L.G.D.K! Chapter 21 – White Wedding?

Author’s note: As promised, it’s here. Even though I had a problem that I’m sure you have heard about it my last post, I managed to re-finish the chapter. I personally think that the quality has dropped from when I originally finished it, but it’s about how I originally did it. Anoywho, please enjoy?

Chapter 21 – White Wedding?

Well… we’re at the point that everything until now has accumulated to. No, this is not the end of my tale. I was just trying to have my mind in the same mindset as a certain piece of shipper-trash from my world… who was technically born in this one and got reborn in mine before getting back her old body in this world. And that was a mouthful. Still, it’s finally here. My wedding day.

Nagisa already helped me get into my bridal kimono, but she just finished my makeup. Now I remember why I only wore makeup when cosplaying, it takes longer than just going natural. No one really recognizes me because I normally look like the mousy type, the type to blend in with the crowd. Not to mention… it just feels weird to have someone else apply my makeup.

Anyway, I was led to Nakano’s room of preparation when we were finished. Nakano looked more like a Yamato nadeshiko than her usual warrior self. No, her hair was actually long enough to have been done properly. For once I regretted normally having a bob-style haircut. Sadly it would had been a bad idea for me to have been Sea Green as the appearance in general looked too different. The only thing the same was the face itself, the hair and heterochromatic eyes would be hard to explain.

“Nagisa-sama, Yuki-san. How are you?” (Nakano)

“Nakano, you don’t have to be so formal anymore. You’re my daughter starting today. So call me ‘mother’, all right?” (Nagisa)

“Yes, mother. Yuki-san, you look wonderful.” (Nakano)

I know there’s no sarcasm in her words, but still…

“You look even better, Nakano.”

I know, I didn’t use honorifics right there. However… she has longer hair and a modest bust. Right now she looks like a true Japanese bride of old… just with animal ears. Compared to her… my lack of both those departments are not worth much. Why was God so cruel when he created me?

“Now I know you’re just jesting.” (Nakano)

“Nakano… you’re beautiful. Why would you think that I was joking?”

“Because I’ve… never really been lady-like. Before Nagisa-sama’s bridal lessons, I’ve only known the way of the blade. It’s all I’ve really had in life.” (Nakano)

As I’ve bathed with her before, I could tell by how toned her body is. She’s not like a raging hulk or anything, she just has a little muscle mass in her arms and legs. I’m surprised that she doesn’t have a six-pack, it’s a smooth belly.

“Nakano, I’ve told you to call me mother.” (Nagisa)

“Sorry, mother.” (Nakano)

Even though Nagisa didn’t have the ‘tsun’ face, I can understand the slight fear in Nakano’s tone. I will admit that I’m scared of Coy’s mother.

“It’s all right, Nakano. Anyway, it’s time. I need you two to come with me.” (Nagisa)

And with that we followed our mother-in-law to be. When on our way to the courtyard… there was a commotion. Someone was arguing with one of the vassals. But… this man I hadn’t seen before. I could tell by his ears and gray hair that he’s a wolf half-man, but he was unfamiliar to me as I had already met all of the members of the Inuharu Clan that lived in Inuharu manor. Not to mention that this man wore all-back traditional Japanese-style clothing.

“Please, you have no right to come this way.” (vassal)

“What do you mean no right? Know you’re place, vassal. I’m still the son of the family head, so I was born with the right to walk through the house I was raised in!” (wolf half-man)

“Kenshiro! What are you doing here!?” (Nagisa)

Wait… I could guess that he was Nagisa’s brother as they looked similar. But his name all this time was Kenshiro?

“Onee-chan, this vassal does not seem to know his place.” (Kenshiro)

“You have no right to call me that, traitor!” (Nagisa)

“Oh sure, marry into the rivaling clan and I become a traitor? Onee-chan, all I did was accept an offer. I can’t even get a position in the Nekotaru clan.” (Kenshiro)

“You still have not answered my question, Kenshiro.” (Nagisa)

Oh no, she has that ‘tsun’ face that Coy inherited from her. Tread lightly, Kenshiro. Tread lightly.

“I’m here to petition against this farce of a marriage.” (Kenshiro)

And why does that seem like it was expected?

“You have no right to interfere with Hayate’s wedding day. He agreed to marry these two young women and he’s going to do so.” (Nagisa)

“Your son is not only making the same mistake that you had and marrying a human, but he’s also marrying that mistake I made.” (Kenshiro)

I could see that those words hurt Nakano. I felt hurt too, and not just for her. Nagisa was right when she told me about her brother, he’s a jerk.

“Don’t you dare call Nakano a mistake, I watched her grow into a fine young woman. And Yuki is the one that Hayate had already chosen before he returned to Yottsu. So I will not have you saying anything bad about neither of them.” (Nagisa)

“Onee-chan… you do not understand.” (Kenshiro)

“Oh I understand, Kenshiro. You married for money. I have no doubts that you and that feline wife of yours share any love at all.” (Nagisa)

“Love does not matter. The only things that matter in life are money and power. And even though I do not have any power within the Nekotaru clan, I have many businesses in Yattsu that are successful. So in a sense I do have both.” (Kenshiro)

“Yet you have neither pride or principle about you.” (Nagisa)

“Those things will ultimately lead to downfall. Face it onee-chan, the Inuharu Clan doesn’t have much longer as long as that mutt of yours is going to be the heir. No one’s going to respect an outsider. Why don’t you ditch that human and find someone who can help you when the clan falls?” (Kenshiro)


Oh my… she slapped him with her hand and not the paper fan!!!

“I will not listen to those venomous words coming from your mouth, Kenshiro. I will not have you talking down on my husband or my children.” (Nagisa)

And Kenshiro was rubbing his face where he was slapped. Yet… he was smiling?

“Onee-chan, I’m only saying what I have because I care about you. Everyone knows that getting involved with humans will only lead to disaster. Heck, it was even in the will of the Ox King–” (Kenshiro)

“Don’t you dare tell me about the will of the Ox King. The will you believe in is false. The Ox King befriended not only a few humans, but people of the other races as well. And two of his best friends were the pope at the time Alexander and his successor who was the first female pope. So don’t you dare tell me otherwise.” (Nagisa)

Kenshiro was taken aback by Nagisa’s words. Through Coy and then by some of the Inuharu clan, I’ve heard all about the Ox King and how he changed his ways throughout his life.

“Onee-chan, I still think marrying humans is wrong. I’ve actually come here to offer an alternative.” (Kenshiro)

“An alternative you say?” (Nagisa)

“Yeah, have him marry my daughter Koneko.” (Kenshiro)

Wait… his daughter’s name literally means “kitten” or “cat”? All I know is that Nagisa’s ‘tsun’ face has returned.

“Kenshiro…” (Nagisa)

“Yes, onee-chan?” (Kenshiro)

“Declined!” (Nagisa)

“But Onee-chan, even you know that my Koneko would make a fine bride?” (Kenshiro)

“Kenshiro, I know. However, she’s not worthy of marrying my Hayate due to being a Nekotaru. Believe it or not, the Inuharu Clan has already discussed this matter. It’s actually how they agreed to allow Hayate to marry Yuki.” (Nagisa)

I was actually there for that. When some of the Inuharu Clan members were speaking against the marriage, it was Inarihime who said “would you prefer he marry a Nekotaru?”. That line alone changed everyone’s minds.

“Onee-chan, having him marry Nakano or that human is a mistake.” (Kenshiro)

And with that, he finally walked off.

“Has he always been like that?”

“Yuki-chan… he has. Knowing him, it’s either a scheme to be welcomed back into the clan or a scheme to make Hayate look less desirable as heir. Believe it or not, he has been upset ever since I married Abel because it caused less of a stir than him marrying into the Nekotaru Clan. As much as I love my little brother, all he likes to do is scheme.” (Nagisa)

“Maybe it’s a family trait?”

“What did you just say?” (Nagisa)

Crap, she has the ‘tsun’ face again.


“Good. Now, let’s get you and Nakano to the courtyard.” (Nagisa)

That was a close one. However, Kenshiro isn’t the only one to scheme, Coy’s pretty good at scheming himself. Sadly I cannot let Nagisa know this as Coy needs the people to know about his scheme kept to a minimum. Nakano is the only one of Coy’s fiancées to not know what Coy’s planning. I for one know why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Anyway, we finally made it to the courtyard, and I couldn’t believe the crowd. It was like a cosplay convention due to all the different people with animal ears and tails. I didn’t just see dogs, but all kinds. Like Kenshiro was with a lady that had black hair and cat ears with a girl who looked about my age with the same features. The woman looked like a true Yamato nadeshiko, she had long hair with a fringe. The daughter whom I could only assume was Koneko had the same hair-style. However, her figure was mostly like mine in the bosom department. The both of them had cat-like features about them other than the ears and tails.

There was a tall man with horns and an imposing figure underneath his clothing. He was wearing a dark gray robe, and matching hakama with a yellow sleeveless Haori, white sash and tabi socks, and straw sandals. But like with most of the horned half-men I’ve seen so far, his ears are pretty much where a humans would be. All I could do was ask Nagisa about him.

“Oh my… I didn’t think he would come to this wedding.” (Nagisa)

“Who is he?”

“Yuki-chan… that’s the current emperor of Ritme.” (Nagisa)

Wait.. what!? This giant is the Emperor!? If there’s a time to keep my cool, it’s now.

“He’s… big.”

“It’s because he’s an Ox half-man, just like the Ox King. Believe it or not, he’s actually not a bad person.” (Nagisa)

I want to believe her, but a man over seven foot tall is still scary. And… why is he walking this way?

“Nagisa-chan, how are you?” (Emperor)

“I’m fine, your majesty.” (Nagisa)

She’s bowing, he really is the emperor.

“Nagisa-chan, no need for the formalities. This is a day of celebration.” (Emperor)

“Just as there is no need for addressing someone who is three months your senior with ‘chan’?” (Nagisa)

And he started laughing.

“Oh Nagisa, you’re still a riot. Still, congratulations on the safe return of your son, even if it’s a little late.” (Emperor)

“As if getting a council with the Emperor is an easy feat?” (Nagisa)

And he’s laughing again.

“Sorry, it’s just that sharp tongue never ceases to amuse me. But as you were my playmate when we where children, only you get to have one of those around me.” (Emperor)

Wait… they were childhood friends?

“Those days are long past, Shun. I am married, you know?” (Nagisa)

“I know, even I lost to a human. I still feel like I should knock his teeth in for leaving you alone all those years.” (Emperor)

“Shun… you know I do not appreciate anyone talking down about my husband.” (Nagisa)

Uh-oh, she has the ‘tsun’ face.

“I’m sorry.” (Emperor)

Wait… did the emperor just apologize to Nagisa? What is with Coy’s mother?

“Good enough.” (Nagisa)

Why does the emperor look relieved? Isn’t Inarihime supposed to be the one people fear?

“So… these must be the lucky ladies?” (Emperor)

Wait… is he using me and Nakano to chance the subject?

“I am Nakano, your majesty.” (Nakano)

She just did a bow. Crap, my turn.

“I am Yuki, your majesty.”

I mimicked Nakano as I didn’t want to be rude. I’ve never met royalty before. I mean… I am technically royalty myself as the Devil King, but I ran away from that role.

“So Daisuke’s spear-wielding bodyguard and a human named ‘snow’? I will admit, they are adorable.” (Emperor)

Wait… is he looking down on us because of how short we are?

“Remember, these are Hayate’s brides.” (Nagisa)

“Do you honestly think that the emperor of Ritme can afford to be a womanizer?” (Emperor)

“No matter what, you will still be the same little boy I used to play with at the imperial palace.” (Nagisa)

“Just don’t put either on my epitaph, all right?” (Emperor)

“As you wish, Shun.” (Nagisa)

“Anyway, have you met the ‘special’ guests yet?” (Emperor)

Wait… what does he mean by ‘special’?

“Father is attending to them with Abel-san. I still cannot wait to meet with them myself.” (Nagisa)

“I was surprised when Inarihime ‘requested’ that they be invited here. I mainly came to the wedding to see what she’s up to.” (Emperor)

“Shun, I think we both know to not question Inarihime’s ‘requests’. She may be plotting something behind everyone’s backs most of the time, but she never does anything without a reason.” (Nagisa)

“You have me there, that oba-san never plots anything unless it leads to an ending that everyone agrees with.” (Emperor)

Wait… I’ve never heard anyone call Inarihime ‘oba-san’ before. And… what does the emperor mean by that?

“Anyway, thank you for inviting Hayate’s friends from Anthill Bay. It wouldn’t be right for him to be wed without them being here.” (Nagisa)

Wait a moment… Coy’s friends from Anthill Bay? I only know of a few of them, through Kimiko’s investigation and from Coy’s own mouth. There was a dwarf, a half-elf, his boss who was the half-elf’s father, some wolf half-man who was supposed to be tall as a building… who else? Damn, I hate it when my memory fails me.

“It’s no problem. I still cannot believe that your son was chosen to be the Hero though. Or that he requested for the ones who are spreading word of his ‘death’ to not be caught.” (Emperor)

“Hayate has his reasons, that’s all I know.” (Nagisa)

She’s not the only one, even I do not have a clue on what Coy’s master plan is when it comes to his old party. Due to his past as a gangster, I’m thinking that the guy called Nanashi would end up sleeping with the fishes? Yet he hasn’t shown too much of that side of himself since I’ve met him. Normally he tries to get out of doing things, like he did when it came to Bunker 105 to rescue the women originally taken by the Harem King. I’ve never even seen him fight in full power.

(Coy POV)

All right, I’m wearing the stupid outfit meant for traditional weddings here in Ritme. I only call it stupid because it’s not a suit. I actually miss wearing suits, but that could be due to the fact that I mainly wore one before I started my journey. Still… this country is so different from what I’m used to. Besides… the montsuki kimono doesn’t suite me. I just hope that the second wedding with Nyra and Wells will be the last time I wear one.

Anyway, my grandfather Daisuke wanted me to greet some ‘special’ guests from outside of Ritme. I thought this place was isolated? Just who was so ‘special’ that they got invited to my wedding? As a vassal is opening the doors, I’m about to find out.

“Are you freaking kidding me?”

“It’s been a long time, boyo.” (Zeke)

Why is that drunkard of a dwarf here? And..

“Zeke? DJ? Boss? Lobo and Clair too? Just what in the name of the Deity is going on?”

“It was Inarihime’s idea. She figured that it wouldn’t be right for you to get married without your friends being there.” (Daisuke)

Damn that fox woman! It’s true that they are my friends, but one of the reasons I accepted my fate as the Hero was to get as far away from them as possible. Especially Zeke and DJ.

“So you guys traveled all the way to Ritme just to attend my wedding?”

“Coy, did you honestly think that we would miss this? Just how much of a lug are you?” (Walton)

“Oh, I know. It’s just with the isolation policy that I didn’t think you would arrive.”

“And miss an opportunity? Coy, did you forget everything I’ve ever taught you?” (Walton)

“No, sir.”

“Still… to believe that you’re nobility? Coy, I’m getting jealous again.” (DJ)

Oh please… you just want ‘bouncy’ girls to flock to you like moths to a flame.

“Trust me, I was surprised as well.”

“So… does that mean you can help out a friend, boyo?” (Zeke)

“Zeke, no. I’m not going to pay off your debt. Especially since you still owe me twenty pieces of silver.”

“Damn, it was worth a shot.” (Zeke)

And then Walton sighed.

“Ezekiel, will you ever learn?” (Walton)

“Maybe one of these days, boss.” (Zeke)

“So, lil’ Coy was from Ritme all along?” (Lobo)

“Hey, I didn’t even know.”

“It’s amazing, I actually served drinks to nobility.” (Clair)

Just what is with that… jiggle? DJ, don’t look for too long. Lobo might just get violent.

“But how did you get the time off to come here, Clair?”

“Ol’ Stony said that I could take the time off as Ritme is the home of our race. He said that it would be a shame if I never got to visit, though I’m not sure if my ancestry really is from Ritme.” (Clair)

“And why wouldn’t it be?”

“My grandmother was an escaped slave from Portnew. According to her, our family had been slaves for so many generations that she wasn’t sure if we and any ancestors from Ritme.” (Clair)

“Wait.. what?”

Seriously, I didn’t know that.

“It’s alright, I don’t normally tell people my family history. But if I do have any relatives here, I would like to meet them.” (Clair).

“Well… all the bovine half-men are from the imperial family.” (Daisuke)

“What!?” (Clair)

And there goes that ‘jiggle’ again. Seriously…

“Grandpa, you know that not every bovine half-man is from the imperial family.”

“I know, I just wanted to see her reaction.” (Daisuke)

Wait… I knew it! That old man is a pervert! I saw him pay extra attention to Clair’s ‘jiggle’.

“Grandpa… Clair is like an older sister to me.”

I’m sure he read my expression well enough as his own changed. It was true, Clair was the closest thing to an elder sister that I had growing up as she was a year older. She arrived at the orphanage a few months after the church took my sister away. Her mother died at childbirth and her grandmother had died from illness. She was pretty like a big sister to all of us at the orphanage, though I think that was her cow half-man blood they have a motherly instinct for those smaller than them. We mainly stuck together because we were the only half-men at the orphanage. To be honest… she was my first crush. However, those feelings disappeared over time. She was adopted by Stony a few years before I was kicked out of the orphanage. Stony had no inappropriate intentions, he and his wife just couldn’t have any children. And when first visited the tavern after I was kicked out and joined the Walton Gang… she gave me a good talking to.

“Coy… what was that about?” (DJ)

Of course, that perverted idiot could never read any moods.

“Nothing, DJ. I’m just happy that you’re all here.”

Believe it or not, I was. DJ may be a pervert and an idiot, but I would never let anything happen to him. We had been together since his father reluctantly allowed him to join the Walton Gang. Zeke may be an old drunkard, but we still had each others backs. And Lobo may be annoying with his quest to find someone as strong as him, but I honestly was happy that there was another canine half-man in Anthill Bay. Walton may be a strict boss, but he did raise me for three years of my adolescence. As for Clair… I think I already explained that. So yeah, I’m glad that they’re here. Besides, if I did get married and they weren’t there… I know that I’d never hear the end of it.

“I’m just wondering why that when I finally have gotten the family that I had longed for for so many years… that they had to be so strange.”

“Be careful what you wish for.” (Walton)

“Ain’t that the truth.” (Lost)

I honestly jumped. Just… how does he sneak up on me without me noticing him?

“It’s been a while, Walton.” (Lost)

“Yes it’s been, Lost.” (Walton)

“You don’t have to call me by that alias, Dale.” (Lost)

“Then what the hell do you expect me to call you? I don’t exactly know your name.” (Walton)

“It’s Abel Mechana.” (Lost)

“Wait… Mechana?”

“Long story, son. But in the long list of conditions of marrying your mother, there are two related to this. First is neither one of us could take the others’ surname. Another was that our children had to have ‘Inuharu’ as their surnames.” (Lost)

“Wait… what?”

“Blame your grandfather for that.” (Lost)

“Hmph!” (Daisuke)

“Still, thank you for looking after my brat. Even if it was by force.” (Lost)

“Even if you didn’t tell me to, I would have. If I didn’t recognize him as one of the babes that guy you nearly tore up all of Anthil bay to kill had, I probably would had ignored him?” (Walton)

“Wait… what!?”

“That’s a story for another time, Coy.” (Walton)

Whatever… I just wanna get this wedding over with.

After Note: And there it finally is peeps, the 21st chapter. Yes, it was named after a song by Billy Idol. The next one is the actual conclusion of the wedding. Let’s just say that I have a headache from trying to study traditional Japanese weddings? Still, look forward to the next chapter soon. As for me, I’m staying hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2, even if it’s coming out fall of next year.

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