Another feckin’ delay!?!?!?

Hello peeps, I just wanted to tell you that the new chapter isn’t coming today. It’s not like I haven’t worked on it, it’s that another computer issue has arisen. Today, I got a message on my PC that there was a new upgrade for Ubuntu and was asked if I wanted to upgrade. This was version 16.04, the newest LTS update. I’ve actually burned it to a disk before and tried installing it. There was an error that caused my mouse not to function and I had to hold down the “Super” button and learn the controls to shut it down with only my keyboard. For the record, they call the button with the Windows logo the Super button. Since the PC I was programming in my RV that has WAY lower specs had the same message about Lubuntu (the lightweight version of Ubuntu you can throw on computers that could only handle Windows XP) and it had no issues after the upgrade, I figured they might had fixed the issue that my mouse had on my PC. Boy was I wrong.

After the update finally finished installing while I was playing Neverwinter on my PS4, no mouse pointer. I tried unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in, nothing happened. So it was easy to figure out that history repeated itself when it comes to Ubuntu 16.04 and my PC.

I know what you guys might be asking, “did this guy forget to back things up again?”. Well… this time I remembered. Before I even clicked “Yes” on that little window, I copied everything to my Windows 10 hard drive. This includes chapter 20 which I started on this week and the second part of “The History of the Ox King”. Not to mention the bios that still need to be finished and sent to my Greek Friend who is to be working on the anime. So yes, the next post will be sometime during the week. All I know is that I will spending the day re-installing Ubuntu 14.04 on my PC.

I know what you’re thinking this time, “Why doesn’t he just stick to using Windows 10?”. Simple, I don’t feel comfortable with Windows 10. I don’t know why, it could be the fact that because I’m using my HDMI television as a monitor so I don’t have speakers attached and Windows 10 refuses to recognize my headphone jack on the PC? I’d rather have an OS that allows me to use my headphone jack on the PC so I don’t have to go to the back of the TV just to plug and unplug my headphones. My motherboard has three ports on the back, one for regular VGA, one for DVI, and one for HDMI. And for some reason if I’m using one of the other two, the DVI doesn’t work. I can only use the VGA and the HDMI simultaneously. Otherwise, I have to use my old nVidia 7800 GTS graphics card that isn’t meant for Windows 10 and refuses to work with any form of Linux that I’ve tried so far. It has two DVI ports. I have two DVI to VGA adapters and my TV does have a VGA port, but as I said before, that graphics card doesn’t want to work with any form of Linux I know of. I don’t have the money for a Radeon graphics card that has the connections to be powered by the power unit, and I wasted an AT&T gift card on one that’s only powered by the motherboard that doesn’t seem to function with my PC. I don’t know if it was DOA (Dead on Arrival) or not. All I know is that I didn’t have access to a printer in time to have it replaced to see and none of the other motherboards in my possession have a PCI Express port.

Enough of the computer geek mumbo jumbo, the whole point is that I can’t seem to like using Windows 10 and I’m too broke to get any hardware. You don’t know how much Windows 10 makes that old nVidia graphics card I have overheat. Not to mention that the on-board graphics can actually display Linux. All that really needed to be said, not that long rant I just did. Still, I will be reinstalling that version of Ubuntu that I did have before later today. Not to mention that I plan on holding a livestream on twitch after dinner.

I decided that I’m going to keep trying to become a livestreamer while trying to keep up as a writer. At least until I can get some gainful employment. Trying to be a livestreamer is a lot of work and is tough, but I’m going to keep on trying. So I’m trying at the moment to find a schedule that fits both my livestreaming and my writing. I’m mainly trying to break out into the GTA Online racing scene, it’s the only part of GTA Online that I do like. As much as I want to stream Neverwinter, it’s just not in the cards for me. Even if I’m not the best racer in GTA Online, I do have faith in my driving in that game. I also plan on streaming from my RV so I don’t disturb the rest of the house hold as I prefer to stream in the later hours of the night. So until I can get my hands on an HDMI monitor, I’m going to have to haul my 32 inch TV between the RV and the house along with my PS4.

But yeah, expect chapter 20 to come out within the week.

14 thoughts on “Another feckin’ delay!?!?!?

  1. 2 things
    #1 i found konosuba i did download it but I’m guessing google tried to delete it as it was in my trash since last Monday and i know i didn’t put it there

    #2 you want a monitor heres the one I bought free shipping over 50$ and its 69$ 5$ cheaper than when i got it works great its 20 in read spec it hdmi and has built in speakers


      1. Thanks for the info, but I still need to get money together first. I just got a chance to go to the gas station I applied for and I heard of a decent job opportunity. Also, I was writing when you made the comments, so know that I’m not being too lazy.


    1. Kayley, you know that I have both Irish and Scot-Irish on my mother’s side as well as English, German, and Cherokee. There are others, but I forgot. I’ve been trying to change from the F word to “feckin'” because of the fact I’m trying to be a livestreamer. I don’t want too much blame on me if someone’s kid starts cursing after attending one of my streams.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I too have Irish and Scottish blood, Nicholas.That, and American and Italian blood. But then again, nobody is of true blood.

        Well, technically if you’re swearing in one of your livestreams it really isn’t your fault. It’s the parent’s job to supervise the kid, not you. Speaking of which, how do you livestream?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So there’s no wiring anything up then? I think the same applies to the xbox one because there’s a twitch app. I could be wrong, but I haven’t really looked into the matter.

        I would have responded sooner but I’ve been busy as well as having some problems. Let’s just say that I made the stupid mistake of falling for some guy who I thought was really amazing at the time, however he was more interested in sex than getting to know me as a person, which could be linked to the fact that he’s a Dom. Turned out when he revealed his true colours when literally I laid down my cards on the table. And just recently I don’t think he’s too happy about me blocking him on everything that he resorted to ‘stalking’ me online. So I had to protect myself further from him, which is working so far.

        I don’t think I’ll ever understand males. It just seems that every man is more interested in sex these days instead of investing in a serious relationship. And it would explain why I’m unable to trust them, lol.


      3. Look, I know I’m rarely on DA these days and you don’t really have many ways to contact me. But this site is open to the public and you really shouldn’t be giving that info out here as people from the states all the way to the Philippines come to my WordPress. That was too much information outside of your journals on DA. Even though I agree that that man is scum, no one needs to know he’s a Dom. It’s personal information.

        All you needed to say is that you were late responding because some scumbag was giving you trouble and I would had tried to talk to you privately or something to know more. I’m not scolding you or talking down to you, but there’s a time and place for everything.


      4. Right. I should have taken that into account beforehand.

        “All you needed to say is that you were late responding because some scumbag was giving you trouble and I would had tried to talk to you privately or something to know more.” – The problem is that when I try to contact you (e.g Skype) you tend to ignore me. And that leaves me at a loss.


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