L.G.D.K! Chapter 18 – We Built this City?

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Chapter 18 – We Built This City?

Ugh… I cannot believe what happened a month ago. Out of the blue, Coy of all people proposed to me.

(A month prior)

“Wait… what!?”

“You heard me Yuki.” (Coy)

But… my heart’s not ready! Not to mention… I just stole his catchphrase again…

“Isn’t it a little too soon?”

“Look Yuki, one of these days we’re gonna be called out on our little lie. So it’s better to just get married for real.” (Coy)

“Wait a moment! You mean to tell me that you just proposed to me out of convenience?”

He is the worst!

“Yuki-chan, if I may?” (Kimiko)


“For your sake, it’s better to accept his proposal.” (Kimiko)

You piece of shipper-trash!

“Just how is it for my sake?”

“Who knows what might happen to us if you do not accept his proposal? Do not forget, it gives him a bigger incentive to be your protector if you were actually his wife?” (Kimiko)

Dammit Kimiko… you of all people know that I’m iffy on love! Why must you have a point!?

“But I don’t want a marriage based on convenience!”

“Who said that it’s the only reason?” (Coy)

Right there, everything went silent. There were not even crickets chirping.

“What… did you just say?”

“That it’s not just out of convenience.” (Coy)

“Wait… a moment… does that mean you… you know?”

“Yuki, I cannot say that I dislike you.” (Coy)

“Then be honest. Do you like me or not?”

He better provide me with a good answer.

“I… I don’t know!” (Coy)


“Look Yuki, I don’t know how I truly feel about you. I’ve been trying to figure that out ever since the Gore Grizzly.” (Coy)

Wait… did he discover possible feelings for me since that time? I’m not the only one confused on feelings?

“Even if this marriage is out of convenience, it may do some good that way.” (Inarihime)

“What do you mean?”

“Do not forget, I faked my death when I escaped with the Ox King. If we would had played our cards differently as you young ones say these days, a known union between the Hero and the Devil King might have changed things.” (Inarihime)

“But… my being the Devil King is a secret.”

“It is, but it being revealed in the future might turn the tides against the Demon Realm Government. They are the ones who are truly trying to continue the war. If the Hero and the Devil King are together, then the people of the Demon Realm may rebel and revolution may occur.” (Inarihime)

“But… I don’t want anyone to die for my sake.”

“I am sorry to be the one to break this to you Yuki, but many have. Including three of the four generals.” (Coy)

“But I didn’t even want that! I never wanted to be the Devil King.” (Yuki)

“I do not know how Japan has changed within the past one-thousand years, but I can assume that it is a more peaceful place now, yes?” (Inarihime)

“It is.”

“I remember back when it was full of war and chaos. However, change does not happen without someone shedding blood.” (Inarihime)

“Is there not a way to do it without bloodshed?”

“No, there is not. However, we can minimize the bloodshed if we go with young Hayate’s plan.” (Inarihime)

I really don’t want any bloodshed to begin with. However, even I know that it’s impossible. And I also know that there is one way to change that topic, as much as I am against it.

“Fine… I accept your proposal, Coy-kun.”

He smiled. It only makes me wonder if he’s truly confused about his feelings. Still,I could only hope that I am not becoming his political tool in this case.

“In that case… that is one down.” (Inarihime)


“Wait… what?” (Coy)

“I guess no one told you, Ritme is a country that has polygamy.” (Inarihime)

“Wait… what!?” (Me and Coy)

(Back to the present)

And that is how the proposal ended. I was not the only one he had to propose to, there was also Wells and the legal loli. Wells so that the people of Bunker 105 could move into the territory of Yottsu and occupy the Bunker there. To our surprise, it was Bunker 480, where the half-man race started. The people of Ritme never came there due to Inarihime’s intervention. The cave that the entrance was in was guarded by Shadows until Coy got permission from his grandfather to have that part of Yottsu. Daisuke gave it to him as well as started construction on a village in the area. It’s to be Coy’s training ground once the residents of Bunker 105 arrive.

Coy agreed to marry Nyra due to trade relations. Having one village on this side of the badlands be the sister village of one in the Demon Realm could be the start of peace between both sides. Surprisingly we got a letter back from the Village Elder in Damned that agreed to it. And the Elder was happy that his daughter is going to marry the man she wanted to.

The last person that Coy had to agree to a marriage with was Nakano. This was mainly to appease his grandfather as well as other members of the Inuharu Clan. It turns out that she is his cousin, Kenshiro’s daughter. However, she wasn’t his child from the marriage with the Nekotaru woman. She was born from Kenshiro’s Shadow, she’s the twin sister of Asuka. Apparently twins do run in Coy’s family? Still, Nakano was an unwanted child that Daisuke took in and had raised to become a member of his personal guard. As she was like another daughter, he wanted what was best for her. And her marriage to Coy would further cement his place in line to become the next lord of Yottsu.

Right now, all four of us just got finished from another one of Nagisa’s personal “bridal lessons”. Apparently it is tradition for women marrying into the family to take them from their future mother-in-laws. As I am Japanese, it was less difficult for me due to the fact you also have to learn Ritme’s written language. Then again, it could be said the same for Nakano as she was born in Ritme. However… she was mainly raised as a warrior, so it was slightly more difficult for her.

“All right young ladies, all four of you are doing great. However… Diane, you need to get better at serving tea. I cannot let you marry Hayate if you cannot do that properly. Nyra, you need to practice your seiza better! A good wife needs to be able to sit properly. It’s hard to believe that you’re only three years older than me and you can’t even do that? Nakano and Yuki, you two seem to be the best at doing these things. However, Nakano needs to get less nervous and Yuki needs to focus on welcoming her husband when he returns.” (Nagisa)

“Yes, Nagisa-san.” (all four of us)

“Good. However, you two need to prepare for the wedding. It’s tomorrow after all and guests from all the territories will be there. They are excited because Hayate is the Hero and it’s the first time someone is going to marry two of his wives in the same day. Let alone one of them being a human.” (Nagisa)

It’s true, that news has spread. Coy is going to be the first noble in the country’s history to marry more than one wife in the same day. It was decided that he would marry Nyra and Wells later to keep that part secret from the rest of the country. So it was both me and Nakano who were going to wear a white wedding kimono and tsunokakushi tomorrow.

Speaking of kimonos, we were all wearing them. I was glad to have a proper change of clothes after all this time having to have my school uniform washed. Mine was based on the meaning of my name, snow. It was light blue with a snow pattern. I never in my life thought that I would have such a well-made kimono, I felt like a daughter in a zaibatso family. Nyra had her disguise ring off and was wearing an orange child’s kimono with a cloud pattern. Wells’ kimono was more of a surprise, it was dark gray like her jumpsuit with a gear-based pattern. I do not know who thought of that, but I could only assume it has to do with what Coy said about her scent being of machinery. And Nakano who normally wears a white robe with a dark hakama was wearing a brown kimono with a leaf pattern.

After we were dismissed, we all sat down and drank tea. I will give the legal loli credit where credit is due, Nyra is better than the rest of us at serving it. When Nagisa isn’t giving us bridal lessons, she’s actually the easiest person to be around.

“To believe, I’m about to be blessed with four more daughters?” (Nagisa)

“Speaking of which, Nagisa-san… what about Fuko?”

This had been on both the minds of Coy and myself for over a month.

“Abel-san is still searching for her.” (Nagisa)


“He may not return until the family is reunited, but he has been sure to send letters.” (Nagisa)

“How romantic…” (Nyra)

“That’s Abel-san for you, a man full of surprises.” (Nagisa)

As much as she smiles while mentioning her husband, she sure loves him a lot. Not to mention has a lot of faith in the guy.

“Just why did you fall in love with him anyway?”

“He was a man full of mystery. I guess that part had me interested? But he was also very handsome, despite being three years older.” (Nagisa)

“Wait… Mr. Coy’s father is my age?” (Nyra)

“He is. But as the elven races age slower than most races, it’s not uncommon for them to marry those of other races who are younger. It’s why I don’t mind if you start calling me mother, Nyra.” (Nagisa)

“Not to mention she still looks like a little girl.”

“What did you say, washboard?” (Nyra)

“Ladies… no fighting.” (Nagisa)

She gave us both a very intimidating look. This was something that I thought would only have effect in an anime or a manga, but it worked on us.

“Sorry.” (Me and Nyra)

“Everything is fine now. Anyway, Abel-san was different than any of the other humans I had ever met. It was like he was more amazed around the half-man race instead of hiding the feeling of being appalled. Not to mention the fact he was both the first and most amazing gunslinger I had ever met.” (Nagisa)

“Wait a moment… did you say he was a gunslinger?”

I had a bad feeling about this.

“That is right, he even shot the stinger off of a bee. And that was with a quick-draw. He did things with his revolvers that were amazing. He could twirl them with his fingers and still be ready to shoot an attacker. I’ve even seen him block the blade of a katana with the bottom of the grip of one. I can only assume that Hayate inherited his skills?” (Nagisa)

Well… Coy is amazing with a revolver. Even if it goes against the fantasy hero I expected him to be, I cannot deny that. Speaking of Coy, he too has had a change of attire within the past month. No longer does he look like a hero in a 16-bit video game. He now sports a light blue robe, a navy blue hakama and matching sleeveless Haori, black shash and tabi socks, and straw sandals. He also wears his katana, Shinusame on his waist in a more traditional way as well. I will admit that it’s weird to see him without a gun holster though. But still…

“But… is there anything else about Abel-san that made him different from most humans?”

“He was from the Old World.”

“What!?” (Me, Nyra, and Wells)

“I guess it is surprising? Abel told me about the Old World as he had been in asleep in ice for over almost two-thousand years. He told me about many things that are no more, like flying ships and television.” (Nagisa)

She just confirmed everything I feared. Mysterious, a gunslinger, and from the Old World… there was only one man who fit the profile. Lost Justice.

“Nagisa-san, can you please keep what you have just told us from Coy-kun?”

“I could, but why shouldn’t I tell him about his father?

“It’s… more complicated than you could ever imagine.”

“Yuki has a point, Mr. Coy shouldn’t know.” (Nyra)

“I’m in agreement with Yuki and Nyra on this.” (Wells)

“I cannot understand, but I will agree with it in respect for my future daughters. Nakano?” (Nagisa)

“If it’s what’s best for Hayate-sama, I will agree not to say a word.” (Nakano)

Glad that that’s settled. If Coy were to discover that the man he truly hates is his father, I do not know what would happen. Then again… Inarihime must had known? Asuka is Coy’s personal Shadow and had been tailing him ever since his journey began, so of course she had to have reported Coy’s dislike for Lost Justice to Inarihime. It explains why she added that Coy forgive his father to the list of things that he must do for her cooperation. Now it’s too obvious.

“Speaking of our fiancé… isn’t he due to return any minute now?”

While we were stuck with the bridal lessons, Coy was out doing his own thing. He was out with his grandfather, working on his scheme as well as learn the ways of a feudal lord. Man did he have much to learn. I had been helping him with his Japanese after dinner.

“He and father should be arriving soon. Anyway, are you excited about the pre-marriage ritual tonight?” (Nagisia)

“Wait… pre-marriage ritual?”

Why haven’t I heard about this?

“It’s a custom in Ritme amongst the nobility. The bride, or in this case brides and groom must sleep in the same futon together.” (Nagisa)


Isn’t that thing dangerous!?

“But… there’s a twist.” (Nagisa)

“A twist?”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be afraid of.” (Nagisa)

Oh sure, she says that. But then why is Nakano shaking?

“What is this ritual?”

“I think… I will leave it as a surprise.” (Nagisa)

Don’t be saying that with a wink!!!

“What kind of surprise?”

“All I can tell you is that you will not be needing your kimono tonight. And Nakano, no spoiling it.” (Nagisa)

“Yes… Nagisa-sama…” (Nakano)

Alright… I am more scared than I was before. Please tell me that this isn’t about… grandchildren? This marriage is mainly out of convenience, I’m not ready!

“Nagisa… are you teasing your future daughter-in-laws?” (Daisuke)

“Just one of them.” (Nagisa)

Great timing, Daisuke. The one thing we needed was literally anything else.

“Don’t worry Yuki, the ritual isn’t as bad as you are fearing. The part that I’m sure Nagisa failed to mention is that it’s based on abstinence.” (Daisuke)


“Yes, abstinence. However… it’s a little embarrassing.” (Daisuke)

The fact that I’m going to be without my kimono is already making me nervous.

“Anyway… where’s my fiancé?”

“Hayate is currently with that merchant friend of his at the stables.” (Daisuke)

That’s right, he and Cecil have been discussing parts of his scheme. When Coy said that he needed help from all of us, he meant it.

“Excuse me, I must check up on him before he does something stupid.”

I then gave a bow.

“Even if I would like for you to have more faith in that son of mine, he’s in your care. You’re excused.” (Nagisa)

Great… he’s in my care. Why do I not like the sound of that? Either way, I left for the stables. But when I arrived… I heard two voices. One was Coy’s and the other was Cecil’s. Just what are they up to?

“So far things seem to be working, ya know?” (Cecil)

“Yeah, I’m really lucky that my grandfather has some guilt issues.” (Coy)

“Still… are ya sure ya want to get that man involved?” (Cecil)

That man?

“Not really, I’ve had second thoughts since I first thought about it. However, he has his uses. I of all people should know.” (Coy)

Just who are they talking about?

“Just so ya know, I would never wanna cross that man.” (Cecil)

“Trust me, I don’t wanna get on his bad side either. I’ve seen what he can do.” (Coy)

“Then don’t let him get involved. It’s better that he of all people have nothing to do with this.” (Cecil)

“Then what do you expect me to do? I’m going to need money to get this plan to succeed. And I don’t want to use too much of the Inuharu Clan’s money. I’d rather use none of it.” (Coy)

“Look, I know how ya feel. However, it’s not good to deal with him.” (Cecil)

“I know. But I do know that he would rather be on the legit part of the plan. Once he hears what it is, he will cooperate.” (Coy)

“All right, its your call. So ya can deal with it, ya know.” (Cecil)

“Trust me, he will be wanting to be an investor once he hears about the part I need money for. And none of it will be shady.” (Coy)

“What’s not going to be shady?”

I had to finally speak up.

“Yuki!? You scared me.” (Coy)

“I’m surprised that you didn’t smell my scent?”

“It works better when I’m not in a place that overly smells of horse manure.” (Coy)

He had a point. But I’m not going to let him get away with changing the subject.

“Anyway, what were you two talking about?”

“Oh… that. I guess I can let you in on the surprise that I planned on dropping at the wedding tomorrow?” (Coy)

“What surprise?”

“You know that village that I’m building near the bunker?” (Coy)


“I’m planning on building a free school there.” (Coy)


“A free school?”

“I’m not sure how things went in your world, but education is something scarce in this one. It’s because the schools we do have are expensive. We don’t even have a school house in Anthill Bay where I grew up, I was taught by nuns until I was thrown out of the orphanage. And my old boss, he would even give his employees some educational lessons because of the illiteracy rate. So in my village, I want to make a school where people can learn without having to decide if food or education are more important.” (Coy)

And I thought this had something to do with that scheme of his?

“I personally think that a free school would be a great idea.”

“It is, but it’s expensive to build a school. Not to mention procuring the educational equipment and learning materials. So I already know that involving my family would be a no go. That’s why I need an investor.” (Coy)

“But who were you talking about?”

I remembered how they were both not really liking the idea of asking that person. Actually… why are they shaking?

“My former employer… Mr. Walton.” (Coy)


Is is off his rocker!? That man is the kingpin of the criminal underworld where Coy’s from.

“Not so loud. But yeah, Mr. Walton. He’s about my only remaining option.” (Coy)

“There were others?”

“First is the church, but that’s a big no. It’s true that they would help as I am the Hero, but they would want to charge money and mainly teach the Deity’s teachings. As Ritme is like the Demon Realm and worships the Deity in their own way, it might not be good.” (Coy)

“Anyone else?”

“Mr. Host.” (Coy)

“Wait… isn’t that the man who runs most of the industry in this world?”

“Yeah, and rumored to be an Old Worlder. Anyway, he is not a good option. He may be a well-known philanthropist, but we cannot let him get a hold in Ritme. He would exploit everyone and try to change the country like he did to Stinwin.” (Coy)

“Wait… he changed a country?”

“He did. However… it wasn’t for the best while he was doing it for the best. Thanks to him building hydroelectric power generating dams, there are villages removed from Stinwin’s map. Even though the cities and towns have electricity and other comforts, a lot of people were displaced. Most moved to the said towns and cities, but are living in the slums.” (Coy)


“It’s true, I’ve seen it myself. He would buy property and water rights from the aristocracy and force people from their lands. His ideals may have brought temporary jobs, but those end. And the people, they are left with nothing.” (Cecil)

“Isn’t that evil?”

“It is, but he has the law on his side. There’s nothing even I can do, let alone the church who has been trying to get him for years.” (Coy)

“Wait… you’re making it sound like he’s a third power in this world?”

“Because he pretty much is. However, he lacks the one thing that the church has.” (Coy)

“And that would be?”

“His own city.” (Coy)


“It’s true. If he had a city of his own, he could officially make a city-state like Tholmen. Then he would have a place where he is exempt from the laws, taxes, and such of this world. He’s actually tried to sink his teeth into Anthill Bay as it’s ideal for a city-state. It’s not ruled by any country, it’s totally independent.” (Coy)

“But… what could stop such an ambitious man?”

“An equally ambitious man, Mr. Walton. The only difference is that Walton doesn’t want to eventually take over the world. Right now, Walton’s influence is the only thing keeping Mr. Host from having what he wants.” (Coy)

This world… it keeps getting more and more different than what I expected.

“All right… is there any other possible investors?”

“None that I can think of. I can’t get anyone else in the Merchant Guild, they would only think of a way to turn a coin. And I already discussed with my grandfather about getting financial aid from any of the other clans, he already warned me about how they would try to gain control of the school. I’m very low on options unless I want to wait until I’m as old as Inarihime for my plan to have bore enough fruit to make it possible. Time is of the essence if I want it to coincide with my plan.” (Coy)

Wow… he’s really into the school thing. He already told us of his plan. The village is not just for Wells’ people, he wants to basically create a place where anyone can live without prejudice. The residents of Bunker 105 are just the beginning. Not to mention that he wants it to rapidly grew into a city with that kind of reputation. His intentions are actually less selfish than I thought they would be.

“As I’m going to be your wife, I support you.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it.” (Coy)

I’m glad that he’s thankful. However… that wife bit reminded me.

“Coy, what do you know about the pre-marriage ritual?”

“That!? Well… my grandfather told me about it while we were making rounds at the villages of Yottsu. I’m not looking forward to it at all.” (Coy)

Is it so bad that not even the man involved wants to do it.

“Mind telling me what it is? Nagisa-san will not tell me.”

“Well… let’s just say I’ve already been through something similar? Something that got us involved with a lot after we reached Damned.” (Coy)

Wait… what could it be? What do I recall happening to Coy after we reached that night elf village? We met Cecil, spoke to the Elder, met Kimiko in the shrine… oh no! Not that!?

After Note: And that peeps is chapter 18 of LGDK. Sadly I’m no longer one chapter ahead, but I will try to get next week’s chapter done as soon as possible. Blame my tooth on that one, the damn thing won’t stop hurting. I’ve been popping Ibuprofen like candy to deal with this. As much as I fear going to a dentist due to not having any dental insurance, I have no choice. But first I need to see about the price of having a tooth removed.

Anyway, nothing else much going on. I’m going back on the Job Hunt as soon as I get the tooth taken care of, there’s too many things out there I want. Like the upcoming Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron. As Iron Banner is my favorite game-type on there (I hate the Trials of Osiris with a passion), it will be nice to learn more about the Iron Lords and what really happened to them. Not to mention I like the knight-like armor pieces, if I could get a good Iron Companion or Iron Camelot (PS exclusive) set with good rolls, I’d be happy. Trust me, I regret infusing the chest piece for my hunter into something else. Anyway, I’m more interesting in the lore behind the Iron Lords. I’ve always wondered about them. And it’s way past time we learned. Not to mention there’s going to be a new Social Area in the expansion and a new faction. As much as I love Dead Orbit, I might be tempted.

As for other stuff to read, there’s nothing new from Reigo-senpai yet. Sorry 😦

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