The Beauty of Democracy

This is more of an essay than a short story or anything LGDK related.

This morning, many Americans were in woe due to the victory of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook of people wanting to move to Canada or other countries. However, people forget one thing. America may be a country of Capitalism, but we’re also a country of Democracy.

I say stop grieving over the fact that Hilary Clinton lost the race to the White House. Give the man a chance. I personally didn’t vote, he’s not my president. However, the election is over. I hate election season because it tears people apart. Brother blocking brother on their Facebook feeds. I know I stole that from the most recent Epic Rap Battles of History, but it’s true. People get too emotional over who wins the Presidency.

Anyone remember when Barack Obama won re-election back in 2012? There was a petition going on for the state of Texas to separate from the United States. Of course the governor of Texas didn’t take it seriously and due to the agreement of when it became a state, it could separate when it wants to as Texas was originally a republic. The point is that people over reacted.

The only difference between then and now is that Trump is going in for his first term of presidency. Obama was going into his second term when he won 2012. So we were already familiar with him and his way of running things. But what people for get is that we also have the right as citizens of the United States of America to vote Trump out of office as well. Don’t start making petitions to do it already, he hasn’t even become president yet. Right now he’s the President Elect, meaning that he’s only next in line for the Oval Office. Until January, Obama is still the President of the U.S. of A.

But as I was saying, the beauty of democracy is that if given a reason, we can vote Trump out of office. The only reason no one wanted to impeach George Bush was due to Dick Chaney. If the President in K.I.A or impeached, the Vice President takes over. Everyone knew that letting Chaney run America was a no-go. Chaney was the only thing keeping Bush in office for both terms. And like most people, I believe that the 2004 election was rigged. My uncle who passed away four years ago was a truck driver in Florida during that time. He had to deliver voting machines. He saw for himself those machines were rigged.

Back to the point, we can impeach Trump. But all I’m asking now is to not get all up in arms over his victory over Hilary. I personally didn’t care about either candidate. I saw Trump as the lessor of two evils. Besides, Hilary made a mistake that came to bite her in the butt. She alienated all of Bernie Sanders’ supporters. I personally would had voted for Sanders if he were the nominee. It’s true that Trump has had a lot of controversy, but Hilary had more and hers was worse. Then again, this part is from a guy who didn’t vote.

I personally think Trump won was for one of the two reasons Obama won. As we all Obama isn’t… Caucasian, that was not the reason. It’s because most of us wanted a change. Think about it for a second? We had eight years of George Bush. We wanted a change. I will admit that he tried, but it wasn’t the change we were looking for. Like with Bush, we just got tired of how his administration was running the country. Obama said that he trusted Hilary to “continue his legacy”. That legacy isn’t something that everyone wanted. It’s true that Trump said some racist things in his campaign, but he did say other things. Like how he wanted to make the jobs return to the United States. There are people losing their jobs every day because companies are moving them either to Mexico or overseas to countries with less restrictions. Hell, I’d rather be working right now myself instead of depending on donating my plasma to make a buck. We don’t need welfare, we need jobs. That’s how I look at things.

Now, the election is over. Trump won, get over it. Just give him a chance to try and run this country? As I said, we can always impeach him if we don’t like him. That my friends is the Beauty of Democracy.


Before commenting, be sure to watch these vids.

The second one was done by LittleKuriboh as an YGOTAS special about the aftermath and it has a point.

14 thoughts on “The Beauty of Democracy

  1. Ahem.

    You might want to give that a bit of a read. Long story short? No, you can’t get rid of presidents by impeaching them; it’s nearly impossible. I would say, especially if the president’s party controls both the Senate and the House. Which they do.

    Democracy, as practiced in the US, is not nearly as simple as you imply. You did notice that Trump actually narrowly lost the popular vote? Just like Bush vs. Gore all over again.

    And I’m sorry, but I have young children, and I’m very, very concerned about how eight years of Trump might affect their futures. So please forgive me for losing my temper a bit. 😔

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    1. Dude, we live in a country that protects free speech. And out of reminder, wasn’t Bill Clinton himself about to be impeached at the end of his second term? I actually liked Bill, he cleared the country of it’s national debt. Sadly like the rest of us, he’s only human. I can forgive the thing with Monica WAY more than I can NAFTA though. Look, you can fear Trump’s presidency if you want. But to be honest, I was fearing Hilary even more.

      It’s a free country, you’re free to do what you want. So I can’t just tell you what to do, but I am asking that you give him a chance. There is no way that he can be worse than Bush. Bush had me fearing that the draft would’ve been reinstated around the time I turned 18 because he wanted to continue his father’s war before going after those actually responsible for 9/11. And the worst part is that he conspired with Al Qaeda.

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    2. Speaking as an non American I personally think America has shot itself in the foot. True, America didn’t have the greatest candidates to run for president and a lot of people despised Hilary Clinton for what her husband did when he was president. Most of the time I didn’t bother watching the campaign for both candidates because when I did it just made me want to roll my eyes – all they ever did was slander each other brutally and they were acting no better than quarreling toddlers. Then again if you look around the rest of the world all politicians are like that. I saw Hilary Clinton as the lesser of two evils purely because most of what Trump said kinda disgusted me.

      Sadly I had a feeling Trump was going to be president. I think of him as a loose canon and I have a strange feeling he’s dangerous and to be feared.


      1. Two things. One, are you replying to me or Dark Jackal? And two, what Bill did had nothing to do with Hilary’s loss. Wikileaks was what stopped her path to the White House. She had many emails that were… unsavory. Not to mention connections with people that no president should have. What Trump did was take advantage of the information that Wikileaks leaked out.

        To be honest, my family who are normally Democrats ended up becoming Trump supporters after the email scandal. None of us went out to vote. Even if we did vote, it wouldn’t have changed anything. There were over 15,000 write-in votes for Harambe. That’s right, more than 15,000 write-in votes for a dead gorilla that became a meme. There’s even a new meme talking about trusting my current state (Ohio) with the election because we spent over 6 months making memes about a dead gorilla. I found it on Facebook the day I made this post.

        My point is this, everyone in my country is under civil unrest right now. My conservative friends are still gloating while my liberal friends are still talking about how worried they are and talking about leaving the country. All I was saying when I made this post was to at least give him a chance? There’s no way he could be worst than George Bush.

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      2. I was replying to Dark Jackal.

        Ah. I briefly read about the email controversies in regards to Hilary Clinton. Sounded rather serious from what I’ve gathered.

        I’ve heard about the civil unrest in your country. Even after the election people are showing their displeasure in taking part in demonstrations across the nation.I just hope it settles down.


  2. Can’t agree with you more. I didn’t vote either, couldn’t find it in myself to support either of them. But I would like to add this thought: 4 years isn’t enough for someone to ruin the country in this day and age. There’s too many checks and balances enforced for that, not to mention that, unlike previous generations, the public eye is ALWAYS on the president. They can’t really hide anything important from us anymore, no matter how much they want. That being said, the thing that really pissed me off about all of this wasn’t even how nasty Clinton and Trump were this entire time. That did make me angry, but I could deal with it. The reason I was considering leaving the country was the rumors about going into a civil war because of this election. Americans killing Americans because of something this completely stupid. If it really does come to that, then this country is truly beyond saving.

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    1. I’m glad someone agrees. Even though my support was leaning more towards Trump due to the fact too many jobs are leaving this country, I didn’t really support him. I just saw him as the lesser of two evils. You’re right, four years isn’t enough to ruin the country. The only reason I didn’t vote for Obama the second time around (I voted for him in ’08) was because I feared what his second term could do. But unlike the past, we’re always watching now. You can thank Bush for that as he put us in a war using the biggest tragedy to ever happen on U.S. soil with a country that had nothing to do with it before going after those actually responsible because he wanted to continue his father’s work. I will admit, both parties were being nasty this time. But like you, I could deal with it. I can tell you now, the chances of this country going into another civil war are the same as winning the lottery. So don’t worry, not even we are that stupid.

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  3. I wasn’t one for Trump personally, but I was two years to young to vote at the time. Where I live during election season was strange, since we had people for him and people agasint him living next to each other. No violence broke out or anything. There was just this weird tension in the air.

    Also current events…
    (unenthusiastic) Yay!

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    1. Trust me, I was glad that I didn’t vote that year. Then again, I still had a West Virginia driver’s license and voter’s registration at the time, it was the upcoming March that I had to get the ones for Ohio. So every time Trump screws up, I can say “He ain’t my president, I didn’t vote for him”. To be honest… I still think he was the lesser of two evils. But let’s not talk politics, they always cause a fight.

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      1. True. Like I said at the end, there is no enthusiasm from me about any politics. Its basically a way to divide a country that shouldn’t be divided and its only getting bigger as time goes one.

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