Been busy with live streaming, but will still update this week

As I was already a chapter ahead, I will still be posting an update this week. I just finished a little touching up on this week’s chapter of LGDK. However… I have been doing a little messing around. I’ve actually been doing some streams from my PS4 on Twitch. Before I go too much further into this, thank you Aberdeus for being the only one so far attending some of them.

Anyway, I have pretty much been streaming each time I play. It’s not a way to increase popularity, just something that I do because I want to. Besides, this way I can always prove when people are cheating in racing on GTA Online (or show that I’ve cheated, which I try not to do). Or have proof when someone does a BS shot in Destiny. Trust me, I’ve somehow been getting shot from behind a wall recently. I plan on streaming other games like Warframe and Onigiri in the future. There are games out there that I do want to stream badly and I do want to eventually get a PS camera so I can show my face while streaming, but as I’m unemployed at the moment it’s kinda hard to do so. And no, I refuse to request anyone to donate towards the streaming cause. That donate button is meant for this story and things related to keep it up and running.

If anyone wants to attend my random streams, I always post when I’m doing it on my Twitter on the right side of the page. You can follow me on there if you want to, but that’s up to you. My names on Twitter and Twitch are the same, though the thing that’s different is my PSN (HighwaymanMyth) as I had it way before I started going by OhMarioWV. It’s my old FanFiction.Net pen name. And it was before I originally got the nickname “Mario” in the first place. As I mentioned in an old episode of my old YouTube show “Oh Mario, Tell me everything You Know!”, the “Oh” in “Oh Mario” stands for “One Highwayman” because there’s only one “HighwaymanMario”. That’s my XBL gamertag. I also have an HighwaymanMario PSN, but that was created while I was on my Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen kick so I could make another pawn. So I don’t really use it that much.

Damn I ramble on too much. Still, I plan on both doing live streams on Twitch (which later get posted to my YouTube) and keeping this story up and running in the future. I might even continue from where I left off on my old GTA V Let’s Play via PS4 streaming from Twitch? Of course things would have to be different as it’s next gen and it started on Xbox 360. I was using an old Honestech capture device (that was meant to copy VHS tapes from a VCR to computer so you could burn DVDS) to capture game play. Not to mention I had to use two AV cable splitters so I could have the Xbox 360 go to both a TV and the PC at the same time. This was because there was too much lag going between the Xbox 360 and the computer, I was getting messed up too much. I used to even have it advertised as being displayed in “Technicolor Lag-o-vision” as a joke.

I know, I could just either bite the bullet and buy a Roxio HDMI capture device or just keep copying from when the PS4 records things, but there are issues with both ideas. As with the first, too expensive even if I was employed. The second, the PS4 only records 15 minutes at a time and there’s a delay between recordings. Not to mention you have to save the recordings before you do something to stop it from doing one recording to the next recording. Too complicated, not to mention it takes up a lot more space on a 500 gig PS4 than you think. It’s easier (yet lazier and less effective as I can’t add intros or edit the vids) to just record live on Twitch. Not to mention it takes less time to import a two hour video from Twitch to YouTube. Trust me, uploading times were my enemy when I started the GTA V let’s play two years ago.

One thing I probably won’t record are the SAO games. I don’t want to waist people’s time with level grinding. Not to mention they have the most sections that prevent recording straight from a PS4 that I have seen so far. I know, there’s New Game Plus with those games. However, does anyone want to see me do things that I’ve already done? And not to mention… it’s embarrassing to record the “pillow talk” scenes for the 100% completion in Re:Hollow Fragment. I still have a few for Asuna and Sinon to go before I got all of theirs’.

Overall, this isn’t really a mid-life crises thing (I’m only 29, but that’s considered middle-aged in Japan). I miss being a YouTuber (even if I was a failure). I always wanted to get into live streaming on Twitch, but I couldn’t with my old setup due to the fact that trying to use OBS always had connection issues with my internet back in the day (not to mention I can’t get it to properly work with the Ubuntu version of Linux as it’s what I mainly use). However, I still enjoy being a writer. So who says I can’t get back into YouTubing and write? I know I’m going to have less time to do so when I get another job (which is a given), but I can try.

30 thoughts on “Been busy with live streaming, but will still update this week

  1. Wait, 29 is considered to be middle aged in Japan? Huh, that’s weird. I rather stick to Western beliefs about age seeing that I don’t look my age at all.

    Speaking of Japan, I’ve been watching some WWII documentaries. Mostly about the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It kinda surprised me that America had three options to make Japan surrender.


      1. It wasn’t offensive, it’s just after the anime for Gate: So the Defense Force Fought’s anime came out, I had been in a lot of arguments with people who kept saying “Nuke the special region” because Japan would never do that. They know the horrors of the atom bomb, the Godzilla movies were created because of it. Not to mention bickering back and forth with the idiots who said that Japan would had never surrendered if we didn’t use it. Even Albert Einstein who was part of the Manhattan Project requested on his death bed that the progression of nuclear weapons be stopped.


      2. I agree that Japan wouldn’t use nukes or anything like that. Well, from what I understand is American forces bombed major Japanese cities including Tokyo. And then they fought the Japanese on the islands of Okinawa and Iwo Jima while the American navy cut off their sources of outlet and goods. I think the best way to make anyone surrender is cripple their economical systems.

        But personally I think Truman’s hand was forced, and it kinda ties in with the two other options besides the atom bombs. One option is he would wait until the 15th August so that the Soviet Union can help America with the war against Japan. But then again America’s alliance with the Soviet Union/Russia was shaky and they didn’t trust each other. The second option was to invade Japan’s mainland, but he feared that he would lose more American lives in the process and that the war would needlessly carry on.

        But yeah, I do see your point. I think Japan was on the verge of surrendering before the atom bombs. Truman decided to go ahead with the atom bombs because a) he wanted to bring the war to an end thus saving American and Japanese lives in the end and b) since the Soviet Union declared war on Japan Truman wanted to prove a point to Stalin that he possessed a weapon that mankind hasn’t seen yet. I just think it’s kinda ironic that during the Cold War America feared Russia would nuke them.

        I don’t think Einstein’s request was granted fully. True, we know now how horrific atom bombs are and thankfully they haven’t been used since the end of WWII. However mankind still hasn’t learned their lesson because we are still making atom bombs that are ten times more powerful than Little Boy and Fat Man.


      3. Can we drop this? I’d rather avoid talking about this subject due to anger of arguing with idiots about it all winter (when Gate S2 was airing).


      4. I’d personally rather be an intelligent woman rather than some dumb chit. But then again I get what you’re saying.


      1. I just did a thorough investigation, Take 2 Interactive blocked it because of copyright violations. So yeah, I’m a victim of copyrights. I’m going to get the video onto my PC later and just cut part of the video after swiping it from YouTube. I have my ways.


      2. Thanks. Still, I hope it doesn’t affect my standing too badly. I don’t have a company backing me like most of the guys who do that kind of thing.


      3. But I’m thinking about finally abandoning the series once and for all afterwards. I do not wanna get into a fight with YouTube. You do not know how rough it is in the Let’s Play business, especially when it comes to GTA V. YouTuber DomisLive had his channel taken down a few times over people (not with Take 2) who claimed some of the stuff he showed was their’s, despite the fact that they don’t own it. Not to mention people flagging his videos and saying that he paid people to subscribe because he was so popular.

        And don’t get me started with Developers, there were guys who had channels taken down over giving games bad reviews. One who’s name I can’t remember was hired by a developer to do a video on their game, and because he showed how buggy it was they had YouTube take it down and claimed that the footage was without permission.

        Since I have no actual production company backing me (RG07 Productions is just a name), I can’t really make it in that world. I was only continuing the Let’s Play because it was left unfinished. However, I don’t wanna get in trouble with Take 2 Interactive or YouTube. So I’m going to only continue to do Multiplayer in games when it comes to importing streams into YouTube. This way I cannot be faulted for dumb stuff.


      4. No but it was a scum bag company that sends claim to any video that uses any anime clip its some Canadian company I basically just wrote in the counter claim (?) If it was actually the company that owned it I would take it down if they asked then went on to insult the company that filed the thing and left an annotation telling the to fuck off for the duration of the clip


      5. Even so, it wasn’t the actual owners who did that. It was a company who didn’t really own the clip. Different from my situation, it was the actual company who blocked it. Then again… YouTube’s copyright policies have always been full of crap. They have bots look for copyright infringement, not actual people who inquire about anything. If jobs in America are not getting outsourced to other lands, they are outsourced to computers. Hence why I hate technology.


      6. Yeah that’s true but if even then with out bots it still be people not wanting to fuck up and let one slip by accident, at least that’s what I think


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