head of science at our bunker, he can talk to Administrator Ross directly. However, I cannot talk to him like this.” (Wells)

Wells had a point.

“If we dig ya out, what promise do we have that you won’t attack us?” (Coy)

“I give you my word. And as a sign of trust, I will remove my armor as well. Besides, I would be out numbered anyway.” (Wells)

Again, Wells had a point. Not to mention… the Bunkins didn’t really have any defense against magic, so either me or Kimiko could beat them.

“Fine. Cecil, dig out Wells.” (Coy)

“No.” (Cecil)

“What?” (Coy)

“Are ya forgetting something? Ya broke one of the shovels over Pulaski’s head. So if ya want Wells dug out, then ya ought to be the one to do it.” (Cecil)

He had a point.

“Fine, give me the damn shovel.” (Coy)

Coy took the shovel from Cecil and started digging Wells out. I could easily tell that Wells was happy to be able to move their arms around. And I could tell Wells was surprised that Coy could pull them out without any help, despite the helmet. And then the moment of truth. Wells removed their helmet, which gave us all a surprise.

“Wait… you’re a girl?” (Coy)

“That’s right. I know, it’s hard to tell with the Mech Armor and the helmet’s voice changer.” (Wells)

Her voice, it sounded feminine yet tomboyish at the same time. Like she was a soldier. Her hair, was long and blonde and in a ponytail. Her eyes were greener then emeralds. When she removed the rest of her armor, I got a better look at her figure that was in an almost slightly baggy jumpsuit. Her bust was more of a medium, so it was between Kimiko’s and the loli’s. The rest of her build was similar to Kimiko’s, plump in all the right places. And she was about Kimiko’s height when Kimiko was human in my world. As for her jumpsuit, it was a dark gray with red trim. The front had the name ‘Wells’ on the right and ‘Bunk Co.’ on the left. The back had ‘105’ written on the back. The rest of her attire were a pair of black leather boots and some device on her left wrist.

“Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Diane Wells, a sergeant of Bunker 105’s security division.” (Wells)

“Then I better reintroduce myself too. My name is Coy, the current Hero chosen by the Deity. It’s nice to meet you, Diane.” (Coy)

“Just call me Wells, please?” (Wells)

With that, they shook hands.

“All right, Wells. Let me introduce the rest of my party. The girl who keeps talking me down is Yuki. The guy who hit Pulaski with the shovel before me is Cecil. The maid is Kimiko. And the short one is Nyra.” (Coy)

“It’s not my fault I haven’t grown in twenty-seven years!” (Nyra)

“Wait… you’re older than me?” (Wells)

“We night elves are known for our longevity.” (Nyra)

“But… I’m nineteen.” (Wells)

“Believe it or not, I’m a hundred and seventeen.” (Kimiko)

“Don’t look at me, I’m a twenty year-old human.” (Cecil)

“Then… how old are you two?” (Wells)

She was talking to Coy and I.

“We’re only seventeen.” (Coy)

“What!?” (Wells)

“It’s true.”

“But… I was sure that Coy was older?” (Wells)

Wait… don’t tell me that she’s going to join in on the harem route?

“Sorry to disappoint.” (Coy)

“It’s all right. Still… what do you mean by the whole ‘hero chosen by the Deity’ thing?” (Wells)

Really? She’s the first person I have met in this world who didn’t know. Has she been living under a rock this whole… wait a moment. Never mind.

“Well… Wells, this is going to take a bit.” (Coy)

It took us a while, but we explained everything as best as we could to Wells. A lot of it she couldn’t believe. And she pretty much questioned everything as well.

“All this is hard to believe. I know that there was a god my people used to worship, but over time no one remembered what was even used to refer to it.” (Wells)

“For all anyone knows, it could had been the Deity. Either way, the world has changed in two-thousand years. So no one outside of your precious bunkers knows.” (Coy)

“You have a point. Still, can you please dig out the others?” (Wells)

“Yeah, my nose has an itch!” (Pulaski)

“Wait, you’re still alive?” (Coy)

“Despite your failed attempt to murder me out of rage like the savage you are… yeah. Mech Armor is very strong, so no way would a blow to the head with a shovel do me in.” (Pulaski)

“Can we just leave him?” (Cecil)

“Sadly, that would not be wise. It might be in your best interests to have all of us return as your prisoners.” (Wells)

“But leaving them there won’t kill them?” (Cecil)

“True… but I don’t think the others will be too inclined to believe you without evidence either.” (Wells)

“Fine. But you there, Pulaski. You better not do anything fishy. You know how strong I am.” (Coy)

“Anyone who can even catch a punch from a suit of Mech Armor and not either break something or get knocked from their feet is someone to be feared.” (Pulaski)

Just how much of a strength boost does Mech Armor give? Either way, Coy dug out Pulaski. After Pulaski removed his own Mech Armor, Coy handed him the shovel and made him dig out the other two. Even though Pulaski started to groan about it, he really wasn’t given any alternatives either.

Once the other two were dug out, they two removed their power armor. By the names embroidered on their jumpsuits, their names were ‘Davis’ and ‘Lincoln’. And by the appearance of them, they looked more like background characters. Either way, they obediently listened to Wells’ orders along with Pulaski and put away their Mech Armors. However… I couldn’t see when the Mech Armors were put away. It was like Coy’s Inventory Window, something out of a video game.

“How did you do that?”

“The devices on our arms, it’s called a ‘Bunk-Man’. They have a feature that allows us to store things in our own personal hammer space. But we can only store things depending on weight.” (Wells)

“Wait… that’s similar to me and Cecil’s Inventory Windows.” (Coy)

“Inventory Window?” (Wells)

Coy answered her by putting his up and withdrawing another Gusenberg. Despite the fact I can barely get used to it, it didn’t really surprise me that he had another machine gun. He then put it back in the Inventory Window.

“What kind of technology allows you to do that?” (Wells)

“It’s magic.” (Coy)

“Magic… yeah, right.” (Pulaski)

“But does everyone have one of those?” (Wells)

Apparently, Pulaski’s sarcasm was ignored.

“Only members of the Adventurers and Merchants Guilds. I’m in the Adventurers Guild and Cecil… are you even in the Merchants Guild?” (Coy)

“Oi, that’s kind of insulting ya know. I may be in the Black Market, but I’m still a merchant.” (Cecil)

“Sorry, I was only curious.” (Coy)

“Next time, try asking things like that in private.” (Cecil)

So even Cecil has things that he doesn’t like to share in front of everyone? Still… he shouldn’t talk about being a black market merchant if he doesn’t want everyone to know either.

“Fine, I will remember that.” (Coy)

“Ya better.” (Cecil)

I swear… it’s like one moment they are like old friends and the next they argue over the little stuff with these two.

“Anyway… Wells. Lead us to your bunker.” (Coy)

“Sure.” (Wells)

With that, Wells and the rest of the Bunkins started to lead the way. Cecil did have his Gusenberg on them the whole way as a form of intimidation. All I knew is that all of this seemed wrong. Coy may be the Hero, but… since when did the Hero ever take prisoners and have them held at gunpoint? All I knew is that I wanted this to be over. However, even I don’t know what lies ahead.

After note: I did warn you guys, it’s not as good as I wanted it to be. Not to mention that it’s looking even more like I’m ripping off Fallout. I just can’t wait to end this arc… but it’s probably going to be a few more chapters. Still, I wish I would had put more. Sadly, stories seem to get too boring when chapters are like a mile long. So I try to limit myself to about ten pages on Libre Office Writer. I mainly use that because I’m too cheap to get Microsoft Office and Libre Office comes already installed on the Ubuntu version of Linux. That’s right, I use Linux. I have both Ubuntu and Windows 10 on my custom build PC, each with it’s on HDD. It’s just that Windows by itself takes up too much processing power. The only reason I still have Windows is due to how many programs that you actually need it for. And I can’t get my wired Xbox 360 controller to work on Ubuntu, I can’t play TF2 with a keyboard and mouse.

Now that I’m done rambling about computer stuff, you should REALLY check out Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu chapter 72. Reigo-senpai posted the latest translation earlier.

Now for the chapter title. The song “Written in My Face” is the previous entrance theme of WWE Superstar Sheamus. He no longer uses it, but I have yet to hear his current theme as I haven’t watched professional wrestling in about… four years. Still, look it up on YouTube. It’s actually good.

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  1. 1- At least -know- I know the fate of it’s residents.
    At least (now) I know the fate of it’s residents
    2- So if ya -went- Wells dug out, then ya ought to be the one to do it.
    So if ya (want) Wells dug out, then ya ought to be the one to do it.
    3- -The- the appearance of them, they looked more like background characters.
    In this one I’m not too sure, but maybe “(By) the appearance…” Would be more fitting.

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    1. Just fixed it. For the third one, I changed it to “And by the appearance…” because it seemed to fit better. Also, I had one error that you missed. I mentioned Wells by “she” once before she removed her helmet and armor. Still, thanks for noticed the bigger mistakes.


  2. Reading this arc makes me want to play Fallout (I actually own the base game of 4, but never have played it other then to see if I could maybe run it somehow). But my PC is shit and I don’t own a console…

    Idiots everywhere, but no one is stupid enough to risk their own life. How comedy like interactions should be. I have never seen someone in real life do what I see so many people do in Isekai stories.

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    1. You should be sure to check out the creation club, they update every thursday and there’s a chance to get something free for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Though it’s normally armor, power armor, weapon or Pip-boy skins. Yes, skins.

      That’s the thing about LGDK, things that you think are going to be an interesting action sequence become comedy instead.

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