L.G.D.K! Special – The History of Lost Justice (Part 2)

Author’s Note: Well peeps, this is the second part of today’s double update. And the second part of The History of Lost Justice. I don’t know how, but I ended up writing it one night. If I somehow have the same miracle I did when I wrote this, I’ll end up having yet another double update on Saturday. Anywho, please enjoy?

L.G.D.K! Special – The History of Lost Justice (Part 2)

It’s been a hectic few months since I met Mizuki at one of William Host’s parties. Turns out, my father Jackson Mechana was in on the whole thing. Even though it was through Jacob Host that the whole Kaizaki Zaibatsu managed to move from Yamato to Libertonia, the connections between both Billy Bob’s father and Mizuki’s were not really that strong. Apparently both mine and Mizuki’s fathers went to the same college as her father studied abroad. And both of those old farts were happy about me accepting the role of Mizuki’s fiancé.

“Abel my boy, you have done your old man proud.” (Jackson)

“Oh shut it.”

“Hey, is that the way to talk to your father?” (Jackson)

“No, but what kind of father tricks their own son into getting engaged?”

“Touché. But you left me with no choice, son.” (Jackson)

“What do you mean by ‘no choice’? I didn’t wanna be the next in line to run Tex Mechana. Why not Cain? He would’ve taken that offer in a heartbeat.”

“That’s because Cain is… not the best idea to run the company. That boy would end up selling Tex Mechana for royalties to make sure he lives the rest of his life in comfort.” (Jackson)

“Do ya not have any faith in your other son? It’s true he has done some stupid stuff in his life, but he’d at least try to run the company.”

“Yeah, run it into the ground. He can’t even fire a gun, let alone read corporate reports.” (Jackson)

“I can’t believe you, old man.”

I ended up storming out of my father’s home office in a rage. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t have any faith in my idiot brother. I mean, my brother may not be the brightest light bulb… but it’s still no reason for a father to not have any faith in his son. All I knew is that I needed to get to our private shooting range in the back yard of the mansion.

When I got there, Jeeves had my favorite revolvers and ammo on the tray he was holding. He’s the head butler, the man who helped raise me and my brother. Just an old man with a grew ponytail. Well… he did lose his right eye in his days as a soldier, a monocle covered his left. I couldn’t handle the fact he has a toothbrush mustache. Anyway, he left the revolvers unloaded as he knows that I prefer to load them myself. Hell, it’s a rule in the Mechana family that you have to load your own guns as well as clean them.

“Thanks, Jeeves.”

“No problem, master Abel. I hope you don’t mind, but it’s only .38 Special rounds today.” (Jeeves)

“Fine by me as long as I can fire them.”

I prefer to use .357 magnum revolvers. I like them due to the versatility of being able to fire two different types of ammunition without modifying the gun at all. Not to mention that I always use .38 Special when I go into shooting competitions anyway because it’s less recoil. I made it an oath to never use .357 rounds unless I have to.

Each shot fired, hit it’s mark. And that was from a revolver in each hand. That is one thing I loved about this country of hypocrites, you can fire firearms. But before I knew it, I was out of bullets.

“Do you require more bullets, sir?” (Jeeves)

“Nah, I’m good.”

I was finally feeling better now, so I walked back into the mansion. To my surprise, the doorbell was being rung. Before I could say anything, Jeeves went to get it. I just sat down in a chair in the drawing room before he returned.

“Master Abel, it is for you.” (Jeeves)

I was confused, but I went to the front door. I couldn’t believe what I found. It was Mizuki, wearing a white kimono with a sack on her back.

“What in the hell is going on?”

“It’s an old Yamato tradition for a new bride to arrive at her future parent’s home with gifts.” (Mizuki)


“Ah, Abel. I see your new bride has arrived.” (Jackson)

That damn old man…


“Mizuki is moving in with us.” (Jackson)

“Wait… what!?”

“Are you deaf, son?” (Jackson)

“No, but I’d like it if you’d just tell me what the hell’s going on?”

“Yamato traditions, my boy. As she’s marrying into the Mechana family, she’s moving in with us. Do you have a problem?” (Jackson)

“Well yes I have a problem! She’s not even eighteen yet. Or graduated.”

“Actually… I’m transferring to your school this coming semester.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… what!?”

“Son, do you ever say any other words when you’re surprised?” (Jackson)

“Well forgive me for having that habit!”

“Abel-san, please do not fight with father?” (Mizuki)

“Mizuki, he’s not even your father yet.”

“All will be fine, son. Just give it time.” (Jackson)

“You… old bastard.”

Right there, he swung his fist at me. But to his surprise, I caught it.

“What the–” (Jackson)

“Look, I ain’t a child anymore. I may not be a grown up, but I sure as hell ain’t no child.”

“I see. Well, you forgot one thing, son.” (Jackson)

“And that would be…”

Right there, he swung his other fist, but I caught it as well. And then… he pulled back and gave me a headbutt. I fell on my backside from that one.


“That even if you catch one fist, there’s the other. And if you catch that, there’s always the head.” (Jackson)

“Yeah, but which of us is bleeding?”

We both wiped our brows on only to discover that he was the one bleeding. So it wasn’t my blood.

“I’ll let you have this one.” (Jackson)

All I could do was smirk as Jeeves had to give my old man a towel. For once, I was glad that I had a very hard head.

“Um… father, where will I be staying?” (Mizuki)

She’s really calling him that?

“It’s Abel’s call. He’s earned it.” (Jackson)

“Thanks. How about one of the guest rooms?”

“What?” (Jackson)

“Look, the wedding ain’t until we’re both eighteen, right? So in order to keep from doing anything… that pre-married couples shouldn’t be doing, we should sleep in separate rooms until we’re married.”

It’s true that I’m in a position right now that most young men would kill to be in, living with a girl my age that’s not related. However… I think it would be best to lower the temptation by not sleeping in the same room. Let alone… the same bed.

“As much as I would hate to say it, I think you have a point. It’s a shame that you’re throwing away an experience that most young men would kill for. However, it’s your life. Jeeves, please lead my daughter-in-law to be to her temporary room?” (Jackson)

“Yes, master Jackson. Miss Mizuki, if you would please follow me?” (Jeeves)

Mizuki then followed Jeeves to her room. Sadly, it had to be the one next to mine. I didn’t care, I needed to stay true to my own beliefs until the wedding date. Dinner that night… was awkward. Dad sat at the table with a bandage over his forehead, mom was trying not to talk about it, and Cain was glaring at me for getting a fiancée so soon. It was pretty silent at the dinner table. I was thankful when it was over. But that night, I had a visit from the bride to be when she knocked on my door.

“It’s open.”

“Abel-san, can we talk?” (Mizuki)

“Sure, come on in”

She walked in and sat down on the bed. There were a few minutes before she finally spoke up.

“Abel-san, why are you so against this marriage?” (Mizuki)

“Other than the fact that it was an entrapment by our parents, let’s see? Oh yeah, we know nothing about each other. You just don’t marry someone you just met.”

“Is that your problem? That we do not really know each other?” (Mizuki)

“Only one of them. Look, I hate this marriage. We’ve only met a few times since I was forced to accept it. And that was over dinner with both our parents around. I also hate that you’re mainly doing it as a responsibility than by choice.”

I had to let it out. It bothered me this whole time.

“Do you think that I like that I’m doing this out of responsibility?” (Mizuki)

And she took the bait. Finally, time to hear her thoughts.

“Well, you haven’t really complained about it.”

“I just wanted to live me life the way I saw fit as well! But sadly, that couldn’t be! I just wanted to go out, hang with my friends, find love, enjoy the life of a girl my age. However, that was not in the cards for me!” (Mizuki)

“Feel better?”

“To be honest… I do.” (Mizuki)

“That was another problem I had, that you weren’t being honest with yourself.”

“What?” (Mizuki)

“It’s the truth. I knew that you didn’t want this. However, I needed to hear it from you.”

“But… why?” (Mizuki)

“Because I hate hypocrites. I prefer honesty over anything else. Look, I don’t love you. You’re a beautiful young woman and you shouldn’t be forced into this either. However, I can’t stand a marriage without love.”

I’m glad to that I finally told her that. I mean, it’s such a waste for a girl like her to be forced to marry a guy like me. Especially if it’s a marriage without love.

“In that case… I will get you to love me.” (Mizuki)

“Wait… what?”

“You heard me. We still have plenty of time to get to know each other. I won’t be doing this for the sake of my family, their employees, or my friends that managed to come here. I’ll be doing this for me.” (Mizuki)

“But… do you even love me?”

“Not really, but I do have time to fall in love with you.” (Mizuki)

And with that, she took her leave. I couldn’t believe it, my heart was beating a million miles an hour from that last part. She’s a determined girl, I gotta give her credit for that. Hell, I think that determination might make me fall for her.

In the passing months, things slowly started to change. She did transfer into my school, becoming the only one who could even compare to me when it came to test scores. Not to mention we went on dates as the new celebrity couple. We ended up being bigger news than old Billy Bob running Host Industries at his young age. My brother hated it, but I didn’t care. All I knew is that my feelings were slowly changing about Mizuki. At least until the day it finally happened.

We were in class until a couple of men in black from Tex Mechana entered our classroom to speak with our teacher. Me, Mizuki, and Cain were told to follow them. After we made it to the car, I finally spoke.

“What the hell’s going on?”

“Mr. Mechana, shit has hit the fan.” (Man in Black 1)

“Wait… what?”

“Communistan has finally launched some nukes at a few of Libertonia’s largest cities.” (Man in Black 2)

“What!?” (me, Mizuki, and Cain)

“We are serious here. Armageddon has finally come.” (Man in Black 1)

“But… where are we going?” (Mizuki)

“That’s what I’d like to know.” (Cain)

“You three have been accepted into one of Bunk Co.’s Bunkers. Number Five Hundred and Thirty. You will be safe there.” (Man in Black 2)

“But… what about our parents?”

“They told us to make sure that you made it to the bunker, no matter what it takes.” (Man in Black 1)


“No buts, Mr. Mechana. Both Tex Mechana’s and the Kaizaki Zaibatsu’s future rests in your survival.” (Man in Black 2)

I couldn’t believe what was going on. The world as I knew it was about to end. All the three of us could do was worry about our parents and pray to Freeda that they would be all right as we were being driven to Bunker 530. To my surprise… it was located under the hotel next to Host Tower.

“Are ya kidding me?”

The men in black took us to the basement where there was an elevator ready to take us to the bunker. They told us to take it as we stayed behind. As we rode down on the elevator, we could hear an explosion.

“Abel-san, do you think those two are alright?” (Mizuki)

“I ain’t sure. But I do know that they at least got us here. If they are dead, we must honor their sacrifice.”

“Go figure, you get all the cool lines.” (Cain)

I REALLY wanted to smack him right there, but now was not the time. People were dying and we were lucky enough to even make it to one of the bunkers. I could already feel the survivor’s guilt.

When we got off the elevator, we were greeted by Bunk Co. employees who guided us to our destination. To my surprise, Billy Bob was there.

“Hello, Abel old chap.” (Host)

“Excuse me, are you sure I can’t go outside right now?”

“Do you really dislike me that much?” (Host)

“If I did, you wouldn’t have been sent a wedding invitation.”

“Touché, old chap. But it looks like we get to survive the end of the world after all.” (Host)

“Hey, that ain’t funny. Unlike you, we had parents still out there.”

“True. But who do you think got us here?” (Host)

“What do ya mean, Billy Bob?”

“It’s because Bunk Co. outsourced to all of our families’ businesses. Host Industries, the Kaizaki Zaibatsu, and even Tex Mechana. It’s because we’re the future of all of those companies that we got spots in the bunker.” (Host)

“What in the hell…”

“Abel-san, it’s true. Both our fathers made deals with Bunk Co. to include us on the list in exchange for help from both of our families’ companies.” (Mizuki)

“And you didn’t tell me because…”

“Because you weren’t supposed to know until dinner tonight.” (Mizuki)

Damn my old man! Seriously, damn him. There were many thing left unsaid to him… and now I will never get the opportunity to say them. I could feel a tear rolling down my face.

“Brother, it will be all right. I mean, they trusted you.” (Cain)

That idiot was right, both of those old farts trusted me. My own father with the company and Mizuki’s with her. Now was not the time to break down.

“Fine, let’s just make the best of this as we possibly can. For all our parents.”

“Now that’s the spirit, Abel old chap.” (Host)

“Billy Bob… did you have to ruin the moment?”

“Oh, I’m sorry about that.” (Host)

“It’s all right.”

Not long after, we were told to change into these ugly dark gray jumpsuits that had red trim. On the backs were the number of the bunker and on the fronts were our surnames on the right side and ‘Bunk Co.’ on the left. And then we were supposed to go into these “decontamination pods”.

“Are we really supposed to go in there?”

“It’s standard procedure, sir.” (Bunk Co. Employee)

I didn’t really trust him as he wore a hazmat suit, but I couldn’t really argue with him either. I got in and sat down, next to my brother’s pod. Both Mizuki and Billy Bob were across from us, in their pods as well before the pods closed. But then I heard something coming from a speaker in the pod.

“Cryogenic suspension, initiated.” (pod)

“Wait… what!?”

That instant, I knew I was screwed. I knew about cryostasis, it’s basically being in a frozen slumber. I wanted to try to punch out the window in front of me, but I knew it was futile. I was frozen before I knew it, not a thought in my head or anything until I finally woke up. I was surprised when the pod opened.

“Are you all right?” (mysterious man)

It was a middle-aged person. He had a brown comb-over and a mustache. He wore odd-looking clothes, something that looked like they were from a few centuries ago. Not to mention small rounded spectacles. But… he looked familiar. Like I’ve seen him before, but I couldn’t place a name with the face.

“I’ll be… fine…”

In truth, I was shivering from the cold. I tried to look around, but all of the other pods were covered up by tarps. I tried to ask him what was going on, but he told me to follow him to the elevator. I did as asked, confused. Especially when we made it to the basement from when I first arrived.

“This ain’t right…”

It wasn’t right, not right at all. The basement I remembered was more spacious and it had smooth walls. The walls here were brick and mortar. Not to mention… the stairs weren’t were I remembered them.

“A lot has changed since you were frozen. Especially on the surface.” (mysterious man)

“On the surface?”

“You will see. I’m sure that you have plenty of questions, but you must meet with my employer first.” (mysterious man)

“All right…”

This was seriously creeping me out here. I mean, I was tricked into being frozen for Freeda knows how long. Was this intentional or something? All I knew is that I had a lot of questions for this man’s employer.

We made it up the stairs to the first floor. This wasn’t the hotel I originally walked inside of, this seemed to be a building of an older design. The lights, they looked like something you would see in a personal museum. They were old fashion, yet looked new. Just what the hell happened while I was asleep? Anyways, I had to go up a few more flights of stairs, into a hallway, and then into an office. There was a high-backed chair turned the other way.

“Sir, I brought over the man you requested.” (mysterious person)

The chair turned around, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. It were as if I were looking at a ghost.

“Jacob Host?”

“Sorry Abel old chap, but that was my father. It’s me, William.” (Host)

I had to do a double take. No, a triple.

“Billy Bob?”

“As much as I wish you would stop calling me that, you are correct.” (Host)

“But… you’re so much older?”

“That’s because I got out before you did.” (Host)

“But… why? What happened?”

“You see, I knew that Bunk Co. was up to something. However, I couldn’t prove it. But thanks to the fact that they used the operating system I created for their terminals, I was able to hack into their servers and I discovered the truth before we went down to Bunker 530.” (Host)

“The truth?”

“Yeah. Turns out, those bunkers that were supposed to protect the citizens of Libertonia had a more sinister purpose behind them.” (Host)

“Wait… a sinister purpose?”

“Yeah, they were conducting inhuman experiments.” (Host)

“Wait… what!?”

“Oh how I missed hearing those words, Abel old chap. Didn’t you miss them too, Cain?” (Host)

“That I did, sir.” (Cain)

Those words came from the same person who helped me out of the pod. I had to do yet another triple take as the realization finally came to me.

“Cain? Is that you, brother?”

“It’s me, Abel. As you can tell, I got out earlier myself.” (Cain)

“But… what in Freeda’s name is going on?”

“I wouldn’t be mentioning her name in public, Abel old chap. No one worships her anymore. Now they all worship some other god they call the Deity.” (Host)

“The Deity?”

“I’ll explain later. But for now, I need to tell you what Bunk Co. was up to when they built those bunkers. However… Cain, could you bring some food for our guest?” (Host)

“Yes, sir.” (Cain)

After Cain left, I had to ask something.

“Why did you and my brother get out so early?”

“First let me explain the purpose of the bunkers. They were meant to conduct some inhuman experiments on the inhabitants. Like ours, it was meant to see how long humans could live under cryostasis.” (Host)

“Yeah, I guessed that.”

“Or even Bunker 480, they used gene therapy to transform the inhabitants into therianthropes.” (Host)


“Animal and human hybrids, meant to survive conditions that normal humans could not normally thrive. Conditions such as nuclear winter and all that.” (Host)

“They altered human beings? What the actual hell!?”

“Tell me about it. Anyway, I knew of what they were up to. So I reprogrammed my pod to let me out a little earlier than everyone else. Sadly… there was a glitch in the system.” (Host)

“A glitch?”

“Believe it or not Abel old chap, you have been asleep for about… one-thousand, nine-hundred and eighty years.” (Host)

“Wait… what!?”

After Note: And that was the second part. I plan on actually having a third part due to all that I couldn’t throw in in this one. But yeah, Lost Justice himself was thawed out twenty years before the beginning of the main story. And finally, you get to see a little behind what happened on the final days of the Old World. As I said earlier, I’ll have another double update on Saturday if I get the same miracle that I did when I wrote this. In the mean time, you should really read the second chapter of LSPL if you haven’t already.

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    That instant, I knew I was screwed. I knew about (cryostasis), it’s basically being in a frozen slumber.

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