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Hi peeps, I figured that now would be the best time for a news update. Last night, I finished writing the final part of The History of Lost Justice LGDK specials. There’s a total of six of them, so there’s three that haven’t been posted. Also, I just finished the fourth chapter for “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life”. So that’s definitely updating on Saturday.

But I’m at a crossroads as well. Should I just pump all three specials out or not? I mean, it could make up for the lack of updates from the past few months. But… Destiny’s coming out with an event called “The Dawning”, which means the return of Sparrow Racing which I missed out on last year because I had the vanilla game. Not to mention my friends who see me back in Destiny will want me to grind in order to catch up with them. I am no where near the current 400 light level cap. Not to mention I’ve tried to play a little during the Festival of the Lost… but PvP in that game is so messed up since Rise of Iron came out. I haven’t even done an Iron Banner since the first one after RoI came out because it’s changed too drastically. And Iron Banner is how I normally increase my light level.

I’ve also been neglecting Fallout 4 since I bought the Season Pass for all the DLC, I’ve only done Automatron and the Vault-Tec Workshop. I still gotta do NukaWorld and Far Harbor. I did play Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist since the update on Tuesday, and it’s changed. Other than online going by the April 2016 TCG banlist, they added two new booster packs to the card shop. I actually had something to spend my duel points on. Still waiting on the new DLC to come to the states, or at least to the PSN store. Hell, I haven’t even gotten any of the current DLC for that game. Sadly for some reason… I had to replay some of the vanilla campaign duels because despite clearing it once, the final duels for the original series and GX campaigns re-locked themselves.

Gaming aside, I still need to get back to LGDK’s actual story. For some odd reason when I started doing the History of Lost Justice specials, I got absorbed into doing them. If I post them all at once, then I would be forced to get back to the story. I have all these ideas that I wanna pour into it. LGDK is far from over, even if LSPL (But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life) is getting more popular even with it’s lack of chapters in comparison. LGDK was the one I started with when I decided to do a web novel. Even before I knew how to work WordPress, it was the idea I went with and refuse to go back on. I’m not going to give it an early end to focus on LSPL. No, Coy and Yuki need more time to shine.

Anyway, any suggestions on whether or not to just post the remaining three History of Lost Justice chapters with LSPL chapter 4? Make it my first ever quadruple update? I am open to all suggestions.


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