Anyone Order a Double Update?

Because if you did, here’s a fresh one coming up. Both the third chapter of “But She’s My Little Sister… from my Past Life” and the third part of LGDK’s History of Lost Justice special. To be honest, I was scared that I might have to cancel tonight’s double update.

I received a call today from a five digit number. They claimed to be from Microsoft and wouldn’t let me go until I did as they said. They made me put this software called Log Me In and another called Team Viewer and tried to make me sign up for this service to repair my PC. I went along with it, but felt uneasy. Especially since the person sounded like an outsource employee from the middle east. While they were remotely doing something to my computer, I saw a few things wrong. One of them was setting a password for something that didn’t have one. As I saw what they were doing, I googled some of the stuff that they were putting on my PC from my iPod. In one of the search results, there was something called “2016 Microsoft Scam”. I looked into it and paranoia took advantage. I ended up unplugging my computer from the router, shutting it off, and hanging up my phone before turning it off.

When I tried turning on my computer without it being hooked to the internet, a feature that wasn’t there before popped up. It said, “This computer’s settings have been changed and it requires a password”. I couldn’t see what they put, but I knew it was one character. After multiple attempts and restarts on Windows’ part because of errors of invalid passwords, it finally decided to use a restore point. And after waiting for it to restore, I managed to get back into Windows. To my relief, the restore point was set to when I shut off my computer before going to bed. So I didn’t lose anything. Nor were any of the changes that they made.

I don’t know if it was a scam or not, they showed me through the remote control that there were a lot of processes that weren’t working and that the errors were legit. But I didn’t want to risk it or have to pay a nominal fee to have someone remotely mess with my computer. I’m old fashion, I prefer to look for solutions online to troubleshoot for myself. Besides, I know people with way more computer skills than I have. So I’d rather go to them to fix it if I can’t. And other than it just being a five digit number that they called from, they left like five messages in my voicemail that were all silent. Not to mention, there was one like in that thing I looked into on my iPod that made too much sense. Microsoft is a company that makes money, they would not randomly give out free tech support. So my paranoia could have been in the right. Especially after looking at Team Viewer on Wikipedia, the article there mentions that it’s been used in scams from people claiming to be from Microsoft.

But yeah, tonight’s double update could not have happened. Just be thankful that it did.

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