And more problems arise… glad I did that preview

I’m getting sick and tired of my setbacks. Especially when it’s the computer’s fault. When I decided to do some writing, I couldn’t find the folder with the new chapter. So I decide to restart the computer and look into the extra hard drive from Windows as I couldn’t see it through Linux. I found it then. I decide to try to fix things myself… fail.

What I did was remove the “read only” lock and “hidden file” locks on the folders. Windows needed to update while shutting down, so I let it. When I started the computer up with Linux again, I couldn’t find it again. So I restarted the computer with Windows and it needed to complete the updates via starting up. First time around, the computer decides to freeze. So I forcefully shut it down and start it back up. Windows finished, but… the locks were still on.

I undo the locks again and restart again. Windows decided to do a disk check on the hard drive. Now… the folder itself is missing from Windows. And that’s only the icing on the cake. I go to restart it again and the monitors nor the keyboard’s Num Lock light turn on. So I shut it down and played Destiny for a while. And guess what, it didn’t start.

I tried numerous things. I unplugged the hard drive from the computer… nothing. I finally decide to remove a ram stick. It worked. I was furious because DDR3 ram sticks don’t come cheap. I shut it down and put it back in… things are back to normal. However… the folder is still missing.

It’s bad enough that I’m already a month behind on updating. I’m just lucky that I posted that preview a while back, I don’t have to start from scratch again. I don’t know what I should do. I lost the muse to write after so long waiting for it to come back. I still have many ideas and remember a lot of stuff I want to write. I even came up with many new ones. I’m not giving up on this story. I will have the next chapter up soon.

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