But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life Prologue

Author’s Note: This is more of a side project I’m doing. I’m still going to continue with “Let’s Go Devil King!”, but this was something else that I had to do. Anywho, please enjoy the prologue?

But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life Prologue

You know that old saying, “When you die, your life passes before your eyes”? Well it’s true. My name was Katsu Fujiwara. And how I died… is a manga, light novel, and anime cliché! Seriously, it’s embarrassing as hell that I died that way. Then again… there’s no denying Truck-kun a victim.

I was born in Tokyo on the seventh of January in 1989, the last day of the Shōwa era and the first of the Heisei. Hell, Emperor Shōwa’s death was announced when I was half-way out of my mother’s womb. Some people referred to me as “The Boy Born Between Two Eras”. Then again, that’s about the most interesting thing about me. You see… I have no redeeming qualities that I know of.

In middle school I was a chuuni. In high school I somehow became a delinquent. Don’t ask, even I forgot how such a transformation happened. My old nickname was “Wild Dog Katsu” because I was mainly a self-taught fighter. Most of my techniques were a mix between boxing and judo. Hell, there were people who thought that I would become a boxer. The thing is… I never really gave a damn about it. I stopped fighting altogether when I hit college and even after I dropped out. I did it all for the sake of one little girl.

In ninety-eight, my little sister was born. During my delinquent days… some assholes I pissed off kidnapped her to lure me into a trap. Thing is, I believed in rules. I even enforced them on my followers. But the main rule is that if your opponent plays dirty, you play dirtier. So I did the dirtiest move out there. I called the cops and gave them the location I was told to go to. Before anyone starts judging, they didn’t say to not call the cops when they called my phone. So that was on them.

Of course… that move did have it’s drawbacks as well. The lead asshole was kicked out of school when his flunkies ratted him out. Not to mention that it made his politician father have to drop out of an election due to the scandal. And let’s not forget that I lost all respect. I only was able to get away with the fact that the asshole went too far in kidnapping my sister. Due to the circumstances, I was able to get out of the world of delinquents. But sadly… it was not the end for me.

On New Years eve in twenty-ten, it all ended. I was walking home from the convenience store just minding my own business. But on the crosswalk, I heard a horn honking. I looked in the direction it came from and saw a speeding truck. But it was who was driving that caused me to choke. It was that same asshole who’s life I ruined by calling the cops on him for kidnapping my little sister. And before I knew it, I was hit by a few tons of metal.

My last thoughts were of my family that I would never see again. My mother, who raised me with love. My father, who was always strict but fair. And of my little sister, whom I needed a crowbar to pry away from me when I was home. She had just turned twelve on Christmas Day. We always considered Miyuki our Christmas gift because she was born that day. All I could think about was how lonely she would be without me around.

“Katsu Fujiwara…” (unknown voice)

That voice made me realize that I was standing in front of a judge’s bench. But… that wasn’t right!

“Wasn’t I hit by a truck?”

“That is correct.” (unknown voice)

I finally took a better look at my surroundings. Yeah, I was standing in front of a judge’s bench, but this was no courtroom. The only bit of light was shining where I was standing, everything else was too dark. And when I finally looked up towards to the top of the judge’s bench, I couldn’t believe it.

“A loli?”

“Watch your tongue, Katsu Fujiwara. Believe it or not, I am many years older than you. My name is Pauline, the judge, jury, and executioner of the deceased.” (Pauline)

But… she looks like a little girl doing a cosplay? Her blond hair curled-up like a western judge’s wig, the fact she was wearing a judge’s robe that seemed to be for a way bigger person, and the gavel that looked too big for her to lift with one hand. But those blue eyes had a stern expression. The only other feature that stood out was that she had a mole on her lower left cheek.

“Wait… a judge? Like Saint Paul in Christianity?”

“Ugh… why do all humans from your world have to ask that? Believe it or not, I am Saint Paul.” (Pauline)

“But… you’re a loli?”

“Look, it is not my fault that I am not what you imagined I would be. Now it is time to judge you.” (Pauline)

All I could do was a snort while she picked up a scroll.

“Watch yourself, Katsu Fujiwara. Now let us see… oh, this is interesting. You have beaten many men half-way to death?” (Pauline)

“In my defense, I didn’t pick those fights. They all came after me… your honor.”

I had to add that last bit. If she really is my judge, jury, and executioner, then I better try to make up for some lost points on calling her a loli.

“As it says here. Hm… you stopped fighting because of your little sister’s safety?” (Pauline)

“Yes, your honor.”

“Do you have a sister complex?” (Pauline)

“Your honor, I am NOT a sis-con.”

This loli is trying my patience…

“If you say so. But it looks like your sister has a brother complex.” (Pauline)


“This scroll lists everything about you. This includes your connection to other people. Maybe it is a good thing that you did die?” (Pauline)

“And how is that?”

“Because you two would have had the potential within the next few years of committing the most serious taboo that siblings can do.” (Pauline)

“What the actual fuck!?”

“Exactly.” (Pauline)

Okay… how does one not have the urge to cuss out a judge? Time to play it cool.

“Look, your honor. I am saying it right here and now, I would do anything and everything within my power to stop that from happening.”

“So you say. Anyway, time for the verdict.” (Pauline)

“What verdict? Were you even doing your job? All we’ve done was argue about incest!”

“Who says that I cannot multitask? Anyway… Katsu Fujiwara, I hereby judge you. You are not going to heaven.” (Pauline)

“So it’s hell then? Not like I didn’t see that coming. Actually… I think I deserve it.”

“I am not finished.” (Pauline)


“You are not going to hell either.” (Pauline)

“Then what? Reincarnation?”

“Exactly.” (Pauline)

“Great… I’d probably make a good cockroach?”

“Nope, you shall be a human.” (Pauline)

“Human? That’s more than I deserve, your honor.”

“That is for me to decide. Anyway, you shall be reincarnated in another world.” (Pauline)

“Wait… another world?”

“That is correct. Katsu Fujiwara, you shall be reincarnated in another world.” (Pauline)

I ended up saying my next thought out loud.

“Did I somehow walk into a light novel?”

“It all depends on how you look at it, Katsu Fujiwara. What? Were you hoping to see your little sister again in your next life?” (Pauline)

“For the um-teenth time, I am not a sis-con!!!!”

“If you say so. Anyway, you have been judged. Enjoy your new life, Katsu Fujiwara.”

And with that… she banged her gavel. The most surprising thing was that she could lift it. But that no longer mattered. Nothing did, I was getting a fresh start in life. Who knows? I might just end up a better person? I didn’t have too many regrets. I sold my whole porn collection for extra money in college and was always sure to clear my web browser. I kept nothing on my hard drive. Then again… I didn’t want my little sister to get any ideas. Believe it or not, we all feared that she might be a bro-con. That’s why my parents urged me to keep things clean and my stash hidden. The bright side is now there was no risk of anything ever happening. Though my only regret was that I couldn’t be there when she gets over it. My parents were right, I spoiled her too much.

Before I knew it, I saw a face that I was unfamiliar with. It was a woman’s face, she looked like a westerner. By looking, she was a nun in all-white vestments. I couldn’t understand a word she said as she held me. Then again… this was another world. So of course I wouldn’t understand. But then I realized something… I was supposed to be reincarnated. So why do I remember who I was?

I wanted to shout curses towards that loli, but my mouth didn’t do what I wanted. All I could do was cry, I was a baby after all. I didn’t have good control over my motor skills yet. Not long, I was set down by the nun as she picked up another baby. I couldn’t believe the baby’s features. The other baby wasn’t a beastman or anything, but I had never seen anyone with red hair and golden eyes.

Over the next eleven years, that’s when things changed. The other baby was a girl, and her name was Chloe. She ended up being my childhood friend. Never thought I would have a female childhood friend, I was a loner most of my past life. Then again… that me had a naturally scary face. Even as a child, not too many of the other kids wanted anything to do with me. I spent most of that life single as well. I did have a girlfriend once, but she left me because I fought so much. Then again, she was better off without me. But as for this life, things were different. Even though I now had more of a westerner’s face, it wasn’t as scary. Also, neither my eyes or hair were black this time around. For some strange reason I had red eyes and silver hair. Those features proved that I was no longer Japanese. Not to mention the name I was given, it’s Nikolai. Or just Niko for short. I know, it’s the same name as a famous Serbian video game character. As for the nun who raised us… her name was Meredith.

Sadly no one can ever escape their fate. I didn’t intend for it, but I became a delinquent all over again. It wasn’t like it was in Japan. This time, I only used my fists for justice. Like when boys would gang up on Chloe to tease her. Or when the other children would gang up on someone else. I had gotten into so many scuffles that I lost count. But it did seem that my skills from my past life were good for something for a change. As long as these new fists of mine could help people, then I didn’t mind throwing punches. Even if it meant that Chloe would have to scold me.

Sadly, we weren’t meant to be together forever. One day, the royal adviser of our kingdom visited the orphanage. That was the day everything changed.

“Children, this is Sir Fredrick Heinz. He is our king’s adviser.” (Meredith)

“Thank you for the introduction, Sister Meredith. Now, I’m here to see if any of you have the potential to be Princess Ana’s personal maid. So sorry boys, but you’re already not eligible.” (Fredrick)

He tried to chuckle, but no one found it funny. Most of us wondered why that old man was even here. He was dressed in a royal military uniform, medals adorned his left breast. His graying hair was tied back in a ponytail and he styled his facial hair in a Van Dyke style. All he did today was talk to Meredith and watch us.

But my fears were realized when he went up to Chloe.

“Red hair and golden eyes? That’s rare. What’s your name child?” (Fredrick)

“It’s Chloe, sir.” (Chloe)

“I saw you assisting Sister Meredith with the other children. You seem to be good with them.” (Fredrick)

“As none of us really have families, they are the closest thing I have to siblings.” (Chloe)

“Hmm… all right, it’s decided. Chloe, you are going to be Princess Ana’s personal maid.” (Fredrick)

Right there, all the other kids were in anguish. She was like a big sister to all the younger children, so of course they didn’t like it. And then there were those who looked at me. But what could I do? That man was an adult, and my body was that of a child. I couldn’t fight him. Even with Chloe giving me a pleading look, a child cannot defeat a full grown man. But there was only one thing I could do.

“Sir Fredrick?”

“Yes, boy?” (Fredrick)

All I could do was the one thing I had only ever done once in my old life due to my pride. But right now, pride meant nothing. I had to do it. I got on my knees and did a dogeza, hitting my head hard enough on the wooden floor to make it bleed.

“I beg of you sir, please don’t take Chloe away!?”

Everyone was silent. Of course they had never seen a dogeza before, but that was not it. It was the fact that despite all my pride, I actually got on me knees and begged.

“Get up.” (Fredrick)

All I could do was comply.

“Silver hair and red eyes? That is very rare indeed. But those eyes… do not look like those of a child. No, I’ve seen those kind of eyes before.” (Fredrick)


He then knocked me down with a slap. But I would not cry, not now of all times. Especially in front of Chloe.

“Niko!” (Chloe)

“Those eyes are those of someone who would never beg, boy. No, those are the eyes of someone who would stand their ground, no matter what. Now get back up.” (Fredrick)

I got back up. I REALLY wanted to punch him.

“Boy, I’m sure that you know that life itself isn’t fair. Am I correct?” (Fredrick)

“Yes, sir.”

I only said that because I know it’s true. I do have all my memories of my past life intact.

“Good, it’s very good that you know that at your age. So remember this lesson well, boy. Those who are weak get things taken away from them. It is the strong who can protect what is theirs. And it is the strong that can take back what is theirs as well. You boy, are weak,” (Fredrick)

He was right. With this child’s body, I was weak. If I had the body that I did before I died, I could seriously kick his ass. But that body is long dead.

“Then… I’ll get stronger. Strong enough to not let anything else get taken from me!”

“Then prove it. But today, you are weak.” (Fredrick)

I was very pissed off right now. The fact that I could do nothing now… stabbed me like a thousand knives. But I would not cry, not now.

“Sir Fredrick.” (Meredith)

“Yes, Sister Meredith?” (Fredrick)

What no one expected to happen, just happened. She slapped Sir Fredrick hard enough to leave the impression of her hand. We all stared in silence.

“What gives you the right to go around beating up children!?” (Meredith)

“Eh?” (Sir Fredrick)

“Let me remind you that this orphanage is protected by the church. Even with your position, you cannot go around hitting the children. Now leave.” (Meredith)

Oh boy… Sister Meredith was giving him what we called the “death stare”. When her blue eyes look in to your own when she does that stare, she is pissed. I can’t even recall how many times that stare would lead to me getting a smacked bottom. But no one would ever expect for her to give it to the king’s own adviser.

“Understood. Chloe, gather your things. We’re leaving.” (Fredrick)

Go figure, not even a decorated war veteran like Sir Fredrick would stand up to Sister Meredith. But still… Chloe didn’t have much to pack. This was the last time I could talk before she went.


“Niko… I don’t want to go.” (Chloe)

“Don’t cry.”

“Huh?” (Chloe).

“You heard me, don’t cry. No matter what happens next, please just stay strong?”

The tear that tried to go down her right eye was wiped away with her hand.

“But… I may never see you again?” (Chloe)

“We might? Who knows? The world works in mysterious ways.”

“Niko… you always sound like a grown-up, don’t you?” (Chloe)

Crap… she’s accusing me of that again. I had already made a personal oath after I was reincarnated to never tell anyone of my past life. The most I did was tell the other children stories from that world, making everyone think I was just creative.

“Just don’t cry? I don’t want you crying to be the last memory that I have of you.”

“Niko, I won’t. But promise me one thing?” (Chloe)

This could be the last request that she ever gives me, so it’s best that I hear her out.


“Get stronger.” (Chloe)


Why that?

“The other children will be depending on that strength in the future. So not just for me, but for them as well, please get stronger?” (Chloe)

Leave it to Chloe, she always worries for the other children as well.

“Sure. I’ll get stronger.”

“Good. Also, promise me that you will never cry?” (Chloe)


“I know you, Niko. You will miss me the most. So please, promise me that you will never cry? It is the least that you can do after asking me the same, right?” (Chloe)

Oh that girl…

“I swear on my name that I shall never shed a tear.”

My name was all I had in this world. I had no parents or siblings in this life… that I knew of as I was an orphan. The only things I had close to family were Sister Meredith, Chloe, and the other children of the orphanage.

“Thank you, Niko.” (Chloe)

She then did the one thing I didn’t expect, she gave me a peck on the cheek. I could feel myself turn red from this. Chloe giggled and then left us on a high note. For the next six years, only two things were constant in my life. One was that there still would be a child that would try to tease me over the kiss Chloe gave me before she left. Another… was training myself.

Other than acting like the big brother to the other orphans, I trained myself to get stronger. Went out on morning jogs, took some of the other children’s turns at chopping the firewood, amongst other things to train my body. But I knew I needed more. I got back into my old habit of self-teaching myself to fight. And… I learned from books. Even though it was a small mountain village, we did have a library. As I’ve learned to read and write in this world’s language, it wasn’t too much trouble. They had books that taught you how to control both mana and ki.

Mana is basically what the energy for magic is. With both a good amount and control, you could be a good magician. However… my mana count was too low for advanced spells. But it was through the books that I learned something else. Of all the professions out there, there was one that I thought only existed in video games. The Magic Swordsman. But it was divided into three categories.

First was Magic Swordsman, which is the art of both magic and swords. Next is Mystic Lancer, a rare class that uses both the lance and magic. It can be used on both horseback and on foot. But what had me interested the most was Punching Wizard. Punching Wizards are the least popular because they use both magic and their fists. As this was a world that believed that one’s own fists are useless compared to a blade, you seen even less of those than Mystic Lancers. As my fists were my weapons, I thought Punching Wizard suited me the best. But there was one more thing I had to learn to control other than my mana. To be a good Punching Wizard, I had to learn to also control my ki.

Ki is basically the natural energy that all living things have flowing within them. However, it was more suited for the martial arts. Martial Art skills are for those who have no talent at all for magic. And they depended on how much ki has control of to work. Plus, ki is basically the energy you have. So if you run out of ki, you get exhausted.

Being self-taught was basically unheard of in this. Especially if you are a Magic Swordsman or one of it’s off-shoot professions. But I worked hard to make sure that it would work out. However, only one thing was on my mind for those six years. The promise I made to Chloe. Not once had shed a tear. And I worked hard everyday to get stronger and stronger.

All the other children had referred to me as “Big bro” because of how I would treat them like a big brother would. I was their protector, as well as one of the ones to scold them. I was thinking that it would go on like this forever. But as I’ve learned so far, things can change drastically and fast. Like it did when Chloe was taken away. But… this was for a different reason. Eventually, a war with the demons happened like it does every other generation in this world. A hero would get summoned from another world. And this hero… was the one person I had thought I had forgotten about a long time ago. The summoned hero would be Miyuki Fujiwara, my little sister from my past life. But I didn’t learn that until later.

After Note: And this peeps was the prologue from my newest project. “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life” needs something shorter like how I sometimes refer to “Let’s Go Devil King” as LGDK. Maybe BSLSPL? Still, this is a project different from LGDK. Like no Deity, no “old world”, and animal people will not be called “half-men”, etc. It has it’s own god, but I need to find a name for it. But yeah, this was an idea that I had like a few months after starting LGDK. I kinda regretted making LGDK before this idea came out, I thought it would make a more interesting story. A guy who was reincarnated in another world finding out that the hero to be summoned in that world’s time of need was her little sister from his past life, that idea was solid gold.

So yeah, I’ll be working on this while working on LGDK and it’s specials. This way I can try to give everyone new content without taking as long of breaks due to writer’s block. Writer’s block was what started the LGDK specials in the first place. And don’t worry, I’ll try to keep Niko as different from Coy as possible.

First Chapter

17 thoughts on “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life Prologue

  1. 3 things only the first one is advice
    #1 you should set it as prologue – but she’s my sister (etc.)
    #2 this is personal but the story makes me cringe since I actually talk to you and know what you sound like I can’t stop hearing this in your voice (orz)
    #3 it really disturbs me when anyone that isn’t Japanese uses Japanese style words like -San -kun -chan it really bothers me to the point I don’t even use it in my writing style and I’m basically trying to write light\web novel style

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First, I don’t name my prologues. Second, I can’t help it that you hear my voice. Third… I didn’t use any words like “san” or “kun” like I do with some parts of LGDK. So I don’t know what you were talking about it with that last part.


      1. Look I mean like where you said truck kun loli sis-con that stuff and on that point loli isn’t really something normally said when seeing a little girl in Japanese its kodomo or shoujo right?


      2. Well, sorry if I get inspired by some anime subs that keep the terms in the translation. It’s just the way I write. Also, I think I solved that one thing, about you hearing my voice when you read? To be honest… I actually hear Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh’s first series (Duel Monsters) when I read Coy’s lines in LGDK. Just think of the voice of some other character when you read. It’s what I end up doing most of the time.


  2. “Wait she’s my little sister….from my past life” is the storey title correct? Then you put prologue – story title then the following chapters go 1,2,3 or individual names like in LGDK its just the organization structure most commonly used from what I’ve seen


  3. After reading, I have two things to say and three questions;
    1 For some reason… I don’t really like the name Cole…. though, that’s just my personal preference. (even though I don’t really mind Coy…)
    2 I have various feelings reading about a twenty one year old protagonist who blush because he received a peck on the cheek from an eleven year old girl…
    About the questions;
    1 We’ll be seeing the loli again in the future?
    2 How much of a brocon is his imouto?
    3 How much do you think it will take you to have the first chapter ready?
    I enjoyed this, it was a great read! I’ll be waiting for the first chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let me answer. First with the things and then your questions;
      1. I was looking for names with similar meanings. Both Katsu means “Victory” And Cole means “People’s Victory”. Thus how it ended up with Cole. I could’ve used Nicholas which means “Victory of the People”, but that’s my actual name. So it was a no go.
      2. As he’s technically the same age in that body, an innocent peck on the cheek is not a big deal. Don’t forget, the protagonist of Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei is basically a twenty-something who reincarnated under a similar situation. He retains his memories. But gets away with what he does because he is physically the same age as the girl he does it with.
      As for the questions;
      1. That’s for me to decide. Right now, that is her main appearance in the story. I have yet to have her show up again.
      2. You will have to see that in the near future.
      3. I’m not sure. Don’t forget, I just got this out. Not to mention that I will have to do some more work on LGDK as well.

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      1. 2 more things
        1. You don’t have to stick to the name so heavily meaning something, like Nicholas could be altered to Nickolai fro example you don’t have to stick with just English sounding names you could go French Spain Russian or Italian

        2. Happy Thanksgiving since I for got to say it earlier


  4. Pretty interesting. First novel I read so far with both reincarnated and summoned MCs, let’s see how this goes and good job Oh Mario.

    And for mistakes:
    1- Hell, Emperor Shōwa’s death was -announce- when I was half-way out of my mother’s womb.
    Hell, Emperor Shōwa’s death was (announced) when I was half-way out of my mother’s womb.

    2- The other baby was a girl, and her name -was was- Chloe.
    The other baby was a girl, and her name (was) Chloe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Damn, I’ve re-read this prologue almost ten times trying to find my typos and grammar errors, but you found them after one read. Thanks. And as I’m about to post the first actual chapter, I will be depending on you again for your help.

      Also, I’ve had this idea after starting LGDK. I actually liked it better than both a hero born in that world and a summoned one. But it was way too late for that because I already had a few chapters out.


  5. In the end, here I am, reading this series first because of my curiosity, and it’s interesting! ^^
    The Boy Born Between Two Eras–that’s cool!! The MC’s first life’s birth condition was cool when I read it!
    And basically, the MC died not because of truck-san, but that asshole-san–a murder then?!

    That scene where he’s judged before his reincarnation is quite cool. Perhaps because I’m influenced by Ace Attorney, the series I adore XD
    And lul, they’d commit incest in the future?!

    “was always sure to clear my web browser”–duh, you can go Incognito!!

    I shipped Chloe and Niko after Chloe’s goodbye, but welp, his little sister is going to be there too. I’m so torn xD

    By the way, a bit correction that I managed to notice.
    “It was that same asshole who’s life I ruined by calling the cops on him for kidnapping my little sister. ” –> it should be whose, not who’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow… I didn’t think you would get to it so soon. Still, I should warn you that I am rushing near the end of the story and that chapter 6 itself is trash. Never write a chapter freshly after watching Deadpool. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

      If you’re looking for something that;s a little… not safe for work, try the later chapters of TOG. Trust me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahaha, Deadpool can indeed give that kind of influence. I’m looking forward to this story’s conclusion. It’s fine even if it’s rushed for now, you can always rewrite it later on if you feel dissatisfied ^^

        Thanks for the warning XD I should be reading TOG from the beginning to understand the latest chapter better–if I am not coming only for the “plot” xDDD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, so I always wait until I’m over a Deadpool movie before writing a chapter after watching one. I rushed it near the end so far because I want to focus more on LGDK and TOG. I do plan on re-writing it with some NSFW in the future, just not on my own WordPress. Don’t forget, I originally started this to see how many readers would come because of the name.

        Yeah, you should as a chapter of TOG takes place before this. So does the crossover specials with LGDK. The crossovers with TOG though are pretty much just the same events in another POV. But you’re probably just here for the “plot” anyway 😛


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