Finally fixed my PC!

Well peeps, I officially had finished reprogramming my PC yesterday. I finally have both the Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04 operating systems the way I want them. I had quite a few errors when reprogramming the whole thing. Trust me, you don’t know pain until you try to reprogram a computer with like three HDDs and two operating systems.

Before you ask why I just didn’t use Windows like everyone else, I don’t really like Windows anymore. It eats up too much processing power. Not to mention it’s easy to catch viruses on it. As there’s not too many viruses that affect Linux, I don’t really need an anti-virus software. Not to mention they still have yet to make a Windows that doesn’t crash.

The only reasons I still even have Windows on my computer is due to certain facts. I can’t get any game controllers to work with Linux. When I play Team Fortress 2, I have to use a controller to play comfortably. It’s the same with VBA (VisualBoyAdvanced). I may be playing roms of old GBA games, but it feels better with a directional pad than the arrow buttons on the keyboard. Also, there is no iTunes for Linux either. As I use an iPod, I have to have iTunes or else I can’t add music to it. I have to have music when I write.

Still, now I can get back to work on “Let’s Go Devil King!”. I’m going to have to write chapter 9 from scratch, but I might be able to get it out by the usual update day. I’m just glad that this nightmare of reprogramming my PC is over.

Also, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu chapter 76 was posted as I was writing this. Check it out.


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