L.G.D.K! Chapter 12 – In the End?

Author’s Note: Alright peeps, I know that I’m actually late with this chapter. However, Iron Banner was going on last week in Destiny. Not to mention, I had a messed up sleep schedule. But I was working on the chapter. Actually, I just had to split it because it had more pages than I wanted. So this page is actually 9 pages on Libre Office Writer. Anywho, sorry for being late. There will also be another chapter this weekend. But for now, please enjoy?

Chapter 12 – In the End?

Well… we arrived back in Damned around sunset. As for how we arranged the seating… it was a little awkward. Nyra wanted to sit on Coy’s lap, but Coy was the only one of us who could drive so that was a no go. Kimiko instead had Nyra sit on her lap, which of course that adult-loli didn’t like. Poor Wells sat in the middle while Cecil got a window seat. I of course sat in the front passenger seat, after transforming out of my magical girl form. That one really surprised Wells, so it was an awkward explanation for when we were on the road. And even though it was a bench seat in the front, it was agreed by everyone that Nyra couldn’t sit there because she wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to to grab Coy’s arm; which is needed for shifting.

“We’re finally back!” (Nyra)

“Oi there, why do ya get to be the one saying that?” (Cecil)

“Because I was cramped in the back with you.” (Nyra)

“But poor Wells was stuck in the middle while ya were sitting on the maid’s lap, ya know?” (Cecil)

“To be honest, I didn’t mind.” (Wells)

That’s when we all stared at her.

“What? I’m usually wearing Mech Armor, so I’m used to things feeling cramped.” (Wells)

“Just why does that make too much sense?”

I had to say it.

“I don’t know why, but I think we better just drop it?” (Coy)

That made too much sense as well. We all agreed on it before Coy put his car back inside his inventory and we all headed inside of the shrine. But as soon as we entered, the Village Elder ran up to Nyra and hugged her tightly.

“My darling daughter, are you all right!?” (Elder)

“Dad… can’t… breathe…” (Nyra)

And then the Elder let his daughter go.

“Sorry about that. Still, are you unharmed? Did those Bunkins do anything to hurt you?” (Elder)

“Dad, I’m fine. Mr. Coy didn’t even let me fight.” (Nyra)

And then the Elder turned his attention to Coy, with a very angry expression no less.

“How could you bring my daughter to a dangerous place!?” (Elder)

“Hey, I didn’t bring her. She snuck inside of my car’s trunk all on her own.” (Coy)

“And why didn’t you bring her back immediately!?” (Elder)

“As far as we traveled, it would had been a waste of time and liquid charcoal. It wasn’t long after we found her inside the trunk that we found our target.” (Coy)

“That’s a better reason to have brought her back!” (Elder)

“Will ya quit yelling!?” (Cecil)

Finally, it was time someone interrupted.

“You shut up, Cecil. Who was the one who allowed you to do business in this village? I should have had you thrown out when you suggested on going after the Bunkins.” (Elder)

“Oi, I paid to do business here.” (Cecil)

And then the Elder pulled a coin purse from his robes and threw it at Cecil’s face. It was enough force to knock him down.

“And there’s your money back!” (Elder)

Poor Cecil received a black eye from that. Not to mention some swelling on his face. Kimiko and Wells tried to help him to his feet.

“Elder, that was uncalled for.” (Coy)

“Don’t you be criticizing me, Coy. I have been nothing but helpful and this is the thanks I get?” (Elder)

“It’s not like I wanted to bring her?” (Coy)

“It doesn’t matter, she still ended up coming with you.” (Elder)

“Will you even listen to my side of the story?” (Coy)

“No, I will not. I knew that one of these days that helping a Hero would lead to nothing but trouble, yet I have been doing it for the past five-hundred years. Who knew that the first one that’s a half-man would be trouble?” (Elder)

“Hey now–”

“Don’t you even think about interfering. You may be the Devil King, but you’re also a runaway. If you, that sorry excuse for a Hero, that shoddy merchant, and that damned shrine maiden are not out of this village by noon tomorrow… I will report you to the nearest soldier outpost. And trust me little miss Devil King, I don’t make threats. I make promises.” (Elder)

Wow… the Elder is getting pretty full of himself right now? He’s even willing to interrupt me, the Devil King of all people. Then again, he did strike me as both the doting and overprotective-type father. But I thought he didn’t want any trouble?

“Elder, wouldn’t reporting Yuki be a bad idea?” (Coy)

“What do you mean?” (Elder)

“Simple, it would cause too much attention.” (Coy)

“Too much attention?” (Elder)

“The villagers do not like trouble. If you report Yuki, then soldiers will come to the village. If soldiers come, then the village will be in trouble.” (Coy)

“And just how do you think the village will be in trouble?” (Elder)

“Because you already have the Harem King in custody. He may have been committing the crime of steeling the young maidens from both the demon and human realms, but he is still nobility. What do you think will happen to Damned if Demon Realm troops discover that you’re holding a noble prisoner?” (Coy)

Oh boy… Coy is playing the bad guy again.

“Don’t think that we can’t hide that monster. We can always kill him and bury him in the wastes.” (Elder)

Now who’s being the bad guy here!?

“All right, say that you did that? However, the locals will not be happy about soldiers coming. Let alone Xar’s Legion,” (Coy)

Wait… I’ve heard of that legion. But aren’t they stationed in Thanatos?

“Why would Xar’s Legion be sent here?” (Elder)

“Think about it, Yuki is the Devil King. To assure her “safe return”, don’t think that they will just send over any regular troops. No, they will send their strongest forces to bring her back. Not to mention they would tear down this whole village to find her. And whose to say that we can’t be gone by the time they get here?” (Coy)

Are they seriously having some sort of pissing contest on who’s the better bad guy?

“We can always hold her prisoner until they arrive.” (Elder)

Apparently they are…

“Elder, are you forgetting who you’re talking to?” (Coy)

“A half-man who is trying to become a dead man.” (Elder)

And now I can feel the malice coming from the Elder.

“The Hero, that’s who.” (Coy)

Oh please don’t be trying to pull the Hero card while being the bad guy?

“So?” (Elder)

“What’s to stop me from staying and fighting? Of course I don’t really stand a chance against Xar’s Legion, but there’s always the possibility of me becoming prisoner? And don’t you dare think for a second that I wouldn’t rat you out for aiding me or any of the past Heroes. If I do that, who knows what those guys will do? Probably raze the village to the ground to set an example? Then the villagers will really be suffering. And who do you think they will blame for their suffering? Better yet, how do you think they will make you suffer in return?” (Coy)

“You’re… you’re bluffing!” (Elder)

“You know as well as I do that they would go after Nyra. She is your most precious possession after all. Then again… what’s to stop me from killing you and taking her with me? Or making her the only survivor of what could be called “The Massacre of Damned”? Once I’m back across the badlands, they would welcome me back as a hero for destroying a Village of Demons. Not that I’m not already the Hero, but even if I weren’t then they would treat me like one. Not to mention allow me to keep my little spoil of war.” (Coy)

Alright… he’s even starting to scare me. Nyra was already getting terrified and the Elder was starting to turn pale. Even Kimiko, Wells, and Cecil were quiet. Forget that question I asked a while ago, Coy is no tsundere. He’s a yandere!

“You… you wouldn’t!” (Elder)

“You’re right, I wouldn’t. However, you should always look at all the possibilities. Don’t forget, you haven’t known me for too long. The most you did was allow me and my party to stay under your roof for a few nights before we set back out on our journey. Hell, I had to convince those guys not to try and kill you in your sleep. I even helped subdue the Harem King on my first day back, the one guy you feared. And what did I get for it? Turned into a woman and having to be under a curse to stay as a man, that’s what. I had already repaid your kindness beforehand, and that was by agreeing to take the shrine maid with me when I leave again. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t owe you a damn thing.” (Coy)

Wow… Coy’s even justifying being the bad guy. I think he just won their little pissing contest. The Elder is completely speechless. However, it’s my turn now.

“Elder, if I may?”

“Go ahead.” (Elder)

“As much as I do not like the words Coy used… he has made a point more than once. You do not want any trouble and neither do we. We will leave tomorrow morning. So please, can we just stop this?”

I honestly wanted it to stop. Even though Coy himself said that he wouldn’t do any of that, he still scared me. I have only met him a few days ago, so I’ve known him for less time than the Elder has. And the last thing I wanna regret at the moment was our agreement.

“Fine, as long as you are true to your word. Nyra, we’re leaving.” (Elder)

I could see it on her face. As a girl, I can tell. She had that nervous look of confusion, as if her whole world is being flipped upside-down and she doesn’t know why. Then again, I couldn’t blame her. Coy did say many disturbing things back there. Not to mention with both her and her father involved.

“Yes… father.” (Nyra)

Wait… did she call him “father” instead of “dad” like she normally does?

And with that, she followed the Elder out of the shrine. For once, I feel bad for her. I know that she really liked Coy, despite being twenty years older than him. Yet, she looked only seven years younger. Out of all of the surprises on my journey so far, she was something from anime and manga that I didn’t expect to meet; a legal loli.

“It was for the best.” (Coy)

“Wait… what did you just say?”

If I hadn’t extended it, I would had stolen his catchphrase again.

“I know I looked like a heartless bastard back there, but I had to be. Knowing Nyra, she would had tried to follow me this time if I hadn’t said those things.” (Coy)

Wait a minute… don’t tell me that he planned this!?

“That was very despicable, ya know.” (Cecil)

And Cecil’s healed already!? Kimiko, you work fast.

“It was. I will admit, I was real scum back there. Probably even lower? But I couldn’t think of another way.” (Coy)

“Are you sure about that, Coy-kun?” (Kimiko)

“What do you mean?” (Coy)

He really is dense.

“Coy-kun, there’s always another way. You didn’t have to play the villain to stay the Hero.”

“Even if that’s true, it’s too late now. For her sake, it’s better that I burned the bridge.” (Coy)

“And tell me, how was it for her sake?”

“Think about it for a second, will ya? Even though we’re going to Ritme, it’s still on that side of the badlands. Most of the guys on the other side think of night elves as demons. It’s bad enough that we’re taking the shrine maid with us. However, the shrine maid can look out for herself. Nyra isn’t really a combatant. If we got separated or anything, she would be the one in the most danger. She may be an adult, but she still looks like a child. Who knows what would happen to her?” (Coy)

“Wait… you thought ahead that far?”

“Yuki, it’s been on my mind since she first wanted me to marry her. Just to be clear, my feelings for her are only that of a friend. However, I know how determined she is. Actually, she proved worse than I thought by sneaking into the car before we left today. The real problem however… determination like that could prove dangerous for her in the future.” (Coy)

Wow… Coy isn’t as dense as I thought he was. However… he just admitted that his feelings for her are that of a friend as well. But still… he didn’t have to act like a certain hero with a shield from one of my favorite light novels either. Like that guy, Coy could actually try to act heroic.

“So… what is our next move?” (Wells)

And now she speaks?

“Isn’t it obvious? Tomorrow morning we’re leaving for Olko.” (Coy)

“Wait a minute… I thought we were going to Ritme?”

“Yuki, you really need to look at a map. We’re in Lethe right now, which is south of Thanatos. Thanatos is directly across the badlands from Ritme, but it would be the most dangerous place for an escaped Devil King like you or a Hero like me to go. Especially since the troops there are the legendary Xar’s Legion. But luckily for us, Olko is directly across the badlands from Lethe. And Olko is just south of Ritme.” (Coy)

“Wait… couldn’t we go diagonally across the badlands to get to Ritme?”

“Yuki-chan, Coy-kun knows something that we don’t.” (Kimiko)


“Actually, it’s no secret on the other side of the badlands.” (Cecil)

“Wait… if it’s no secret, then why don’t we know it?”

“As Coy’s the half-man, it’s better that he says it.” (Cecil)

“Hey, that’s kinda racist.” (Coy)

“No offense, but you are of the race that lives there. And you were the one to mention going to go to Olko instead of directly going to Ritme.” (Cecil)

“Fine, but don’t say it like that again. You see Yuki, Ritme is a very unique country. Actually, there’s a reason why no one can really just waltz in there. Ritme is surrounded by a wall.” (Coy)

“Wait… a wall?”

“Yeah, a wall that surrounds the whole country at it’s borders. No one can get in or out unless they have a writ from the church or someone within the country itself.” (Coy)

“Why from the church?”

“Because Ritme’s under the church’s protection.” (Coy)

“Under the church’s protection?”

“From what I learned during my training back in Tholmen, the church made an agreement with the Ox King after he defeated the Devil King of that generation. When the lands were returned to the half-men, the church agreed to protect them from slavers and other attackers. The problem was that they couldn’t afford the manpower to manage protecting the borders. And even though the half-man race were allowed to protect themselves, too many people complained that it only gave the half-men the right to slaughter and could lead to another war. So Pope Alexandre the first and the Ox king agreed that the best way to keep people out would be to put up a wall to seal off contact from the outside.” (Coy)

“Wait… Ritme is sealed off?”

“Yes and no. Yes because of the huge wall surrounding the country. And no because the locals are allowed to come and go as they please. Not to mention as I said earlier, people with writs from the church or from someone within the country itself. Usually referring to nobility or merchants.” (Coy)

“So how are we going to get in?”

“As I’m the Hero, I already have permission from the church.” (Coy)

Go figure. I should have seen it coming.

“So have you been there before?”

“Actually… no.” (Coy)

“But why? You actually have permission from the church, weren’t you ever curious about your people?”

“To be honest, I decided that I would put that off until after defeating the Devil King.” (Coy)

Again, go figure. Coy is always straight to the point.

“Didn’t you ever decide to take a break on your journey?”

“Only when my party would get too fed up with the constant work.” (Coy)

“Are you serious?”

“I am.” (Coy)

“Wait a moment, do ya mean tell us that ya never stopped to enjoy the little things in life?” (Cecil)

“In the words of my former employer, “There’s always time to slack off when the job’s done”. So I figured the faster I defeated the Devil King, the more time there would be to enjoy myself.” (Coy)

“But what about fatigue?”

“Oh, we would relax on our journey. Like take breaks after fighting, resting in towns after a arriving, stuff like that.” (Coy)

Wait… you mean to tell me that he didn’t even stop for side quests?

“Coy-kun, you never stopped to smell the roses?”

“Why would I wanna smell roses?” (Coy)

That idiot! I swear, there are times when he’s clever as a fox and times when he’s dumb as a rock!

“It’s an expression from her world, Coy-kun. Like take a break to notice what’s going on around you.” (Kimiko)

“Or go sight seeing when you reach a town and look at the local landmarks.”

He just stood there with a dumb look for a moment. And then he balled up his fist and hit the palm of his other hand.

“Now I get it! That explains why Nia complained when I was prepared to leave towns the next day.” (Coy)

“Wait… Nia?”

Who’s Nia?

“She was the warrior in my party.” (Coy)

So she was in his party? This is the first time he ever mentioned anyone from his party, normally he just mentions his party in a whole. But before I could ask, his expression changed to a slightly depressed one.


“Well, that was enough excitement for one day. I think I’ll go lay down until dinner?” (Coy)

He then left for his room. It made me wonder if something happened between him and his party, but I could easily tell that now wasn’t the time to ask him. Everyone else was silent as well.

“I think I’ll take a stroll. I would at least like to see this place at night since I doubt we’re ever going to return.”

“Just be careful, Yuki-chan.” (Kimiko)

“Wait.” (Cecil)


“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” (Cecil)

He walked up to me and handed me a knife.

“Are you sure I need this?”

“This village may have been one of the safer places I’ve ever been at night, but ya can never be too careful.” (Cecil)


I then took the knife and stuffed it in my school bag. Most of the contents were on top of the dresser in my room, so I didn’t have too much with me. I mainly carry it with me out of habit anyway. And hopefully, I wouldn’t have to pull the knife out of it.

As I walked the streets, I could see how deserted it was. Most of the light came from the moon, though lights from inside of the buildings were visible. I personally think I prefer the slightly more bustling crowds in the day time. But as I looked up at the moon, I could only look in awe. It was no different than the moon I walked under back home in Tokyo. I kinda expected the moon here to be colored red or there even being more than one moon in general. Even in my three months imprisoned in the Devil King’s castle, I never really got a chance to look at the moon. I will admit that I did feel a little homesick. However, I had doubts about returning home any time in the near future. All I could do was sigh.

“Out moon-gazing, washboard?” (Nyra)

After Note: And now you all know how Nyra’s dad is like when he’s pissed off as well as how far Coy can go to prove a point. Yeah, some of Coy’s personality is based on Shield Bro. But Shield Bro is actually worse when it comes to this stuff, that dude can be a sadist. But both Coy and Naofumi both know one thing… some times to do some good, you must be the bad guy. Yes, that was taken from a certain FNAF2 fan song by MandoPony.

Still, sorry that it took so long. Yes, the chapter was named after a Linkin Park song. It was the best one I could come up with for a title with this chapter. I didn’t expect it to go so long, but this chapter turned out even longer than the original prologue for this story. And I had to cut parts out of that. This was supposed to be the last chapter of the arc, but it turned out that there’s going to be another. Or I can try to turn the next one into the intro of the next arc? Either way, I got more writing to do.

And in case you guys didn’t know, Reigo-senpai has translated chapter 107 of Tuski ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. Trust me, it’s not bad. Though as a guy who’s read the raws through Google Translate, it’s going to get even better in the near future.

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