Last delay, I swear!!!

Seriously, this is the last delay. I’ve been having issues with reprogramming my PC. I finally found out the cause last night. I decided to use a Windows 7 disc to format the hard drive I use for Linux, and discovered something. After it was formatted, Windows gave me a message saying that the hard drive was going to fail soon. So all along it was the hard drive.

Don’t fret, I do have the hard drive that I was using for storage between both Windows and Linux. It’s only a 120 gig, but it should have more than enough room for Linux. I guess that I can try to use the 320 gig as a go-between until it fails, but I’m going to be sure to back my files up on Windows 10 at least. And even though I swore to only use Windows for things I can’t use on Linux (mainly gaming because I actually need a controller and for some reason Ubuntu couldn’t use my controller no matter what I did), I should put Libre Office on there just in case I have no way to access Linux again. The Windows hard drive is half a Terabyte, so it should have room. I just need to be more careful from now on, that’s all.

But yeah, I will try my damnedest to get the next chapter out by next week. It’s an arc that I’ve been waiting to finish for a long time now. And the next one is one that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. This is OhMarioWV, signing off.


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