LSPL Chapter 2 – When it’s Time to Leave the Nest… Sometimes You Just Need a Push

Author’s Note: Well peeps, Chapter 2 of “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!” has been released early along with the second part of the Lost Justice LGDK special. I ended up finishing the latter when I finished LSPL’s third chapter. And yes, I changed the MC’s name from Cole to Niko due to feedback on how no one liked the MC’s name being Cole. Anyway, please enjoy?

Chapter 2 – When it’s Time to Leave the Nest… Sometimes You Just Need a Push

Today… is not just my day. It was as normal as it gets for me at first. Like walking around the village, seeing someone from a wanted poster I saw in the city, taking their unconscious body to Pete for the bounty, etc. I didn’t think anything could go wrong. But… things always have to change when you’re least expecting them to.

I had just returned to the orphanage when a very familiar person caught me off guard. Her red hair was now a shorter cut with a fringe, but it wasn’t a bob cut. Those familiar gold eyes still shined like the morning sun. But… she had grown up in the past six years. What I had remembered being flat was now a more modest bust. She was shorter than me, but only by a head. I couldn’t tell too many of her other features had changed thanks to her full-skirted maid uniform. However, seeing her after so long surprised me.


“Niko… is that you?” (Chloe)

My appearance had changed in the past six years as well. I was not the little boy I used to be, I was a little ripped. Not big hulking muscles, but you could see the muscle mass on my bare arms and chest. Alright, I’m not completely topless. I am wearing a brown leather vest that’s open. Along with black boots, wristbands that matched the vest, white cloth wraps on my hands, tan slacks, and a white bandanna on my head.

“Looks like we have both grown up in the past six years, eh?”

“Seems like it.” (Chloe)

Okay… this is getting awkward. She’s my childhood friend for crying out loud! I need to play it cool.

“So… what brings you back to Evergreen Village?”

“Oh… that. You know the mansion north of the village?” (Chloe)

Oh I remember that place, I normally keep my distance.

“You mean the royal family’s summer home?”

“Yes, that is correct. You see… Princess Ana is moving there.” (Chloe)

“Wait… why?”

It explains all the carpenters that have been heading up there lately, but why is Princess Ana moving there?

“The hero had been summoned last month. However… her training hasn’t been going well. So Princess Ana thought it would be a good idea to train her away from the populace. The king agreed, but under the condition that Princess Ana helps with spell training.” (Chloe)

“So that’s why all those carpenters have been passing through?”

“Correct.” (Chloe)

She doesn’t need to be formal around me.

“So… why are you back here? Seeing how everyone else has grown?”

“That’s one of the reasons. Before I explain the other, thank you for looking out for them. You have kept your promise, Niko.” (Chloe)

“That I have. But what’s the other reason?”

And why do I have an ominous feeling about it?

“Sister Meredith asked me to tell you she wants to speak to you.” (Chloe)

“Wait… what does that have to do with the other reason you’re back at the orphanage?”

“All will be revealed soon enough.” (Chloe)

I don’t like where this is going. Seriously, it’s like I’m about to step on my own grave here. Oh well, only one way to find out.

I stepped into Sister Meredith’s office and couldn’t believe what I seen. In one of the chairs normally meant for people adopting children was that old bastard Fredrick. In the other was a girl about me and Chloe’s age. Her hair was a light shade of green and long, held together by a braid that started at her shoulders. Her eyes, a pale blue like the morning sky. Her dress, a dull shade of lavender that was simplistic with puffed shoulders. Her jewelry were a simple tiara and medallion of silver with the royal crest. I could instantly identify her.

“Sir Fredrick and Princess Ana?”

“Hmm… so this is the fool that you keep talking about, Chloe?” (Ana)


“Your highness, Niko is not a fool.” (Chloe)

Glad to see that it wasn’t Chloe who originally said that.

“Whatever, this man is a fool until he can prove otherwise.” (Ana)

I have a feeling that I do not like her already…

“Only fools label others as fools, your highness.”

And there goes my mouth… again. I need to do something about my filter.

“You mock her royal highness, boy?” (Fredrick)

And that’s the Fredrick I know. Then again, seeing Princess Ana’s expression when I did my witty retort almost seems worth time in the dungeons.

“No, I was just stating the truth.”

And now his face is getting red with anger. I’m almost hoping that he jumps at me, I’ve been wanting to kick his ass for the past six years.

“Niko!” (Meredith)

Oh crap! She’s giving me the death stare!

“Yes… Sister Meredith…?”

“Sir Fredrick says that he came by the orphanage last month to offer you a job. Is this true?” (Meredith)

“He said he was scouting me to be a potential member of the hero’s party. So it was not a job offer, Sister Meredith.”

Not a word that came out of my mouth there was untrue. But I was not going to tell her the part of the conversation when he identified me as a person who remembered their past life. That alone could make Chloe think of me as some old creep living in a young man’s body.

“That’s not the point.” (Sister Meredith)

“Then what is? I was polite by hearing him out before telling him that I’m not interested. So sorry if I do not have any more politeness left for him.”

“The point is that it could have been the thing to turn your life around and leave this village? Why refuse it?” (Meredith)

“Why not refuse it? It’s not like the hero has anything to do with me, right?”

An old reliable tactic from my past life, answering a question with another question. I survived lectures from teachers thanks to that old trick.

“Niko, that trick is not going to work. Now answer my question.” (Meredith)

The hell… it actually failed me? Oh crap, I don’t know what to do! Wait… let’s try being honest without being an asshole.

“Because I have no reason to accept it. I’m quite comfortable in this village and have no intention of leaving.”

“Niko, you cannot stay here forever. I am grateful that you have stayed as long as you have to help out with the children younger than yourself. But what about your life? Your future?” (Meredith)

And how did this turn into a “career choice” survey? I had enough of that in high school.

“Sister Meredith, I’m more of the kind of guy who likes to wing it through life. I just deal with my problems as I go along. So I haven’t really thought that far yet.”

“You… idiot!” (Meredith)


Wow… I never expected to hear her call me that out loud.

“You heard me, Niko. That kind of irresponsible behavior is stupid.” (Meredith)

Okay… time for another old tactic. Changing the subject.

“Sister Meredith, that does not explain why the royal adviser and royal princess are here?”

“Oh… you tell him, Sir Fredrick.” (Meredith)

“All right. Niko, I know how adamant you were about joining the hero’s party. However, I have come here today with an actual job offer.” (Fredrick)

What? Really? I better hear him out so Sister Meredith doesn’t yell at me too much.

“I’m listening.”

“The hero, she has great skills with the blade and great potential for magic. Why, I say that with the right teaching that she could become a great Magic Swordsman. However…” (Fredrick)

“However… what?”

“She refuses to learn how to control both her ki and mana simultaneously from the royal instructors. Or any other instructor we introduce her too. Not even prince Issac can get her to learn from him, and he’s the best Mystic Lancer in the land.” (Fredrick)

Wait… this better not be what I think it’s going to be.


“Please become her instructor?” (Fredrick)


“You heard him, you fool. We need you to become the hero’s instructor in both ki and mana manipulation.” (Ana)

“Princess, remember what I said about calling people fools?”

“This is not the time for that, you dolt!” (Ana)

“Hey, it’s the same thing no matter which word you use.”

“Niko!” (Meredith)

Crap, death stare again.

“Shutting up now.”

“Good. Sir Fredrick, could you please continue?” (Meredith)

“Yes. Niko, the king himself is willing to compensate you for your services.” (Fredrick)

Okay… time to see what I can get for this before refusing it.

“What would his majesty consider compensation?”

“He’s willing to offer you the royal summer home north of Evergreen Village. As well as a title and the right to marry any woman in the realm.” (Fredrick)

“What did you just say, Sir Fredrick?” (Ana)

“That for his services, Niko may marry any woman in the realm.” (Fredrick)

“I’m an exception, right?” (Ana)

Oh no, she better not be getting that full of herself.

“I am afraid not, your highness.” (Fredrick)

“But… that cannot be!?” (Ana)

Okay… time to knock her off from her high horse.

“Your highness, I have no interest in you as a woman whatsoever.”

“WHAT!?” (Ana)

“You heard me, your highness. You’re not my type.”

“You… FOOL!!! I am the royal princess! There is not a man in the land that would not risk life and limb to have me for a bride!” (Ana)

“Consider me the exception then.”

“Why you…” (Ana)

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re actually very beautiful.”

“What?” (Ana)

She’s not bad looking at all. And man… does she have a rack! Those things were bouncing as she was arguing earlier. But… she’s blushing now. Time to tell her the reason why I’m an exception.

“But your personally is a real drag. Seriously, only a really vain moron would fall for you.”

“That’s it! You’re burning for that one!” (Ana)

I saw a ball of fire form in her right hand, as if she were prepared to hurl it at me. All I could do was smirk, I’ve dealt with fireballs before from a few magicians who had bounties on their heads.

“Princess Ana!” (Fredrick)

“What? I must burn this fool to the ground for his venomous words from his foolish tongue.” (Ana)

“Do not forget, we’re indoors right now. Not to mention this orphanage is property of the church. So if you were to set it ablaze to strike down one man, it would still be an offense that not even your father can get you out of. So think before casting fireballs.” (Fredrick)

Good job Fredrick, she’s calming down now.

“Humph, you are not even worthy enough to be attacked by my magic.” (Ana)

“Yet you’re here to get me to become the hero’s instructor?”

Maybe I should stop messing with her? I mean, I’ve already almost caused her to attack me with a fireball. But… it’s just too fun. Am I a sadist?

“Niko.” (Meredith)

Crap, I must have let my face show what’s on my mind?

“Yes, Sister Meredith?”

“This looks like a very good job offer. Not to mention you get a home and a bride for upon completion. So I think you should go for it.” (Meredith)

“Sorry sister, not interested.”

“If I may?” (Chloe)

And now she speaks up?

“Go ahead.” (Meredith)

“Niko, I am grateful that you have kept your promises to me so far. However… we really need your help. If not for the rewards… could you do it for me?” (Chloe)

Crap… another situation that I never thought I’d find myself in, the “childhood friend asking me to do what I don’t want to” technique. I didn’t have to fear it in my past life. But… this is my second chance at life here.


“Wait a moment!” (Ana)

And she had to ruin the moment.


“My maid should not have to ask you to do this. You should do it out of duty as a subject of the kingdom.” (Ana)

Time to get back to messing with her.

“What? Are you afraid that I might pick Chloe instead of you to be my bride?”

And I just made two girls blush at once. Oh how many guys would be jealous right now?

“Well… no. I… um… I just refuse to lose my personal maid, that’s all.” (Ana)

And I just got accused of being a tsundere last month? This girl is the real deal.

“Sure you are. Anyway, I still have to decline.”

“Are you really going to decline, even with all that his royal highness is offering?” (Fredrick)

“Trust me, it’s near impossible even for me to refuse this offer. However… I don’t think that I should get a bride because his highness gave her to me for teaching the hero. If I were to get married, I’d want it to be mutual. Besides, what would I do with a house that big even if I were to get a bride?”

And after I had said all that, I thought of almost a million procreation jokes. I almost lost my composure thinking about it.

“Niko… are you sure that you’re not just being selfish right now?” (Meredith)

“What do ya mean, Sister Meredith?”

“I know you, Niko. You just don’t want to leave the orphanage, am I correct?” (Meredith)

Crap, she caught on.


“If that’s it, then I have a solution. Niko, you’re officially kicked out.” (Meredith)


“You heard me, Niko. You no longer live here.” (Meredith)

You gotta be kidding me here!? She kicked me out?

“Let’s not be hasty, Sister Meredith. Think about what all I’ve done for a second?”

“Do not get me wrong, I appreciate all that you have done. Giving the children both clothing and food, you have been very kind. However, you need to leave the nest and fly with your own wings. And how does one learn how to fly? They get pushed from the nest. Consider this your push.” (Meredith)

“But… where do I go now?”

“You have a great job offer, go take it. Or refuse for all I care? You’re no longer my responsibility.” (Meredith)

I just stood there, stunned. I couldn’t even refute right now. I just got kicked out of the only home I’ve known in this world. Why is whoever the one who rules over this world so cruel?

“I’ll… go pack my things.”

I walked out of there in a stupor. All I mainly had were maybe a few changes of clothing, a few pairs of underwear, and spare wrappings for my hands. So it wasn’t much to pack in my bag. The only orphan to even bother me was Tommy.

“Big bro, are ya really leaving?” (Tommy)

“Sadly, I am.”

“But… I don’t wanna see ya go.” (Tommy)

“Tommy, don’t be selfish.”

“But…” (Tommy)

“No buts. It’s your turn to protect this place now. So do it with a smile on your face.”

“A smile?” (Tommy)

“That’s right Tommy, a smile. Even when your sad, make sure your frown is upside down. If you feel like crying, laugh instead. Okay?”

I could see him holding back any tears that could run down his face from those cliché anime lines. I’m just glad that he didn’t know what I did to get the money used to buy clothing and food for him and the others. That boy needs to live as a better person than I was in my past life and currently am in this one. Come to think about it… I really haven’t become a better person than I was before, have I? Oh well, I guess some things can’t be fixed.

When I walked out of the building, I saw a royal carriage waiting with both Sir Fredrick and Chloe waiting.

“Okay… why are you here?”

“Niko, we figured that you might want to accept our offer now that you have been… let go?” (Fredrick)

“Don’t patronize me.”

“Niko, if I may?” (Chloe)

“Go ahead.”

“Since you have no place to stay tonight, maybe you could come back to the royal summer home with us and stay the evening? At least meet the hero before declining again, please?” (Chloe)

Damn it all!!! I can’t refuse her right now, even if she didn’t throw logic in my face. Right now it feels like I’m being kicked while I’m down. Yet… now I didn’t have a reason to refuse either.

“Fine… but I’m only staying the night.”

“Thank you, Niko.” (Chloe)

Great… now I have to fight off blushing too. Even with my memories intact, why do I still have to have the mentality of a seventeen year old!? I should be like thirty-nine right now! This shouldn’t be happening!

I stepped into the carriage only to get a witty remark from her royal highness.

“So the fool decided to not be a fool after all?” (Ana)

“Look, I’m not in the mood. I’m only meeting the hero and spending the night. That’s all.”

“We’ll see.” (Ana)

Ugh… why does she have to be royalty? If she were both a commoner and a guy, I would’ve knocked her teeth in for this.

After I got in, both Sir Fredrick and Chloe joined us. The ride wasn’t smooth either, we hit a few bumps. One of them was big enough to cause Ana to be thrown into me. I was too afraid to touch her, but she yelled at me anyway and called me both a fool and an animal. I’m just lucky I was seated and she didn’t notice that feeling her breasts on me caused me to get wood. And lucky that it went away before we arrived.

When we got there, I had to jump out.

“Worst ride… ever…”

“Please don’t be foolish enough to suffer motion sickness?” (Ana)

“Oh har har.”

I was polite and helped both her and Chloe out of the carriage. Sir Fredrick seemed to be alright with getting out by himself. When I looked at the royal summer home, I couldn’t deny that I was impressed.

“Not bad…”

“What a fool. This summer home was designed by my great grandfather, so of course it’s impressive. Even if it were modified during renovations.” (Ana)


“The hero requested that there be something called a Japanese bath to be installed. She worked with the royal architect on the design so it could be integrated in with the original blueprints.” (Ana)

“I see…”

So the hero is Japanese? But why am I dreading being here?

“Anything else you can tell me about the hero before I meet them, your highness?”

“Only that she’s around our age of seventeen. And she’s a little… unique.” (Ana)

“Unique? How?”

“You will see when you meet her.” (Ana)

Great… like this isn’t ominous? Well… she can’t be anyone I know, that’s a given. I mean, I died seventeen years ago. And I was almost twenty-two when it happened. So why am I getting this feeling?

We walked inside to the drawing room. I was asked to wait while Chloe went to get the hero. I could feel the dread flowing through my body as I waited.

“Are you all right, fool?” (Ana)

“I’ll… be fine…”

All she could do in response was look annoyed while we waited. When the hero arrived, the princess was right about her being our age looks-wise. She was definitely Japanese by her features. Long black hair that went past her shoulders, black eyes, and a sense of politeness coming from her. She wore what looked to be a winter girl’s school uniform in the blazer style. The blazer was maroon and the pleated skirt was black. She wore a white shirt with a black tie under the blazer, as well as black socks that went half-way up her shin and black slippers. I would’ve looked at the insignia on her blazer, but I didn’t want to look like I was staring at her breasts, which weren’t even big. She was more on the small side in that department.

“Miyuki, this is Niko. Your possible instructor.” (Ana)

Wait… Miyuki?

“Hello, Niko-san. My name is Miyuki Fujiwara.” (Miyuki)

After Note: Well… looks like even in death our MC couldn’t escape his bro-con little sister. Not much to say, except I’ll try to have the third chapter out on Saturday. I just need to find a title for it.

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  1. I was waiting for this part (MC meets his previous life’s sister).
    Now to wait to tomorrow, Satuday, to read if Niko can hide the fact that he is her former brother. Or more interesting, if she is able to recognise him as her former brother with her bro-con sense. XD

    For errors:
    1- “Sister Meredith asked me to tell -her- she wants to speak to you.” (Chloe)
    “Sister Meredith asked me to tell (you) she wants to speak to you.” (Chloe)

    2- “Well… no. I… um… I just refuse to lose my personal -made-, that’s all.” (Ana)
    “Well… no. I… um… I just refuse to lose my personal (maid), that’s all.” (Ana)

    3- We walked inside -too- the drawing room.
    We walked inside (to) the drawing room.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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    1. You will see. And it looks like it will be a double update as well as I managed to get another History of Lost Justice written. I didn’t expect there to be more than two of those. So tomorrow might as well be an early Christmas as you get to see if Miyuki finds out the truth and the fate of Mizuki. I just realized that I used too many characters with female Japanese names that start with an “M” 😛

      As for the errors, I’ll be fixing those later as I’m getting ready to leave the house. Thank you again, though I’m trying to figure out how the first one came to be?


  2. A very good chapter! The interaction between Niko and the princess was very funny too I want to see more of them (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜. Now then, what will do Niko? Will Imouto-chan catch on which he really is right away? Also, I kinda feel guilty for the change in name of the MC… Sorry!

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    1. Thanks a lot. Yeah, I wanted to make a tsundere princess and it went too well. As for that, you will see.Also, don’t feel guilty, you weren’t the only one with problems with MC having the name Cole.


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