OOS – The Warrior’s Curse

Author’s Note: Hello peeps, sorry for no actual LGDK update. This week was the worst possible for writing, Iron Banner going on in Destiny. Not to mention today was the premiere of many new anime. So for now, I’m just going to give you all an Original One-Shot that I had done a few years ago. Please enjoy?

The Warrior’s Curse

A long time ago, there was a warrior. This was no mere fighter, this warrior fought with the ferocity of a demon. Neither man or beast could best him, no matter if it were giants or dragons. At the end of the battle, he would always be the victor. That’s why all feared him, he was too powerful in battle. All were too scared to even approach him due to fear that he may challenge them.

Kings, emperors, you name it, all wanted him on their side. But he bowed to no one. Whole armies would be sent to persuade him, only a few battered soldiers would return to tell the tale. Kingdoms and empires would fall due to their campaigns against the defiant warrior, exhausting their gold and manpower. Meager revolutions would rise from the turmoil and new tyrants would replace the old. But… over the years they learned from the mistakes of their predecessors and left the warrior alone.

Sadly, there was one enemy that even the warrior could not defeat. It was a foe that was well-known for taking down empires and even whole civilizations without speeding up or slowing down. The enemy of life itself, Time.

Over time, the days would turn to months, the months into seasons, the seasons into years, and the years into decades. Like all things, the warrior changed with them. The mighty war hammer that he used to crush skull started to weigh him down, his bronze shield could barely be raised above his head, his armor more difficult to maneuver as signs of rust appeared. No matter how hard you fight, you can never defy time itself.

Eventually the warrior had to accept his fate. Newer, younger fighters were challenging him for his place at the top. They were stronger, more flexible, and agile. The warrior used to make whole armies flee in fear, now he was the most targeted prize for those who ignored their parents’ warnings. But despite the odds, he would still be standing over their corpses.

One day, he spotted a familiar tree. He had decided that it was the best place to rest. As he was enjoying nature, a young man approached him.

“Old warrior, I have come for thee! Pick up thy hammer and fight!” the young man challenged.

All the old warrior could do was laugh.

“The old warrior dare mock thee?” the young man asked.

The old warrior took a breath and said, “No, I do not mock thee. However, why does one as young as yourself challenge me?”

“You know why, old warrior. You are a legend, one most told throughout the years from father to son. All know of thee, and all want to be the one to claim your life. The one who defeats the old warrior will be the one known as the greatest of them all, as they would succeed where whole armies had failed” the young man declared.

“That is true, young man. However, I am no longer the warrior of legend. Thy body grows old, thy health is deteriorating. What would ye be gaining from defeating an old man?” the warrior asked.

“I do not understand the question?” the young man replied.

“Look at this tree, young man. Many years before ye had been conceived, I was standing right where you are. It was there that I met the last legend before me. Like thyself in the present, he was no longer the warrior that he was known to be. It was there, I challenged his might. And like ye, I was met with laughter. It was in this same spot that he gave me this warning-” the warrior was saying before coughing.

“What be this warning, old warrior?” the young man asked.

“That… being the strongest… is not the life to have. After gaining the title… ye are no longer a free man. Fighters, bandits, assassins, and even… whole armies will be calling. Death… is breathing over thy shoulder… waiting for its chance to tear into your flesh. And that’s not even the worst part…” the warrior said before coughing again.

“How come, old warrior? It already sounds undesirable?” the young man now questioned.

“Its the loneliness… it’s the real curse. Ye friends will slowly drift from ye, not wanting to be around ye due to fear. Other former friends will try to kill ye to for your claim. A claim that will make others cower in fear… fear for their own lives. Ye may be known as a legendary warrior, but ye will only have one constant companion… death. That’s because death will still be breathing over your shoulder, waiting on ye to slay others or for ye to be slain…” the warrior said, looking over his shoulder.

The young man had no idea that it was what life would be like if he slain the warrior. He left, and did not stop until he made it back to the village he was currently staying. That night, he spent most of it thinking. He could kill the warrior and become the new legend, but then he would be cursed as well. His whole life would not be glory like the stories told. No, it would be a lonesome one where he would be hunted. As he drifted to sleep, he made his decision. The next day, he went back to the tree where he found the warrior. He had decided to end the legend once and for all. When he arrived, the old warrior was still there.

“Are ye going to kill thee?” the warrior asked.

“No, I won’t.” the young man replied.

“Then why hath ye returned?” the warrior asked.

“I shall kill, but it shall not be you. The only thing that will die is the legend behind the old warrior, not the old warrior himself.” the young man declared.

The warrior then smiled his last, as Time did what the young man had originally intended. The young man then gathered wood to make a pyre, as burning the warrior’s body was the only way to insure that others could not stumble upon his corpse and mutilate it to claim to have taken his life. After piling the wood for the pyre, the young man then wrapped the warrior in cloth, as per tradition. Once the warrior was wrapped and then laid on the pyre, the young man placed the bronze shield over the warrior’s body. After that, the young man ignited the pyre.

As the years passed, the pursuit of the warrior had waned. The young man would hear a story in a tavern, some had claimed to have escaped battle with the warrior the day before with their lives. He would smirk as he knew better. This was because only he knew the truth, that he killed more than the man. He killed both the legend and the curse.

After Note: And that was my Original One-Shot “The Warrior’s Curse”. I was actually inspired to write this story while listening to “King of Kings” by Motörhead. I know I had done mistakes, like a few times put “you” instead of “ye” and others. However, fixing it now would ruin the originality. I’ve actually been thinking about incorporating this into LGDK as like a story passed down by the people in that world. The Old Warrior being comparable to historic figures like Xar and the Ox King.

Again, sorry for no new LGDK chapter this week. As I said before, it was Iron Banner. And new anime have been released. Hell, ReLIFE had it’s whole series put on KissAnime, so I marathon-ed it. I’ve been reading it long before the anime was announced on KissManga, I suggest it. Also, I still need to watch Berserk’s first episode. I’m just glad that we’re getting passed the whole “Golden Age” thing and finally getting the rear horror-like theme. There’s others, but I’m sure that most of you know of them already.

For anyone wanting something new, BakaGrappler has posted the 11th chapter of SCDK. Trust me, it’s getting better.

2 thoughts on “OOS – The Warrior’s Curse

  1. It’s nicely written, I like it, so if it became a story would it be a build up to the pure by telling to path the legendary warrior walked before then or does it take off with the young man and him hearing all these fantastical stories of a dead man almost claiming g the lives of the living and such?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is no prequel or sequel, this story was a one-shot. There’s a moral to this one as well, it’s not always good to be the best. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fighter (like in MMA or Boxing), a musician, a race car driver, or even a writer, there will always be people against you. And there will always be people who want the spot of the best of their field. Basically saying, it’s always lonely at top.


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