L.G.D.K! Special: The History of Lost Justice (part 1)

Author’s Note: Well peeps, sorry that this is slightly later than promised. Ever since I’ve started the Spoiler-san blog on tumblr, I’ve been reviewing anime as I watch it. That was yet another dumb idea of mine. Anywho, this special is the first real glimpse of the “Old World” mentioned in LGDK so far. So please enjoy?

L.G.D.K! Special: The History of Lost Justice (part 1)

Hey there, I am the wandering mercenary known as Lost Justice. I’m sure you know a lot about my son, but I’m sure that you have a lot of questions about me as well. Like how I ended up marrying the daughter of a feudal lord? That one will be for another time. For now… let’s talk about something from long ago. A little over two-thousand years to be honest. This story is about my days as Abel Mechana.

I was born as part of a set of twins to Jackson and Jillian Mechana back in Libertonia. Libertonia was one of the two top super powers in the Old World. We pretty much annexed every country that Communistan hadn’t at the time. Even though we worshiped Freeda, the goddess of liberty, we still allowed freedom of religion. That was the only saving grace for the countries we had annexed as Communistan condemned anything to do with any religion. The ideals of both countries were so different that there was no way that there would ever be peace.

Back to the Mechana family. I’ve already introduced my parents, but I did have a twin brother named Cain. The only difference between us were our eyes. Cain had blue eyes while mine were green. Well… those were our only physical differences. We both had different tastes in music, literature, and foods we liked.

My father was currently the president of Tex Mechana, one of the oldest firearms companies in the world. It was started by one of my ancestors who started out as a simple gunsmith. When Mechana Firearms was finally a big firm, it merged with a textile company and became Tex Mechana. It fully went under his control after he bought the shares from the other party. The only reason both companies merged was to make holsters and other accessories.

Our family was one of the wealthiest in the Old World. So I grew up without want or worry. However… I didn’t want to be my father’s successor. No, I had another passion. There were many popular sports and competitions in Libertonia. My passion was for shooting competitions. My father said that you were not a true Mechana if you didn’t feel right with a revolver in your hand. Trust me, holding one felt more natural than anything else.

Despite being one of the best gunmen in the shooting competitions, I was still the youngest. I went to a school for the wealthy with my brother. And there was one student that only I didn’t look up to. He was an ambitious senor at my school, William R. Host.

The Host family has not been around anywhere near as long as the Mechana family, but they are just as loaded. Host Industries was one of the biggest arms companies in the Old World. They had contracts with the Libertonian Government. Not to mention that they make more than weapons, they make other items for everyday use. From kitchen accessories to even robots, there’s almost anything that they didn’t make.

Anyway, it was just another day in school. It was lunch break and I was headed straight for the cafeteria when…

“Abel old chap, how are you?” (Host)

Speak of the devil…

“I’m not bad. How about yourself, Billy Bob.”

He immediately frowned.

“I really wish you wouldn’t call me that.” (Host)

“Well… your first name is ‘William’ and middle name is ‘Robert’, so I figured that I’d just shorten them.”

“Just call me ‘William’ like everyone else? Calling me ‘Billy Bob’ makes me sound like a hick.” (Host)

“I’d watch my words if I were you.”

“That’s right, your family is from Libertonia’s west. My mistake.” (Host)

And now he’s just pissing me off.

“How about we stop trying to piss each other off and you just get to the point?”

“Straight to the point as ever, Abel. I just wanted to know if it is you or your brother Cain who is going to take over the family business?” (Host)

Does this guy know what ‘tact’ means?

“As I’m not really interested in running the company, I think you might want to talk to Cain.”

“Of course you’re not. You are a rising star in the shooting competitions after all. I’m sure that you can live the rest of your life off of that?” (Host)


“I think you could do so much more.” (Host)

That bastard…

“Is it because I have the highest grades of my year?”

“Exactly my point, old chap. You are smart, only comparable to myself when it comes to grades in this school. I personally think you could take your family’s company in a new direction.” (Host)

“If you’re talking about making automatic weapons, then I got news for you. Tex Mechana is never making them.”

“And why not? Just about every officer in the Libertonian Military prefers a Tex Mechana revolver over any Host Industries’ sidearm. Tex Mechana makes quality firearms. I mean, there is not a police department that doesn’t use your shotguns or revolvers left in Libertonia.” (Host)

“The reason we make good guns is due to how we don’t cut corners. Or use robots in place of people on the assembly lines. Not to mention that automatic weapons have a tendency to jam.”

“All of that is true… but I see so much potential for your family’s company. And I know of another way for that potential to come out?” (Host)

All I could do was sigh.

“I know I’m gonna regret this, but do tell.”

“If you can inherit your family’s company and I can inherit mine, we can work together.” (Host)

“Let me guess… a merger?”

He then stood next to me and put his arm around my shoulder.

“Exactly. Both of our families’ companies are the leaders in firearms in Libertonia. Imagine how much more money could be made if both Host Industries and Tex Mechana joined together? I know both our fathers have too much pride to think about it, but company heads change. If we ran the companies and merged them… we could pretty much rule the world.” (Host)

I then removed his hand from my shoulder.

“Look, that’s never gonna happen.”

“And why not?”

“Your family is catching up to mine because of the war. If we did somehow manage to takeover the world, then there would be no profit to be made. Not to mention… you and I are as different as night and day.”

“And how are we different?”

“Your ambition is the strongest that I have ever seen. It’s no secret that Host Industries is already using some of your designs, making products that you created. It’s already rumored that you’re going to takeover the company as soon as you graduate. As for me… I don’t really care about being part of the dynasty of the Mechana family. I’d rather be a self-made man, not someone who inherited everything like my brother prefers.”

He then stood in thought for a second.

“There’s a reason that rumor is only a rumor.” (Host)

“What do you mean?”

“You will see in a month.”

He then walked away. For some strange reason, I actually waited a month instead of rubbing it off like normal. His father, Jacob Host died in an ‘accident’. I personally thought it was more than just a coincidence with what ol’ Billy Bob said. He even attended school while running the company, something that made everyone both sympathetic and admired. When he whispered in my ear that he was right, I just knew in my gut that he knew more about the accident that he said he did.

The worst part was the gossip that started when I refused a public invitation from him. People were talking about how insensitive I was. And what did that bastard do? Tried telling the world that I was treating him as a man, not a person who needs a hug. I was backed into a corner due to that as it made him even more of Libertonia’s ‘golden child’. I had no choice but to attend his eighteenth birthday, which just happened to be a week after he graduated.

Trust me, I’d rather be anywhere else right now.

“I don’t know why you wouldn’t wanna go, Abel? William Host’s parties are to die for?” (Cain)

That damn brother of mine…

“Maybe because I don’t like it when people are interested in me?”

“Abel… you’re just being full of yourself here. I wonder if people would notice me more if I acted irritated all the time like you?” (Cain)

“Or maybe people would like you more if you studied instead of sneaking off to parties?”

That brother of mine was more of a party boy than anything else. And in the news for it too. Seriously, he is in the tabloids almost as much as Billy Bob for his antics. Including the fact that he’s already had five DUI’s at the young age of seventeen. Ma and pa keep bailing him out and doing what they can to keep him out of jail. I personally think he’s too spoiled.

“That’s harsh brother.” (Cain)

“So is the world we live in.”

We both laughed with that. He may be annoying, but he’s still my brother and I love him.

“I see the Mechana brothers are still being themselves?” (Host)

“William, how ya doing?” (Cain)

“Not too bad for someone who’s just graduated and still running their family’s company. And you, Cain old chap?” (Host)

Billy Bob… I can tell that’s a business smile.

“Not bad, for someone who is a shoe-in to inherit Tex Mechana.” (Cain)

And now whose being too full of themselves?

“No offense Cain old chap, but I do not see that happening.” (Host)


“And why not?” (Cain)

“Because you are barely passing in your studies as is. Not to mention that Tex Mechana’s stocks would plummet if it were even rumored in the business world that you were to inherit the company. But Abel on the other hand… would be perfect to run Tex Mechana.” (Host)

Did he really have to say that last part?

“I thought I told you before, I have no plans of being the guy stuck with the family business.”

“Yeah, what Abel said.” (Cain)

And do you have to be an idiot, brother?

“Well, I refuse to acknowledge someone like Cain becoming the heir.” (Host)

“What did you say?” (Cain)

Oh crud… I better stop this.

“Cain, calm down.”

“Oh hell no. Abel, I’m sick and tired of always being compared to you. You have better grades. Not to mention fame. I’m too damn sick of being in your shadow. I’m the older twin for Freeda’s sake!” (Cain)

Dammit Billy Bob, you had to get him riled…

“Look, we can talk about this later.”

“No, I’m talking about this now-” (Cain)

Before the fit could be thrown further, two of Billy Bob’s security guards grabbed Cain and started to make him leave.

“Damn you William Host! No one kicks Cain Mechana out of a party before he even gets wasted!!!” (Cain)

Those were his last words at the party. Sometimes… I wonder if the fact we look alike is more of a coincidence instead of being actual twins?

“I’m sorry about that.”

“No, it’s fine Abel old chap. I just hope that this… incident opens your eyes a little. Would you really allow your father’s company to be in the hands of someone like that?” (Host)

“Billy Bob… do you think that it would be safer in the hands of the child who doesn’t want it?”

“For Freeda’s sake, stop calling me that.” (Host)

“Don’t dodge the question.”

I love it when I have an edge.

“Normally… I wouldn’t. However, I know your pride.” (Host)


“What?” (Host)

“It’s not about pride. Nor is it about principle. It’s more like… mettle.”

“Mettle?” (Host)

“Yeah, the rebellious spirit that’s been in the Mechana family for centuries. When my ancestor started it all, it was because he didn’t wanna run the kind of business that his neighbors did. Hell, his parents wanted him to inherit their funeral parlor according to the old story. But he knew at the time that guns were the business to be in. It’s true that guns where what kept his family in business, but he knew that the guns themselves were where the money was at. So he ran away from home to study under a gunsmith. Eventually he surpassed his teacher in the art of gun making and advanced the revolver even further. And I’m sure you know the rest.”

“Yeah, about how his business had gotten so big that he allowed a merger with a textile company. But I didn’t know that your ancestor was the child of an undertaker?” (Host)

“He apparently didn’t like the smell of the embalming fluid.”

“What did happen to his family’s funeral parlor?” (unknown voice)

I turned around to see that we had an eavesdropper. She was a cute thing, I can definitely say that. A beauty from the east, that’s all I could tell. Maybe from the country of Yamato? All I know is that she was short compared to most of the girls I’m used to. And she looked good in that red cocktail dress.

“Apparently his cousin ended up with it. To be honest, no one really knows. All I do know is that his parents felt ashamed that their son made the very instruments that kept them in business. And, you are…?”

“Oh Abel old chap, where are my manners? This young lady is the daughter of the president of the Kaizaki Zaibatsu.” (Host)

You could have given me her name and not her family’s business, Billy Bob…

“Hello there, my name is Mizuki Kaizaki.” (Mizuki)

Kaizaki… where have I heard that name before? Wait… it’s coming to me. Oh no way…

“Wait… isn’t your family the ones in charge of designing the Mech Armor that Libertonia’s ground troops are currently using? That Kaizaki Zaibatsu?”

“That is correct. We also make automobiles as well.” (Mizuki)

“Well… I knew that much. Oh, now where are my manners? I’m Abel Mechana, nice to meet ya.”

I then took off my stetson and gave a bow. I pretty much wear the damn thing when not in school.

“It’s an honor to meet the heir of Tex Mechana.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… what?”

What gave her that idea?

“Am I mistaken? I have met your twin before, and… he doesn’t seem like the responsible type.” (Mizuki)

“Tell me about it…”

So that’s why she thought that? That damned irresponsible brother of mine…

“But you on the other hand look very responsible.” (Mizuki)

Dammit! My heart is beating a million miles per hour right now. Should I just say otherwise?

“That’s right, dear Mizuki. Abel is very… able.” (Host)

He then did an awkward laugh. It was mainly awkward because neither Mizuki or I were laughing.

“Billy Bob, could you have not have found a better pun?”

“Abel, please don’t call me that?” (Host)

And then Mizuki giggled a little.

“If you two can talk to each other like that, then you must be very good friends?” (Mizuki)

I want to refute that… but why can’t I? Wait… when did I even have a filter?

“That’s us, the very best of friends.” (Host)

He then put his arm around me again. I REALLY want to knock his lights out right now.

“Billy Bob… please don’t do that?”

“Oh, sorry old chap.” (Host)

He then removed his arm of his own volition.

“I was right, you two are good friends.” (Mizuki)

Just how can anyone think that?

“Anyway, Mizuki here is in Libertonia because of her father’s business. You know, the Kaizaki Zaibatsu moving to Libertonia and all.” (Host)

That guy… they say the smartest people do the dumbest things. Did he have to prove that just now?

“Please don’t talk about it? I’m sure Abel-san here knows what’s going on.” (Mizuki)

Did she have to add the ‘san’? We’re about the same age as far as I can tell.

As for why the top Zaibatsu in Yamato is moving to Libertonia… it was too easy to guess. Communistan is rearing it’s red claw towards Yamato right now. And Libertonia’s president has been in talks with Yamato’s prime minister about a peaceful annexation to keep the country out of Communistan’s hands. Sadly the constant annexations that Libertonia has been doing has not made the country look good to the rest of the world. There were so many forced annexations that there looks like peaceful ones don’t exist. If there were any time to move, it was now.

“War never changes.”

That was all I could say before walking away to catch some air at the balcony. Well… it was more or less to smoke a cigarette. I know that I’m too young for it, but even I needed a vice. It was a few minutes later that Mizuki decided to join me.

“You shouldn’t smoke.” (Mizuki)

“Heh, like I don’t know that?”

“Then why do it?” (Mizuki)

“The pressure.”

“What?” (Mizuki)

“You heard me, the pressure. Everyone around me with the exception of my own brother has been pressuring me to inherit Tex Machana. But I have no interest in it.”

“And why not?” (Mizuki)

“Because I have no business sense at all. All I can do is shoot a gun, that’s it. I have no leadership qualities.”

“But you have such good grades?” (Mizuki)

“Who told you that? Billy Bob?”

“Actually… not him.” (Mizuki)

“Then who?”

“My father.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… what?”

Just how could a foreign Zaibatsu president know my grades?

“My father is traditional. However… the only reason why we were able to move the Kaizaki Zaibatsu to Libertonia was due to Jacob Host’s connections to the Libertonian government. That Mech Armor was originally designed for Yamato’s troops. However…” (Mizuki)

“However what?”

“Even if my country’s military could deploy it… it would be too late. It’s either be taken over by Libertonia or Communistan at this point. So in order to ensure my family’s survival, my father accepted Jacob Host’s offer and moved the company to Libertonia. The reason I know about you is due to you being a potential marriage partner.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… what?”

“You say those words a lot, don’t you?” (Mizuki)

“Don’t change the subject.”

“The reports were right, you are straight to the point. Anyways, my family’s company is all but bankrupt due to moving to Libertonia. My father treasures his employees and their families, so he wasn’t going to abandon them. He personally paid for all of them to move here. But as I said, we’re all but bankrupt. As my father is traditional, he follows the old code.” (Mizuki)

“The old code?”

“That’s merging companies through marriage.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… what?”

She’s right, I say those words a lot.

“However, my father is against Host Industries’ policy of replacing most of the human employees with robots. He’s looking for another company with an heir around my age that believes in using humans.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… you can’t be saying that Tex Mechana is the only company your father could find that meets the criteria?”

Seriously, what is with the country of Yamato and their strange business ways?

“It is. I’m with father, I don’t want the families that we brought to Libertonia with us to lose their jobs to robots. I don’t care what it takes, I want to save them.” (Mizuki)

This girl… her heart is in the right place, but her brain on the other hand doesn’t seem so.


“What?” (Mizuki)

“Look, I refuse to be caught up in corporate politics. I just wanna live my life how I see fit.”

“Even if all those people lose their work visas? Have to be deported back to Yamato?” (Mizuki)

“Look, I’m no hero. Just some rich boy who hates that he was born into an old dynasty.”

I could see her face about to tear up. But even if she sobs, I don’t care. Tears don’t move the cold-hearted.

“Abel Mechana, you are despicable.” (Mizuki)

“So is everyone else born in Libertonia, the country of hypocrites. We talk a lot about freedom, but infringe on the freedoms of others.”

“Then you leave me no choice.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… what?”

Please tell me she’s going to give up? Wait… why is she leaning so far on the balcony?

“If you don’t accept to be my marriage partner so I can save those people, I will jump.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… what!?”

“Everyone at the party knows it’s just the two of us out here. Not to mention my father has some of his employees posing as tourists in the building across from Host Tower. So there are photos of us together. If I fall from this balcony, you will be blamed for my death.” (Mizuki)

“Wait, are you crazy!?”

“If I cannot save those people, I’d rather be dead.” (Mizuki)

Crap… she is starting to cry. This is bad. Scratch that, bad is a SERIOUS understatement here. To have that kind of conviction… that is rare. Looks like ol’ Billy Bob just met his match when it comes to determination. Well… looks like it’s either the frying pan or the fire this time, no real options to be chosen.

“Fine… I’ll marry you.”

Little did I know, this wasn’t just planned by her or her family. It would be later on that I would find out that my old man was in on it. Sadly, our wedding day would never come. The reason I said war never changes… it just screws everything up worse than it already is. But all this will be saved for another time.

After note: And that peeps is the first part of the History of Lost Justice. I’m still trying to decide if I want to get straight to the next part or back to the main story? All I know is that I haven’t played Fallout 4 for what will be going on three days after I wake up. I’m going through withdrawals. Either way, this is better than nothing.

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  1. 1- My father was currently the president of Tex -Machana-, one of the oldest firearms companies in the world.
    My father was currently the president of Tex (Mechana), one of the oldest firearms companies in the world.

    2- “Hello there, my name is Mizuki Kaizaki.” -(Mizaki)-
    “Hello there, my name is Mizuki Kaizaki.” ((Mizuki))

    We have another proof that Coy is Adel’s son: “Wait… what?”

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. “I thin took off my stetson and gave a bow. I pretty much wear the damn thing when not in school.“
    “Thin” is supposed to be “Then” right?

    (Accidental closed the page awhile back and just realized a few minutes ago I hadn’t read everything.)


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