L.G.D.K! Special – The History of Lost Justice (Part 3)

Author’s Note: I’m not sure I can keep with these double updates? I mean, it did almost get canceled. But still, here’s the third part. So far I’m working on the fourth part. Anywho, please enjoy?

L.G.D.K! Special – The History of Lost Justice (Part 3)

Over a steak that my now much older twin Cain gave me, I listened to a now older Billy Bob over what happened. Apparently, I was twenty years shy of being frozen for two full millenniums. The world itself had changed. It had a new god, new races that I thought only existed in fantasy novels, and it was just now rediscovering radio. It did explain the design of the building.

“So basically saying… the world that we knew ended the day we were frozen?”

“That’s right, Abel old chap. According to the new scriptures, the world was given a second chance by this Deity a hundred years after the bombs fell. So there’s a blank period that no one even remembers between when the bombs dropped and the Deity renewed the planet.” (Host)

“I still can’t believe it.”

“Trust me old chap, it’s a lot to take in.” (Host)

After I had finished the steak, I walked towards a window. The world had really changed, people were either riding in carriages or in cars that looked like they were from museums. Not to mention… there were people on the streets with features only known from fantasy. And a few of the ‘half-men’ as they are called, people with the ears and tails of animals. They were the therianthropes that Billy Bob mentioned, and apparently they had a horrible history.

“So… what’s with the current war you mentioned?”

“What was once the most eastern part of Libertonia is now a place called the Demon Realm. It is the home of monsters.” (Host)

“I can understand that, Libertonians were the biggest monsters out there.”

“Well, the church is at war with them. And the church basically controls the flow of humanity. That’s why we must change it.” (Host)

“Change it?”

Did Billy Bob bust a gasket? Or is he just senile?

“That’s right, Abel old chap. Even in this new world of swords and sorcery, history may end up repeating itself and both sides may destroy each other. That’s why I have been evolving it, to make sure that only one side is the winner. The side of humanity.” (Host)

“But… what about the elves? The dwarfs? And even the therianthropes… I mean half-men?”

“Oh they may stay. But the only thing I agree with the church on is that the demons must go. After them, I will tear apart the church.” (Host)

“Wait… tear apart the church?”

“Abel old chap, their god pretty much abandoned them almost a thousand years ago. Just as Freeda abandoned us. Now they are being bigger hypocrites than the Libertonian government with their anti-slavery doctrines that not all the countries under their influence follow. It’s been almost a thousand years, you would think that all countries under their thumb would follow them? No, they don’t. What’s needed is another new world order, one with a single government.” (Host)

“But… that’s no different than what Libertonia and Communistan were trying to do. Billy Bob, how much have you changed?”

“Oh, I had similar plans already for when I woke up from cryostasis. However… the world had changed too much and was too old fashioned. That’s why I brought back the steamboat, the locomotive, and the automobile. And since black powder weapons had been discovered, I was able to advance the firearm. Of course… I didn’t do that alone.” (Host)

He then looked at Cain. I had an ominous feeling.

“Cain, Billy Bob… what the hell did you two do?”

“Believe it or not, Cain here was able to remember the designs of Tex Mechana. So we were able to reintroduce the revolver at the right time. Now we even have semi-automatic firearms and we’re developing fully automatic sub-machine guns.” (Host)

“Wait… what!?”

I could not believe this. Did Cain really sellout?

“Indoor voices please?” (Host)

“But… what happened to everyone else who was frozen? What happened to Mizuki?”

“Oh, everyone else has already been released. They either committed suicide, decided to work for me, or moved on with their lives somewhere else in this new world. As for Miss Kaizaki, she’s still in cryostasis.” (Host)

“But why? Better yet, why did you wake me?”

“You see Abel old chap, I needed an insurance. As in an insurance that you wouldn’t be going after me.” (Host)

“Wait… what?”

“Could you please stop saying that? Anyway, I’ve always hated you. You had so much potential, yet refused to capitalize on it. However… I could never kill you. No, death is too good for you.” (Host)

I don’t like where this is going.

“Then why wake me up?”

“Because, I thought it was time for you to know what it feels like to be the loser. Believe it or not, I wanted Miss Kaizaki for myself. However, you stole her from me. So until you die, she will be my hostage.” (Host)

“Billy Bob… no, William. I didn’t really want to be her fiancé.”

“I do not care. I know that your feelings started to change before the bombs dropped. I could see it as you looked at her more differently as time passed. Admit it you hypocrite, you fell in love with her!” (Host)

What happened to indoor voices?

“So what?”

“That’s one of the few things I liked about you, Abel old chap. You still have witty remarks to everything. I know that even with her as my hostage, you would never go along with my master plan. I only freed you because I figured I’d allow you to feel loss.” (Host)

“But… why are you keeping her in cryostasis if you loved her?”

“Because I know that no matter what I do, I can never capture her heart. Even if I have to have her frozen in a box, she’s still mine now. Do not forget, I always get what I want in the end. And right now, I want you out of my sight. Cain!” (Host)

Before I knew it, someone came up from behind me and put a cloth to my face. As I started to lose consciousness, I knew it was chloroform. Before passing out, I knew it had to have been my brother.

When I woke up, I was in the back of a horse-drawn cart. I tried to get up, but I was still numb. I could see that it was almost dawn.

“I see you’re awake, brother.” (Cain)

So he’s driving the cart?

“What the hell…”

“Don’t try to talk right now. You’re lucky to be alive.” (Cain)

“Why not just kill me and get it over with?”

“Because then all the hard work I’ve done for the past thirty years would have gone to waste.” (Cain)

“What… work?”

“You see, I didn’t really want to help William and give him the revolver designs our family had created. But sadly, I was given no choice.” (Cain)

“No choice?”

“He threatened to kill you if I refused to cooperate with him.” (Cain)

“Wait… what?”

“Abel, you are my younger brother and I love you. You even defended me in front of our father. So I couldn’t let William Host kill you. But as you have just discovered, he is a sadistic bastard. I worked for your freedom, little brother.” (Cain)

I couldn’t believe it. I guess that blood really is thicker than water?

“So… what now?”

“We’re in the country of Boromarl right now. Believe it or not, you were sedated for over a month at sea.” (Cain)

“A month? Wasn’t almost two-thousand years enough of a sleep?”

“I had to make sure that you could not find your way back to his office in Stinwin. Brother, please do not even try to go after William?” (Cain)

“But after all that bastard has done to us? Don’t ya want revenge?”

“Oh trust me, I would give anything to see him dead. But right now, Mizuki’s life is in his hands.” (Cain)

“That’s right… you loved her too.”

“Yeah, and even though I gave up on her for your sake as well as the family’s… I cannot let her die. Nor can I kill you for her release.” (Cain)

Damn… I do guess those extra years he put on did him some good? But before I knew it, the cart went to an abrupt stop.

“Why are we stopping?”

“Brother, please forget about Mizuki? Please just go on and live your life the way that you see fit like you’ve always wanted?” (Cain)

I got off the cart. Man… I feel sore all over from laying on that wooden surface for Freeda knows how long. Or the Deity since it now rules over this world.

“But what about you?”

“I’m going back to Stinwin and continuing my work with William. At least until he frees Mizuki.” (Cain)

“You know… you’re now an old softy?”

“Not really, I’m just old now. And it’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” (Cain)

He then threw me a wrist mounted computer. I got a good look at it after I caught it.

“Ain’t this…”

“It’s a Bunk-Man. I’ve added a few files to explain how the current world works, sort of a cheat sheet. And take this.” (Cain)

He then handed me a bag.

“What’s in the bag?”

“Stuff that you may need to survive out here. You will need the cloak until you get a change of clothes, nobody really trusts anyone from the bunkers. So wear it over the jumpsuit for now. I wish I could give you more, but I needed to pack as little as possible so William didn’t notice. Anyway brother, this is goodbye.” (Cain)

He then whipped the reigns as he left me there. I put on the Bunk-Man and looked at the files. There were warnings to not speak about any gods other than the Deity. And that people refer to people from the bunkers as ‘bunkins’, which made me wonder if the people of the current world had a thing for puns or something. Another was instructions on how to operate it. This included on how to use the hammer space to store more items. Apparently it only works depending on the user, which explained the bag. But the funniest part… was a note on how old Billy Bob thought that the world would be using bottle caps as it’s currency after waking up. That just sounded stupid.

I emptied the bag to see what I had. A canteen full of water, a cloak to wear over my jumpsuit, a small pouch full of coins, and a small box. I opened the box to see something I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a small five-shot .38 caliber snub-nosed revolver, a Tex Mechana Espionage. It was a conceal carry model that was popular with undercover police back in the day. It came with ten rounds, which meant I could only load it twice.

“At least he gave me the means to defend myself?”

I didn’t even know why I spoke to myself there. I threw on the cloak just started walking along the dirt road until I found a sign. It said that it was five miles to the next town, so it was somewhere to start. As I walked, I noticed my surroundings. I was in the middle of the desert, which explained the canteen. All I could do was keep walking to the town with no name.

Day had finally broken before I arrived. It was morning, and the town that looked like something out of an old western film looked like it had just come to life. People were giving me stares as I walked through the town, but I didn’t let it bother me. I managed to find a saloon, and got even more stares as I came walked inside. These guys looked like they would kill me just for the hell of it. And the bartender, looked like a man who had seen the worst in the world. An old balding man with a handlebar mustache and quite a few scars on his face.

“What will it be?” (Bartender)

“As I just arrived… got any recommendations?”

“Meh, we only have whiskey and bourbon.” (Bartender)

“In that case… a whiskey. Not from the top shelf.”

“Coming up.” (Bartender)

He then set a bottle in front of me with a shot glass. I’ve drank before at parties, so it wasn’t like I was a complete greenhorn. The price was one gold, which seemed steep. I laid a gold coin on the counter and poured my own shot. And man… this stuff is strong. I should had went with a bourbon. But not long after I had my first shot, I heard a commotion outside.

“What the hell’s going on out there?”

“A night elf walked into town yesterday, damned demons.” (Bartender)

“Wait… a demon?”

“Yeah, a demon. Normally we don’t care about them as long as they don’t cause trouble. But it looks like those damn idiots in the Wild Five wanna make an example outta her.” (Bartender)

As soon as I heard it was a female, I had to rush outside to see what was going on. There, I saw five half-men with rat ears and tails harassing a female elf with tanned skin. The rat half-men were dressed like rejects from a wild west show and the night elf was wearing some sort of gray robes.

“Alright, demon. What do you think you’re doing outside your precious realm?” (rat half-man)

“Please, I’m just out on a pilgrimage. I mean you no harm.” (Female Night Elf)

“Oh please, all demons do is be up to no good. Ain’t that right, Rowdy?” (rat half-man)

“That’s right, Billy Joe. Hell, we can rape her right here and now and ain’t nobody gonna lift a finger.” (Rowdy)

Rowdy seemed to be the leader and the loudmouth was Billy Joe. I looked around, no one was about to do anything. They were either looking or trying to avert an eye. And when those rat half-men started tearing off the night elf’s robes, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had the Espionage hidden under my cloak and finally yelled.

“Hey, stop that!”

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and looked at me. From the majority of the gazes that I seen, they must had thought that I had a death wish.

“And who do you think ya are, human?” (Billy Joe)

“Someone who can’t stand to see an innocent harmed.”

“Oh please, demons ain’t innocent.” (Rowdy)

“Has she done anything?”

“Well… she was born.” (Rowdy)

I could see the look in the night elf’s eyes, she was pleading with me to help her. Or to just run while I had the chance? Either way, I already stepped into it. There’s no getting out.

“That’s the reason to harm someone, because they were born?”

“That’s right. Demons are considered evil abominations by the church, so it don’t matter what happens to them.” (Rowdy)

“Hey Rowdy, I don’t think we seen him around before?” (Billy Joe)

“You’re right, Billy Joe, we haven’t. Who the hell are you?” (Rowdy)

“My name is of no importance.”

“Well, you’re gonna need one on your headstone for messing with us.” (Billy Joe)

I could see Rowdy sizing me up. And then I saw a glint in his eye with a smirk on his face.

“I can tell by that thing on your arm that you’re a bunkin.” (Rowdy)

“What… oh, I see it now. Not to mention his jumpsuit.” (Billy Joe)


“This seems to be our lucky day. Not only do we get rid of a demon, but a bunkin as well.” (Rowdy)

I could see them starting to reach for their revolvers. This was no time for hesitation, I pulled out the Espionage and fired the first shot in between Rowdy’s eyes. As he fell, I shot at the same spot for the others except for Billy Joe.

“Ya damned dirty bunkin, ya killed my brothers!” (Billy Joe)

“And you’re next.”

As he tried to reach for his holster, I put a bullet between his eyes as well. As he fell, I could see the disbelief in his face. I guess getting killed by a bunkin must had been a big insult? Either way, the whole town stayed silent for five minutes before all the onlookers swarmed the bodies of the Wild Five and started looting them. The night elf ran into my arms and I gave her the cloak to cover herself.

“Are you okay, miss?”

“I’ll be fine. Thank you for saving me… what is your name?” (Female Night Elf)

Before I could even think of an answer, I heard a gunshot. I looked back at the saloon to see the bartender with a smoking revolver pointed to the sky.

“Have ya damned morons forgotten the rules!?” (Bartender)

“The rules?”

“As you’re new in town, I’ll explain it. In this town, we have rules. And those rules are the law around here. The rules states that no one can loot fresh corpses until the winner loots them first.” (Bartender)

“But mayor, the Wild Five have such fine things?” (onlooker)

I had to do a double take.

“You’re the mayor?”

“Well of course. What, can a man not run both a town and a saloon at the same time?” (Bartender)

“I… don’t see any problems.”

To be honest, I was scared right now. This town was nuts! Was justice lost or something? Either way, I had first rights to the belongings of the dead as they don’t need it anymore. I took some pieces of clothing, especially Rowdy’s boots and hat. And I took all their money and a couple of their revolvers and ammunition. To my surprise, the revolvers were chambered in .357 magnum. I allowed the townsfolk to take the rest.

“I hope you’re happy with your loot.” (Bartender)

“Well… I do need to change out of this jumpsuit.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be caught walking around in that thing either. But ya might wanna visit the tailor and spend some of that gold, I’m sure that pants meant for a half-man wouldn’t look right on a human.” (Bartender)

“I’ll take your advice. But… doesn’t this town have a sheriff or anything?”

“I’m afraid not, those idiots killed the last one. Justice is lost in these parts.” (Bartender)

“That’s… sad.”

“As you’re from one of the bunkers, I’m sure the outside world is full of surprises. So… do ya have a name?” (Bartender)

I went to look at my jumpsuit, apparently the patch with my name was removed. I could only assumed that Cain wanted me to live a new life after all. But I had to think of something. Sadly, I said the first thing on my mind.

“Let’s just say that I’m Lost Justice in the world?”

“Lost Justice? Oh well, I can’t tell ya what to do or what go by.”

“Thanks, mayor.”

I headed straight for the tailor like he recommended. I got my sizes measured and the tailor said that they would have a fresh pair of pants ready for me within the hour. I walked outside and ran into the night elf again.

“Thank you again for saving me. No one would normally save a demon.” (Female Night Elf)

“No problem. As I don’t really know any of this demon business, it don’t really bother me.”

“But… why are you called Lost Justice?” (Female Night Elf)

“I picked it because I can’t believe how this world is. If this were the old world, those guys wouldn’t have gotten away with what they were doing. I just thought that some old world justice was what’s needed.”

“You are strange. Did you learn about the old world from the bunker you lived in?” (Female Night Elf)

“No, I’m actually from the old world.”

“What?” (Female Night Elf)

“I was frozen for almost two-thousand years.”

“That’s… unbelievable.” (Female Night Elf)

“And so are you. Who are you anyway?”

“I have no name, I gave that up when I became a shrine maiden.” (Female Night Elf)

“Shrine maiden? Like the ones from Yamato?”

“I have no idea what Yamato is. But I no longer have a name. I am currently on a pilgrimage to explore the world.” (Female Night Elf)

“Don’t tell me that this has something to do with this war I keep hearing about?”

“Oh no, I’m just doing it as a religious duty.” (Female Night Elf)

“Whatever floats your boat. Here, take these.”

I then handed her some of the coins I looted from the Wild Five. She looked at me like I were crazy.

“I cannot accept these.” (Female Night Elf)

“They originally belonged to the jerks who tore your robes. So use them to buy something else to wear. Also, keep the cloak.”

“In that case… I thank you. May the Deity bless you.” (Female Night Elf)

She then went away, but I was confused. If she was a demon, shouldn’t she be an enemy of the church? Why would she say those words? All I know is that this new world was getting even more confusing.

I returned to the tailor and got more than just a new pair of pants. I got tricked into buying a plain brown poncho as well, but I didn’t mind. That night, there was a celebration for the deaths of the Wild Five at the Saloon, and all drinks were on the house. I really didn’t drink anything, I had a hard time with a shot of whiskey earlier. But I was happy to have found some smokes. I couldn’t believe that there were filtered cigarettes, but it had been almost two-thousand years since I last had a smoke so I didn’t care. As I sat out on a bench in front of the saloon, the bartender/mayor came out and sat next to me.

“Not bad choice in clothing, Lost Justice.” (Bartender)

“Just call me Lost for short. That’s what I basically am anyway.”

“Either way, what are ya gonna do from here?” (Bartender)

“I don’t know. All I can do is shoot a gun.”

“In that case, why not be a mercenary?” (Bartender)

“A mercenary?”

“Yeah, a gun for hire. There’s always war here in Boromarl, that’s because we change governments more than some people change their underwear. There’s always a revolution going on, and people are always hiring new hands.” (Bartender)

I thought about it for a second. In this new world, things were different. This included money. I needed both money and information on this new world, so it was a win-win. Besides, I was finally free to live my life how I see fit.

“Sure, why not? I mean, it’s guaranteed that I won’t go hungry. Because at the end of the day, as long as there’s two people left on the planet… someone’s gonna want someone dead.”

“That’s one way too look at it.” (Bartender)

The next morning, I left the town with no name. In less than two years, I was already famous as Lost Justice for helping to win five different revolutions. However, everything would change for me when I received an invitation to fight in a country founded by one of the past heroes. A country that could only remind me of my lost first love.

After Note: And that my peeps is how Abel Mechana became Lost Justice. But yeah, this is is only the third part. If I’m not careful, this could end up a five part special. Anyway, be sure to read the third chapter of LSPL as well.

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3 thoughts on “L.G.D.K! Special – The History of Lost Justice (Part 3)

  1. Glad to read that Mizuki is still alive (in a way). And that Female Night Elf… who she might be? XD

    1- “Oh, I had similar plans already for when I woke up from cryostasis. However… the world had changed -to- much and was too old fashioned.
    “Oh, I had similar plans already for when I woke up from cryostasis. However… the world had changed (too) much and was too old fashioned.

    2- It said that -if- was five miles to the next town, so it was somewhere to start.
    It said that (it) was five miles to the next town, so it was somewhere to start.

    3- “That’s right. Demons are considered evil abominations by the church, so it -don’t- matter what happens to them.” (Rowdy)
    That’s right. Demons are considered evil abominations by the church, so it (doesn’t) matter what happens to them.” (Rowdy)

    4- “Hey Rowdy, I don’t think -we seen- him around before?” (Billy Joe)
    “Hey Rowdy, I don’t think (we have seen) him around before?” (Billy Joe)

    5- “No problem. As I don’t really know any of this demon business, it -don’t- really bother me.”
    “No problem. As I don’t really know any of this demon business, it (doesn’t) really bother me.”

    Thanks for the chapter.

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    1. Most of Rowdy and Billy Joe’s dialog was on purpose, they were meant to sound like ignorant hillbillies. Also, “don’t” is a word. Like that last time, Able meant it in context as “don’t” is short for “do not”. As in “I do not really know”. Still, there are some actual errors on my part that you did point out, I will fix them later.


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