A Chapter is coming…

Hey peeps, I just wanted to let all of you to know that after about 3 months of waiting (and around the first year anniversary of “Let’s Go Devil King”), that a chapter is coming! I’m serious, I FINALLY finished chapter 21!!!

I’ve had a lot of distractions as of late. Last month, Rise of Iron came out for Destiny. I played the hell out of it for the first week it was out. Then the second week slowed down and then Iron Banner followed… and then let’s just say that I got Destiny’ed out. And then the Biker’s DLC finally came out for GTA Online. As I rarely have a million dollars on my character, this saved me as you don’t need to have a million on you to start up an MC (Motorcycle Club). You just need to own a Clubhouse.

I wasn’t just busy with gaming either. I moved into another room of the house recently for more privacy. Not to mention I started donating my plasma for some pocket money. Yes, it does hurt when they stick that needle in your arm. However… it’s nice to finally have some money. If it weren’t for the fact that I have the only running car in my household, I’d be back on the job hunt. Trust me, I’d rather be working.

Still, I know that it’s been too long since I gave a decent update to LGDK. But there have been some personal things that I’d rather not share. And of course knowing what I want to write but not knowing how to “put it down on paper”. I never gave up on LGDK, I’ve thought a lot about stuff I wanna throw in it. The only reason I’m not posting the new chapter right now is because it’s not around the usual update time on the usual update day. And… it’s four in the morning where I live. I’m going to bed and posting it sometime after I wake up. But still, look forward to the update. And don’t forget to read some of the stuff on my “Recommended Reads” page. OhMarioWV, out!

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