This time, lack of update is on me…

It is on me this time. I do have a few excuses, like how I have yet another issue with Linux on my computer. But I had recently imported all my files my Windows hard drive before then, so it’s not really an excuse. This time, it was Destiny.

Seriously, Rise of Iron is coming out in two days. As I missed out on Year One, I never got to witness the wonder if new content in the game. I didn’t get the Vanilla version until Christmas of last year and I didn’t get Taken King until February. So I missed out on the Festival of the Lost and Sparrow racing. This time around, I get to experience the new content.

However… I still have things to do in the game before Rise of Iron comes out. Like somehow get into a King’s Fall raid and beat it. I gave up on the Calcified fragments after getting 41 out of 50. So I won’t be finishing the Year Two record book. I only have like six quests left on my Hunter (the class I use the most), and one of them is the final Lord Shaxx quest for using the Gunslinger sub-class in Crucible. I’ll finally finish the Jolly Holiday quest on Tuesday when I finally get my Chaperone shotgun, which sadly is the day that Rise of Iron comes out. And two of the remaining quests require the King’s Fall raid.

Overall, I have done a lot in that game despite being late for the party. And when Rise of Iron comes out, goodbye to time for writing. I’m gonna be busy playing the new DLC and probably streaming it. Not to mention… I have to go back to the clinic on Tuesday, so I’m going to be a little late to the party.

Before you ask, there’s nothing wrong with me. It’s one of those clinics where you donate plasma for money. Not only am I helping out people as there’s some with plasma deficiency and it’s used in some medications, but I’ve been fixing my empty wallet problem. Sadly they don’t pay in cash, the money you get goes onto a card that they take some fees out of depending on what you do with it. And in my state, you can only legally donate plasma once every other day and no more than two days a week. As I just donated some yesterday, I managed to make my second donation in time. Can’t tell you all how much I make as the price depends on the local laws and all that.

But yeah, between playing Destiny and being tired from donating plasma, it’s been hard to write. Still, I will get back to it by October. Again, sorry for the stream of no updates.


One thought on “This time, lack of update is on me…

  1. Well yeah legally you can donate plasma 2 times a week but that’s more of a health issue since it serves no point if you end up with no plasma(exaggerated) even the smallest cut can bleed you out. I tried to donate plasma like 2 years ago before I found a job it was like 25$ first visit and 30-35$ the second to in courage you to come back. I couldn’t do it cause of “reasons” but I ended up still donating platelets which they don’t pay you for but give stuff like tickets to movies or sporting events(nose bleed seats) I donated every week and ended up giving away movie tickets to friends I’m not going to be able to donate anymore for a while.


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