The reason there is still no update

It happened again. I don’t mean the “No Update” thing, but something else. I had to reprogram my PC again. Well, I’m still doing it. Because I saved everything on my Linux hard drive, I lost what I had done. This started on Thursday, when Ubuntu needed an update. After that update, my computer started to show all kinds of problems. So I tried re-installing it. It can’t even install correctly right now. I’m lucky to have gotten it to the point where I can even access Windows 10. However, I’m not sure how long my luck’s gonna last right now. I’m going to look up something on the OS later, to see if I’m not the only one having issues. Still, will try to get the update out next week.

This week’s been hectic. Some spring cleaning, Destiny’s April update (I’ve had friends dragging me into it), not to mention it’s the new anime season. But I will try to get things right so I can update soon.


3 thoughts on “The reason there is still no update

  1. Man, that really sucks. Well, it will be good to have you back updating this fic – just sort out your computer first and everything will turn out for the best hopefully.

    Anyway just out of interest, what anime have you been watching?


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