F*ck: Not Found

Before anyone asks… it’s another error with Ubuntu MATE. The damn OS fucked up on me again. Seriously, it did. And when I went to restart it, it kept saying that I had to “RUN fsck MANUALLY”. I’ve had this problem before and it wasn’t pretty. So I tried to do it, nothing happens. and eventually… I write “fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in the command line because of how angry I am.

Response: “fuck: not found”

I ended up laughing. Apparently those in the MATE department have no “fucks” to give. So yeah… I lost what I wrote around 4 in the morning. I even tried running a Linux live disc to see if I could recover my work, didn’t work. The hard drive that I use for Linux is being a troll. But… there is a bright side!

I checked the copy on my Windows hard drive and found that it left off from where I started when I got back to writing. So I don’t have too much to rewrite. Just expect a minor delay.

6 thoughts on “F*ck: Not Found

    1. I’m sure that I have done one, but you weren’t there. Wait… I did. Because I didn’t put the settings to “private”, too many people joined the party and I eventually ended the stream.


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