Let’s Go Devil King! The Anime?

Hello peeps, this is Oh Mario (WV) and I’m here to tell you everything I know! Okay… using the line I always used for the intro of my old YouTube Show was not the best idea. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. No, there is something else as the title suggests. A month back, I mentioned a “special project”. Well, this is it. One of the fans of LGDK happens to be a student in the field of animation. And he asked for my permission to make an anime based of LGDK. So what did I do? I accepted of course!

However, he was on vacation when he asked me. So far we have exchanged many emails, mainly about certain things of the story. I also sent him some bios of the characters, though… there are other characters that I am still working on. Not to mention we have been swapping ideas back and forth.

But… why didn’t I just spring this on you guys after the first episode was complete? Simple, it’s not like there’s a major studio like A1 or Aniplex involved or anything. This is a collaboration between a student and a shut-in (me). So my Greek Friend as I’ll refer to him as I do not like mentioning IRL names and I don’t know his WordPress as he’s only contacted me via email and we just added each other to Skype, had an idea. Originally, we were just going to ask for ideas for the anime project. However as there’s no studio behind this (RG07 Productions is just me), we’re gonna need some Voice Actors.

So if anyone wants to try out for characters in the LGDK anime project, let us know. You can either contact me (details are on the “About Me” page) or my Greek Friend at mprp321995@gmail.com if you want to try out. I personally would rather you post your tryouts via YouTube, but not everyone does that these days. Just read lines from the character you want to tryout for and mention the chapter that those lines are from as well as the character (we are using the story itself as the script). As for the deadline, we haven’t set that yet. It will be announced later.

Just remember, all lines are to be in English. Dubbing in other languages is not in the cards just yet, but it will be in the future as I do have readers in non-English speaking countries. For anyone wanting to try out, feel free to do so. Experience in VA work is not required. And as this is basically a free project, there is no pay. I like think of it more as a community effort.

So yeah, this was the big surprise that I had mentioned a few times. Anyway, good luck to those who are going to try out. And for those of you who want to spit out ideas for the anime (as most of the locations and appearances are left to the readers’ imaginations), feel free to do so in the comments of this post or any of the upcoming chapters. Next chapter will be on the weekend, by the way.

This has been Oh Mario and thank you all in advance.


9 thoughts on “Let’s Go Devil King! The Anime?

      1. I prefer that people post their auditions on YouTube and send the link as it’s faster than sending an audio file. As I know that everyone doesn’t have a YouTube account, they can send the files via email.


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