L.G.D.K! Chapter 20 – Way to Fall?

Author’s Note: Hello peeps, and welcome to the extremely late chapter 20 of “Let’s go Devil King!”. I would have had it out yesterday, but I spent the whole not before talking to an old friend and playing Neverwinter with him. Anywho, please enjoy?

Chapter 20 – Way to Fall

Just how did I survive the night? I mean… I was aroused the whole time. Note to self, never be around Coy-chan while being Yuki-kun ever again. I just don’t know how Nakano could handle it? Was being raised as a warrior really enough for someone in the same situation as I was enough to keep them from acting? Trust me, I was so tempted to attack Coy myself when her robe opened and her body was exposed. If I were my female self, I would had just been jealous.

Anyway, it’s morning and Inarihime is getting ready to change us back. I was up first.

Da maschio a femmina!” (Inarihime)


Finally!!! I’m a girl again!

“Thank you, Inarihime-san.”

“No problem, Yuki-chan. Now for Nakano… Da maschio a femmina!” (Inarihime)


And just like that, Nakano was back to her old self.

“Thank you very much, Inarihime-san. I do not know how males can stand to be… males.” (Nakano)

She said it with a polite bow, which I felt stupid for not doing myself when I thanked Inarihime.

“It is fine, Nakano-chan. Though I am surprised that neither of you two were touching yourselves, yes?” (Inarihime)

Both Nakano and I were blushing. I just couldn’t believe she would say that. All right… I knew there was a possibility due to her personality. But I still couldn’t help but to blush.

“Inarihime, what about me?” (Coy)

“Yeah… about that…” (Inarihime)

“Wait… what do you mean by those words?” (Coy)

“You seem to have forgotten about our agreement, young Hayate.” (Inarihime)

“Wait… what part? Don’t tell me that you honestly expect me to forgive Lost Justice of all people?” (Coy)

What do you know? She did remember.

“If you cannot forgive Abel-kun, I cannot change you back.” (Inarihime)

“Oh come on!? Do you mean you’re going to leave me as a woman until I forgive that bastard!?” (Coy)

“Well… you could always put yourself under that full-moon curse again? But I will stand by my words, I will not even continue with the original agreement until you start keeping up with your end. And that is final.” (Inarihime)

I could see a vein looking like it would burst at any second on Coy-chan’s forehead. Then again, she’s conflicted as it is. She promised to avenge her mentor. With her principles that she follows by so much, this is going to be difficult. And am I emphasizing on Coy being a female too much?

“Fine… but I should get dressed first.” (Coy)

Is it me, is is that vein getting bigger? Either way, Coy refused to dress in a kimono. I for one wanted to see her in one. However, she put on her current normal attire as heir to lord of Yottsu. Lost was sitting outside of the manor when Coy finally found him.

“I thought you would be my son again, not still my daughter?” (Lost)

“Lost… we need to talk.” (Coy)

I could still see that vein getting ready to burst.

“Then talk.” (Lost)

Is Lost trying to give his daughter a hemorrhage?

“It’s about when we met three years ago.” (Coy)

“Oh, when I was thanking Mr. Walton for interfering with your rescue over a decade before? I remember.” (Lost)

“Yeah, I remember as well. Not only did you kill a lot of the people who had taken me in, but you hit me over the head with a gun handle!” (Coy)

“Be thankful that I didn’t put a bullet in you. Besides, they were both criminals and a nuisance. So you should have taken a hint and left when you had a chance.” (Lost)

“And go where? I’m not sure that you’re aware, but I was kicked out of the only orphanage in town.” (Coy)

“So you did what? Oh yeah, joined the Walton Gang. What were you thinking?” (Lost)

“That it was a better alternative than ending up dead in some ditch like most people. Boss Walton saved my life.” (Coy)

“So you do what, become his lapdog?” (Lost)

Lost said that last line after standing up. Coy faster than I had ever seen her react before slugged him. I think Lost had finally touched a nerve? All I know is that even Lost’s stetson came flying off with that hit.

“I’m not a lapdog!” (Coy)

“Well what do ya know? Despite being a girl at the moment, you got balls son.” (Lost)

“Is that all you can say?” (Coy)

Lost then picked up his hat before getting up and dusting himself off. And he was laughing a little? Just what is he thinking!?

“You may not know this, but that punch was out of pride. I’ve heard you don’t have any, but I guess I was wrong?” (Lost)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

“Son, you got a ways to fall. Inarihime told me that you’re a man of principles, not pride. However, even she had her doubts.” (Lost)

“She doubted me?” (Coy)

“Son, you are one of the many in this country who has the blood of the Ox King running through their veins. Not to mention blood of the Old World thanks to yours truly. There’s no way you didn’t have even the tiniest bit of pride.” (Lost)

“You didn’t have to remind me of the blood I got from you.” (Coy)

“Yet you can’t deny it yourself. Anyway, I guess it’s time to tell you why I didn’t kill Walton three years ago?” (Lost)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

As curious as I am about this, I think Coy could use a new catchphrase by now?

“You see… you were the only thing that kept me from doing it.” (Lost)

And here it comes again…

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

Called it.

“I knew when I first saw you that you were my missing son. You have too much of your mother. Anyways, I questioned Walton after I knocked you out. After realizing that I would lose you again if I got rid of him, I told him to take care of you until I came for you. And not to tell you that I’m your father.” (Lost)

“Wait… why not just take me with you?” (Coy)

A good question.

“Because I knew you would lose it if I tried to take you with me. Even though you joined Walton’s gang, you weren’t ready to face the world yet. I needed you to get stronger before I could bring you with me. And even if I had decided to take you back to Ritme, I had a feeling that you wouldn’t leave without your sister.” (Lost)

“Felicia…” (Coy)

And despite being a girl, Coy is still a sis-con.

“Her name is Fuko. For some strange reason your mother wanted you two to have names related to the wind. Still, I knew that I had to at least find Fuko before trying to get you.” (Lost)

“But do you at least have a clue on where she is now?” (Coy)

“That trail… had gone cold.” (Lost)

Wait… what is with that pause? And why did I just steal Coy’s catchphrase mentally again?

“You know something, don’t you?” (Coy)

“Yeah, something that I couldn’t tell your mother or grandfather. But I was able to tell Inarihime.” (Lost)

“And that is…?” (Coy)

“What I am about to tell you cannot leave the three of us. Inarihime told me I could tell you as long as I told your little lady there as well.” (Lost)

As the legal loli wasn’t around, I could only assume Lost was talking about me as I’m the next shortest. So I took that as the opportunity to speak.

“Then don’t you think we should go somewhere more quiet?”

“No need to worry about that, Ms. Yuki. Everyone else is at the other side of the manor making preparations for the wedding.” (Lost)

“Wait… how do you know this?”

“Inarihime said she would make sure that no one bothers us. Don’t forget, she pretty much still rules this country from the shadows as leader of the… you know, Shadows.” (Lost)

I had to ask…

“So stop the lallygagging and tell us already.” (Coy)

“Straight to the point, eh? Definitely my son… or daughter in this case.” (Lost)

I could see the vein that had finally disappeared starting to form again.

“Could you please not tease Coy-chan?”

“Fine. Look, you met her once already.” (Lost)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

I’m not even going to argue, that was the best that I have ever heard him use those words in context.

“I was there believe it or not. I tracked her down and it was the only opportunity to see her. She came up to you of all people and took your hand, both of you unaware of your relationship.” (Lost)

“Wait… when was this?” (Coy)

“On the day that changed your life, that set your future in stone. I was in Anthill Bay on that day, and I couldn’t believe it. Neither could anyone in the Inuharu Clan if I ever told them. With this much information, I’m sure that you could figure it our for yourself.” (Lost)

It had been a while since I had last seen Coy lost in thought. Still, the day that changed his life and set his future in stone? Back in Anthill Bay? Just what day could it have been?

“By the Deity…” (Coy)

Wait… he figured it out that fast!?

“Did you think of something Coy-chan?”

“Yuki… let’s not talk about it. We have a wedding today.” (Coy)

“Wait… what!?”

Now he has me actually saying it.

“Just trust me, I will tell you when I’m ready.” (Coy)

“Smart move, son. Now, I got some business to take care of before the wedding. Unfortunately I’m the father of the groom. But that’s only if the groom can convince Inarihime to change them back from being the bride.” (Lost)

He then started walking away and laughing. Coy then did something I didn’t expect. He pulled his revolver from his inventory. And aimed it at the leaving Lost.

“Wait right there, Lost.” (Coy)

“Coy-chan… what are you doing?”

“I seen this coming. What is this over?” (Lost)


“Don’t move.” (Coy)

Coy had cocked the hammer of the revolver before ordering Lost.

“I thought you were supposed to forgive me?” (Lost)

Did he have to say it somewhat tauntingly?

“Yeah, I am. However, I’m still a man of principle… despite my current predicament. I made an oath three years ago to put a bullet in you with this very revolver. So I cannot forgive you just yet.” (Coy)

And with that, Lost started laughing.

“Well, no one said that I had to be alive to be forgiven. Right?” (Lost)

“True, but that’s not what I had in mind.” (Coy)

“Wait… what?” (Lost)

Like father, like… son? Or should it be daughter right now?


And just like that, Coy pulled the trigger. But she didn’t shoot Lost in the back like I thought she would, she shot Lost in the backside!?

“Ouch!” (Lost)

“Now I forgive you, father.” (Coy)

Wait… did Coy just call Lost “father”? Either way, guards came rushing in and both Coy and Lost had to explain things. It led to Coy getting scolded by Nagisa, but she didn’t use her ‘tsun’ face. Still, it ended with Inarihime coming to renegotiate with Coy.

“I see that you have finally forgiven your father, yes?” (Inarihime)

“Yeah, I did.” (Coy)

“However, undoing what the Harem King had done to you was not in the original agreement.” (Inarihime)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

I honestly felt like saying those words right there as well.

“It is true, it was not in the agreement. However… I can add it. But you must do another thing for me.” (Inarihime)

“Your wish is my command…” (Coy)

“I will decide what I want later. But would you not prefer to just be under the Full Moon Curse again? It was very interesting from what I know.” (Inarihime)

“Please don’t make me have to do that again!? I want to be a man again, and fully a man!” (Coy)

And now she’s doing a dogeza again. Seriously, I think he used what little bit of pride that she did have when she punched his father earlier.

“All right, young Hayate. Femmina a maschio!”


Standing where Coy-chan was a second ago, Coy-kun was back.

“Finally! Now if you would excuse me… there’s something I must do.” (Coy)

The next thing I saw was a puff of smoke where Coy was standing. Less than five minutes later, he came walking back.

“I didn’t think I could hold it in any longer.” (Coy)

“Wait… too much information!”

“But I had to go since I woke up this morning. Sorry, but I’m not gonna change my bathroom habits.” (Coy)

“Still too much information!”

The next thing I knew, Inarihime was laughing.

“You two… I just… cannot… oh my sides…” (Inarihime)

“What’s so funny?”

“I think I might actually attend the wedding publicly instead of from the shadows.” (Inarihime)

Just what is she up to? Forget Coy, Inarihime is a bigger mystery.

Either way, Coy had to be fitted into his montsuki kimono so he had to leave. I in turn had to be fitted into a shiromaku, the traditional Japanese bridal kimono. Nagisa herself was helping me with it. I will admit that I thought it would be my mother helping me wear it, not a woman with animal ears. Then again, this is still somewhat of a fantasy world.

“Yuki-chan… you look beautiful.” (Nagisa)

“Is that… me?”

As I looked into a mirror, I really couldn’t believe that it was me in the reflection. Due to my hair style, it wasn’t long enough to tie up. But that pure white kimono seemed like it was meant for me. The Tshuno kakushi on my head was a good fit as well.

“I cannot believe that my old shiromaku would look so good on you.” (Nagisa)

“Wait… this was yours, Nagisa-san?”

“It was. I saved it in hopes to someday see Fuko wearing it. However, it seems too much like a fleeting dream now.” (Nagisa)

“But… this shiromaku was meant for her, not me.”

“It’s all right, Yuki-chan. I’m sure that she wouldn’t want it to have gone to waste.” (Nagisa)

All right, I had to change the atmosphere in the room. This was looking like it might get too emotional. Think Yuki, think! Wait… if this was hers. That means…

“Nagisa, that wasn’t the only reason I said that.”

“What do you mean?” (Nagisa)

“I don’t have a tail.”

I then poked my finger in the hole above my butt to show her. She looked a little furious for a second.

“Yuki-chan! You don’t go… oh my. Psst…” (Nagisa)

She started laughing. I joined in with her for a bit. It was somewhat funny.

“Yuki-chan… thank you.” (Nagisa)

“It’s not a problem. Well… the hole might be?”

“Well… I think I know how to remedy that.” (Nagisa)

She had me take it back off before grabbing a similar piece of white silk. It was roughly the size of a bath towel and immediately I got the gist of it. I tied it around my waist like a skirt before putting the shiromaku back on. Due to it being the same color and material, the hole was harder to notice.

“Thank you, Nagisa-san.”

“Yuki-can, you will be my daughter starting today. It’s the least I could do.” (Nagisa)

“But what about Nakano?”

“She already had one. Do not forget, she was Hayate’s original fiancée.” (Nagisa)

“Wait… do you mean to tell me that she was looking forward to marrying him?”

“I’m not sure on how I should put this. Nakano may be my brother’s daughter, but she was born from one of the Shadows in a similar situation to Hayate. Children born from a Shadow are no different from children born from concubines, they have no rights as a member of the family. If it weren’t for father, she would had been thrown away.” (Nagisa)

“That’s… horrible.”

“I agree with you myself. Her father wanted nothing to do with her due to who her mother is. And only a Kitsune may become a Shadow, so she had no where to go. I for one was mad as my children were taken from me. Then again, my brother and I are as different as night and day. He only cares about his own interests.” (Nagisa)

“Is that why no one in the Inuharu clan likes to talk about him?”

I mainly asked as Coy’s uncle seems to be a taboo in the Inuharu manor.

“Between marrying into the Nekotaru clan and suspicions of being involved in Fuku and Hayate’s kidnapping, no one really likes him. He always badmouths the vassals and acted spoiled because of his status as the son of the family head. But it was marrying the Nekotaru head’s daughter that really was the last straw. Not to mention he had the most to gain from Hayate’s disappearance.” (Nagisa)

“He had the most to gain?”

“Due to the family’s rule, the head’s son can only get direct inheritance as head of the clan if they are the eldest child. As I was born first, he didn’t have that birthright. The only other way he could inherit the position of head is if I didn’t give birth to any sons. As Hayate was born and a half-man, Hayate was given the birthright.” (Nagisa)

All right, now I must ask.

“What if he were born as a human?”

“As only canine half-men can inherit the position of family head, my brother would had been next in line. The only reason I was able to marry Abel-san was because he agreed to the family’s rules stating that he cannot be head. If I had married another half-man instead, they would have had the right to be the next head as long as they were a canine half-man.” (Nagisa)

“Sounds kind of… xenophobic if you ask me.”

“Yuki-chan, people being scared of those different than themselves is one thing that may never end. But that part has been in Inuharu tradition since it was nothing more than a mere tribe. The Ox King himself was lucky that he was allowed to live with them, even if he wasn’t considered one of them. Many things have changed in the last thousand years, but some things take even longer to change. But going back to the earlier subject, my brother didn’t like that both Nakano and Hayate were born in general. Hayate because of his birthright and Nakano because of her mother being his Shadow.” (Nagisa)

“At least you remembered to put things back on the first topic?”

“Hard to do sometimes. But still, father took in Nakano because he didn’t want her to suffer. Even though she was the daughter of a Shadow, she was still his blood. So he adopted her and had her raised as a member of the family guard. Unlike my brother, father cared about her. It’s the real reason why he chose her as Hayate’s fiancée. He wanted to ensure her future in the Inuharu clan.” (Nagisa)

Good story, but there was one thing missing.

“Nagisa-san, you never told me if she wanted to marry your son or not.”

“Oh, that. For most of her life, father told her that Hayate was to be her husband. In a sense, she fell in love with a man that she had never met as Hayate was to be the prince who rescued her from her troubles. In truth, I don’t think that she doesn’t really understands love. I asked her what she thought about Hayate, and she said that she loved him regardless of the kind of man he is.” (Nagisa)

“Wait… that seems more like an obsession than love?”

“Take it how you will, it’s not an obsession. I believe that the thought of falling in love with someone you never met isn’t right. I fell in love with Abel-san not only because I was attracted to him, oh no. I fell for him because he didn’t treat me like any of the other men I had met. Every possible marriage partner I had met before only looked at my status as the daughter of the Inuharu head. But Abel-san, he didn’t try to suck up to me at all.” (Nagisa)

“That may be true Nagisa-san, but you’re forgetting something.”

“And that would be…?” (Nagisa)

“It is true that they had never met before, but she still could have been in love regardless. Like how you fell in love with Abel, there was a reason for it. She must have had a reason to fall in love with Coy as well.”

“I would appreciate it if you would call my son by his birth name, but you do have a point. Just… what could she had seen in a man she had never met though?” (Nagisa)

“Well… you did say that she saw him as ‘the prince that would rescue her from her troubles’. Her troubles were that the clan didn’t accept her, right?”

“That is correct.” (Nagisa)

“That’s the reason, she wants acceptance.”

“If that’s the reason, then I think I can understand. But still… Hayate wasn’t exactly husband material when I met him for the first time in almost seventeen full years.” (Nagisa)

“ I know what you mean.”

In the end, we both shared a laugh. Still, it wasn’t enough to end the nervousness that I had been feeling since yesterday. But there was also something else on my mind thanks to the conversation with Nagisa, do I love Coy? This is something that I had been putting off for too long. It’s time that I had sorted out how I feel about him once and for all.

After Note: And that friends was the long awaited chapter twenty. Between trying to find a job, be a live streamer on Twitch, and the recent bit of computer trouble, I thought it might not get done at all. But I managed to get things back on track and we now have a chapter.

I realized a mistake that I probably should fix in earlier chapters. Due to the dictionary in LibreOffice Writer (a different version of MS Word), I kept getting “fiancée” when I tried to correct “fiance”. When it comes to Coy, he should be described as the “fiancé”, the male term. So I’m gonna have to correct that later.

The song this chapter is named after is a hit for people in the Metal Gear Solid fandom, it was in the credits for Metal Gear Solid 3. It’s from a band called Starsailor. I loved the song the first time I heard it, which was in the credits for Metal Gear Solid 3. I’m a fan of the franchise, but I haven’t played a new game since MGS4. And that was stolen by a friend back in West Virginia as we no longer worked at the same place so meeting each other for him to return it was difficult. The worst part is that I couldn’t play that version of Metal Gear Online during the final months. I have Peace Walker, but my PSP was stolen with my guns before I moved to Ohio. And I had changed jobs around the time that the HD collection came out, so I couldn’t afford it. Still, I am a fan of the series.

Anywho, thanks for reading. If you want to read something else good, BakaGrappler just updated SCDK with chapter 15. You should read it, he put a lot of detail in the chapter. As for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, Reigokai hasn’t updated too much this week as he just got a new job.

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  1. 1- -I- this was hers.
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