Another postponement

Everyone, I’m sorry to announce that this week’s chapter is going to be postponed. Sorry, but I haven’t gotten into even starting it. Lately I’ve been distracted. Hell, for some strange reason I even turned on my Xbox 360 for the first time since Christmas and was playing WWE ’12 (the last WWE game I ever even bothered to get and made me lose all faith in the games). I guess watching Wrestlemania last weekend got me into the mood? Either way, I ended up doing that.

Not to mention that we got some pretty good anime this season. I’m still not over the disappointment that the Phantasy Star Online 2 anime’s ending was. All that anime did was make me lose even more faith in Sega. However, I am liking the anime for the Ace Attorney series along with a couple of anime that were based on manga I liked.

Still, I will get to writing soon. I will have a chapter for you guys next week. All I can say now is thank you for your patience.


One thought on “Another postponement

  1. Yeah, distractions can happen to the best of us at times. Tbh I’m been kinda distracted myself but I’m planning to complete the second chapter of my story hopefully by the end of this week. Then when that does happen I’ll treat myself to a Project Soul book.

    I’ve kinda lost interest in wrestling as I haven’t seen it for a good few years now. So I don’t know what’s going on in the WWE world as we speak. But it’s good to see you enjoying yourself playing the xbox as well as watching some anime.


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