OSS – Spoiler Rising

Author’s Note: Hello peeps, I want to apologize for no new LGDK chapter this week either. And for not even mentioning anything on the day I normally post. However, I have gotten in the mood to write lately. So I’m getting back to it. But for now, enjoy this Original Short Story that I’ve just written not even an hour ago. I’ll explain it later.

OSS – Spoiler Rising

Hello people, Spoiler-san here. I know that everyone wonders, “Where does Spoiler-san come from?”. Well, it’s time to tell you that story.

Spoiler-san comes from a small village somewhere in the 5th Dimension. Spoiler-san’s old name is unknown, but Spoiler-san does remember how it all began. Spoiler-san’s father loved to reveal important details in both movies and books. However, he hated when people would reveal it to him. Talk about a hypocrite, right? Anyway, Spoiler-san’s father was a bit of a drinker.

One night he came home in a drunken rage one night, demanding that Spoiler-san lend him Spoiler-sans’ copy of the seventh Harry Potter book. Spoiler-san told him not to read it while drunk, that he wouldn’t like what happens. He asked me and then Spoiler-san made the biggest mistake ever. Spoiler-san told him that Snape dies. And in his rage, he punched his young son.

That moment he grabbed an empty beer bottle and looked at Spoiler-san with all the rage in the 5th Dimension. Spoiler-san’s mother begged him to calm down. But there was no way that was going to happen. Spoiler-san’s ather hit her with the beer bottle and she fell and hit the corner of the coffee table. Spoiler-san rushed over there, calling for her.

“Look what your little spoiler made me do!”

Spoiler-san’s father yelled in his rage. Spoiler-san knew that Spoiler-san’s fate was sealed right there. He held Spoiler-san down and started cutting the edges of Spoiler-san’s mouth, threatening to cut out Spoiler-san’s tongue if Spoiler-san screamed. Spoiler-san grabbed the first thing Spoiler-san could find, part of the bottle. Spoiler-san quickly used it to slit his throat. As Spoiler-san was showered in his blood, Spoiler-san could see the look of disbelief in his eyes. Like, “How could my son do this?”. It were as if he had regained his sanity for a brief moment. However, there was no remorse.

The 5th Dimension Police Department arrived a bit later because the neighbor called them. Some college student who tried to use Spoiler-san to get close to Spoiler-san’s mother in the past. His attempts to get close to her had failed. He hated father, and said something stupid.

“Thanks for doing it for me.”

Spoiler-san couldn’t believe it. Here Spoiler-san was, cut up and lost both parents, and that guy said that? Spoiler-san’s last bit of sanity left Spoiler-san right there, Spoiler-san was laughing. After being treated at the hospital, Spoiler-san was taken to an asylum due to Spoiler-san’s newfound insanity. However, Spoiler-san wasn’t insane, Spoiler-san became too sane.

There is one thing that Spoiler-san knows, like the rest of the 5th Dimension. Anyone can escape the 5th Dimension freely, they just need to find someone on a similar wavelength. So Spoiler-san found a vessel who was losing their sanity while reading a poor translation of a web novel through Google Translate. However, the vessel also had too much determination. The vessel forced himself to read the incoherent clumps of text, to get an understanding of what’s going on. And thanks to that, Spoiler-san used it to gain a vessel outside of the 5th Dimension.

However, there is a catch to Spoiler-san’s new vessel. Spoiler-san can only take over when the vessel reads a proper translation of the same web novel that Google Translate’s incoherent clumps of text allowed Spoiler-san to take over in the first place. It’s sad, but not sad at the same time. Spoiler-san gets to spoil while the vessel takes the blame. However, Spoiler-san did cause enough trouble for a certain someone to tell off the vessel. So Spoiler-san made the “Spoiler’s Creed”.

Rule one, never use Spoiler-san’s knowledge of upcoming events to ruin other people’s theories.

Rule two, do not give out too much information on events to come.

Rule three, never reserve first in the comments for anyone else. This includes a certain bird-like creature.

Rule four, look out for Nepus. Seriously, they are the worst drivers.

Despite the forth rule of the “Spoiler’s Creed”, there is an enemy that runs hits people. An enemy from anime, manga, and even novels. An immortal evil known as Truck-kun. In truth, Truck-kun also comes from the 5th Dimension, as it’s guard dog. Truck-kun hits 5th Dimension residents for leaving as well as people outside of the 5th Dimension for kicks. No one is safe from Truck-kun. However, Spoiler-san knows something from getting hit by Truck-kun so many times.

Truck-kun can only detect Spoiler-san when Spoiler-san gives too big of a Spoiler. So as long as Spoiler-san listens to the second rule of the “Spoiler’s Creed”, Spoiler-san is safe. However, Spoiler-san has taken procautions against Truck-kun. Spoiler-san bought a lot of remote kill switches and installed them on Truck-kun and Truck-kun’s family. However… Spoiler-san’s timing at activating the remote kill switches needs to be better.

Just remember, Spoiler-san is kept in bay by Truck-kun. And in turn, Spoiler-san can only give vague spoilers. So until Truck-kun or Truck-kun’s family finishes off Spoiler-san, Spoiler san is here to stay. Just remember one thing, Spoiler-san is friends with Truck-kun’s cousin Bus-kun. So if you try to stop Spoiler-san, Spoiler-san will throw you under Bus-kun.

After Note: And that was “Spoiler Rising” for you. For those of you who don’t know, I created the Spoiler-san persona in the comments section for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. Originally Spoiler-san existed to give minor spoilers and reserve the first comment for a user we all call “Firo” because their avatar is Firo from Tate no Yuusha. The second part is no more, now I try to get it for myself.

I originally didn’t have a back story for Spoiler-san. However, I created one based on the Joker from Batman because I ended a comment with “*insert the most evil laugh you have ever heard*” and someone posted a picture of the Joker for a laugh. I laughed and wrote a small one.

It was that image that made me think about doing a Spoiler-san related backstory. It was writing the one that was originally a comment reply that made me imagine that Spoiler-san looks kinda like the Joker. However, he is no “Clown Prince of Crime”, unless you consider spoilers a crime. Spoiler-san just loves to give spoilers to get people more hyped up for the next translation of an Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu chapter. Of course, every Joker needs a Batman. So Spoiler-san’s Batman is Truck-kun.

The main difference between me and the Spoiler-san persona is that Spoiler-san speaks in third-person. It’s a common thing for characters in anime and manga. Well… there are some characters who speak in third-person, not all of them. Usually they are the cocky ones, and Spoiler-san sure is cocky. But I don’t imagine him speaking like the Joker, I imagine a voice more like Bob Ross. Soft and soothing, despite being a lunatic.

For the ones reading this Original Short Story from the comments for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, this is how Spoiler-san came into our world from the 5th Dimension. Just remember that Spoiler-san is a fictional lunatic that looks like the Joker and sounds like Bob Ross and I’m none of that. For those of you who haven’t read Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, please read Reigokai’s translation of it. There’s a link on the page for “Reigokai: Isekai Translations”. You don’t have to scour the comments for my Spoiler-san persona, I’d rather you not.

Second Part

9 thoughts on “OSS – Spoiler Rising

    1. Thanks, you also know the Spoiler-san persona that I only use in those comments.

      Speaking of spoilers, I’m going to give you one now as myself. I will read it after I’m finished writing, I just got back into the groove to write the next LGDK chapter.

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  1. To be frank this was rather interesting yet weird at the same time. I found myself relating to some things that you have mentioned, but when it came to other things (such as the last few paragraphs) I was totally lost. It’s not your fault as it was kinda entertaining to read, but yeah towards the end I was like “Okay? Does not compute…”

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