Now Introducing the Recommended Reads Page!!!

Sorry about the lack of chapter this week, but things happen. Like the guy who was content sharing with me on the PS4 got mad at me and remotely removed the “Active PS4” status from my console. So I had to take advantage of an offer at GameStop and sell them both my Animal Crossing: New Leaf and my Xbox 360 copy of GTA V for like $24.20 so I could by a $20 PSN card while I was there to get my own license for that Yu-Gi-Oh! game on the PSN. I hope to talk things over with that guy soon, but I don’t want it to seem like it’s for content sharing as even before he made that offer he seemed like a cool guy. Other than that, Neverwinter’s PS4 release finally happened and it’s Iron Banner in Destiny. So I’ve been busy.

However, I do know that some of you like to read LGDK. And others don’t really care and want me to recommend better stories. So I finally created my Recommended Reads page. Everything on there is something I like and would also recommend to you guys. LGDK is not on there of course, it’s the only thing being hosted by my WordPress and even I don’t have that big of an ego. Not to mention that the page is meant to introduce you guys to other good works of fiction, whether they be originals like LGDK or translations of Web and Light Novels. The only other things I can say is expect a new chapter next week and in the mean time check out what’s listed on the page.

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