The reason for no update this week…

I’m not even going to beg for forgiveness, just gonna apologize. I’m sorry for no update this week. Between trying to read Arifureta, watch all the finales for the 12 episode anime of the Spring 2016 season, and my so far failing attempt to stop smoking, it’s been hard to write. Hell, I barely even gamed this week. I’m actually doing the attempt to stop smoking for money. My sister told me on Tuesday that if I didn’t buy a pack of smokes with her money (she’s been supplying me as I have been jobless) up to Sunday, she would give me the money that would had been spent. Well with the price of my smokes, that will be a total of $30 US Dollars. And I shop at the one gas station that sells cigarettes at the state minimum.

The reason I need the money is for Destiny’s “Rise of Iron” expansions pre-order. As I never really got to play in Year One (I only played the Beta on PS3 back in 2014 before I got a PS4 and the vanilla version of the game for Christmas 2015), I never got to experience the majesty of using Gjallarhorn. Hell, I couldn’t play any of the expansions until I had my Tax Return in February and used it to buy Taken King. I really wish I would had just bought the whole Digital Deluxe instead of buying a physical copy of the disc to have an extra, those bonuses were awesome. Point being, I REALLY want the Iron Gjallarhorn, a special variant of the Gjallarhorn from Year One. That rocket launcher was so boss that people wouldn’t even let anyone join their raids unless they had it… according to my friends who got to play Destiny in Year One. They didn’t bring it back in Year Two, even though a lot of the weapons from Year One were brought over in the April Update. Trust me, you don’t want to mess with me when I wield the Universal Remote. If any of you have watched my streams on Twitch, you would know. Still, Bungie thought that Gjallarhorn was just too Over-Powered to bring it back in Year Two.

Before I continue, I’m going to explain some terms. Year One is the first year of the game that started from launch until a year later. It came out with two expansions, “The Dark Below” and “The House of Wolves”. As I wasn’t a Year One player, I didn’t get to experience them when they came out. Year Two is all about “The Taken King”, which didn’t really come with any expansions. Just some new stuff here and there and the April Update. In my past non-LGDK posts, I’m sure you guys heard me complain about not having it for a while. Hell, my PC caught a virus because I did something stupid like download a Code Generator for Taken King and ended up having to re-program my PC from scratch. I was happy to buy The Take king the legit way. As “Rise of Iron” will be coming out when the game enters it’s third year, it’s technically Year Three. For once I don’t wanna be late for the party.

But yeah, the whole reason that I’m going through the hell of trying to stop smoking is all for a video game expansion. And that along with my feels of man anime ending last week have gotten in the way of my writing. Well… there’s reading Arifureta as well. Which leads me to the next topic.

I’m thinking about making a page for recommend novels. This includes translations of Web Novels, Light Novels, and original novels like my own LGDK, Reigokai’s DEH, and BakaGrappler’s SCDK. Speaking of SCDK, BakaGrappler has posted chapter 10 for everyone to enjoy. Trust me, it’s a good read. But yeah, I’m thinking of doing a “recommendations” page as an advertisement for others so everyone who come to my site can go check out translations of foreign works of the far east and some original works from the west.

Anywho, thanks everyone for listening to my excuse reason for not posting a new chapter this week. If I can get an update ready before Saturday, I’ll post it immediately and try to get another out by then. It might be hard because Bungie is doing a special Iron Banner this week in Destiny as they canceled the original for this month. As I don’t really do the King’s Fall raid or Trials of Osiris, this is my main chance to get better gear. Not to mention I like the armor that you can get from Iron Banner, my Hunter mainly wears it. Though it’s all going to be useless in late September when Rise of Iron comes out. Point being, I’m going to be distracted and I don’t know if I’ll end up taking smoking back up tomorrow or not. Either way, I’ll try to get one or two chapters out this week.

OhMarioWV out.


4 thoughts on “The reason for no update this week…

    1. Now that you mention it, it does sound like a death flag that leads to an other world adventure. Sadly this is reality. Not to mention I’d be more like Kazuma from KonaSuba and not really care if it actually happened.


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