No L.G.D.K! Valentines special…

I just wanted to be clear that I didn’t have any intentions of doing a Valentines special for Let’s Go Devil King. If you look at Yuki’s (Sea) backstory, Valentines Day was the worst day of her life. Her crush betrayed not only her, but her ex-rival and new found friend Kimiko as well. And then in a fashion, he attempted to use blackmail to whore them out. But for her, it was also the day that changed her life as she was chosen by the Deity to become the Devil King of another world.

Personally, I only see Valentines day as another day of the year. It has no real historical meaning to me other than the day that Al Capone had some men mowed down with Tommy Guns in a Chicago garage. If you celebrate Valentines day with someone you love, then I’m not going to condemn you for it. I’m kinda like Ebeneezer Scrooge with Christmas (before the three ghosts) when it comes to Valentines day, you have it your way and I’ll have it mine. I guess I just got tired of it being more like “Single Awareness Day” for me at some point?

Either way… if you do celebrate Valentines day, then happy Valentines day. Just please don’t rub your love lives in the faces of single people?


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