Possible delay in L.G.D.K! this week

Blame this on both rotten luck and stupidity on my part. Right now I’m strapped for cash and still trying to find employment. Thing is, I REALLY wanted to get the Taken King add-on for Destiny. So what did I do? The dumbest thing ever. I tried downloading a code generator and got a virus on my Windows HDD. No matter how many times I ran AVG and tried to remove the unwanted stuff, Google Chrome still kept opening with a search page I didn’t want.

So what do I do? I re-install Windows 7 of course as it’s free to upgrade to Windows 10 until July. So I copy everything but my music to my Ubuntu (Linux) HDD accept for my music which I copied to my sisters external. After I re-installed Windows 7, the grub loader for my Linux got removed somehow. So I ended up grabbing the only other HDD I had from my RV and added it to my PC to install Linux on it. After that, I ended up having two Linux-based HDDs because it gave me the option to load from my original Linux-based HDD and realized that I didn’t use the loader for Windows 7 properly.

So I go to install Windows 7 again, but… I ended up deleting the data I had on my original Linux-based HDD. So… I lost everything.

Technically… I didn’t. As I said earlier, I copied my music to my sister’s external HDD. And on my old Dell laptop that I loaned mom, I still had copies of my videos and most of my other documents. So what I lost were the light novels I downloaded (Spice and Wolf and The Devil is a Part-timer) and everything I had for “Let’s Go Devil King!”. Luckily for me that I already posted most of the story on here and was only working on the next chapter. Sadly I lost my personal glossary I made for it as well. Even though I have it in my head, it was nice to have it on file so I could glance if I was having a brain fart.

So now I have to re-write the glossary and what I did have for chapter nine of “Let’s Go Devil King!”. And by the time most of you are reading this, I will be trying to upgrade my eventual re-installation of Windows 7 to Windows 10. Not to mention I got to re-program Ubuntu the way I had it before. From now on, I’m only using Windows for gaming, iTunes, and anything else I can’t do on Linux. Everything else is going to be through Ubuntu.

And last of all, no more doing stupid things that I know will go wrong five way ’till Sunday. I can’t believe that I’m supposed to be the tech guy of my house and I let all this happen? Still, I got my W2’s from when I worked at the Recycling Center and I’m waiting on my ones from Target. If possible, I will be getting another job before I get my tax return in. Either way, I’m going to be getting The Taken King the right way. I learned my lesson.

2 thoughts on “Possible delay in L.G.D.K! this week

  1. … Honestly thought you where smarter then that. Though I can’t weigh it agasint myself, since I used to play Minecraft and download mods from websites with a lot of ads. And because I was young I used to click those ads thinking they where the downloads…


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