Hello everyone, I must apologize again about the delays. This time… blame my ADD on it. I bought Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment from the PlayStation Store and got addicted. Not to mention my Tax Return came in and I bought a new PS4 Headset (because the ear plug ones that come with the PS4 stink) and a copy of Taken King. Between trying to complete SAO RE: Hollow Fragment and finally get past level 34 in Destiny (it’s the highest you can go without Taken King), I’ve been busy.

Readers: You mean to tell us that you would rather be playing video games than write?

Me: No…

Readers: Then why has chapter nine not been completed?

Me: These things take time. Not to mention that it’s been hard to try to get back in the grove when I had to start re-writing everything.

Readers: You have been lazy.

Me: Oh come on. It’s not my fault that I have an addiction!

Readers: So that’s all?

Me: Well… I’ve also had to catch up on a lot of missed anime and manga updates. A few of the new anime this season are already getting dubbed.

Readers: Really?

Me: Really. Don’t worry, I’ll work on the story soon. I’ve been getting all kinds of ideas lately.

Readers: Don’t tell us that you’re going to ripoff another video game series?

Me: Hey, the current arc isn’t a ripoff of Fallout, it’s inspired by it!

Readers: Sure… and having an OP MC isn’t ripping off anything.

Me: That my friends is a common troupe. Besides, there is something cool about SAO Re: Hollow Fragment.

Readers: What could that be?

Me: You can make your avatar look like Makoto from Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu.

Readers: WHAT!

Me: It’s true. Use hairstyle 30 and face type 16 and you can turn Kirito into Makoto.

Readers: That still doesn’t excuse you!

Me: I know. But hey, I will try to have Chapter 9 out next week. In the mean time, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu chapter 84 just got translated by Reigo-senpai. Read it for now. Until then, I’m out!

Readers: Get back here!!!


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