L.G.D.K! Chapter 09 – Time Marches On?

Author’s Note: Alright peeps, posted a little later than expected because I was trying to fix my hours after finishing Tate no Yuusha’s main part. I’m reading the extras after the story was finished. Anywho, here’s chapter 9. Enjoy.

WARNING: This chapter is purely fictional. The writer shares no political views mentioned. Political views shown in this chapter may offend some political parties. Viewer discretion is advised.

Chapter 9 – Time Marches On?

Well… this isn’t going like I thought it would. First of all, we’re still walking after like five hours from the time that Coy made Pulaski dig out the other Bunkins. I do not know much about Mech Armor, but it has to have hydraulics or something to allow Wells and her group to travel that far with that much weight. As for the other reasons… Cecil was actually behind the Bunkins, aiming his machine gun in case they try anything for intimidation. Since when does the Hero’s party even take prisoners anyway!? Especially at gun point!? This is slowly becoming anything but the fantasy adventure I first imagined.

“So how much further anyways?” (Coy)

Finally, someone has broken the silence. Well… it hasn’t exactly been silent due to Pulaski and Cecil’s bickering once every half hour.

“Not too much further. See that mountain?” (Wells)

“Yeah.” (Coy)

“The entrance is actually inside a cave at the base.” (Wells)

“Wait a moment!” (Coy)

Everyone then stopped. Coy then pulled out a map and started to check something.

“Coy-kun… what’s wrong?”

“If what Wells is saying is right… then the base is at the Vally of No Return.” (Coy)

“Valley of No Return?”

It just sounds too generic.

“Oi, I’ve heard of that place before. Any adventurer who ends up going through there never returns, hence the name. Wait… do the Bunkins here know anything about this?” (Cecil)

My intuition says that they are the reason.

“Before I answer, I have a question of my own. Why do you keep calling us that?” (Wells)

This was something I wanted to know as well.

“It’s actually a pun. As you guys rarely leave your bunkers and do not know much about the current world, someone just combined the words ‘Bunker’ and ‘bumpkin’. I don’t know when it started exactly, but it stuck.” (Coy)

Why am I not surprised? I mean, Coy did come up with the name ‘shrine maid’ for Kimiko after all. As he’s from this world, there has to be more that think like him.

“Well… we’re uncomfortable with it.” (Wells)

“Then how should we refer to your kind?” (Coy)

“Call us Old Worlders. It’s at least better than ‘Bunkin’.” (Wells)

“As it’s not fair that my people didn’t get to pick what we’re called, I think we should just stick to ‘Bunkin’. Not to mention that the new term is going to take a while to catch on. Am I right?” (Coy)

“Coy, behave.”

I had to say it.

“Wait… no honorific this time?” (Coy)

“Only when you annoy me.”

“Yuki-chan has you there, Coy.” (Kimiko)

“Et tu, shrine maid?” (Coy)

With that goofy grin on his face, I can only assume that he’s just failing at being funny. And his snaggle-tooth isn’t helping either.

“Oi, we’re getting off topic here.” (Cecil)

“I guess that’s my cue? If they were caught by the patrols, then they were probably imprisoned. I don’t know all the details, I’m just a member of the security division. What happens to them after they are caught is not on a need-to-know basis for us.” (Wells)

“Basically saying… you have no clue.” (Coy)

“Affirmative.” (Wells)

I personally didn’t want to think about it. With the way the Bunkins… I mean the Old Worlders were referring to those demon-folk earlier, it was like anyone who was not one of them was a test subject for some mad scientist. Personally, I think that they had been down in those bunkers for too long.

Anyway, we went further until we reached the cave that Wells was talking about. But the interior surprised me a bit. There were electric lights mounted to the rock and earth walls. I could see the series of cords provided the electricity from one to the next. Coy and the others seemed surprised about this as well. As we followed the cave, we reached a steel door. And I could see a security camera, so I knew someone was watching. There was an intercom next to the door and Wells went to it.

“This is Sergeant Wells, returning from our mission.” (Wells)

And then a male voice replied.

“Did you get a catch a good haul?” (Voice)

“No Johnson, we’re the ones caught.” (Wells)

So the man’s named Johnson?

“What!? Let me bring up the monitor.” (Johnson)

We waited a bit before he replied again.

“Wells… how did this happen?” (Johnson).

“We were bested by these people.” (Wells)

“Wait… you mean to tell me that four of our finest security officers who are equipped with Mech Armor and Laser Rifles were captured by a bunch of savages?” (Johnson)

“Affirmative.” (Wells)

“Wells… Administrator Ross isn’t going to like this.” (Johnson)

“I know. But these people need to speak with him.” (Wells)

“Let me get the Administrator…” (Johnson)

After a bit, Coy finally spoke.

“I know that thing’s an intercom, but how was that Johnson guy able to see us?” (Coy)

“I will explain this one.”

Everyone was in shock that I wanted to explain it over the Old Worlders.

“Don’t tell me that this is in your world as well?” (Coy)

“Believe it or not, it is. See that thing up there?”

I then pointed to the security camera.

“Yes…” (Coy)

“It’s a security camera. There’s a cable from it that leads to a monitor somewhere in the building. The camera is feeding the images it is catching to the monitor wherever Johnson is.”

“Wait… is technology in your world as advanced as Old World tech?” (Wells)

“It is and it isn’t in some aspects. Actually, there are things in my world more advanced.”

“No way…” (Wells)

For once I got to be the one feeling superior. Sadly… it didn’t last too long as a new voice was heard on the intercom speaker.

“Wells!!!” (new voice)

This one is sounding more militaristic. And… kinda American?

“Yes, Administrator Ross?” (Wells)

“How in the hell did you let you and your squad get captured by savages!? Better yet, why the hell did you lead them here!?” (Ross)

“They wish to speak with you, sir.” (Wells)

“Who’s in charge!?” (Ross)

“That would be me, Mr. Ross.” (Coy)

“A therianthrope?” (Ross)

“Mr. Ross… with the way you said it, I’m not sure if I should be offended or not.” (Coy)

“At least you sound civilized. What do you want?” (Ross)

“The release of all the people you had your men take.” (Coy)

With that, maniacal laughter could be heard from the speaker.

“Then I got news for you, we do not deal with terrorists! Now eat lead!” (Ross)

Right after he said that, a hidden door appeared on the rock wall to the right. A mini-gun came out and started rotating. I could hear panic coming from the others.

“I’m too young to die!” (Nyra)

“I regret everything!” (Cecil)

“Yuki, forgive me for not protecting you enough!” (Kimiko)

“Wait, it was Wells’ idea!” (Pulaski)

“Administrator Ross, don’t!” (Wells)

Coy was the only one who didn’t panic. I was too scared to even shout. But not long after the rotating of the mini-gun barrel started, a small noise was heard.


The barrel stopped and there was smoke coming out of the gun. Everyone just stood there, dumbstruck. Myself included. Coy then spoke to the intercom.

“Was that supposed to happen?” (Coy)

“No… who the hell forgot to do maintenance on the mini-gun!?” (Ross)

“According to the logs… you never gave your consent on replacing the parts, Administrator.” (Johnson)

“What!?” (Ross)

With that, Coy started laughing.

“What the hell are you laughing about, therianthrope!?” (Ross)

“Everything. Sorry… that was just too anti-climatic.” (Coy)

“Well… let’s see how much laughing you will be doing against an army of security officers in Mech Armor!” (Ross)

“Administrator…” (Johnson)

“What!?” (Ross)

“Due to not getting any new supplies in two-thousand years… our only functioning suits were given to Wells and her squad.” (Johnson)

“What!?” (Ross)

“It’s true. We had to strip other Mech Armors to get functioning parts for the few still in fighting condition.” (Johnson)

And with that, Coy started laughing again.

“Johnson, what about Laser Rifles?” (Ross)

“We only have five with functioning power cells. And four of them were given to Wells’ squad.” (Johnson)

“Actually… two of them were destroyed in the battle with these people.” (Wells)

“What!?” (Ross)

“Will you… please stop? My side… it hurts…” (Coy)

He’s still laughing?

“Fine, you wanna play rough, I’ll show you rough. If you can defeat Libertonia’s greatest war asset, then we will think about negotiations.” (Ross)

“Libertonia?” (Coy)

“It was the country in the Old World that Bunk Co. was commissioned by to make the bunkers. Also one of the ones to fire the nuclear bombs.” (Wells)

“Fine… but you better keep your word.” (Coy)

“Don’t worry, this thing caused terror to the forces of Communistan. You will not survive.” (Ross)

“Wait Administrator… you don’t mean that you’re bringing it out?” (Johnson)

“Oh yes, I’m bringing it out.” (Ross)


I had to ask.

“Freedom-tron!” (Ross)

When he shouted it’s name, the ground started to rumble. Everyone rushed outside to see what was going on. Part of the mountain was moving an a huge figure came out of the opening. It was a… giant robot!? No way, this was the worst design ever. It looked like a big metal ball given two arms, a pelvis, and legs. And it had a flag painted on it. It looked kind of like an American flag, but there were only five stars and the red and blue were switched. What surprised me was that it spoke.

“Die commie scum!” (Freedom-tron)

“Wait… was this thing made in America?”

“America?” (Coy)

“It was the country in my world that dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They are well known for capitalism and hating communism.”

“Capitalism? Communism? What?” (Coy)

He actually forgot the ‘wait…’ part?

“It’s better not to think about it. But… I’m sure that Libertonia was a capitalist country.”

“You have a point. Still… I fought bigger than this tin can.” (Coy)

With that, Coy charged like an idiot. Just how was he going to beat this thing? And what could be bigger than it?

The giant robot tried to stomp on him. I was sure that Coy was going to end up like a cockroach. But to my surprise, he managed to hold up the massive foot. And then… he shoved the foot upward, causing it to fall on it’s back. Just like the mini-gun, this was too anti-climatic.

“The commies have won! Executing self-destruct protocol! Die commie scum, hail Libertonia!” (Freedom-tron)

“Wait… self-destruct!?”

“It was a protocol that Freedom-tron’s creators installed in case it was defeated to prevent capture by Communistan forces. It will overload it’s nuclear reactor.” (Wells)

“Is there anyway to stop it!?”

“Since we’re all going to die anyway, there’s no harm in telling. If we can sort-circuit Freedom-tron, it should cancel the self-destruct protocol.” (Wells)

With that, I had to sigh. It was time for another anti-climatic moment.

“Leave it to me.”

I looked around and saw an opening underneath it’s arms. Poor design in my opinion. I then aimed my pocket wand to it.

“Andiamo cannone ad acqua!”

The ‘Let’s go water cannon’ hit it’s mark. Due to the speed of it’s flow, Freedom-tron was taking in so much water that it started leaking. After a bit, all it could do was smoke.

“You did it!” (Wells)

She hugged me tightly as she shouted it. I really didn’t like how tight she was squeezing me due to that experience I had with Kimiko. But unlike that time, I wasn’t going to die from asphyxiation by breasts.

“Well… I’m disappointed.” (Coy)

“I don’t blame you, this was the worst boss battle ever. It seems like everything after the fight with Wells and her men was anti-climatic.”

“I know.” (Coy)

“Speaking of current events… is it even safe to be near that robot?”

“As long as the reactor isn’t leaking, it should be safe.” (Wells)

“I still can’t believe it.” (Pulaski)

“What, that Libertonia’s strongest war asset was defeated by one man?”

“You don’t understand, Freedom-tron was supposed to be Libertonia’s protector; the one thing assuring Libertonia that it’s people were safe and could live free. I used to sneak into it’s hanger as a kid just to stare at it, admire the machine that made communists tremble in fear. And now… it’s been defeated by one single therianthrope and one girl.” (Pulaski)

I could understand how Pulaski was feeling. As I have read a lot of manga and watched a ton of anime, there were moments in the mecha genre that the heroic giant robot would lose and the characters would be in disbelief. I never thought in my life that I would see it in reality though. Then again… Freedom-tron was really lame.

“Now… let’s go see Mr. Ross.” (Coy)

“No need, I’m right here.” (Ross)

I looked over to see two figures. The one that spoke was Caucasian and had a crew cut. It was originally a dark brown as the sides were turning white. He was clean-shaved. But… he had his hands behind his back for some reason. The other looked like he was of African descent and had short hair. He too was clean-shaved. The two of them were wearing the same gray jumpsuits with red trim that Wells was wearing.

“I cannot believe that Libertonia’s strongest war asset was defeated. Albeit so easily.” (Ross)

“Well… it’s beaten. Now, are ya ready to listen to us?” (Coy)

“Oh I will listen. But let me give you a reward first.” (Ross)

“A reward?” (Coy)

“Yeah… some 10.mm lead!” (Ross)

Ross then removed his hands from his back to reveal a pistol. Unlike Coy’s revolver, this looked to be a semi-automatic. But before Ross could fire, Coy drew his revolver and shot the gun out of Ross’ hand. This was something that I only saw in anime and cowboy films.

“A quick-draw?”

“You bastard!” (Ross)

“Be thankful I didn’t shoot you! Look, I’m already sick and tired of your bullshit! You lost, get that through your thick skull!” (Coy)

“Never. Men!” (Ross)

As soon as Ross shouted, a bunch of men wearing the gray jumpsuits with red trim appeared. And all of them had pistols like the one Coy shot out of Ross’ hand. And they were all aiming at us.

“We may be out of Laser Rifles, but we still have side arms! You see you fools, Libertonia will never fall! Now die!” (Ross)

I expected this to be the end for us. Coy and Cecil were ready to fire their guns, like they weren’t going to go down without taking a few of the Old Worlders with them. However… nothing happened.

“What the hell are you waiting for? Fire!” (Ross)

Again, nothing happened.

“I am your Administrator! I order you to shoot! Now shoot dammit!” (Ross)

Not a one of them even budged. However, someone new did appear. He was old, balding with a blond comb-over. Like Ross, he was clean-shaved in the face. He also had then spectacles and unlike the others, he wore a white lab coat over his jumpsuit.

“Father…” (Wells)

“Father?” (Coy)

“Doctor Wells… what is the meaning of this?” (Ross)

“According to protocol 5117, you are no longer the Administrator.” (Dr. Wells)

“What the hell!?” (Ross)

“Protocol 5117, should the Administrator fail to do his duty… he is dismissed.” (Dr. Wells)

“I haven’t failed.” (Ross)

“You abused your authority and activated Freedom-tron without me and chief of security Johnson’s codes. Actually, Freedom-tron shouldn’t be able to activate without both our codes. So someone had to have stolen mine.” (Dr. Wells)

“So what?” (Ross)

“It’s against the rules for the Administrator to have the codes to activate Freedom-tron. Both the head scientist and chief of security are supposed to be the only ones with the codes. By not consulting with me, let alone used my code without authorization, you have failed to do your duty.” (Dr. Wells)

“You… traitor! Men, arrest the traitor!” (Ross)

“Yes men, arrest the traitor.” (Dr. Wells.)

And with that, two of the men originally summoned by Ross grabbed him and put him in handcuffs.

“What the hell!? Did the communists get to you!?” (Ross)

“Former Administrator, that war’s over. It’s been over for two-thousand years. Libertonia and Communistan are no more. It’s time to move on.” (Dr. Wells)

“No!” (Ross)

Ross was immediately dragged away. We were all speechless.

“Now Johnson, who is going to be the new Administrator?” (Dr. Wells)

“Don’t look at me. I’m tired of picking up the slack from the last one.” (Johnson)

“In that case, I will take over until we find a new one.” (Dr. Wells)

“Fine by me.” (Johnson)

After that, he came up to Coy.

“Hello there, I am Doctor Morrison Wells. I am now the acting Administrator of Bunker 105, and I am sorry about how the previous Administrator treated you and your friends.” (Dr. Wells)

“No need to apologize, he was a jerk.” (Coy)

“I would have to agree with you on that. Though he wasn’t really a bad man, just… confused.” (Dr. Wells)

“Confused or not, that’s still no reason to treat us like that.” (Coy)

“True… I do not like the fact he was willing to forsake my daughter and her men.” (Dr. Wells)

“Whatever. Since you’re now the guy in charge, I have some business with you.” (Coy)

“Ah, straight to the point I see. I like young men like you, the world would be a better place if there were more of you.” (Dr. Wells)

I couldn’t hold it in, I had to laugh.

“Yuki…” (Coy)


“Anyway, I know why you’re here. Let’s discuss this in my new office over some coffee, all right?” (Dr. Wells)

After Note: And that’s chapter 09 folks. To be honest, anything political shown in this chapter parodies Cold War propaganda and paranoia. Not to mention that I’m no good at naming countries. Libertonia = Liberty, Communistan = Communism, just a bunch of BS that I put together to avoid writer’s block. Though Libertonia was based on paranoid Cold War America, Communistan isn’t based on any particular country. It was just a generic enemy created for Libertonia. As a way to differentiate from the Fallout games, I used logic as well. Even though people were safe in the bunkers for two-thousand years, things still age. As it’s been about two-thousand years, circuitry and such still gets corroded and needs replaced. And no matter how well stocked you are, it’s easy to run out of parts and such when it’s been that long. That’s the reason everything failed to the point where things were anti-climatic.

As for characters, I just imagined the Administrator as a clean-shaven J. Jonah Jameson Jr. from Spider-Man. I can just imagine him yelling “Get me pictures of Spider-Man!!!” The rest introduced in this chapter, not so much.

Enough of that. If you haven’t read it yet, Reigo-senpai has translated chapter 92 of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. And while I’m at it, BakaGrappler has just posted SCDK chapter 04 for your amusement.

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