News and ramblings…

I got good news!!! I actually finished chapter 9 of “Let’s Go Devil King!” a few days ago. Who know getting my rear in gear would actually work? Still, it’s actually done and will be posted sometime on Saturday.

That’s it for the news, time for some ramblings:

I’m sure everyone remembers when I first talked about the LGDK world? On how it wasn’t magical at all until the Deity came after a world-wide nuclear war? Yeah… I’m sure you do. The Deity came after mankind pretty much destroyed the planet, reforming it. It also brought the elves, dwarfs, and other demi-humans with it as well. And somehow the demons themselves came. As for other demi-humans such as the half-men and the demon-folk, they were originally human just developed in different ways. Like in “L.G.D.K! Chapter 08 – Written in My Face?” we all learned that the half-men were the results of human experimentation in Bunker 480 to create a new breed of humanity. And in “L.G.D.K! Special – History of the Demon-folk” I talked more about the demon-folk on how they weren’t really of any of the demon races, they are just descendants of mutated humans.

Yet I simply put that the bias against both was due xenophobia, as the humans who weren’t in the bunkers and weren’t mutated (the ones responsible for society) didn’t know. As said in Star Wars: Episode I: “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”. I had to quote Yoda on that one. Fear of the unknown did lead the “normal” humans to anger which in turn lead them to hate. The Dwarfs and forest elves were the beings that resembled humans the most, so humanity was willing to understand them. Yet the night elves were different due to their golden eyes and silver hair. Some idiots declared them demons and drove them to the parts of the badlands that later became the country of Lethe.

Like the half-men, demon-folk got their name due to bias on appearance by some xenophobic humans. They have REALLY white hair, pure black eyes, horns, and tattoo-like markings. Humanity didn’t like their appearance and considered them demons as well. That was why they killed most of Xar’s envoys when Xar considered humans the lesser of two evils and wanted to ally with them against the first Devil King. In the end, Xar gave up everything to the Devil King to ensure the survival of his people.

As with the half-men, humanity’s discovery of them was completely accidental. When it was decided that they could be slaves, they weren’t considered demons as owning anything demonic (including slaves) was forbidden by the church. This was around the time that the first Hero was on his journey to battle the Devil King. The first Hero thought of them as magnificent beings, but others thought otherwise. Half-man slaves were considered exotic and fetched a high price. Of course, half-man slavery went into a steep decline when the Ox King was chosen as the Hero. The only countries that still even practice half-man slavery are Melca (which is one of the few that the church doesn’t control and still uses other races for slave labor) and Portnew (despite pressure from the church).

Another ramble that I want to get into is about the Hero and Devil King. Both are not always summoned from another world or picked from those living in that one. The first Hero was actually summoned and the first Devil King was a local. There were times where both Hero and Devil King were summons or locals. It all depends on what qualities the Deity is searching for and who doesn’t. If the Deity decides that someone on either side doesn’t have the qualities it seeks, it will pick someone from another world who fits the bill. As for what qualities and why both sides worship the Deity, you will have to wait until I get that far into the story for that. I’m trying not to spoil too much.

As for the era setting, it’s because I thought it would be somewhat different. Some countries are stuck in the middle ages while others are more modernized (though more like the 1930’s), so I figured that it would make for interesting material. Part of the setting itself is about change of an era. You will see some countries in the future deciding on getting out of isolationism and open up.

One last thing I wanna clear up is the name “Tholman”, the LGDK world holy capitol. It’s pronounced “tol-man”, the “h” is silent. It’s something I figured that it was about time I did.

I do plan on getting to writing chapter 10 soon. I got a lot to do, including get further in SAO Re:Hollow Fragment and start Lost Song as I got it for my birthday. Just to be clear, SAO has yet to be an inspiration for any of LGDK, I’ve had other anime, manga, light novels, and games in general that gave inspiration. Well… you all know about the Fallout series inspiring a lot of stuff in this story.

Crud… I forgot to mention the Coy and Sea Green dynamic. Coy’s main purpose is to serve as a foil to Yuki’s (Sea Green) expectations. It was bad enough that she was summoned to be the Devil King when she agreed to go to another world. Coy’s nature and actions themselves break Yuki’s expectations of a “fantasy hero”. He’s an ex-gangster and uses guns, one of his skills is based on the use of a firearm. Not to mention that the Old Worlders (formerly Bunkins) existence hasn’t helped, let alone the LGDK world in general. As for the romance dynamic, it’s more or less there and not at the same time. Yuki struggles with trying not to fall for Coy due to Ryoma’s actions, she’s not ready for a relationship because she doesn’t want her expectations shattered again. Then again… Coy does that anyway, no romantic stuff needed. It’s Kimiko who tries to get Yuki to be with Coy as she’s “shipper trash”. As for Coy’s end, he doesn’t really think about it. His main concern is to find his long lost sister, any relationships can wait. This of course causes Yuki to occasionally call him “sis-con”. However, he has no complaints about Yuki calling herself his wife as he figures that women would get in the way of their current mission of trying to end the war. But he has the generic MC trait of not noticing some of his actions like when he felt Yuki’s head in the first chapter. Not to mention in his first “memory”, he didn’t think about the consequences of promising Princess Abigail that he would protect her. He’s the type to only realize the consequences of this actions afterwards. If asked how he feels about Yuki right now, he would answer that he doesn’t know.

And that’s the end of the rambling. See you all Saturday when I post the 9th chapter.

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