LGDK Short: Coy and Yuki “Theater”?

Author’s Note: No chapter this week, just a short. Please enjoy?

LGDK Short: Coy and Yuki “Theater”?

Coy: Hello, I am Hayate Inuharu. You may know me as Coy from the popular Web Novel “Let’s Go Devil King!”.

Sea: And I am Yuki Sengoku, you may know me as Magical Girl Sea Green from the same novel.

Coy: Yuki… you haven’t been Sea Green in a while.

Sea: And this novel really isn’t popular either, but you called it that anyway.

Coy: Touché. Anyway, we’re here right now outside of the fourth wall because the Author has been busy lately. Other than the recent failures at finding employment, he had been binging on the final season of… what show?

Sea: *sigh* Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It’s the successor of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

Coy: Wait… isn’t that CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!?


Coy: Then which one was Xyz Summoning introduced?

Sea: That was Zexal. Apparently it’s the least popular according to LGDK’s author.

Coy: And what’s with the new one? The protagonist’s hair looks like a tomato.

Sea: That’s Arc-V. Other than having all of the Summoning Methods from the past shows brought back, they introduced Pendulum Summoning.

Coy: Wow… I never thought a show based on a children’s trading card game would last so long?

Sea: That’s because the creator of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga, or mangaka as you would created it as a way to do one of the original Shadow Games that Yami Yugi, Yugi’s “other self” used to punish Seto Kaiba. Even though it was supposed to be a one-time thing, it got so many letters sent by fans due to popularity that it changed the course of the manga to focus on the card game. It was so popular that the company Konami created an actual trading card game.

Coy: Wait… isn’t that the video game company that’s been through a lot of controversy?

Sea: I don’t like to talk about it as thanks to Kojima parting ways with them there will not be any new Metal Gear Solid games. But back to the topic at hand, there are two versions of the trading card game. The “Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game”, or OCG for short which is in Japan and other Asian countries. And then there is the “Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game”, or TCG for short in the Americas and other western countries. Both versions have separate “ban lists” on certain cards. Also they limit other cards to only having a certain number of copies. In the TCG, there’s the “Advanced” rule set that is normally used for tournaments and the “Traditional” rule set that doesn’t ban any cards but will limit certain numbers of copies you can have.

Coy: Wait… there’s no “Traditional” rule set for the OCG?

Sea: I’m afraid not. Anyway, the Yu-Gi-Oh card game is popular around my world.

Coy: I wish I could play…

Sea: What’s this? You’re interested in something that isn’t about guns?

Coy: Can you blame me? I even want to try it.

Spoiler-san: Stop right there.

Coy & Sea: Spoiler-san!?

Spoiler-san: Yes, it’s Spoiler-san. Anyway, Spoiler-san cannot allow you two to continue with this.

Coy: And why not?

Spoiler-san: For starters, you are from a world where card games do not exist. Let alone CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES! So Spoiler-san cannot allow you to learn a children’s trading card game.

Sea: Um Spoiler-san… we’re not in that world right now. We’re in a special space outside of the continuity.

Coy: Not to mention that anything I learn here, I forget about once we’re back in LGDK!.

Spoiler-san: Spoiler-san doesn’t care.

Sea: Is it because the author of LGDK!, your “vessel” made you late for a chapter of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu because he was binging on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX?

Spoiler-san: Well… no, it is not. While you two were talking about a children’s trading card game, you forgot that this is a special. Not to mention the Q&A!

Sea: Well… it’s kind of hard to do a Q&A when no one asks any questions, right?

Coy: She gotcha there.

Spoiler-san: Wait… what!?

Coy: And I’m going to have to charge you each time you steal my catchphrase.

Spoiler-san: Let Spoiler-san look… *reads* What the heck? Only Aberdeus asking about a Twitch stream that didn’t happen!?

Sea: See? We cannot answer that.

Spoiler-san: Let Spoiler-san check the vessel’s email… *reads* WHAT!? Only an email from his Greek friend Mike about the arch priest being Coy’s sister!? Doesn’t he mean the pope!?

Sea: Oh Coy-kun… is that the identity of your sister?

Coy: Hey, I cannot answer.

Spoiler-san: Oh is that my Spoiler Sense tingling?

Coy: No, it’s that spider on your shoulder.

Spoiler-san: Oh Spoiler-san isn’t going to– Whah!!!!

*Spoiler-san runs away screaming*

Sea: That was very clever.

Coy: What do ya expect? Spoiler-san is annoying.

Sea: True.

Coy: Anyway, what’s next on the agenda?

Sea: Let’s see… wait, the paper says that this whole thing is improv!?

Coy: Wait… what!? There’s no script!?

Sea: It looks that way.

Coy: So we’re not really in trouble about doing nothing but talking about a children’s trading card game earlier?

Sea: Yup.

Coy: Sweet! So wanna play a children’s trading card game?

Sea: Why not. Let’s shuffle each other’s decks first.

*They shuffle each other’s decks*

Sea: I’ll go first. I summon Amazoness Fighter in ATK mode. I lay down two face downs and end my turn.

Coy: My turn… draw. Wait… I just won.

Sea: What do you mean by that?

Coy: According to the card I just drew, I won.

Sea: Let me see… wait… what!? How did you get all five pieces of Exodia in your first draw!?

Coy: I dunno?

Sea: This is just… impossible! No one gets Exodia on their first turn!

Coy: I seem to have?

Sea: Dammit, I had Acid Trap Hope and Destiny Board on the field.

Coy: So what now?

Spoiler-san: Nothing! You two have done nothing worth while since this so called “Theater” started!

Coy: So?

Spoiler-san: You do not get it. Spoiler-san’s vessel hasn’t made as much as a dime from writing about you two. No one donates and no one even asked questions for the Q&A. Wait… Spoiler-san isn’t at Reigokai’s WordPress right now, Spoiler-san is at Spoiler-san’s vessel’s. I bet that I could charge money for Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu spoilers!!!

Coy: Wait… don’t that go against the Spoiler’s Creed?

Spoiler-san: Oh shut up! Spoiler-san’s back story by itself has drawn in more of a crowd than LGDK has. The people love me! So donate now people if you want to know what’s going to be happening in Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu! Here’s one on the house, the Hero of Limia is–

Coy: Gang way!!!

Sea: Move it!!!

Spoiler-san: Wait… where are you two running off to–

Truck-kun: Beep beep!

Spoiler-san: Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

*Spoiler-san gets ran over by Truck-kun*

Sea: That’s what you get, Spoiler-san.

Coy: You had that one coming.

Spoiler-san: Fine… Spoiler-san won’t… charge money for… spoilers…

Coy: Thank you everyone for coming to “Coy and Yuki Theater”!

Sea: Be sure send in questions for the Q&A?

Coy: And we will be back next week in a fresh chapter of “Let’s Go Devil King!”.

Sea: As soon as the author is finished with Iron Banner in Destiny.

Coy: And with that said…

Sea and Coy: See you soon!

Spoiler-san: Wait… why does Coy sound like he has a Brooklyn accent?

5 thoughts on “LGDK Short: Coy and Yuki “Theater”?

      1. Okay, so I’ve been thinking long and hard about this…

        Here’s a question for Coy: If the Ox King was still alive and kicking would you say to him? How would you spend the day with him?


  1. Its a fun series, but like you sad its not too popular sadly. If you where somehow able to get it up on one of the novel hosting websites (like Novelplanet) that might change a bit. But even then, a lot of people. (Me included) would only read it on there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. Sadly, Novel Planet only “steals” translations of Japanese novels, so it’s not as much of a host site as it’s a Pirate Site. I was thinking about getting into Creative Novels because of my friend LynneSuzuran (the TL for “The Flower Selling Girl is an Replacement Bride”) got her original WN “I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate” on there (though she mainly updates it on her site Convallaria’s Library). Sometimes she even still asks me if I’m going to try out for them. I want to do it, but I still need to look into the requirements. The only reason LGDK had attention in the first place was because Reigokai advertised it once.


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