L.G.D.K! Chapter 16 – Turning Japanese?

Author’s Note: Alright peeps, this is chapter 16 of LGDK. Before you guys read, I just want to note that the title of the chapter has nothing to do with… masturbation. I just couldn’t find a suitable song title. Anyway, please enjoy?

Chapter 16 – Turning Japanese?

All right… things are getting even more weird. Not only does the country by the name of Ritme, which is the country of Coy’s people, and it’s more like Feudal Japan, but… Coy is currently being hugged by the daughter of the Feudal Lord. And said daughter is at least twice Coy’s age. But the most weird part about it… she’s calling him Hayate. And… she claims to be his mother?

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

“It’s true. You came from my womb and fed from my breast a long with your sister.” (Nagisa)

“No… there’s no way.” (Coy)

He then got out of the hug.

“Hayate, do you dare deny your own mother?” (Nagisa)

“No disrespect ma’am, but my name is Coy. And I’m from Anthill Bay.” (Coy)

“But… you have to be Hayate.” (Nagisa)

“No, I am not.” (Coy)

Just what is going on here? Wait… my Otaku Senses! Even though I didn’t detect the harem route, I did detect a cliché coming. And if the situation is what it looks like so far, then it’s a cliché older than anime and manga.

“Coy-kun… isn’t there a possibility that there’s some truth in what she says?”

“Like what?” (Coy)

“She mentioned that you have a sister, something that you do not share with many people.”

“That… could be a coincidence?” (Coy)

Is he really in denial here? Not to mention that Kimiko and the others seemed surprised at the news of him having a sister.

“Hayate-kun… who is this young lady?” (Nagisa)

“Hello, ma’am. My name is Yuki.”

“Snow, huh? Could you be my Hayate’s lover?” (Nagisa)

Wait… what!? Is she really being that kind of clichéd anime mom or something? And did she just get me to mentally steal Coy’s catchphrase?


“Miss Yuki is his wife.” (Nyra)

What!? You damn legal loli, are you seriously trying to throw me out of the frying pan and into the fire here!? I know you don’t like me, but you are the last person who would say that. Especially with your denial when I said that lie to get you off of Coy. Is this revenge?

“So my Hayate found himself a bride already? When will I be expecting grandchildren?” (Nagisa)

“Grand… children?”

I could feel myself turn red here. I couldn’t help it.

“There’s no grandchildren!” (Coy)

At last, he’s making himself useful in this situation.

“Could it be that you two… haven’t done the mating ritual yet?” (Nagisa)

“Mmmm…. ma… mating ritual?”

“It’s usually a custom of a young married couple to try and bring children into this world.” (Nagisa)

I couldn’t help but to feel more flustered than before. Coy on the other hand… was getting red himself.

“Look, we’re getting off topic. What proof is there that I’m even this Hayate person?” (Coy)

“Is your twin sister human?” (Nagisa)

She had him there. But then again… she didn’t mention twin earlier.

“… Yes.” (Coy)

“So I am right, you really are my Hayate!” (Nagisa)

She then gave him another hug.

“Wait a moment! If you really are my mother… then why was I raised in an orphanage far away from here?” (Coy)

And he finally pulled him trump card. Now… what will be her hand to beat it?

“Oh Hayate-kun… it’s sad. When you and Fuko were young, you were abducted.” (Nagisa)

Wait… his sister’s real name is Fuko? So his name literally means “wind” while his sister’s means “child of wind”, huh? But… this story so far is a cliché.

“Wait… abducted? By who?” (Coy)

“I think I should take this from here.” (Daisuke)

“Okay…” (Coy)

“You see, your father was human. That bastard wasn’t even nobility or anything. Just an mercenary from the outside that stole my poor Nagisa’s heart. He should die a–” (Daisuke)

Nagisa then hit her father over the head with… a giant paper fan? Is this a manzai act?

“Father, never talk about Abel-san that way.” (Nagisa)

His father is named Abel? Does that mean that Coy has an uncle named Cain?

“What? He was the idiot who let the kidnappers get away.” (Daisuke)

“Abel-san tried his best.” (Nagisa)

“Will you two get back on topic before I leave?” (Coy)

“Sorry about that. Where was I? Oh yes. That little punk stole your mother’s heart. I tried to keep them apart, but he managed to still escape this place with Nagisa and married her without my consent.” (Daisuke)

“Father… he did have a writ with your permission. It even had your seal.” (Nagisa)

Wait… did he take back a promise or did this Abel person steal his seal?

“Well…” (Daisuke)

“Are you going to keep lallygagging or am I going to have to just up and leave?” (Coy)

“Straight to the point, eh? You’re too much like that punk. Anyway… he did have a writ that I may have stamped… and escaped an assassination attempt on my part to make it void as I didn’t want him in my family.” (Daisuke)

So he did try to take back a promise… in a very interesting way.

“Anyway, he married your mother. But no one in the family liked that a human had the right to become the lord of Yottsu. For the record, I had no part in what happened after. But I do know that another member of the family was involved when you and your sister were taken away to the furthest ends of the earth.” (Daisuke)

“Wait a moment… if you’re the family head, then how could you not know that which member of the family was responsible?” (Coy)

“Because they had help from a Shadow.” (Daisuke)

“A shadow?” (Coy)

“I think I can help with that.” (new voice)

This new voice belonged to a woman. She wasn’t too tall, but she was taller than myself. She wore a beautiful white kimono. And her hair, was a beautiful silver that was different from the silver of Kimiko and Nyra’s natural night elf hair. But her eyes… were a different red from Ashtoreth’s. By her ears and tail, I could tell she wasn’t a dog. No, this woman was a fox.

“Inarihime-sama!” (Daisuke)

I never seen anyone do a dogeza that fast. But that name… I know that “hime” could easily stand for “princess”. But Inari… that part reminded me of Inari Okami, the Japanese god of foxes, fertility, rice, tea, and Sake of the Shinto religion.

“Stand up, Daisuke-kun.” (Inarihime)

And at her command, he stood up straight.

“And who are you?” (Coy)

Daisuke immediately changed his expression to anger and stared daggers at Coy.

“As you did not grow up in Ritme young one, you do not know of me. I am Inarihime, the oldest being in this land.” (Inarihime)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

I was with him on this one. She looked slightly older than us yet younger than Nagisa, who looked very young to be a mother.

“I may not look it, but I am a thousand years your senior. But just be polite and not ask the exact number, all right?” (Inarihime)

That only makes a person want to ask how old she really is.

“Wait… were you around during the time of the Ox King? Did you know him?” (Coy)

Coy… you idiot! You might as well have asked her exact age!? Just why does he always get excited about the Ox King? Even his tail is wagging.

“You mean my late husband?” (Inarihime)

Wait… her late husband? You mean to tell me that she’s the one who Coy said brought Ritme it’s culture? Could she be like me, from Japan? But if she is what I think she is, then she wouldn’t be a human. Let alone a half-man.

“You’re his wife?” (Coy)

“Widow for the past… it’s better if I do not give the exact number. But still, I was his wife.” (Inarihime)

“But… I was told that he married a feline half-man. You’re a fox, definitely a canine.” (Coy)

That’s right, Coy did mention that.

“A common misconception brought by the Nekotaru clan’s folk out of jealousy.” (Daisuke)

“Even though it should not matter. All of the clans have both the Ox King’s blood as well as my own in their veins.” (Inarihime)

“Wait… you mean to tell me that I have the blood of the Ox King?” (Coy)

Don’t be asking that while wagging your tail!?

“Yes young Hayate, you do.” (Inarihime)

Coy looks like he’s on cloud nine right now. Just how much does he idolize the Ox King anyway?

“Mother!” (Coy)

He then hugged Nagisa. That’s it, I cannot stay quiet now. I’m grabbing his ear.

“Hey, don’t be accepting it because you found out that she’s a descendant of the Ox King!”

“Ow!” (Coy)

He let go of her as I dragged him away.

“No Yuki-chan, that’s not how you do it.” (Nagisa)


She then handed me the giant paper fan.

“If he’s misbehaving, use this.” (Nagisa)

I then let go and hit Coy in the back of the head.

“Ouch!” (Coy)

“You’re right, this does work.”

“Consider it a late wedding gift.” (Nagisa)

I almost feel bad that she may need to learn the truth.

“Hey, we’re getting off track.” (Coy)

He was right, we went way off track. And that paper fan could not hurt bad enough for him to still be rubbing the back of his head?

“You are right. I am not just the late Ox King’s widow, I am also the person in charge of the Shadows.” (Inarihime)

“The Shadows?” (Coy)

Inarihime then snapped her fingers. Before we knew it, there were multiple people in the room… dressed as shinobi? Seriously, they were dressed in all-black ninja garb, robes and all. But… they were wearing only half-masks that covered the bottom halves of their faces with black headbands above. And all of them were foxes like Inarihime.

“Oi, what in the name of the Deity?” (Cecil)

That moment, Cecil, Wells, Nyra, and Kimiko all had ninjatō blades at their throats. What’s going on here!?

“Hey, blades away from my friends!” (Coy)

Coy already had his left hand near the grip of his revolver, ready to draw.

“So the shady human, the Bunkin, and the two night elves are your friends?” (Inarihime)

“And what of it?” (Coy)

“Oh Asuka…” (Inarihime)

Then a female shinobi walked up to Inarihime. She wore black like the rest… but it wasn’t robes. She was wearing a sleeveless and legless bodysuit with a left shoulder pauldron! She was really showing her curves thanks to it being skin tight. Not to mention… she had a body similar to Kimiko’s human body from my world. But her silver hair was worn in a similar ponytail to Nakano’s.

“Yes, Inarihime-sama?” (Asuka)

“Can you confirm the young master’s words?” (Inarihime)

“They are indeed his friends.” (Asuka)

Right there, Inarihime snapped her fingers and the Shadows removed their blades from everyone’s throats. All four of them grabbed their own throats and were breathing heavily. I didn’t blame them, I would had been doing the same. And with another snap of Inarihime’s fingers, all the Shadows except for Asuka disappeared.

“Just… what the hell?” (Coy)

What the hell indeed.

“Sorry about that, it is their jobs to make sure that potential spies do not leave.” (Inarihime)

Well… now I know what happened too all the Demon Realm spies that Kimiko mentioned before. These Shadows do not mess around.

“Look, I knew that you could tell the night elves, but how did you know that Cecil was shady? Or that Wells is an Old Worlder?” (Coy)

“Asuka was assigned to be your personal Shadow.” (Inarihime)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

Glad he said it before I did, because I really wanted to say it for once.

“At birth, all Ritme nobility are assigned a Shadow of the opposite gender. Asuka here was raised to become yours. Assigned Shadows are to protect their masters until death. And in turn, the nobles assigned are to give them children after marriage.” (Inarihime)

“Wait… what!?”

Now I said it.

“I guess it must be a shock to a human like yourself, Yuki-chan. But do not worry, she is forbidden from having intercourse with Hayate until after you give birth.” (Inarihime)

I could not help but to start blushing again. And Coy was doing it too.

“But that doesn’t explain how you knew about Cecil and Wells?” (Coy)

“Sorry about that, but I assumed that it would be better to explain personal Shadows first. Anyway, we heard about the current Hero being a coyote half-man of seventeen years of age. But we did not know if he could really be the missing Hayate or not. As Asuka did not have her assigned noble, she was sent to observe the new Hero. She’s been following you since you began your journey.” (Inarihime)

Wait… she’s been following Coy in the shadows for that long?

“But… how could I not know?” (Coy)

“Shadows go through rigorous training starting from when they first learn how to walk. They can do many things, including being the best masters of disguise to the point where they can completely mask their scent.” (Inarihime)

That explains a lot.

“So… she’s seen everything?” (Coy)

Wait… oh crap. She was probably even watching Coy when I first had tea with him in the Devil King’s Castle. Now our covers blown.

“Yes, even when you were betrayed by that strider and even when you clashed with the Devil King.” (Inarihime)

Wait… clashed?

“Which reminds me, how did it end?” (Daisuke)

Oh no, I might get revealed here.

“From Asuka’s reports, it ended in a stalemate. Hayate had to leave before more minions arrived and the Devil King is currently in hiding due to an injury.” (Inarihime)

Wait… does she know the truth? Because only part of that was right.

“Oh Hayate, you have done the Inuharu clan proud!” (Daisuke)

“Thank you… grandfather.” (Coy)

That is one word that I know that he’s not used to saying. Then again, he was raised as an orphan.

“Now, tonight there will be a feast in celebration of Hayate’s return!” (Daisuke)

“What about the fact that he is wed?” (Nagisa)

Did she have to bring that up?

“I think we should wait for that feast.” (Daisuke)

“Father! Do not tell me that you are upset that Hayate has married a human?” (Nagisia)

Wait… is that what this is about? Should we tell them the truth?

“Well… he was to be engaged to Nakano.” (Daisuke)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

“It is alright, Daisuke-sama. No one predicted that Hayate-sama would return with a bride.” (Nakano)

And now this is becoming a mess.

“Father!” (Nagisa)

“Daisuke, do not tell me that you were scheming behind my back?” (Inarihime)

“Well…” (Daisuke)

“It is young Hayate’s choice whether or not to be married to a human. According to Asuka’s reports, that maid is a shrine maiden. And it was her who preformed the ceremony.” (Inarihime)

Wait… is Asuka trying to protect us?

“That’s it! marriages in the Demon Realm by one of their shrine maidens are not valid on this side of the badlands. So Hayate is not even legally married here, he must marry Nakano!” (Daisuke)

Wait a moment… why is he so hell bent on Coy marrying Nakano?

“Valid or not, Yuki is still his wife. So technically she is only engaged to Hayate on this side of the badlands. Therefore they only have to renew their vows to validate it.” (Inarihime)

No, this is becoming more of a drama and less of an adventure.

“In that case, Hayate! Be a good boy and void your engagement to that human.” (Daisuke)

“No.” (Coy)

Wait… what? Instead of saying those words, why is he outright refusing?

“And why are you refusing to listen to your grandfather?” (Daisuke)

“I made a promise to Yuki, one that I cannot break.” (Coy)


“But come on, Nakano would make a better bride! Look at her, she has excellent hips for birthing and a way better bust than that human! Not to mention she’s beautiful. Why do you not want to marry her? What does that human got that she doesn’t?” (Daisuke)

Oh… you better not mention my thighs!

“As I said, I made a promise. In sickness and in health, ’til death do us part. I will protect her.” (Coy)

Even though that was the promise… it’s a little embarrassing when he says it like wedding vows.

“Is that all?” (Daisuke)

“Well… she does have some nice thighs–” (Coy)

I had to hit him in the back of the head with the giant paper fan.

“Well, I already approve of Yuki-chan.” (Nagisa)

“Daisuke-sama…” (Nakano)

I could see her glaring at Daisuke. Wasn’t this the same woman who was showing him the utmost respect earlier?

“Yes, Nakano?” (Daisuke)

“I do not think that she appreciates being made into a trophy.” (Inarihime)

“Not to mention… you did only compliment some inappropriate things, father.” (Nagisa)

“Wait… I was only trying to help!” (Daisuke)

“Then Daisuke-sama, learn a better way. I do not appreciate your method.” (Nakano)

“I’m very sorry!” (Daisuke)

That was the second time that I seen the lord of Yottsu do a dogeza in record speed. Then again, I couldn’t blame him. There were three women giving him terrifying glares. All I could do was wonder what was going to happen next?

After Note: And that was chapter 16, folks. The title did have a significance, Ritme is a pre-Meiji era Japan-based country after all. So things are going to look a little more Japanese in this arc. If you’re wondering what Inarihime really is, then wait for the next chapter. Though Yuki already made the connection.

For those of you who didn’t know, Reigo-senpai has posted the translation for 116th chapter of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. That story is getting to a good point from when I read the clumps of incoherent text that Google Translate gave me of the raws.

Oh yeah, we are still holding auditions for the Let’s Go Devil King anime. If you haven’t heard the news yet, Click Here.

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