Status Update: Elections and other news

I’m just going to start on the 2016 Presidential Election. Congratulations Mr. Trump on winning. I didn’t vote for Donald or Hillary. I didn’t even vote at all. This way when people complain about him I can say, “He’s not my president, I didn’t vote for him”. Switch it to “she” and “her” if Hilary won, but she didn’t. I personally hate the electoral season, it tears people apart. At least after a week or two… healing can begin and all.

Secondly, my lack of updates this time around. I FINALLY managed to get Fallout 4. It took me about a year, but I got it. The Fallout series is actually one of my bigger inspirations. Though before I finally got 4, I had only played New Vegas. I had my sister help me with character creation so my Sole Survivor looked like me. She complained that she couldn’t make the nose small enough or get the eyebrows right, but other than that it looks like a clone of me. I even made him fat to better match me. I plan on streaming Fallout 4 in the future. I’m trying to decide if I wanna play it as Lost Justice (LGDK’s protagonist Coy’s father), an absolutely evil chick, or Bob Ross so I can do my impressions of him. And if I did Bob Ross, I would be using Paint Brushes, empty Paint Cans, and empty Enamel Cans in the Junk Jet. The reason I’m spending so much time right now is due to wanting to get the “good” ending on my character. It’s the one where the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, and the Minutemen are not at war with each other. It takes the most work, especially since about every five minutes a settlement needs me help. It gets annoying after a while. On one of the future playthroughs that I wanna stream, I’m just choosing one faction and playing straight through. Well… I’d get the Hot Rod Flames paint as it’s not to far from where the game begins first… but mainly avoid becoming the General of the Minutemen.

Another issue I’ve been having is with my keyboard. Sometimes the buttons stick and Windows makes that noise where something disconnected and got reconnected. I noticed the noise was due to my keyboard due to the NumLock indicator light turning off during the disconnect noise and back on after the reconnect noise. And I already had to fix what I typed because of my keyboard sticking again. I hate my luck…

Anywho, I’ll try to get back to work on LGDK soon. OhMarioWV out.

5 thoughts on “Status Update: Elections and other news

  1. I love how people say “he’s not my President” lol its like saying he they aren’t my laws why should I pay taxes or why shouldn’t I take drugs, they don’t understand they are part of a system and instead of saying that we should re-vote lol like Ireland and Britain with their referendums and pick “the right choice this time” when I hear some one say he’s not my president or I’m moving to Canada all I think is tough shit you don’t like this system we have? Well to bad cause Canada’s system doesn’t like you either. Lol in either case I didn’t vote the bj peaked my interest be in all honesty not enough to get broken legs to the polling place.


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