L.G.D.K! Chapter 11 – The Devil’s Right Hand?

Author’s Note: Well peeps, surprisingly I got chapter 11 done. As for the title, it’s a song from the outlaw country music super group The Highwaymen. A group composed of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and both the late great Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. You will see why I chose that as the title later in the chapter. Also, next week’s chapter is probably going to be late. I’m working on translating one of the side stories for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. I will explain later, but for now please enjoy?

Chapter 11 – The Devil’s Right Hand?

“Tara!” (Cecil)

That’s his fiancée? When he yelled that name, he ran up to a woman in a blue gown. She was a night elf like Kimiko and Nyra, but that’s the only distinguishing part about her as I really didn’t pay attention to her face. She just had a background character vibe to me.

“Cecil?” (Tara)

“Are you all right?” (Cecil)

“I’m fine. Other than being stolen by the Harem King and locked up in here that is.” (Tara)

“That’s good. Listen, you’re free now.” (Cecil)

“I am?” (Tara)

“The Harem King is currently imprisoned in Damned. And the Bunkins agreed to release you.” (Cecil)

“Oh Cecil, I never thought I’d be happy to see your face.” (Tara)

Wait… why wouldn’t she be happy to see her fiancée? Don’t tell me this was an arranged marriage?

“Actually… there’s something I needed to tell you.” (Cecil)

Please don’t make me steal Coy’s catch phrase yet again?

“Yes, Cecil?” (Tara)

“I managed to convince your father to annul our engagement. You’re free to marry who you want to marry.” (Cecil)

Wait… what!? No… I didn’t even wanna say it mentally!!!

“Does that mean…” (Tara)

“Yeah, the one your heart truly belongs to is waiting back at your village for ya.” (Cecil)

“Thank you, Cecil. I will never forget this.” (Tara)

She then hugged him before going back with the rest of the imprisoned people. There was something going on and I didn’t like being in the dark. Well… it’s not my business. But… still.

“Cecil-san, I know that it’s none of my business… but what was all that about?”

“Oh, I forgot some details. You see… Tara and I were only engaged because her father forced it.” (Cecil)

“Go on…”

“She didn’t like the idea either. Neither did the man she loves. However, her father holds power in their village as the biggest merchant there. He wanted me as a son-in-law because of my connections, ya know. But that other guy, he had a different condition. He had to pay a certain amount of a dowry to gain Tara’s father’s approval. So to get out of the arranged marriage, I gave him the money for the dowry.” (Cecil)

“Wait… then why were you so hell bent on rescuing her?”

“Because I didn’t want this to be an unhappy ending for them. So in my eyes, this was a good investment.” (Cecil)

Just like with Coy, I can’t even get a handle on this guy. He was willing to go so far for someone else’s happiness? I thought he was some slime ball, but I was wrong.

“I wonder what Coy-kun would think? You did force him into this after all.”

“He doesn’t seem like the type to sweat the small stuff, ya know.” (Cecil)

Wait… this is the small stuff? Just what is going in the heads of the people in this world?

“More like ya felt obligated if you ask me.” (Coy)

“Oi, were ya eavesdropping?” (Cecil)

“It’s hard not to as I was involved.” (Coy)

“Ya have a point.” (Cecil)

“Still, my opinion of you has changed. So I don’t mind.” (Coy)

“Fair enough.” (Cecil)

Just what is it with these two?

“So… what now?”

“Doctor Wells identified a few adventurers amongst the prisoners. So he’s paying them to return the others.” (Coy)

“Wait… can we even trust them?”

“That’s why the ones in the armor are here. Even though he’s paying, a threatening presence is more than enough to scare them into keeping their word.” (Coy)

I don’t know why… but I have to agree with him on this one. To be honest, I just want out of here and back to our adventure. I know side quests have their reasons to exist in RPG games, but this was one that I could have done without. Now that I know about the Old World, most of the fantasy has been ruined. I mean, there’s magic and stuff. Not to mention other fantasy elements. But I really wish that the Deity would had warned me about this place before I agreed to come here.

“All right, everything is set. Now Coy and company, there’s one thing I need to show you before you leave yourselves.” (Dr. Wells)

And with that we followed him. I got a look around before we left the detention area that the people imprisoned were held. The adventurers were demon-folk like some of the missing maidens. Well… one of them was a night elf, but it didn’t matter. Their things were being returned as we were leaving. But I didn’t know how shocked I would be when we reached the room that Doctor Wells was leading us to. All around, weapons and armors. I could easily tell that those didn’t belong to the residents of this bunker.

“The effects of those that were captured in the past. Well… those that are no longer in this world.” (Dr. Wells)

“Doctor… why are you showing us this?”

“I wanted all of you to know the true horrors of what we have done. Well… without entering the laboratory anyways. All I can do when I look at this stuff is regret all that we had done. Also, feel free to take anything you want.” (Dr. Wells)

“Wait… you want us to take stuff that belongs to the dead?”

“We currently have no use for any of it. Of course we have studied potions and other things from the former owners. However, none of it made any sense from the view of a scientist.” (Dr. Wells)

It was like there was remorse and there wasn’t at the same time. I just couldn’t stand this room.

“Thanks, Doc.” (Coy)

“Wait… what are you thinking!?”

“The former owners won’t be needing it.” (Coy)

“I know, but still…”

“Yuki, I don’t know how things go in your world. But in this one, there are even times when another man’s bread or another man’s jacket stands between you and staying alive.” (Coy)

“He has a point, ya know.” (Cecil)

“But… this is still so wrong.”

“Yuki-chan, I’m sorry. But this world operates differently from your own.” (Kimiko)

Coy and Cecil both then started going through the equipment. Of course they really didn’t find anything that they wanted. With the exception of some potions that is.

“I’m glad.” (Coy)

“About taking stuff from the dead?”

“No, that none of this stuff belonged to my old party.” (Coy)

“Wait… what!?”

He made me say it again…

“You see, I actually got separated from them when I entered the Pagan Death Goddess’ shrine. I haven’t seen them since.” (Coy)

“You don’t really talk much about your old party.”

“Really now?” (Coy)

You mean to tell me that he’s now realizing this? Or is he just playing dumb? Well, I could always ask Nyra later as she has had to have met them. They did go through Damned before.

“Doc, how about letting the adventurers taking the others home look through this stuff before they leave?” (Coy)

“I was actually thinking that. But Diane and the others will be in charge. No telling what they will do to an old man like me.” (Dr. Wells)

He did have a point. Even I am not ignorant enough to think that those adventurers wouldn’t do anything as some form of revenge. So we made our way to the detention area. But as soon as we opened the door, Coy’s ears stood up and he had his ‘tsun’ expression.


“There’s a scent that wasn’t here earlier.” (Coy)

He then started marching towards someone I didn’t see before. This person was wearing a faded tailcoat suit and a top hat. Wait… don’t tell me…

“Why the hell are you here!?” (Coy)

“Well… we meet again, Coy.” (Stranger)

Knew it, it was the second mysterious stranger that he told us about earlier. But… the stranger’s voice. There was no malice or even anything. Like he was here and wasn’t at the same time. And that vibe… it’s like how Coy explained it earlier. I could feel a shiver coming up my spine.

“How did you get in here?” (Wells)

She was already armored up and aiming what I could assume to be the other laser rifle that was talked about before. Two of the other armored Old Worlders were aiming laser rifles and one had one of the pistols that Ross had earlier.

“Don’t bother trying to shoot him. No matter how good you are, the shots will miss.” (Coy)

They all looked at Coy before they stopped aiming.

“Oh Coy, why must you show such hostility?” (Stranger)

“I’m sure you can figure that out.” (Coy)

“Still, I came here to see you.” (Stranger)

“What the hell do you want?” (Coy)

“Just to tell you that you’re going to have to face your past soon.” (Stranger)

“My past?” (Coy)

“You will see soon enough. And I have a message for Miss Yuki as well.” (Stranger)

Wait… for me? I’ve never even seen this guy before. Yet… he’s walking up to me.

“Do I know you?”

“I’m not sure. You could have seen me as a fellow commuter on a train in Tokyo? Or even in the crowds when the Devil King was announced? But it doesn’t really matter. However… when Coy has to confront his past, you need to be there for him.” (Stranger)

“Wait… what?”

I’m getting tired of stealing Coy’s catch phrase. But he mentioned a train in Tokyo… I never even told Coy about any of the Tokyo railways. And I’m sure I would had recognized someone looking like him in the crowds when I first came to this world. Wait… does he know that I’m the Devil King?

“Coy is like a sword. You need to be the sheath to stop him from doing something he might regret.” (Stranger)


“Also, you will be confronting your own past soon enough as well.” (Stranger)

And with that, he took his leave. It was like as soon as I took my eye off of him, he fully disappeared. Now I can understand why Coy doesn’t like dealing with this mysterious stranger. But… those warnings he gave us. They were so cryptic… what’s with this world and cryptic messages anyway!?

“Coy-kun… is he?”

“I can’t even pick up his scent anymore. He’s gone.” (Coy)

“I see…”

I just can’t understand some things in this world. I’m really surprised that the mysterious stranger was able to just appear there without anyone noticing. Just what is he?

While I was deep in my thoughts, Wells and the others allowed the prisoners to look through the room under supervision. Those adventurers looked happy with their new loot. All I could do was feel disgust. I know that logic worked well in an RPG, but this was reality. I couldn’t bring myself to actually do that. It also made me wonder if Coy was like an RPG protagonist and went through people’s homes and looted? I never felt guilty about it in games, but still…


“Yes?” (Coy)

Oh… I can’t even bring myself to ask him.

“Never mind…”

“Alright.” (Coy)

“The adventurers are back. It’s time for everyone to leave.” (Dr. Wells)

We then were all guided out with some of Wells’ squad following us. In a way, I kinda wanted to investigate the bunker a little more. However, there was also the history of this place as well. And I really wanted to put this place behind me. Before I knew it, we were all walking out of the steel door with the intercom and the security camera. And then the trek through the cave. But when we got out of the cave, a new surprise was waiting for us.

It was one man. He looked similar a character from a legendary spaghetti western from America. His attire was dark brown. He wore blue jeans with dark brown chaps. The boots under the chaps were black boots. He wore a black sleeveless shirt with a dark brown poncho worn loosely. On his arms, the right had a dark brown leather arm guard while the other… had a Bunk-Man? He also wore a dark brown stetson with a red handkerchief over his mouth. I could see that he had medium length brown hair.

“Lost Justice…” (Coy)

He said that with his ‘tsun’ face. Thanks to the Bunk-Man, I had a pretty good idea who it was.

“We meet again, Coy.” (Lost)

Before I knew it, Coy did another quick-draw. But at the same time, Lost drew his revolver. They both were fanning their revolvers.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!*

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!*

However, each fired bullet hit the opposing one. This looked like something from an anime or even American cowboy film. Coy holstered his revolver and went to draw his sword. But… Lost already drew his other revolver. From Lost’s actions, I could see that he wore two bandoleers under the poncho.

“Don’t even think about it, boy.” (Lost)

“Dammit…” (Coy)

Coy slowly moved his hand away from Shinusame’s hilt.

“You’ve gotten pretty good.” (Lost)

“Funny… I was about to say the same about you.” (Coy)

“But I didn’t come here for a shoot-out.” (Lost)

“Really now? Because I still owe you a few bullets.” (Coy)

Okay… I wonder what’s happened between them? Is this what the mysterious stranger warned us about?

“Then leave it for another time. Right now, you need to go to Ritme.” (Lost)

Ritme? That name sounds familiar…

“Why do I need to go to the homeland of the half-man race?” (Coy)

That’s it! It was the country that Coy told me the Ox King founded.

“Have you ever wondered about your parents?” (Lost)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

Coy’s… parents?

“Don’t act all surprised.” (Lost)

“But… my parents are dead.” (Coy)

“Really? Has anyone ever even told you that?” (Lost)

“Now that you mention it… no. I always assumed that they were.” (Coy)

“You will find all your answers in the territory of Yottsu. The lord there will help with the rest.” (Lost)

“Why are you telling me this?” (Coy)

“I have my reasons.” (Lost)

And after saying that, the mysterious stranger known as Lost Justice took his leave. This was just weird, both mysterious strangers in the same day. I could see the conflict in Coy’s face as well. Could Coy’s heritage be what the stranger in the top hat meant?

“Coy-kun… what are we going to do?”

“First we need to get back to Damned before the sun sets. And then I need to go to Ritme and get an audience with the lord of Yottsu.” (Coy)

Yottsu… wait a moment.

“Coy-kun… that territory share’s the name of a number from my homeland.”

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

“I’m serious. ‘Yottsu’ is Japanese for ‘four’.”

“Just… what is it with me and the number four?” (Coy)

He told me about it before, his connection with the number four. That he was unconscious for four days and that he had to leave for Tholman in four days of finding out he was the Hero. Not to mention both the number of his apartment and the warehouse that his boss has his things stored was number four. Is there any significance with him and that number or something?

“I personally have no clue, Coy-kun.”

“Then that makes two of us.” (Coy)

We then saw the adventurers and other prisoners off. Coy was busy reloading his revolver when Cecil finally spoke up.

“Ya know that Lost Justice could had killed Coy, ya know.” (Cecil)

How many times can he say “ya” in a sentence?

“What do you mean?”

“Coy’s not using the right bullets.” (Cecil)

“How did you know?” (Coy)

I personally don’t know anything about guns.

“That revolver’s a .357 Magnum. Those rounds could had actually done some damage to that Mech Armor earlier. However, ya said that your revolver couldn’t do anything to that armor. So ya have to be using .38 Special rounds if I’m correct?” (Cecil)

Alright, I may know nothing about firearms, but I have heard about .357 and .38 Special before. Those are bullet types.

“You caught me.” (Coy)

“Wait… then how could he have died back there?”

“Lost Justice is known for wielding two .357 Magnum revolvers. Like the one Coy has, they are single-action models. However, the .357 and the .38 only have one difference other than stopping power. The length of the bullet casings. A .357 Magnum can fire a .38 bullet, but a .38 Special cannot fire a .357 bullet. As Coy just admitted to using .38 Special rounds in his revolver, what do you think would had happened if Lost Justice was using .357 rounds?” (Cecil)

“Wait… then Lost Justice’s bullets wouldn’t had been stopped by Coy’s?”

“That is correct. Therefore, Lost Justice must had been trying to give Coy a handicap, ya know?” (Cecil)

“Actually… it’s not really a secret in Anthill Bay that I use .38 Special.” (Coy)

“Eh?” (Cecil)

“I use .38 Special because the bullets are cheaper. It’s not like I don’t carry any .357 Magnum rounds, I just prefer the cheaper and less powerful ammunition. It’s less recoil and unless I’m actually aiming for a person’s vitals I don’t have as much of a chance to kill them.” (Coy)

“Are ya daft!?” (Cecil)

“No need to shout. I know that using the correct ammunition would be better. However, most of my opponents haven’t called for the use of .357 Magnum rounds. I mainly use my sword anyway.” (Coy)

“But… That…” (Cecil)

“Cecil-kun, please just give up?” (Kimiko)

“Aye…” (Cecil)

And with that, Cecil finally relented.

“Anyway, let’s get back to damned before it gets dark? Oh, first we need to get Wells.” (Coy)

I’m surprised that no one forgot about her?

“What do you mean?” (Wells)

“Oh… your father hasn’t told you yet, did he?” (Coy)

“Told me what?” (Wells)

“Go ask him, he has another order for you.” (Coy)

And with that, she finally headed back into the cave. The rest of us just stood by the entrance and waited. Coy of course had to light a cigarette. I tried to state my objection, but he reminded me that he hadn’t had one in two days. From what I know about smokers, that’s practically impossible. Then again, I will let him off the hook this time. We did have a long day after all. Fighting Wells’ group, a giant robot, and then appearances from two different mysterious strangers… today was rough. Even if the giant robot was anti-climatic. And when Coy finished his cigarette, Wells came back out.

“Apparently I now have orders to join you. Until I come across another bunker suitable for living that is.” (Wells)

“Alright then, welcome aboard.” (Coy)

Coy then pulled his car our of his inventory. This of course surprised Wells. It’s been a long day as I’ve said earlier. Now there was only one problem. How are we going to fit six people into one car!?

After Note: And that was the 11th chapter, folks. If you listened to the song that I named this chapter after, then you will realize why I picked it. That line Coy says, “another man’s bread or another man’s jacket stands between you and staying alive” is actually from Episode 26 from season one of The Twilight Zone. As for Lost Justice, his appearance was somewhat based on Erron Black from Mortal Kombat X. And as I’m sure that some people know, Erron Black’s attire is somewhat based on The Man with No Name, a character portrayed by Clint Eastwood in “A Fist Full of Dollars”, “A Few Dollars More”, and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. Those three spaghetti westerns are also known as “The Dollars Trilogy”. I’m actually a fan of spaghetti westerns, and the Man with No Name is actually a character that’s known around the world. So I’m sure that even a Japanese school girl like Yuki’s even heard of him.

The next chapter will be ending the Journey to the Old World Arc, finally. I didn’t mean for this to take so long. However, I tried not to write chapters that were too long as well. I’m just glad to be ending it soon.

As for that thing I said earlier, I’m actually trying to translate one of the extra stories from Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu into English. It’s kind of hard as some of the characters used are Chinese, despite most of it being Japanese. I’m trying to run everything through two different translators in order to figure it out. Trust me, it’s hard.

Oh, SCDK Chapter 6 has been posted by BakaGrappler. Trust me, it’s good. And a little ridiculous towards the end. Just go and read it.

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    1. The other part of the line was supposed to be “Well… of those no longer in this world”. As it implies, the head scientist before Wells’ father didn’t even see those captured as humans, even the ones of the human race. So a lot of them were dissected by the sadist as he wondered why they resembled humans so much. So no one was really safe once captured.

      Don’t forget, a lot of the stuff concerning the “Old World” was heavily inspired by the Fallout games. Also, we needed a heavy point in the story.


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