Chapter postponed and Q&A coming?

Hi peeps, this is Oh Mario and I’ll tell you everything I know. But what I’m sure you wanna know is “Why no new chapter this week?”. Simple, my own stupidity. Well, I did have a job interview back on Monday and was anxious about the aftermath. They said they would call by the end of the week if I got it, but they never called 😦

Anywho, that’s not the only reason. I decided to give Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V a try and ended up binge watching. I went for the subs as for years I’ve criticized the dub. Even though 4Kids! Entertainment themselves are out of commission, Konami made the choice of buying their dubbing department and the dubbing studio for the Yu-Gi-Oh! series is now 4K Media. Been that way since 2012. If only they had learned from the mistakes of the past, the dubs wouldn’t be so horrible! But yeah, I binge watched the sub and later today the new episode should be out. Sad when you can tell an anime is getting closer to the end? Still, that started a chain of where I got in the mood to play Legacy of the Duelist on the PS4. Now I have all but one trophy, the one for completing all the duelist challenges. I manged to score the two online trophies because both times I won the opponent surrendered. The Ranked Match opponent didn’t realize card effects of the two in my pendulum zones and the Unranked guy that I managed to win against had a 60 card deck and played a stupid card that makes level 4 or higher monsters stay in DEF mode. He even used a card to take over my Xyz monster I summoned, but I kept pendulum summoning pendulum monsters to the point where he got bored and gave up.

Anyway, that’s enough of my excuses. I am going to start up chapter 21 soon, but there’s something else I need to mention. BakaGrappler has done a SCDK Q&A and it has inspired me to do one. So any questions you want answered by Coy and Yuki, ask them in the comments section below. Just PLEASE don’t ask about Coy’s sister being the pope? That one’s be asked too many times, it’s time for some fresh questions.

6 thoughts on “Chapter postponed and Q&A coming?

      1. Someone on my friends sent me a broadcast request and the direct way was too much for my internet, so I had to try a twitch method. They didn’t even watch and it was the first time I tried it with that particular method of twitch broadcasting. It didn’t show.


  1. Yeah, I’m kinda wondering if the Pope is his sister. Always suspected it from day one in some ways.

    But if I think of anymore questions to ask, then I’ll let you know. Oh, another thing: You know you want us to ask Yuki and Coy questions? Are you gonna do the same thing for the other characters at some stage? Even if you haven’t thought of it yet I thought it might be a good decision.


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