Special and Live Stream Tonight.

As I said before, expect some form of an update before Saturday. Well, last night I got the muse and finished the second part of The History of the Ox King. It’s actually longer than intended, but I had already shortened it a lot. So yeah, expect the next part tonight (as in some time after 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time).

Also, it’s Tuesday. So it means live stream tonight. I’m mainly just going to do more racing in GTA Online. As there’s nothing new with the Cunning Stunts update this week other than race creator, I’m just going to do stunt and regular races. It’s been a while since I just done those, and I’ll be showing off some of my races I made back when I played on the Xbox 360 that have been updated for players on the PS4.

Also, I got my computer situation situated. I was just going to re-install Ubuntu 14.04, but I decided against it. Since the regular Ubuntu 16.04 doesn’t work well with my homemade build, I decided to try Ubuntu MATE 16.04 again. For the record, it’s pronounced “Ma-tay”. It’s a version of Ubuntu that uses the MATE interface, which is similar to the old gnome interfaces. And unlike the main product, Ubuntu MATE runs well on my PC. So I was able to get the 16.04 release, just under one of the “flavors” of Ubuntu instead of Ubuntu itself. To be honest, I’d recommend anyone who doesn’t want to use Windows to use Ubuntu Mate, it’s the easiest to install programs on so far. The only thing I had trouble with was the fact that you can’t manually disable the sleep mode, so I had to find out how to install Caffeine Plus from the terminal as I prefer Caffeine with an indicator so I know it’s working. Hell, Ubuntu Mate is the only form of Ubuntu that I didn’t have any issues installing Google Chrome or Skype, you can do that from it’s “Welcome” center. I just have small problems like having to manually switch it to my headphones when I start it up. But other than that, nothing serious. Just had to use the tweak feature on a few things about the appearance.

So that’s it when the news this time around. I’m just happy to not have to fight with my PC. But yeah, an actual update to LGDK this Saturday and the second part of the History of the Ox King tonight. Not to mention a Live Stream on my Twitch, the announcement will be on Twitter when it starts.

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