New Special Coming…

OhMarioWV: Hi peeps I got some good news!

Spoiler-san: Yeah, tell them!

OhMarioWV: Spoiler-san… I’ll get to your news in a bit.

Spoiler-san: Dammit.

OhMarioWV: Anywho… I’ve about got an update ready. Sadly, it’s a special.

Spoiler-san: Yeah, the History of Lost Justice.

OhMarioWV: Spoiler-san!!!

Spoiler-san: What? Spoiler-san can’t help it.

OhMarioWV: Whatever. Yeah, this time I’m doing something about Coy’s father. His life before the world changed. I’m almost finished with the first part. I will try to have it out by Saturday the 19th. Hopefully not everyone will by too busy playing Pokemon Sun and Moon to read it.

Spoiler-san: Now tell them about Spoiler-san’s news!

OhMarioWV: I should really not do it since you spoiled what the next “History of” special is about.

Spoiler-san: Pwetty pwease?

OhMarioWV: Only if it will stop you from trying to take over my mind while being 『Maou Sadao』 on any Disqus format…

Spoiler-san: Spoiler-san can’t make any promises.

OhMarioWV: Fine… Spoiler-san himself is now on tumblr.

Spoiler-san: Spoiler-san still don’t see why Spoiler-san can’t have Spoiler-san’s own WordPress?

OhMarioWV: Because I can’t trust you. Anywho, I renamed an old blog and gave it to Spoiler-san. On there he will do some anime episode reviews. And yes, he uses the same Maou Sadao avatar I use on WordPress and both KissManga and KissAnime. So you know it’s the real Spoiler-san.

Spoiler-san: The blog is! Come and check Spoiler-san out!!!

OhMarioWV: Remember, no and I mean NO Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu spoilers!

Spoiler-san: But why not?

OhMarioWV: Because I will delete the tumblr if you do it.

Spoiler-san: No!!! Anything but that!!!

OhMarioWV: Then remember to not do that. It is the one condition that I will allow you to have your own tumblr.

Spoiler-san: Fine… Spoiler-san will behave.

OhMarioWV: Good. Because Truck-kun might be following.

Spoiler-san: What!?

OhMarioWV: Don’t forget Spoiler-san, he is the guard dog of the 5th Dimension. So any time that you be… you, Truck-kun will find you.

Spoiler-san: No!!!

OhMarioWV: Speaking of Truck-kun…

Truck-kun: Beep, Beep!!!

Spoiler-san: Oh crud…

OhMarioWV: Anyway peeps, I will try to see you again on Saturday! And hopefully Spoiler-san will have learned is lesson soon.

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