L.G.D.K! Chapter 09: Preview

Author’s Note: Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately. It’s just that after I finally fixed my PC, I’ve had other things to deal with. This includes catching up on a lot of manga and anime updates. Not to mention that I’ve been trying to read the raws for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu through Google Translator. Trust me, it’s near impossible to read those lumps of incoherent text. But through my will power and gift of attention to detail, I’ve been able to understand them and I’m caught up on that. Also, Reigo-senpai just translated the 81st chapter. Give it a read when you have time. But until I’m finished with the current chapter of this story, please enjoy the preview?

Well… this isn’t going like I thought it would. First of all, we’re still walking after like five hours from the time that Coy made Pulaski dig out the other Bunkins. I do not know much about Mech Armor, but it has to have hydraulics or something to allow Wells and her group to travel that far with that much weight. As for the other reasons… Cecil was actually behind the Bunkins, aiming his machine gun in case they try anything for intimidation. Since when does a Hero even take prisoners anyway!? Especially at gun point? This is slowly becoming anything but the fantasy adventure I first imagined.

So how much further anyways?” (Coy)

Finally, someone has broken the silence. Well… it hasn’t exactly been silent due to Pulaski and Cecil’s bickering once every half hour.

“Not too much further. See that mountain?” (Wells)

“Yeah.” (Coy)

“The entrance is actually inside a cave at the base.” (Wells)

“Wait a moment!” (Coy)

Everyone then stopped. Coy then pulled out a map and started to check something.

“Coy-kun… what’s wrong?”

“If what Wells is saying is right… then the base is at the Vally of No Return.” (Coy)

“Valley of No Return?”

It just sounds too generic.

“Oi, I’ve heard of that place before. Any adventurer who ends goes through there never returns, hence the name. Wait… do the Bunkins here know anything about this?” (Cecil)

My intuition says that they are the reason.

“Before I answer, I have a question of my own. Why do you keep calling us that?” (Wells)

This was something I wanted to know as well.

“It’s actually a pun. As you guys rarely leave your bunkers and do not know much about the current world, someone just combined the words ‘Bunker’ and ‘bumpkin’.” (Coy)

Why am I not surprised?


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